Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sunday Dinner, November 25, 2007

Seems kind of anticlimactic to talk about Sunday Dinner after the feasts most of us had on Thanksgiving, but nevertheless, Sunday is upon us once again.

I'm not sure who'll be here for Sunday Dinner, but I'm cooking this week. When I come home from church I plan to cook a big pot of butterpeas, a big cast iron skillet of fried potatoes, fried boneless pork chops and cream gravy from the pork chop pan drippings. If wanted or needed I'll open a couple of cans of corn or green beans to round out the menu.

I don't like leftovers or reheated stuff, so I'll cook everything when I get home from church. It shouldn't take long, maybe 45 minutes or so to cook everything and get it on the table.

What are your plans for Sunday Dinner this last Sunday in November? Still working on Thanksgiving turkey and leftovers? Share your plans/menu in the comments. Christmas Spirit Award
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MARY @ MARY'S WRITING NOOK has given me and all her blogging buddies this lovely Christmas button. It's beautiful, and you can read about her reasons for sharing the button HERE.

Thank you, Mary. I hope the Spirit of Christmas is with you this holiday season, my friend. It's friends like you who make blogging so rewarding and fun for me, and I'm thankful The Spirit of Christmas is alive and well among all my Christian blogging friends.Miss Emmy was up and down all night and Grandma didn't get much sleep. The main reason I didn't get much sleep was because I had Emmy in a makeshift bed and I was afraid get out of sight for more than a few seconds. Emmy is too big for the bassinet I have here, but I don't have anywhere else secure for her to sleep. I took the actual bed part of the bassinet off its folding legs and put it on the floor, then put big puffy pillows around it. Emmy can turn it over or fall over the side but it's very low profile and it's the best I can do at the moment. At least she wouldn't fall more than 10 inches or so.

I told Jessica and Jason I need a playpen or something I can safely leave Emmy in and know she'll be safe at least long enough for me to go to the bathroom or make Emmy a bottle. I was a nervous wreck all night and worn out from trying to catch a few minutes sleep here and there while dozing with one eye and one ear open, listening for Emmy. I'm thinking Grandma and Grandpa may be helping Santa bring a playpen or something similar for Emmy's first Christmas. We'll see..... Diane is definitely TARD tonight and I'm going to post this and go veg out in front of the TV for a few hours, then take a shower and try to get in bed at a reasonable hour. I don't think I'll have any problem getting to sleep tonight.

Y'all have a wonderful and blessed Sunday, and may God meet all your needs, and may you have enough to share.


Karen H. said...

Good Evening Diane,
I is TARD too. I have been decorating or trying too. Seems like I have been running in cirlcles all afternoon. I'm gonna take me a couple of tylenol pm's here shortly and go to bed myself. Kids got home this afternoon(they stayed all night with my parents last night) and we went over to the other house so I could get the rest of my decorations and villages. Well, I was going to start putting it up and I didn't have any snow. So, we go to the Dollar General Store to get one of those white glittery things(old timey Christmas Tree Skirts is what I call them LOL) and come back home and I had forgotten something else. We went back to the Dollar General Store and came home. By this time I had to start heating leftovers up because hubby was almost home. Well, hubby's brother and his girlfriend stops by for a visit and then hubby comes home. Then my mother-in-law comes over. We had a house full for a while. Anyway, there are not enough Thanksgiving leftovers to save, so I'm throwing out the rest. I'll start over again tomorrow. I told my crew that they may be lucky to have a hot dog tomorrow. LOL. Yeap, wouldn't it be nice if Santa brought Miz Emmy a new playpen for Christmas just to keep at Granma's house? When I had my first one, my mom bought stuff to keep at ther house. That was a good thing because I didn't want to have to take all that stuff to her house when she kept her. Well, I'm gonna go. My head is hurting really bad. I hope I'm not getting another one of those headaches. Congratulations on the Spirit of Christmas Button. Well, take care my friend and have a Blessed Evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.

Jada said...

I'm another TARD friend! I went to my mom and dad's at 7:30 this morning for a yard 29 degree weather! Mom and my sister brought down all her Christmas stuff from the attic on Wed. We went through it after Thanksgiving dinner; and then Mom decided to sell it at a Christmas yard sale. She made $140. Then I came home and took a little nap and thawed out under my electric blanket! I've been decorating for Christmas - mostly getting out my Pfaltzgraff Winterberry stuff. I just think it's so pretty. And I started laundry. I think I'd be exhaused if I had a family to take care of!! Sunday dinner tomorrow is going out with two ladies from church. We're planning our trip to Williamsburg, VA. I enjoyed seeing all your pictures and reading about your Thanksgiving festivities! Thanks for sharing!


Susie said...

Hi Diane,
Just catching up here. Sounds like your Thanksgiving was just wonderful!
You're right, we do have to adjust to changes in our family as they happen.
Being together is what matters most.
Sunday dinner? I hope it's not leftover turkey. I'm a bit tired of that! Maybe a pot of soup?
We'll see!
Get some rest tired Grammy!!

Mary said...


I guess most of us are TARD tonight. I spent the day with Brandon - Jordan was at his friend's. I will put up a post about our day tomorrow. For now this ol' Grandma is going to get some shut-eye. I often have trouble getting to sleep, but not this night.

Glad you liked the Spirit of Christmas button.


MightyMom said...

well, come and see who won Thesaurus Thursday!

I mean really! You just can't hold a baby and pee!!

sleep well friend

jen said...

I did wonder how it went with Miss Emmy. Youll have to get an early night tonight

have a good week my friend

Mountain Mama said...

I think a playpen would be a great idea for Emmy's first Christmas. You need your sleep. :)
I know what you mean about cooking a Sunday dinner after the feast on Thursday.

Some of my kids came today so I made my turkey and homemade egg noodle soup. I also made an apple pie and a wild blackberry pie as well as some turtle brownies. One daughter brought a huge pumpkin pie too. So we ate and visited from around 1 to 9 PM. It was a wonderful day. Anyhow, there are more noodles in the refrigerator and more pie too so that will be my Sunday dinner. I'm glad I don't have to cook. It has been a tiring week but a blessed one as well.

I hope you are having a great weekend.
Hugs & Prayers

Anonymous said...

TARD here too! ;o)

We got home around 5 pm yesterday. After spending the past few days eating my way through the family, today is my turn to cook turkey! Rosie and I have a lil Butterball all ready for the roasting! LOL

Have a lovely day!

Cecil said...

Hey Joe... Just wanted to say thanks for the lunch... it was very good.. I came on to email Jenny and tho't I'd stop by... will be going to bed shortly... Love ya... talk to you tomorrow.. Love.. Cecil

Dawn said...

Try to find a Pack and Play or Play and Pack. Kristen and I each had one and we GAVE THEM AWAY after Feisty grew out of them. Now we need both!! But they're portable and wonderfl for when they're small and need to be safe.

Lucy Stern said...

Sunday dinner,,,,still eating leftovers from Thanksgiving. I will probably cook dinner tomorrow night....

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

Boy, if I didn't like reheated food, I'd starve to death around here. I cook on weekends and then on weeknights when Rob's not here, I use the heck out of my microwave.

Sunday dinner was leftovers. Rob's been eating so much turkey I'm expecting him to start sprouting feathers any minute now. Not me. I'm working on the huge strawberry cheesecake nobody got around to on Thanksgiving.

There's "leftovers" and then there's leftovers. LOL

You know what? I bought a portacrib at Wal-Mart before Cameron was even born. It's great. It has an insert you can use across the top for a newborn and that worked for quite a while. When he outgrew that, I removed it and it's like a playpen, only more comfortable. He's two and a half now and still goes right to sleep in it. So far, he can't climb out of it. When that happens, I'm in trouble. LOL

It's a great option because it folds down into nothing if you need to take it somewhere with you or just want to store it in a closet.

T*mmy said...

Yesterday Christmas came to my house...we've set up and decorated the big tree and all the nooks and crannies...we were tired so it was leftover pizza for lunch and then we got out and did a wee bit of Holiday shopping and I got a lower back spasm so ended up bringing home Burger King for supper. I'm all better this morning thankfuly, isn't it funny how our bodies can talk to us...mine was telling me to slow down, every time I would walk fast it would twinge till I slowed down...

Have a great Monday Miz Diane!! =)

kansasrose said...

Mornin' hon...wheeew....what a weekend! I is tard and stiff and sore. Being 51 and all...I am feeling that arthritus creeping into my elbows and wrists with the cold weather now and all the chopping I did for Thanksgiving dinner lol.

Your food and celebrations as always look and sound delightful. Bless Jessica's heart for tackling a big turkey for the dinner. I was so nervous the first time I took that on and the dang bird was only half cooked! lol

Little Emmy looks so happy and I can tell she is feeling better...I love your Christmasy look to your blog hon! It is always so festive and pretty to visit here. You have such a way with these things...Snow is in the forecast for later in the week. I just hope it stays as rain. We sure need it. Looks like y'all have gotten some good rains lately...praise the Lord cause I know it has been so dry there. Saw on the news this am a terrible tour bus/pickup accident in Arkansas this morning. So sad...well better get some work done and the critters fed and watered. Loveya, Jen

Shari said...

Looks like a lot of us cooked pork chops. :) But it's just the weekends when I do major cooking.

Lovely graphics you have here. I was over at Karen's Korners.

I haven't really done much Christmas decorating yet.

Alex said...

ah sunday, the food blog day! Sounds like you make a pretty good grandma (as if there was any doubt!)

Lyndy said...

Those pork chops sound yummy. Hope you got some rest my friend.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

MarysMom said...

I had a surprise visit with my niece from Florida who was visiting her mom for Thanksgiving. Did not know she was going to be in town. We went to the mall for a late lunch (as I did not have anything prepared) and then, I had some Filipino snacks that I bought from a Filipino store in Iowa and brought home to Colorado, snacks that we have not had in a long time. It was a fun time! Perfect ending for a busy Thanksgiving week.

Angela said...

Hi Diane, I am so glad that your Thanksgiving was a good one this year. It does change things when our family changes due to the loss of family members or the changing families due to divorce/separation.

We used a pack and play with Gstormy. They help so much during times that you can't hold them or chase behind them every moment. They are great to pull in the kitchen/den when you have things that you need to attend to while your cooking, etc.

Emmy is growing up so fast and she is so beautiful.

Try and rest as you can. This weather doesn't help our bones switching from warm to cold and back and forth. Maybe it will get cold and stay cold for the season.

I pray that you are doing better with a little rest. Take care of dear precious friend.

May your days be filled with family, love and lots of laughter!

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Diane,
I will wait to leave a long comment when you post again. LOL. Hope all is well with yours and yours this Wednesday. When you have time, stop by. I have something waiting for you there. You will have to scroll down to the second post because blogger was being a booger with me this morning. Take care my friend and have a great Wednesday. May God Bless You and Yours.

Love & Hugs,
Karen H.