Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rockin' Girl Bloggers & Mail Goodies

I have been honored to receive this award by some of my sweet blogging buddies. If I left out anybody who gave me this award, please forgive me. My memory is nonexistent right now and I wouldn't for the world overlook or hurt anybody feelings.Dear MEOW was the first to honor me with this award. She is a hoot to talk with on MSN and we always have a good time laughing and joking. We've been blogging buddies for over a year now and she was one of my first regular readers and commenters as I was on her blog.

My sweet friend MEOW said this: "Diane - Diane is a family oriented, full of life blogger, who shares her dinners and family life with us all. Always a wonderful place to visit."I haven't known Miss Lyndy very long but I always enjoy my visits to her pretty blog home. She has the most beautiful pink and white tulips on her blog header and they never fail to cheer me when I visit her. Lyndy's unflagging faith in light of the blows life has dealt her lately is an inspiration to me.

Dear LYNDY said this: "Diane at Diane's Place. Diane is from Arkansas and a new Grammy to baby Emmy and just pleased as punch to be so. She is a hoot to read and I always feel as if I were sitting right there beside her, as I read her blog. She is one of those people that you could meet in real life and just feel like you had known forever.
She loves her family and has a sweet husband Lamar and beautiful daughter and a passel of sisters that are just as sweet and loving as she is. And people this family loves each other. It is such a blessing to me to read about how they love each other. Oh and if you don’t know what a passel is…visit Diane and I guarantee she will be able to tell you."My turn now, hmm?

I have to include my sisters, DONNA and CECIL. I love that we can share this fun blogging thing and keep in touch here. I'd love it even more if they would POST MORE OFTEN, PLEASE!! Of course they have silly things taking up their time, like working and taking care of their families.

And Donna is a GRANDMA AGAIN so that's taking up some of her time right now, plus she's been picking blackberries and making jam.

GREENEYES is a dear friend that I have become really close to over the last year and a half. There are a handful of my blogging buddies that I am extra close to
and we just clicked almost immediately. GreenEyes is one of those few and it's almost like she's a long lost sister. We find that we have more in common every time we "talk" together. We also share a hearty sense of humor. Some might even say we're a bit twisted. :-)

EARLY BIRD is another long-time blogging buddy. She now lives in Ohio but was born and raised in Kentucky, so we share a lot of Southern commonalities. We email
back and forth almost every day and have talked on the telephone a few times, and we utilize the U.S. postal service quite often. She's another of the handful of really close relationships I have with some of my blogging friends.

JENZ is a blogging friend I haven't known all that long, but I'm enjoying getting to know her. She lives in New Zealand and we're both learning more every day about life in our respective countries. Jen is a Mom raising two boys and trying to live out her faith day by day. I'm encouraged by her faith and her testimony each time I visit her blog.It seems from what I've seen on other blogs that this award is limited to honoring only 5 bloggers with this award, but I'm going to be a bit of a rebel here and say that in my opinion, ALL of my blogging buddies and readers are ROCKIN' GIRL BLOGGERS, with apologies to my few male readers and commenters.I'm making these pictures smaller than usual due to space for this blog, so click on them to enlarge for detail.

mentioned in last blog that I had won EARLY BIRD'S Fairy Giveaway. I got the package in the mail today and I love everything, Early Bird!

You didn't mention the little wheel barrow, did you?

I'm not the best photographer in the world, but you can at least tell what everything is.

Thanks again, Early Bird! I'm already thinking about where I want to put everything. Of course I only have one tree, a redbud, but who says you can't have a fairy door in a rosebush? :-)

I have another award to pass on in my next post, plus I took some new pictures of Emmy when I visited with her and Jessica on Wednesday. This post is already long enough so I'll save those for the next post as well.

I hope everyone has a great Friday.


Cecil said...

Hey! Congrats on the award! Such nice comments from everyone! See ya soon.... Love, CECIL

Mountain Mama said...

Congratulations Diane. You sure deserve it. I love visiting your blog because you have a way of making us feel welcome and wanted. You not only share your life but you also share your heart.
You set your table with an extra plate and let us know what you are serving even. I hope you will be blogging for a long-long time.

Granny said...

You definitely rock and if I'd known about the award, I'd have nominated you as well.

zzop357 said...

Congrats on the award you sure deserve it.Thanks also for the pictures of Miss Emmy.When I get a few minutes I'll post pictures and a blog.
Last counton the jam, 16 cups fresh picked and washed blackberries=
5 pints and 10 half pints of jam :).
So you know some are coming your way ;). Now I want some to make jelly. Are the Logan berries at the clinic ripe yet? I need at least another gallon.I like the jelly.... no seeds:).
I'll call you tomorrow,I'll have william at least till Sat morning so that changes all my plans.
I'll tell you about it then.
Love you Sisters.
Thanks for the award;).

Dawn said...

Wow, you really do rock!! Can't wait to see what your next award is that you're giving out. It's been fun these last few days with all the awards flying around!

PEA said...

Well it certainly is no surprise, I've always known you ROCK:-) Congrats on the award, very well deserved...your blog is a joy to come visit and I always leave with a smile on my face!! Ooooh such a beautiful faerie and other goodies in your package from Early certainly are good at winning contests...have you bought a lottery ticket lately??? hehe xoxo

"Early Bird" said...

I'm so glad you got a Rockin' Girl Blogger award!! Thanks for thinking of lil' ol' me *blushing*
I so enjoy our relationship outside of blogging, as I've said before you are so real and down to earth a body can't help but like ya!!
I did not say anything about the wee wheelbarrow because I wanted to make sure the craft store still had them...Hubby stained it for ya and routed out the door grooves and put on that wee hardware and such...I know all the items got a good home and I'm glad to see the fairy made it there in one piece!
You know if nothing else you could hang the door inside at floor level and wee Emmy will think that's where the fairies live

Barb said...

Rock on, Diane! If I can rock, you sure can. LOL

Boy, you get good mail. That gift from Early Bird is sweet as can be.

I've got posts stacked up waiting to be done, too. And here I sit reading blogs instead of posting.

Seems I promised to post twelve recipes. Sigh. I'm off to do the world's longest post and that's saying something, for me. LOL

Have a great day there - Cameron's here today so my day is busy, busy.

Jen said...

bless you Diane thanks so much hugs
have a wonderful weekend my friend