Monday, June 25, 2007

Look! It's 3 Posts In 1 !

I have 2 "Thank You's" and a meme to do, so here goes...A few weeks back my dear blogging buddy Early Bird at My Gentle Retreat sponsored a giveaway in honor of Fairy Day, June 24th and my name was drawn as the first place winner!

I've won a beautiful fairy figurine and a handmade fairy door.

Thank you so much, Early Bird! I can't wait for the package to arrive in the mail! You can bet I'll be keeping an eye on the mailman for the next several days until my prize arrives here in Arkansas after its long journey from Ohio.Which leads me to my next "Thank You."

My sweet blogging friend GreenEyes at GreenEyed Girl On Planet Earth had hinted a little while back that I needed to be watching the mail for a package she was sending me. GreenEyes lives in Newfoundland, Canada and the mail service there is notoriously slow so neither of us had any idea when the package would actually arrive here in Arkansas.

Saturday my mailman knocked on my door with a package! After I signed on the dotted line I took possession of that package, and what wondrous things it contained indeed!

Inside the plain brown outer wrappings was a gorgeous baby-themed box.

Jessica loved it and claimed it to use for Emmy keepsakes, GreenEyes. I don't know where you and Pea find such pretty boxes! Must be a Canadian thing. :-)

Oh, but what was inside the box was even prettier! This sweet Teddy bear was the first thing I pulled out of the box, followed by several more things for Emmy.

I love this pink little girly sundress with matching bloomers and hat. I posed them on the Teddy bear just for fun! Emmy should be able to wear this pretty soon as fast as she's growing.

**By the way, I took all these pictures in the middle of the afternoon. I had the curtains and blinds open and the overhead light on but it was so cloudy that the pictures still showed up dark, even with the flash on the camera. I took all the pictures in my bedroom on my bed and the colorful backdrop that you get a glimpse of here and there is a hand-pieced quilt that Lamar's Granny gave us when we got married in 1985.**

GreenEyes also sent a matching set of 3 creepers, or onesies as we call them, with a bib, cap and booties.

These are a bit bigger so I'm thinking Emmy might be able to wear these by late Summer or early Fall, and possibly even again next Summer.

It's so hard to predict clothing sizes for a baby very far into the future, as anybody
who's ever tried to buy baby clothes on clearance for later can tell you. It's almost impossible to do with any accuracy, in fact.

I love the fact that all these things coordinate so the bib, hat and booties go
with all the onesies.

Jessica and I love all these things, GreenEyes! Emmy will look like a little pink princess in the sundress and the onesy set is cute enough for dressing up or casual enough just for playing with Grandma.

But, imagine my surprise when my mailman knocked on my door again Monday morning. I signed on the dotted line again for a big package from GreenEyes, once again in a plain brown wrapper.

Sue and Cecil and I were eating an early lunch and we could barely finish our meal we were so excited!

We managed to finish stuffing our faces before I opened the package, I assure you. We don't miss too many meals as you can tell by the pictures of us I post on here.

Inside the package this time was this beautiful brushed steel picture frame to which GreenEyes has thoughtfully added various pictures of Emmy and our family. She took the time to print pictures from my blog to place in the frame for me, then carefully packaged the fragile glass fronted frame with plenty of newspaper and some "special padding" to make sure it arrived safely.

By the way, GreenEyes, you also sent me your ink pen if you've missed it! ;-)

And I could hardly believe some of the prices y'all have to pay for groceries, especially meats! I looked at the grocery and Walmart ads in the newspapers you used to cushion the picture frame. Some of the prices are about the same, but good grief, we'd have to become vegetarians most of the time if we had to pay those meat
prices all the time! And I thought groceries were expensive here!

GreenEyes, Thank You so much for the beautiful, thoughtful gifts. You have a big heart and you're so sweet to send these adorable baby things. I have to say my favorite is the picture frame, though, and the pictures you chose for it.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, sweet friend. I love you. :-)
Now for the "5 Things I Dig About Jesus" meme that Dawn at Call Me Grandma Dawn tagged me to do. I've already seen this meme at several of the blogs I read and as they said, it should be really easy to think of 5 things, so let's see:

1. Even though I'm rotten, Jesus loves me so much He died for my sins.

2. No matter how many times I fail Him and disappoint Him, every time I repent and ask for His forgiveness, Jesus grants that forgiveness and keeps on loving me.

3. No matter how rough and stormy my life may be, Jesus is the Master of the Wind and is in control at all times. I know the Master of the Wind.

4. Many things about tomorrow, I don't seem to understand, but I know who holds tomorrow, and I know who holds my hand: Jesus.

5. Jesus is coming soon. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon. I believe that with my whole heart.

I won't tag anybody to do this meme, but if you do choose to do this one, please leave me a comment so I can drop by your blog to read your 5 Things You Dig About Jesus
.It's getting very late or very early, according to your perspective, so I'll post this and head for bed. I'll be back to visit and comment more tomorrow.

I wish everyone a wonderful rest of the week.


Connie said...

Oh my gosh you had such an exciting day!!! Such lovely gifts. How sweet of an idea to put that frame together for you...Green Eyes is a wonderful friend.

Take care,

The Woman said...

His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me... :o)

Wonderful prizes and gifties!

Lovely blog! I notice we run in the same circle, so I thought I'd pop in!
So glad I did!

PEA said...

Well good morning Mz Diane:-)

Congratulations on winning first prize over at Early Birds!!! I'm so excited for you:-)

And WOW look at all the goodies that Greeneyes sent wonderful! She certainly is a sweet gal and has a generous soul!! Everything is just beautiful and you can tell, chosen with love:-)

Take care of yourself my friend and you're right, our meat prices are very expensive! lol xoxo

Susie said...

What lovely presents from Green Eyes.
I love that little dress with the bloomers, but my favorite is also the picture frame done with such love.
She must know that Grammys just love this type of gift.

Rachel said...

What wonderful surprises the mailman brought you!!! How very sweet of her to send those. She must be a super nice person!! Little Emmy will look so cute in those while you are getting all that sugar!!! :)

Judith said...

Congratulations on the winning. And thanks for reminding me of Jesus. I needed that.

Dawn said...

Wow, I want to be Green Eyes' friend! I'll have to check out her blog - don't believe we've ever been introduced!

Thanks for doing the meme. It was great to think about all that Jesus has done for us, wasn't it??

"Early Bird" said...

I just want ya to know I mailed your package priority this mornin'...I hope you get it soon!
That Green Eyed Gal sent ya'll some awesome presents!

Jan said...

Adorable outfits for that sweet baby, and the pictures in the frame are extra special.

Mountain Mama said...

Little Emmy is sure going to be dressed for every occassion.
Your meme answers reflect my own heart Diane.

Myrna said...

I bet you were loving seeing the mailman! what sweet things for Emmy.

thank you for sharing your thoughts about Jesus--Very good ones, too!

Linda said...

I love getting packages in the mail Diane - and those were just wonderful packages. She gave you such thoughtful, loving gifts.
Great job on the meme. I'm looking forward to His coming back Diane. It can't be soon enough for me.

Linda said...

Count me in for a howdy. You have a very sweet blog. i came by via Big Mama. And by the way, you are too young to be a grandma. (I am 44--not ready!)

Dawn said...

Thanks for noticing my new picture! I had to take one for our web page at work and I kind of liked the way it turned out for a change.

Can you baelieve the award from Barb? What a wonderful blessing.

Tammy said... many gifts arriving! I can imagine that was exciting! I love the bear and cute outfits...and the picture frame is beautiful!
(I won something from Pea, also, and yes, the box was beautiful and I still have it!) :)

Lyndy said...

Congratulations on the winning. Oh my word what a bunch of goodies you got for Miss Emmy...she will be adorable in all of them but the pictures and frame were especially sweet.

Have a wonderful Wednesday my friend.

Love, Lyndy

Meow said...

Wow, Diane, what wonderful pressies. Greeneyes sure is a sweetie, isn't she. Couldn't ask for a nicer blog friend. The photo frame, with the photos is just gorgeous. You lucky girls.
Have a wonderful week.
Take care, hugs, Meow xx

Lisa said...

How wonderful! It's always fun to get stuff in the mail!

Lavender Chick said...


I laughed when you said you read the paper that Green Eyes used for packaging. I do the same thing! I love for newspaper to be used for packaging instead of those darn peanuts...

(Sorry if this is a repeat, my computer is doing goofy things today)

Lyndy said...

Hey Sweet Friend,

I just wanted you to know that I nominated you for an award, so check out my blog.


Brenda said...

Popping in to say thanks for your prayers. And congrats on the Reflection Award! You are a blessing, indeed.

Diane @ Candid Reflections said...

What fun to receive such sweet, thoughtful packages from a friend. That little baby will look adorable in the outfits. Having three daughters, I am partial to cute little girly outfits! Nice post and nice blog Diane. Especially your reminders of God's character and goodness towards us. Blessings, from "the other Diane" :-)

Barb said...

The photo montage from Green Eyes may very well be the most thoughtful gift I've ever seen, Diane.

How blessed you are to have friends like her.

Of course, it's no surprise. You're such a good friend to all of us!