Friday, May 25, 2007

Gifts & Jason's Graduation

As I mentioned in my last post I received another gift package in the mail Thursday. I had no idea that my blogging buddy Diane who blogs at Partners In Prayer For Our Prodigals was sending the package. It was a total but most welcome surprise when Lamar brought the package in from the mailbox.

She had that box jam packed with goodies, let me tell you! If you looked at the slideshow you can see all the treats and adorable baby things she included. There were things for Emmy but also things for me and Jessica. Diane thought of everything!

There was a package of Cream of Wild Rice Soup mix in that package that I couldn't wait to try so I prepared it for my supper. It was wonderful! I love wild rice and I happen to know that Jessica doesn't like soup, so the soup became mine by default.
There's a picture of the prepared soup in the slideshow.

Diane also included some pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate and drizzled with milk chocolate. They are called Minnesota Birch Logs and they really do resemble birch logs. A lot tastier, though!

There was a package of chocolate truffles and mini chocolate bars. Let's just say the truffles were good and leave it at that, shall we?

I couldn't resist opening the little bottle of Minnesota Maple syrup so I could sample it. It's delicious! Now I'll have to make some pancakes to go with the syrup. I might even let Jessica have some of it. She loves waffles and pancakes. Oh, wait. When she got married I gave her my waffle iron. Jessica can make ME some pancakes or
waffles and I'll let her sample my maple syrup!

Diane sent 2 adorable and very meaningful books, one for Jessica and Emmy and
one for me to fill out for Emmy.

Jessica and Emmy's book is a sort of miniature baby book to record memories and milestones in their lives.

My book for Emmy has questions to answer about me and my family history, memories and impressions from my life.

The onesy and the dress with matching Teddy bear are adorable! I can just see Emmy wearing the dress and toting the bear around under her chubby little arm.

Diane, I was just floored when I saw all that you had sent to us! Thank you so much for the lovely gifts, my friend. I love every single thing and I can tell you put a lot of
thought and care, not to mention LOVE into each item you chose.

I am constantly amazed and touched by the love and generosity of my blogging
friends. Y'all are the BEST!Changing the subject a bit, I also mentioned in my last post that my son in law, Jason was graduating Friday night. As it happened Lamar and I did get to attend his graduation and I took a few pictures.

Man alive was it hot in that gymnasium! No air conditioning, just those huge wheeled fans, but they were so loud that when it came time to actually begin the program they turned off the fans! Oh, mercy sakes did it ever get hot in that little gym. It was miserable and poor little Emmy was unhappy.

She's a lot like her Daddy, her Mama and her Grandma. I'd much rather be cold anytime than hot and they are that way too. But Jason takes it to the extreme. He likes it Arctic in their apartment, and I'm talking 60*F. I like to be cool but even I have to cover up sometimes just sitting in their living room. Jessica just bundles Emmy up and she does fine.

I digress, though, and the point was that Emmy was hot and uncomfortable so Jessica took her out in the lobby for some cooler air. The doors were open to let in some of the cool breeze but none of it made it into the gym where the graduation ceremony was taking place. Jessica missed Jason getting his diploma because she was out in the lobby with Emmy.

I'd love to be able to say I got pictures of Jason receiving his diploma but I would be lying. You see, they only turned on 2 rows of lights in the gym because the lights get so hot and they were trying to keep it as cool as possible in there. It wasn't much brighter in there than your average cave and it was still miserably hot.

Sooo....only a few of my pictures turned out to be any good at all. I took lots of pictures, I promise you, but most of them look like pictures of a big black nothing. I tried using my fill flash which is for outdoors and long distance shots and it was useless. Nothing more than a spotlight would make it bright enough in there for decent pictures. I tried my dangdest, though.

The pictures that did turn out halfway decent were taken after graduation was over and they turned on all the lights and turned the fans back on. If you'll notice the background behind all these pictures it's still darker than the inside of a black cat.

I asked Jessica if Jason was nervous before the ceremony or just ready to get on with it and get it over with. She said that he just wanted it over with and behind him, plus he wanted out of that cap and gown.

When it came time for the graduating seniors to present their Moms with a white carnation there were a lot of hugs and tears. I think Jason and his Mom might have had shiny eyes right then. I know there were a lot of tears during the valedictorian's
address and the slideshow of pictures from the seniors' childhood to the present, a few of mine included.As of late Friday evening as I type this I still have no idea what will be happening as far as my Sunday Dinner or Memorial Day plans. Hopefully by late Saturday evening when I do my Sunday Dinner post I'll know more about my plans, but don't bet on it. Oftentimes I'm the last one to know if I'm cooking, having sandwiches or eating out. It all depends on my sisters and my family's plans. As usual I won't fight too hard if anybody wants to eat out but it's too early to call it right now.

I'm going to put the blog to bed and wish everyone a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend. Don't forget our men and women in the armed forces at home and abroad as well as those who fought and died for our freedoms.With all her problems we are still blessed to live in the best place in the whole world, the United States Of America.

May God richly bless you all, dear friends and family.


"Early Bird" said...

That little dress and matching bear is too cute!! And the Grandma book...awesome! Everybody loves you and your family Miz Diane that's why ya'll get some many nice gifts!
I remember my daughter's graduation...we all just about would thinks schools would either put in air conditioning or find a better spot to do graduations...a Church even would be better than everyone melting for Heaven's sakes!!
Have a great weekend!

PEA said...

Oh Diane, I'm so glad you were all able to attend Jason's graduation, I'm sure that meant the world to him to have all his loved ones share the moment with him:-) Love all the pictures, Jessica looks so beautiful and what proud parents they are!! All of these events seem to turn out so darn hot...I remember when my boys graduated from university, I thought they'd find us all in a melted pool of flesh, it was so hot. Congratulations again to Jason:-) As for the package you received from Diane..WOW! Such thoughtful and wonderful gifts!! We all love you Diane, and are so thrilled that you're now a grandma:-) xoxo

Barb said...

What a nice package, Diane. How thoughtful of her, especially the books.

We made those pretzel logs for the shower. They're a pain in the patootey to make so I have a lot of respect for the ones she sent you. LOL

I'd say you did just fine with the photos. You captured the moment and that's all that matters. That last photo is just too cute. Look at that baby's cute little legs and his goofy expression. :-)

I've yet to attend a high school graduation that didn't have everyone in tears. It's just emotional. Even my girls' college graduation ceremonies paled in comparison. Maybe it's because it takes 12 years to make it across a HS graduation stage, the last few of those years being some tough "growing-up" years. Personally, I think it's the processional music they play when the grads walk into the always, it-never-fails, miserably hot gym. They know they're gonna get you with that music. LOL

Congratulations to everyone. A milestone and Jason is to be congratulated for being such an upstanding young man during this difficult past year. I see a very bright future for that little family!

Eleanor said...

Now that's what I call a surprise package! :)

Thanks so much for sharing Jason's graduation with us. What a proud time for everyone who loves him. Heck, I'm just starting to get to know him through your blog and I'm proud of him!! Well done, Jason! :)

I agree with Barb about that little family having a very bright future. Emmy has been blessed with two wonderful parents, and a fabulous extended family. What a lucky little being she is. :)

Jen said...

bless Diane


I must say Jessica looks REALLY good

love the photo of Jason and Emmy

Clemntine said...

WOW! Surprise packages, graduations and babies! Three of my favorite things! Great photos!

Diane, it's obvious that you know how very blessed you are, and it is so sweet to read your descriptions of everything. It's almost as good as being there.

Lyndy said...

Wow Jessica looks great...she is getting her figure back. I know Jason is pleased to have this part behind him. No AC! I can't even imagine. Sorry Jessica had to miss him getting his diploma but I bet Miss Emme was glad to be out of that least somewhat.

What lovely gifts your friend sent. You most certainly can tell she put thought and LOVE into that package.

Friends are a blessing indeed. I love the idea for the book she got you.

Love and Hugs, Lyndy

Cecil said...

Hey... I'm glad you got some pics of Jason's graduation! They are good. I told him I wouldn't be able to get off work to go. I bet y'all were miserable! But I am so proud of Jason!!! He and Jessica look so good in the pics...and of course our Emmy is a princess!! Glad you got to go.... No idea on where I'll be tomorrow.. B is off.. so .. not sure.. he is working late tonight... Speaking of soldiers, I got to hug one yesterday. He is in from Iraq and I am so proud.. I got to see him and told him I've been praying for him.... His name is George and I am very proud of him.. USA.. No where else I'd rather be... I am humbled by the ones who have died and continue to die so we can be free... We need to all take time to remember that Monday and pray for all those serving our country... Love ya More... CECIL

Meow said...

What a wonderful package, you are a lucky girl !!
The photos you took at the graduation are great. Shame it was so hot in there.
Enjoy your long weekend.
Take care, hugs, Meow

Nashe* said...

I truly blinked and lost you in a flurry of activities, didn't I? I've been really busy, it sucks.

My goodness. So many things happened here. Emmy is lookin good, and I bet it has something to do with her Grandma D hugging her at every turn like that... XD

Hope all goes well with everyone there, yaw.

kansasrose said...

What a wonderful event! Congrats to Jason! He looks like such a proud daddy, husband and new grad!!! Very handsome young man! And Jessica is so beautiful and just has that new momma glow to her! What a wonderful package of goodness gifts from your friend for you and all...very thoughtful. I'm so very happy for you Diane and all your lovely family! xxxooo :) God Bless YOU ALWAYS!