Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday Flounderings

Yes, I know that's a very lame title but it's the best I could come up with at the present time, okay?

I'm pleased to report that at the moment life is very sedate and ordinary for me. Excitement is all well and good if it's the proper variety, and I'm thankful that I don't have any of the negative sort to spoil my peaceful week, but it also makes for dull blogging, I'm afraid.

Which is just a subtle hint that I ain't got nothin' interesting happenin' in my life but I'm gonna blog about it anyway. Brace yourself for the mediocreness, y'all.Our Autumn foliage is finally showing some good color, almost overnight it seems. We've had several frosts and one hard freeze in the last week and it's really brought out the brilliant scarlets, golds, oranges and ambers in the trees and shrubs. Lamar and I have tentative plans to go with friends to Hardy, Arkansas on Tuesday to look at the Fall leaves, but once again we may be rained out, so we may have to postpone our trip again. Hardy is in my beloved Ozark Mountains and their Autumn color is a couple of weeks further along than ours here in the Delta, so their trees and foliage should be at or near their peak color right now. If we get delayed too many more times we'll miss the best viewing.When Jessica was a toddler we lived in another apartment directly across the parking lot from our current apartment. I planted 3 maple trees that I took as tiny saplings from a neighbor's yard. Now I can look out my living room window and see 2 of the trees I planted. One of the trees was broken and blown over by a thunderstorm about 5 years ago, but the other 2 are now probably over 20 feet tall and their trunks are close to a foot across. They make a good shade (that I can no longer take advantage of!) and put on a gorgeous Fall color show every year. We have lots of scarlet maple leaves scattered around the parking lot and our yard, and the breeze is constantly teasing more leaves from the trees and skittering them around. Their leaves are exactly like the one pictured there to the right.Jessica, Jason and Emmy came up for supper last night and I'm happy to share that everyone is feeling better now. Not totally well, but much better. Emmy has her 2 bottom front teeth and has several more bumps on her gums where more are trying to come through. I didn't get to play with Emmy much or take any pictures because I was cooking, then eating, and by the time I finished eating Miss Emmy was getting verrrry sleepy. I played with her for just a bit, then she proceeded to plunk herself face down on my chest and fall asleep.

Is there anything in this world sweeter than cuddling a sleeping baby?

Fear not, all who are getting low on Emmy sugars and cuddles. I got plenty for me and to spare so get 'em while they're fresh! LOL! First come, first served! And GREENEYES, I've got some saved just for you, Sister Friend. ;o)Although I'm blogging, I'm also doing something constructive as I type this. I'm waiting. Oh, you didn't know that waiting was constructive? Me, neither, until I ordered a coffee maker online. Actually, I went to Bed Bath &* Beyond to buy a coffee maker and they didn't have the particular one I wanted in stock, so they ordered it online at the store and I had it shipped to my house. They gave me that newfangled tracking information so I could track my package online via *UPS*. Only problem is, they don't give you any particular time of day that your package will arrive. Only that it's due to arrive here today.

It's now almost 12:30 pm Central Standard Time. I still have to take a shower and get ready for a doctor's appointment in Jonesboro at 3:30 pm, which means my mother in law will be here to pick me up at 3 pm.

Now what do you think the odds are that my package will get here in the next hour and a half? Oh, no, I'm sure it will arrive either

A) when I get in the shower, or
B) after I leave for Jonesboro.

Now remember, this is Friday. Who wants to bet me that *UPS* won't leave the package at my door but will keep it over the weekend so I'll have to wait until Monday to get it? Yeah, I know I'm being pessimistic, but I also know how my luck generally runs.As I mentioned, I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, the first one in over 2 years. I am so thankful that I have insurance again, but I'm dreading all the tests, procedures, prescriptions, referrals and whatever else I have ahead of me today and for the next several weeks and/or months. I know I'll have more than the 3 prescriptions that my insurance covers, so I actually printed out the Wal*mart $4 prescription list to take to the doctor's office with me. I think I'll probably need it. *Sigh........*I don't know about supper tonight. I know we'll have to wait for a while on my prescriptions, so my MIL and I may go get something to eat while we wait for my prescriptions to be filled, or we may grab something at the McDon*ald's in Wal*mart.

I need to do some laundry Saturday if I can get myself motivated. Knowing what's left in my closet is motivation enough, I think.

Saturday night we have a singing/fellowship at church and I'm making a big pot of homemade chili and a skillet of cornbread to take as my contribution to supper.

I'm not sure whether I'll be cooking Sunday Dinner this week or if we're going out for lunch. I'll have to consult with Lamar and my sisters. Lamar should be home in the wee hours of Sunday morning. He doesn't sleep much on the train so I don't know if he'll want to go anywhere or not. He may want to stay home and rest and watch football. We'll see......And with that I'm going to publish this and go wait some more on my package. I may even live wild and go ahead and take my shower. I know, I'm a real risk taker.

Y'all have a great Friday afternoon and a wonderful Autumn weekend. You have to, because I said so. ;o)


T*mmy said...

You'll have to post some more details about your coffee maker...Manda and Steve have requested a joint gift of a good coffee maker for Christmas and I'm looking for deals if you know what I mean...hey just leave a note on the door for the ups"Leave it here or I will hunt you down!"

Have a great day my friend!

Granny said...

3:06 CST here which means you just left for the doctor.

Coffee pot or no?

Have a great weekend and enjoy the singing.

Susie said...

I know you've been waiting for your insurance so that you could see the Dr. I also know that seeing the Dr, is one of my least favorite things to do. It's sort of a mixed blessing kind of event :)
Hope your coffeemaker arrived in a timely manner?
I didn't think this was full of "mediocreness," at all.
Ordinary days can be comforting. Each of my posts are just filled with sameness (even from a year ago!)

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Diane,
Well, you are probably in the shower while I am visiting, but I'm just gonna make myself right at home here. LOL. I'll wait on the UPS man and make a pot of coffee for ya. LOL. I hate to wait on something too. I remember one time when my coffee maker quit, I couldn't wait and I told hubby that I had to have a coffee maker because if I didn't have my morning coffee, I would be grouchy. So, we took off to Wal-Marts and I found me one. So, the next morning I had my coffee. He always says and its always true, "IF MOMMA AIN'T HAPPY, AIN'T NOBODY HAPPY". LOL. Now imagine that. I'm glad you had a good dinner with Jason, Jessica, and Miss Emily. I'm glad they are doing better. These colds seem to just hang on don't they. I turned my air-conditioner on again. LOL. It was kinda warm in here before I went to pick up hubby's check, so I turned it on. I went to the library and looked for some Christmas books. I didn't find any on my list I had, but I did find 3 of them. I will list them on my blog later on. I always dread going to the doctor too. I haven't had a complete women's check up in a very long time. I know I need one, but with any insurance, I can't afford it. The only time I go to the doctor is if I have a really bad cold that I can't cure myself. I hope you have a good time tomorrow nite at Church. It sounds fun. Hubby called while I was in the library and said we would go out to eat tonight. Just don't know where yet. I hope Lamar gets home safely. I know he will be tired. I know I would be. When I would go out on the road with hubbys sometimes, I would be very tired when I got back home. Sleeping on a twin size bed and it not being my bed just don't cut it. We have a king sized bed at home, so you can imagine the difference. Well, guess I've taken up enough of your space. LOL. Have a good trip to Jonesboro and enjoy and be safe. Take care my friend and God Bless.

Karen H.

Dawn said...

Our UPS guy just leaves packages on the steps, or in the bushes, or in the neighbors' bushes. Doesn't matter if you're home or not! I hope you get it (or got it) before you left. I didn't realize your MIL lived close by.

There is indeed nothing better than a sleeping back on your shoulder. No indeed!

I'll have a big Sunday as I'm in charge of the Faith Promise service and the Round the World dinner after both services. Lots of work, but lots of fun.

I'm glad you still get to see your maple trees. That's why I never want to move - I planted almost everything in this yard!

Lynne said...

I love reading your posts. I feel like I'm sitting across the table from you.

Glad the young ones are feeling better. Are they all settled yet?

Have a great weekend.

PEA said...

LOL now you have me curious, wondering when the UPS guy did show up! hehe I swear it's Murphy's Law, when you're waiting for something to be delivered, it will come when you're "otherwise preoccupied"! lol I do hope your doctor appointment went must be such a relief to know you now have insurance again. You're just now getting your Autumn colours...our trees have been bare for a month! I think I'm gonna move up your way! hehe Glad you were able to get some cuddling time with Ms Emmy, as you say, there's nothing sweeter than cuddling a little baby:-) xoxo

MightyMom said...

hey, where you been?? you're gonna miss thesaurus thursday if you don't hurry over!! ne players this week...stiff competition!!

Mary said...

Congratulations on having insurance again. I'm happy for you.

A great post. I always enjoy visiting with you. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I do hope you scrolled down far enough to pick up your Friendship Award. It's for everyone on my blogroll.


Mountain Mama said...

Diane I enjoyed reading your post and when you told about sweet Emmy falling asleep on your chest I actually smiled because I remember how delightful that is. Oh yes. Now I need to go find a great grandbaby to cuddle.
Bless you dear Diane.

TorAa said...

Oh no, you are not a risk taker. This post is great 'cause of the diversity and mix between seasonal changes, feelings and family.

ps - just now I'm in Miami beach - until Monday

Lisa said...

Praying your appointment went well! I hate all the rigamaroll too. :o(

Yup, nothing better than a snuggly wuggly baby!

Any signs of the coffee pot yet? Our UPS guy just throws things in the general direction of the back porch and runs. LOL

Yellow Mama said...

Quiet, restful days are good for the soul and spirit. The colors of fall are beautiful...just starting around here. I think we will actually have 60 ish weather around here next week.

Enjoy the colors and the cuddling.


Myrna said...

Becaue of Lee's illness and resultant limitations, we have spent most of the last two years at home. I have learned to shop online. It is a great convenience--especially when you can catch FREE SHIPPING. I will be doing almost all of my Christmas shopping online.

Therefore, I know about waiting on a delivery. I have become friends will all the delivery men--FedEx, UPS, USPS. Great guys!

Hope the coffee maker got to you safely!

Have a good time at the singing/fellowship. Sounds fun.

jen said...

Ill put you out of your misery
come check out why Im excited

I LOVE your autumn colours

yaye pleased everyone is better

hope youre having a nice weekend