Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday Stuff

Another Tuesday has come and is almost gone as I type this. Since I posted my Sunday Dinner not a lot has happened, but since I know you're all just mesmerized with my exciting happenings I'll just recap my Sunday through today.

For my Sunday Dinner I went with my sisters, Ducky and Cecil to a local Mexican restaurant for lunch. We went with our pastor and his family and several of our friends from church and it was very good. I thoroughly enjoyed the food and the good company. My sisters and I came back here to my apartment until time to leave for church that evening. Jessica brought Lamar home just as we were getting ready to
leave but Emmy was tired and fussy so Jessica left her in the car with Jason and didn't stay to visit. I didn't get to see Emmy Sunday but if all goes as planned Lamar and I will ride the Sr. Citizen's van to see her on Thursday.Monday Cecil and Sue came up for the day and brought Chinese for dinner. As soon as we finished eating I got busy making 5 dozen yeast rolls for our ladies' meeting at church Monday night. Not all of the rolls were for the meeting. I had to make extra for cook's samples and so we all could have some hot out of the oven with butter. The weather was just right and they rose faster than usual but I still had to boogie to get 3 batches done in only 5 hours. They were good if I do say so myself.

The picture up there is not from the rolls I made Monday but from some I made a while back. They were from my recipe and Monday's rolls look much the same.

The recipes for my homemade yeast rolls and cinnamon rolls are on my Recipe Blog and can be found HERE if anybody would like to make them.
On Tuesday Cecil and Sue were here again and brought chicken for lunch along with some side dishes. They brought fried chicken, chicken breast strips, popcorn chicken and hot wings, which are my favorite. They also brought tater logs, potato salad and macaroni salad and for dessert, lemon cake and cream cheese Danish. It was good and they had plenty left over to take home for their supper.

Today I paid for kneading 3 batches of yeast dough and standing on my feet making yeast rolls all
yesterday afternoon. My arthritis is giving me fits. My left hand and arm is very unhappy with me, not to mention my knees, feet and legs. I spent all afternoon in my recliner today and Cecil and Sue commandeered the couch.

We watched TV part of the afternoon and the insides of our eyelids the rest of the time. The sisters who happened to be awake made fun of the ones who were sleeping with their mouth wide open or snorting and waking themselves up. It was great sport. You really should try it sometime.
I'm sure you've gathered that I haven't done much cleaning and sorting here in my computer room/spare room since my last post. I did get all my laundry done except for a couple of loads of towels and a few loads of odds and ends but I'm going to start on those after I get this posted.

Lamar and I are riding the Sr. Citizen's van Wednesday morning to Jonesboro to get a few groceries and just get away from home a bit. I need some bread and things along that line. After we get home I'll probably do some work here in the computer room.

One of the main things I'd like to get done is turning on my old computer and checking the files for things I may want to copy, then breaking it down and putting it away in the closet for the time being. I know, I'm a pack rat. But if something happens to this computer I'd have to go back to my old one. I just can't get rid of that old computer. Yet. Maybe soon, but not right now.

I have some major decisions to make as to what I really want and need and what I need to just close my eyes, bite the bullet and toss or give away. It's not really hard work, it's just mentally challenging. But I will persevere, no matter how long it takes.

I think we're all caught up now. It's almost 10 pm and I still want to get a couple of loads of laundry done. I'll be back in a day or so to keep you informed of the continuing events of my exciting life. Bless your hearts. ;-)


Paulette said...

Hey Ms. Diane,
I enjoyed catching up. I love reading about your happenings.
Man you sure can cook. I wish I lived by you so I could eat me some of your awesome cooking! It would be hard for me to lose weight though lol. Those rolls made me so hungry!
Have a great week.

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
Your rolls look delish. That's a lot of baking in that heat! Thankfully we've cooled down somewhat and are now listening to the wind howl. This summer weather just can't make up its mind!!

Jen said...

pleased you had a lovely company filled Sunday Dinner

how often do you go to church in a week Diane???

Praying your arthritis settles down again soon
Do what you can around the house arthritis can be very painful condition to live with

Granny said...

Susie, send a few of those breezes south please.

Diane, sorry about the arthritis kicking up and hope your "couple of loads" of laundry didn't turn into a marathon.


Naturegirl said...

Diane I can always count on your blog to make my tummy rumble when reading about your amazing foods...I usually come by before breakfast.One of your rolls toasted with blueberry jam and coffee would be fine right about now!
I hear you on the overdoing it...I feel like that when I have been out in my garden bending stretching clipping planting weeding....oh my aching body afterwards!! Gardens are wonderful but oh so much work! Happy Day Diane.hugs NG

Lynne said...

Those rolls look delicious. I just checked your cooking blog and I'll be back to try some of the recipes. Need to get in a big supply of butter first!! Love things made with butter!

Diane said...

"watching the back of your eyelids"

I love it!

I hope you are feeling better soon...have you contacted your Dr. about your arthritis. I just had a flare-up with mine....my Rheumatoid Arthritis Doctor put me on a round of Prednisone--it really worked quickly.

I wonder if that would work for you.

Of course, there is the new medicine I am now taking (the first time since I was diagnosed 15 years ago)...and miracles abound! My fatigue is gone and my pain is nearly gone. The pain of the arthritis was almost secondary to the fatigue I was experiencing. Yesterday, as I was outside pulling weeds I actually had the thought....THIS is what it feels like to not be tired! Fatigue just robs you of all the joy in life...even the joy of pulling weeds from a planter!

So I'm off to pull a few more weeds and do a couple loads of laundry--as I don't do laundry (or anything) after 9:00 p.m. each night! You must be a night owl my friend...or maybe it's because you watched the back of your eyelids yesterday afternoon!!!!!

I hope you are feeling better SOON!


Barb said...

Someday I'm going to realize it's not smart to check in with you when I'm hungry. That chicken dinner sounds so good and those rolls, oh my word.

I think you're lucky your life is uneventful right now. Enjoy it.

I expect my life to start being uneventful next week. And I think I'm looking forward to it! LOL

Gran - (Angela) said...

Your rolls look awesome. I will definitely have to try your recipe.

Please take it slow and easy as you continue with your project this week.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit and for your words of encouragement.

A hug from me to you !

Linda said...

Those rolls look good enough to eat Diane!! I could actually make a meal of warm rolls and butter. I have such healthy eating habits :-)
I hope you're feeling better today. It really does help to rest. I'm a real proponent of that.
Have a good time gettting out. It's fun to get out too!!
Blessings and hugs to you Diane.

PEA said...

Oh sure, make my mouth water with a picture of those rolls!!! If it's one thing I love, it's warm homemade rolls! Yummmm! How come I don't get anybody coming to bring food to my house?? I told you I need sisters! lol I love the way you and your sisters are so close!!! Hopefully you'll get to see Emmy on Wednesday...at that age, they change so fast. Take care of yourself Mz Diane....love ya! xoxox

Morning Glory said...

The things you write always leave me smiling at the end. I like to come here.

And the rolls?? Ooooh I can smell them!

Dawn said...

I feel like I've beem pver for a nice visit. Sounds like good times with your sisters once again. Sorry Emmy was fussy - but you'll see her soon.

Myrna said...

Thos rolls sound divine,I can just taste them with real butter and honey!

I understand about the computer. we have our desk computer still sitting in the office like we are using it. I don't think it has been turned on in a year. I really need to copy some old files and find a new home for it.

Lyndy said...

Well, you have had my favorite foods over the last few days, Mexican, Chinese and chicken. I must ask what are "tater logs"?

Hope you are feeling better, I know that pain can be terrible.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

tracey said...

You know, as I began reading your post I could smell bread baking. No kidding! Then I scrolled down a little and there they were! I'll have to check out the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than warm bread. Who needs all that other stuff.lol

I so need to get to cleaning up around here. You are right about the mentally challenging part.

Take care,

Mountain Mama said...

Diane, you and your sisters sound like a really fun bunch of ladies to be around. That part about watching the inside of your eyelids sure gave me a chuckle. I never heard that one before. LOL

Sorry your arthritis is acting up again though I'm sure those hot buttered rolls made it worth while.
Oh my goodness do hey look good!!!
Guess I better get my bread bowl down and make me some.

Kristen said...

Sounds like you've had a busy few days!! Those rolls sound great! Rolls are one of my favorite things in the world!! Especially cinnamon rolls! I'll have to check out that recipe....and make my mom make them....seeing's how I'm not much of a cook! LOL! ;-)

Diane @ Candid Reflections said...

Your rolls look WONDERFUL! I have copied the recipe and want to try them for myself. Thanks for sharing! You have lots of fun, newsy stuff on your blog. :-) I also need to be organizing and cleaning stuff up over on my end. You have inspired me. Blessings, Diane

Dawn said...

I just spotted all the typos in my last comment! Must have gotten my fingers on the wrong pew!

I redid the meme. Whew!