Monday, May 21, 2007

Looky Looky ! !

Mr. Mailman was good to me again!

Lamar brought in a package today when he checked the mail, and this time it was my friend Early Bird who blogs at My Gentle Retreat who sent me a lovely gift package.

Well, me and Emmy, of course. Cecil and Sue were here today and they both agreed that all the dieting in the world is not gonna make me fit in these itty bitty clothes, LOL! ;-)

Those sisters are loving but blunt, ain't they? Sometimes there's more blunt than love involved. :-)

Early Bird sent me a sweet card, a brag book for pictures and such, some teeny little socks and sweet little pink sneakers, some darlin' little caps and a fun purple t-shirt that says, "Lil' Gals Rule!" She says the shoes and socks are for Emmy to wear on our fishing trips. I'm hoping we have lots of those to look forward to in the future.

Right now both the socks and shoes are too big for Emmy, but it won't be long before she can wear them. The little shirt is too big right now, a 12-months size, but that was the smallest she could get and Emmy will grow into it in no time, I'm sure.

Thank you, dear Early Bird! I love every adorable thing! Even more, thank you for thinking of me and Miss Emmy and for being our friend.Jessica went back to her doctor on Monday for another checkup and I'm relieved and happy to report that all her swelling is gone and her blood pressure is back to normal! Praise the Lord and thank you all for your prayers on her behalf!

Emmy was asleep so they didn't weigh her. They have to strip them off to weigh them when they're this small because even their clothing can make a lot of difference in their weight at this stage. Emmy is doing well with her formula and breast milk right now with little or no spitting up, thank goodness.
I mentioned that Cecil and Sue were here on Monday. A friend of ours dropped by and we all visited together all afternoon then Cecil and I had a ladies meeting at church Monday night. That was my day. I didn't do a thing other than that. I still need to do a lot around here, but right now I just don't feel like doing anything and I can't get motivated.

That's okay, though, because dear Bev is doing enough for us both, I think. Talk about cleaning and purging! She has set herself some lofty goals for the next several weeks and way beyond that. Good for you, Bev, but don't wait on me 'cause I don't know when I'll get the point of actually, you know - cleaning and purging - and not just blogging about it.

Sweet Barb has a wedding coming up in about a month. No, not HER, silly, her daughter Mandy. She also just found out her adorable grandson Cameron has juvenile diabetes and they are just now settling into keeping his insulin regulated and keeping Cameron healthy. You can read about Mandy's wedding shower and Cameron's diabetes both HERE. Barb just almost killed herself cleaning house for Mandy's wedding shower. And I do mean CLEANING HOUSE. Not like I clean house, but washing curtains and baseboards, actually moving furniture and cleaning carpets, all that jazz.

So, if I write about other people cleaning and purging does that almost count as me actually cleaning and purging myself? Yes? No? I thought so. *Sigh*......

Oh well.....

I wish everyone a wonderful week. May you love and be loved.


Jen said...

wonderful news about Jessica Praise the Lord

"Early Bird" said...

I'm so glad you liked the package...I just could not resist that shirt...I wish they had one that said "Big Gals Rule" as I would wear it...teehee!! Sometimes youngins get all the fun!!
She is so peaceful looking in that picture...I'm glad she and her Mama are in good health!

Diane said...

You! Are! Hysterical!

"If I write about other people cleaning....does that count for me?"

Somehow, over the last while, I must have been thinking exactly that! You have such a way with words! I'm awake now! No! It does not count! I better get busy! In fact, I started yesterday and have posted a Tackle It Tuesday. After having a near-death was just a bout with dizziness....over the weekend, one of my first thoughts I was laying in my bed certain I was having a stroke...was this:

OH NO!! When people come to visit after my funeral...they'll see my messy house!

Sad truth, Diane!

So I recovered quite nicely, for someone who was so near dead!!!!!, and have started cleaning! Not that I am anticipating an early demise....but there's nothing quite like a life threatening scare (someone seeing my house in the state it is currently in) to get motivated to clean. NOT Barb's kind of cleaning, mind you...but it's a start!

So glad Jessica is back to normal....and you are all enjoying your little Emmy!

What a doll!


Linda said...

What a sweet little bundle. I'm so glad to her Mommy and Emmy are doing well. I'm also glad you had a nice, restful sort of day. Don't worry about the cleaning. I have a feeling it will still be there when you get "inspired". For now, just enjoy that sweet little girl.

Mountain Mama said...

Thank goodness the new mommy is doing well.Emmy is a little sugar dumplin'
Don't we just love being able to show the world our precious little ones.
The gifts are so cute. I can just imagine how cute Emmy will be in them.

Susie said...

Cooking and cleaning can wait, but those babies grow up vey quickly as you well know. Just cherish every moment. So glad Jessica is recovering nicely. Prayers have certainly been answered there, haven't they!
EB is a kind and generous friend to send Emmy such a loving bundle..
She is such a doll baby in that picture..

Barb said...

What a fun post, Diane. I cackled all through this one. Come on. You don't think you can squeeze yourself into those tiny pink things? LOL

That baby is beyond precious. Call me crazy but nothing would make my day like Krissy saying, "Mom! We're pregnant again. And it's a girl!" They're trying, you know, and of course I'm not at all excited.

I have a gift for Jessica. It's just not quite done. There's a clue. LOL It got set aside, temporarily, in the diabetes/shower/wedding insanity around here. I plan to get in done and in the mail pronto. But not to worry. The baby won't need it for a while. Enough said.

I've been known to clean and purge but my sister Bev is setting a world record. I'm sure the pets are hiding at her house right about now. She's been known to purge a few of those, too.

You know what? If you don't feel like doing it, let 'er wait. Who one earth cares. Housecleaning never ends anyway so prop your feet up and relax. I know you don't believe you're hearing that from me, but trust me, right now I couldn't care less about this house.


Dawn said...

I hope it counts that I'm reading about it on all of these blogs - Diane, Barb, and Bev are making me very nervous - I just hope DC doesn't get into their blogs somehow and find out what they're doing!

I can't believe how much Emmy looks like you and Jessica. What a sweet little contented baby she appears in that picture. So glad Jessica is doing so well! It'll be hard to go back to work.

Morning Glory said...

Diane, that is one beeeeuuuutiful baby girl!!!

PEA said...

When I read peoples' posts about all the cleaning they do, I get tired out just reading about it so it feels like I was doing it too!! hehe The package that EB sent you is just wonderful...such adorable little clothes!! Love that picture of Emmy, how much more precious can one be!!! Sooo thrilled to hear that Jessica is doing so well also:-) xoxo

Faithfulmommy said...

Congrats!!!!! Yiiippppeeee!!!
Our little bundle came on the 6th!! Being a grandma is a beautiful thang!!!

Lyndy said...

Miss Diane,

What an absolutely adorable surprise…every last livin bit of it. The little shoes are adorable.

I so know what you mean about cleaning and purging. I told someone just yesterday that my house should be spotless…key words “should be”!! (lol)

So glad to hear that Jessical and Emme are both doing well. God is good.

Have a blessed week my sweet friend.

Love, Lyndy

Myrna said...

That sweet Emmy looks so peaceful! Just want to reach into the photo and give her a hug!

I'm almost surprised she hasn't been fishing yet!

Rachel said...

Love those neat gifts you got! Little Emmy is so cute!! She will grow fast!

mrsnesbitt said...

I had to come and visit when I saw your comment over on mountain mama's blog, cos I too love hydrangeas!

Great to hear you are a to do a little something!


Tammy said...

It seems it has been forever since I visited here...but so glad I did and will come back more often!

What a wonderful surprise from Early Bird! And your grandbaby...SO precious!

And yes, I think talking about how Barb and Bev clean and purge is worth something...heehee I so need to do this in my home, but since I home school, it's going to have to wait a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Love that shirt!! Early Bird is such a sweetie.