Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Emmy Pics

Thursday morning Lamar and I rode the Sr. Citizen's van as planned to Jonesboro. We visited with Jessica and Emmy for a few hours and Jessica took some pictures of me and Lamar with Emmy, then a friend of Jessica's took a couple of pictures of me, Lamar, Jessica and Emmy.

Having his picture taken is not Lamar's favorite pastime and of the dozen or so
pictures of us that Jessica took, these are the best of the lot.

In the first picture Lamar is looking past Jessica at the television behind her. In the rest of the pictures she took it's even more obvious that Lamar's attention is definitely not on having his picture made.

In the second picture I'm smiling and Emmy is facing the camera for once, and Lamar looked down at Emmy just as Jessica snapped the picture.

In the third picture that Jessica's friend
took Lamar is blatantly watching TV instead of looking at the camera and smiling.

Did I mention already that Lamar isn't very fond of having his picture taken? I think it bears repeating, as evidenced by these pictures.

And these are the best pictures of the lot. The others are much worse. Sad, ain't it?

I do like the fourth one of me, Lamar and Emmy. I would have preferred a more enthusiastic expression and possibly a smile from Lamar, but after looking at the rest of the pictures from Thursday morning's session I'll take it and be glad Lamar was at least looking at the camera in this shot.

GreenEyes and all my friends who love that Emmy sugar and sweet baby cuddles, I snuggled and smooched ALL the sweetness out of Emmy! She won't be sweet again for a couple of days, LOL! ;-) I'm willing to share with y'all, though. :-)

Jessica, Jason and Emmy are doing great. Jason is working 12 hour days almost every weekday and almost that long on Saturdays. With the actual temperatures in the mid-to upper-90's and the heat index way over 100 degrees I think of Jason often, bless him. I pray he doesn't get sick or get heatstroke. He had to come home early one day last week because he got too hot at work. This extreme heat and humidity can be a serious health risk. It's not something to fool around with at all.

Jessica has lost 45 lbs. so far and is still losing weight. She can wear her wedding rings again and is wearing most of her pre-pregnancy clothes. She still has a few pounds to lose to get back to her pre-Emmy weight.

Emmy is growing like the proverbial bad weed. Sometimes a week passes between times that I get to see her and I can really tell a difference in how much weight she's gained and how alert she's gotten. I'm sure she weighs 9 lbs. now. By the time Jessica has to take her back to the doctor in a couple of weeks for her next checkup and shots she'll probably weigh 10 lbs!

I just praise the Lord that Jessica and Emmy are doing so well, and that Emmy has been healthy. So many things can go wrong when babies are so tiny and I'm thankful that Emmy is 6 weeks old now and hasn't had any health issues.

Here on the home front I haven't done any more cleaning and sorting in my computer room thus far. I plan to do more work here in my computer room on Friday if I don't change my mind or get sidetracked. I've got a few more projects that need doing and I've been working on them here and there. One thing about housework, it never ends. There's always something that needs doing. If nothing else dirty laundry and dirty dishes are a constant.

I'll be back on Saturday for my Sunday Dinner post if not before then. Here's wishing everyone a great Friday and a wonderful and blessed weekend.


Clemntine said...

I had to scroll down to make sure I wasn't having dejavu! Sounds like Thursdays are something to look forward to around there, for sure! And I swear I can see that baby growing from one picture to the next!

I've tagged you for a little dining out meme, and I'd love it if you had a few minutes to play along!

Greeneyes said...

I love all the pics , even the ones of Lamar watching TV (Naughty!)LOL
Emmy has certainly grown like a BAd weed you called it , WOW !
She is so beautiful , thanks for all the extra sugar , I can use it anytime you wanna give it LOL
Hug on her for me and suck up all that nice baby smell , and enjoy , it goes so quick , and thanks for sharing , By the way all the pics are nice but emmy on the Bottom OMG! she is a so precious ,I could just pick her up and snuggle her to bits .
BIG SQUISHY HUGS for you and Teeny Squishy Hugs for Emmy please , thanx
Love you Sister friend

momteacherfriend said...

And to think my daughter was 10lbs 4oz at BIRTH.
All these littler babies around are making me think I missed out on true infancy.
She sure is sweet. I think she could not loose her sweetness if you tried.

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
One thing about squeezing and loving those grandbabies is that it just makes them sweeter and sweeter. Then you have to do it more! (kind of addictive, I'd say!)
Loved seeing all the happy photos. You can tell Lamar is happy, just not with having his pic taken!!

Mountain Mama said...

I learned with my own kidlets growing up so fast that everything else can wait. If I have a chance to hold a baby or any little child who will let me, I just latch on and sueeze my love into them.
Your pictures are so sweet and little Emmy is sure a beauty!

PEA said...

What is it with men and having their picture taken?!! lol My son Corey has got to be the's like pulling teeth when I want a picture of hime! lol Ooooh boy, look at that darling little face...she's changing so fast and you can tell how much more alert she is now. Way to go to Jessica on losing so much weight already...she's looking beautiful as ever:-) Have a wonderful weekend my friend...I'm going out of town again...all this travelling is tiring me out! lol xoxo

Lyndy said...

Great pictures all of them but I like the close up of you and Emmy and Lamar should frame that one.

Wow Jessica has done great loosing her weight. Poor Jason I can't imagine being out in that heat and humidity all day. Bless his heart.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

Jen said...

Lamar isnt the only one like that

Emmy is so beautiful

Cecil said...

Good pics, Joe...the last is the best... see ya soon.. thanks for the Emmy fix!! lol Cecil

Rachel said...

Great pictures Diane! Glad you got some more "sugar" from little Emmy!! :) She sure is cute!!!

You keep cool and have a good weekend!

TorAa said...

After reading and looking on the photos - no doubt who is the most proud person here;)))

I love this post

"Early Bird" said...

You're a winner...come check it out!

Dawn said...

I see you've been tagged already - I tagged you for a neat meme. Check it out!