Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday Blatherings

There's no particular point to this post. It's just a catch up on news since my Sunday Dinner post. Not that there's much news to report, mind you.

Lamar arrived safely in Texas to visit his brother and is having a good time. So far he's called me every night and we've emailed back and forth a couple of times. He should be home Sunday morning early on Am*trak if all goes as planned.Jessica and Jason got moved into their rent house over the weekend. They're still settling in but the worst is behind them. Jason has been battling the creeping crud but is better today and Jessica tells me Miss Emmy is much better today. Jason had a terrible cold and/or sinus infection but is better, and Emmy is still fighting the same viral infection she's had for weeks now. Her doctor says that antibiotics won't help and Emmy will just have to fight it off. Her immune system will have to build up until she can wear it out, and being in the daycare she's constantly exposed to various kinds of infectious diseases.

I'm just thankful that all three of them are feeling better!It's almost 30 degrees colder tonight than it was this time last night. A cold front blew in last night and dramatically dropped our temps. We're slated to have our first hard freeze of the season tonight with a low of around 28ºF. I love this time of year! This crisp cold weather is refreshing to me, in spite of the pain and stiffness in my body due to the cold and weather changes. My arthritis may not like it, but my spirit is happy and content.I'm pleased to report that Prince Charming (my new office chair - I had to name him because we are SO in love!) and I are getting along famously. He's already managed to stay assembled longer than either of the other 2 chairs I brought home. I think we may actually live happily ever after. Dare I even dream?My sister CECIL is thrilled to bits that she finally got a new car today. The car she's been driving was used when she bought it and was on its last leg. Or should that be last wheel? Anyway, she got a brand new 2007 Su*zuki Fir*enza and she's a happy camper tonight. Her old car just wasn't reliable anymore and we were really hesitant to get very far from home in it. Very far as in not over 10 miles or so. With winter coming on I'm glad she has a reliable vehicle again.

I'm not just happy for her, though, because Sue and I get to benefit from Cecil's new wheels as well. We've got a new chariot to ride in for our outings together. ;o)

Seriously, I am tickled for you, Sister.I went with a girlfriend to my favorite catfish place in Jonesboro for supper tonight, and I have to say it was delicious! The fried catfish and fried shrimp were excellent and the company was just as good. I don't feel too guilty about going out to eat with my girlfriend while Lamar is in Texas because I know his friends and his brother are taking Lamar to all the best restaurants in Dallas/Fort Worth.I'm planning to ride the Senior Citizen's van to Wal*mart Wednesday to pick up a few things I forgot last week. It's also a good way to avoid doing some housework that needs to be done. One thing about it, it'll still be here when I get home from shopping.

Y'all have a great rest of the week.


Dawn said...

I can't believe I'm first! I'm so glad you and Prince Charming are getting along so well. There's nothing like a good comfortable chair.

It's amazing how quickly the weather can change. I'm glad it's cooled off for you.

How great that Cecil got such a great new car, and that you get to benefit from it as well.

Have a great rest of the week!

Susie said...

I love the name you've chosen for your chair, and I also hope you have a long and happy life together.
Brrr, it sounds very cold there. We still haven't lit our heater. It's been a bit cooler lately though, but rain is due soon, so it will warm up.
I couldn't believe the price of lemons in your area. (but then you said pumpkins were so much cheaper)
Guess there's no rhyme or reason.

jen said...

pleased Lamar is having a good time

continuing to pray for Emmy

Anonymous said...

I've not had catfish in soooo long! I'm drooling now just reading about it! LOL

Glad Lamar made the trip safely. Praying the same for his return!

Hope all are feeling well soon! Especially Emmy! :o)

Congrats to Cecil!

Happily ever after. I like the sound of that!

Anonymous said...

Wal*mart is my 2nd home - along with Kroger. It seems I am always running in there for something - good thing it's only about 2.5 miles from my house!

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, I am glad that everyone is feeling better, especially Emily. 28 degrees is not a hard freeze, now slip on down to 25 and it gets into that catagory..Ha Ha.

Isn't it wonderful to find a Prince Charming? Enjoy your chair.

I hope you have a good time while Lamar is out of town, just enjoy doing what you like to do.

Karen H. said...

Good Mornin' Diane,
Burrrrrr!!!! It is cold outside. It didn't get into the 20's here like they said, but it was 33 a bit ago with a windchill of 30. I'm glad the kids are all feeling some better. I do hope Jason does get another job. It's all up to the Good Lord. He may have something else in store for Jason. We never know. I'm glad Cecil got her a new vehicle. You won't know how to act ridin' in style now will you? LOL. We have never been able to afford a brand new one. The newest we ever had is the one we have now that we got back in September. It is a 2001 model. I'm glad Lamar had a safe trip to Texas and glad he is having a good time. Hopefully, he will be home on time Sunday morning. I've never been on an Amtrak before. I'm glad you found your Prince Charming. LOL. Maybe he will last forever. LOL. Well, have a good time going to Wal-Mart today. I hate going there anymore. Take care my friend and stay warm. God Bless you.

Karen H.

Granny said...

I enjoy Amtrak. Of course mine is a much shorter trip and not especially scenic but still it's nice to relax rather than fight traffic.

Every time you say catfish I get hungry. Too bad takeout meals don't travel well; I'd ask you to send me some.

Next week I'm going to pick up some "nuggets" and cook them. They're the only affordable version around here and they're not bad.

Lyndy said...

I love the title of this post. (lol) So glad Lamar arrived safely and is having a good time.

Glad the kids got moved in. Sorry Jason is feeling badly but hope he is on the mend. Wow I was just thinking that they have almost been married a year. Boy time flys. Awe poor Miss Emmy I hope she gets over this soon.

I know what you mean about the cooler weather, as we have had a huge change in temps.

Oh I too am glad that Cecil has reliable transportation. It is an uncomfortable feeling when you don’t want to drive very far.

My goodness you have a new Price Charming and a new Chariot what a lucky girl you are. ;o)

Enjoy the rest of your week my friend.

Hugs, Lyndy

T*mmy said...

It is great to catch up with you Miz Diane!

Now my mouth is watering for catfish though! I'll have to try to get some of that and some bbq come Christmas when we make our trip down South ;)

Still seeing snow flakes flying in the wind here...I kind of like it too ;) I'm all cozy here in the house though...lol!

Have a great day!

Greeneyes said...

Uh Diane ,does Lamar know that you are in prince charmings arms while he is away? Maybe that is why he is phoning and emailing you so much ???LOL Or is he just a romantic and misses you terribly when you are not around?????

I hope J.,Emmy.,& J. all feel better , geeeeeeesh that bug is certainly hanging on to little Emmy , or maybe it is a continuation of different virus' from different children .
Her immune system is not getting a break at all to recoop , usually they wont give back to back anitiotics and not for viruses but she has been having some different complications ,her eye being one of them ,it seems like she has had this for some time !!!is there a differnt Dr you can go to?? the antibiotics they gave her first was such a mini dose compared to second one (YES?) sometimes a different typ of antib works , Humidifier ? steam? anyway emial me if you get the chance and fill me in on my little sugar boots snuggle bunny LMBO .
Hugs warm and Squishy and Bless those Knees .
love you Sister friend

Miss G

Jada said...

Aww, that's so sweet that your hubby calls you every night while he's away and you email each other!

Thanks for the update! I always enjoy reading your posts!


Mary said...

We've had the bug up here too. The youngest grandson was off school from Wed to today. The older one from Fri. till today. Grandma has the sniffles and a sore throat. *sigh*

Glad hubby is giving you a call and that catfish supper sounds delicious. My mother loves catfish and when we were in Arkansas in 2005, she enjoyed a couple of catfish dinners.

Enjoyed my visit. Take care.


PEA said...

Hello dear Diane:-) Finally catching up with your news...going away for a few days really messes me up with blog visits! lol I'm so glad to hear that Jess, Emmy and Jason are all starting to feel much better. Congrats to Cecil on the new car purchase, I can well imagine how thrilled to bits she is:-) It's turned very cold here too and we had big fat snowflakes flying around today. You and Prince Charming seem to be made for each other!! hehe Isn't it amazing the difference it can make when you get a chair that is so comfortable?!! Love ya! xoxo

Myrna said...

Prince Charming! Nice name. So glad you are getting along so fabulously!

YOu make that catfish sound so go-o-o-d! It's not my favorite food and my mouth started watering just reading aobut it. Hmmmmmm!I must really be hungry.

I really appreciate the way you talk about your sisters. It is obvious that you all love each other and get along so well. My sister and I live hundreds of miles from each other. I wish we lived closer--But we talk on the phone several times a week--sometimes several times a day. Who else can you tell (almost) all your secrets?

Diane @ A Watered Garden said...

Cute name for your new "love interest" - Glad to hear Lamar is still in the picture though! LOL ;-) Yep, the cold is moving in around here as well... and I have heard of many that are down with colds or flu. Thanks for the newsy update.

Linda said...

It's nice to catch up with you Diane. I tried to comment sunday, but my computer is "sick" and I had to give up.
I'm glad to hear the kids are settled and beginning to feel better. I hope Jessica's job is going well.
You girls are going to have great fun in that new ride!
Take care Diane.

Angela said...

I am so glad that Prince Charming is there holding you in his arms keeping you safe and balanced while Lamar is away.

My thoughts and prayers are with Jessica, Jason and Emmy...that they will soon be well again.

I know that you will be glad to have Lamar home soon. I pray that he has a safe trip home.

Take care my dear friend,

Cecil said...

Hey Joe...Yes, I am SO proud of my new car! Especially at 7:20 in the am and it is really COLD and I turn on my heater and it is warm in 5 minutes... I could have sung the Hallileuia chorus.. I mispelled that but you know what I mean.... I can go shopping anytime I want!! And it will be soon.. it is November 8th and I am ready to go Christmas shopping!!! whoo hoooo!!! Thank you, Lord for answering my prayers!!! Wanna go shopping?? Love ya more... see ya soon... Love, Cecil

MightyMom said...

well, now you and Prince Charming just enjoy yourselves!

as for the housework...well, we wouldn't want to rush into these things you know!

I hope that cold snap stays up there....not quite ready for it yet. our high was 77 today thank you very much!

don't forget to come over and play Thesaurus Thursday!

kansasrose said...

Sounds like you are having a nice, peaceful week. Glad your "Prince" is cooperating. I hear ya on the cold bringing out the aches and pains...my elbow is giving me fits. But this cold crisp air does refresh the soul. The catfish and shrimp sound excellent. I haven't had good catfish is ages and I am cravin' me some. Hope your sweet little Emmy and Jessica and Jason gets back their full health soon. That crud just takes it out of ya, young or old. They are sure in my devotions hon. Sounds like Lamar is enjoying his visit in Texas. My youngest has her last home football game tonight to march in...then tommorow an out of town marching event. The 13th is her birthday and plans are for a sleepover of her friends at our house next weekend. OH joy! Better stock up on food for those teenagers! Those girls can eat like lumberjacks lol. Have a great weekend my friend! Love, Jen