Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Update On Jessica & Mikki

Jessica and Jason were here for most of the afternoon. I made "dupper". That's a combination of dinner and supper, since we ate about 3 pm.

Since you asked, we had weinies and kraut, fried potatoes, gravy and pan bread.

Jessica slept until I had the meal on the table, ate, then dozed until they left about 5:30. She is still not kicking too high, poor kid. I think she had a virus and they just happened to catch the urinary tract infection when they did a urinalysis. On her discharge papers they had written in "flu" and urinary tract infection. Whatever it is, it's kicking her butt pretty good. She's pale as a ghost and hadn't eaten anything since Sunday night until she ate here this afternoon. She's still weak and drained, and she's really sore and achy from all the dry heaves, God love her.

Please keep praying for Jessica, and she told me to tell everyone how much she appreciates your prayers.

Next pregant lady. Mikki called me this evening with her latest news. As we suspected, her doctor told her she's in the hospital until we have a baby. Her blood pressure will not come down consistently and she is maxed out on her blood pressure medications. She can't take any more without fear of harming the baby.

Now it's a waiting game. She will be 35 weeks on Wednesday, but he'd like her to go at least 37 weeks if possible.
This picture was taken on Sunday afternoon in her hospital room. From left to right, that's Mikki, my sister, Martha (also Mikki's mother-in-law), my sister, Cecil, and Jason.

Mikki told me to thank everyone for your prayers on her behalf, and that she appreciates them very much. Our prayers are being answered, thank God for them.

As for me, the Spirit is willing, but the body, it hurts and it's stiff. I'm in good spirits, just can't get around too well. Arthritis tends to have cycles of more and less pain and stiffness, in my case anyway. I'm hoping this cycle of more pain and stiffness will pass soon.

I'm working on a baby afghan for Mikki and Danny's baby, Seth. I have to work on it in fits and starts because of my arthritis, of course, but it's coming along. There's one of the squares to the left. It will be in the baby pastels: baby blue, pink, green and yellow.

And before anybody asks for the pattern, I'd love to share it, if I could only find it. Sorry to make your hair itch over a lost item again, Barb. I've made literally dozens of these in both baby size and full bed size over the last 25 years. I have the square pattern memorized, but the border is another story. The last few I've made I've kind of faked the border. They looked fine, but it wasn't the original pattern. I've searched high and low for it. I suppose it will turn up someday.

After I get Mikki's afghan done I'll be starting on one for Emmy. Jessica and Jason want Emmy's done in baby blue and pink.

Other than that, I have to tell you that there's nothing all that exciting or momentous happening here in my little corner of the world.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday, y'all.


Sister said...

Hi Diane,

It's good to know that Jessica is better and that Mikki is in good hands at the hospital.

Don't forget to take care of yourself, too. :)

zzop357 said...

Yeah!! at least Jessica is eating again.I still think it was the bug thats going around.
I hate that Mikki has to stay for the duration,but I know she's better off there.Thanks for letting us know...I hope you'll keep us updated.
Love You Sister

Lyndy said...


Glad that Jessica was able to eat tonight. Sounds like she has had a rough few days.

I know Mikki would rather be at home but sounds like this is the best place for her right now.

Continuing to pray for both Jessica and Mikki.

The afghan is beautiful. Bet you can't watit to get started on Emmy's.

PEA said...

I heard there was a flu going around that causes extreme vomitting...sounds like what Jessica has! Hopefully she'll be fine as a fiddle again real soon! My prayers are also continuing for Mikki...I'm glad they're keeping her in the hospital, she'll be well taken care of and monitored in there. The baby afghan you're making is going to be just gorgeous...I still have the baby blanket my mom crocheted when my oldest was born:-) Hugs xoxo

Barb said...

Well, you know what I'm thinking? I'll bet that pattern is wherever the dadgum missing yarn is! Good grief. You expect me to sleep? LOL

I'm glad they're keeping Mikki right there. They wouldn't dare let her go home with crazy blood pressure like that. And I'm glad Jessica's eating again. Poor things.

You're all going to be hugely relieved when both those babies are laying on your bed propped between pillows! Of course you and the whole family are in my prayers. Praying a lot for all of you. Tense times.

Your afghan square is gorgeous, improvised border and all. I had to improvise a border on the won I finished Sunday night. Red afghan with black border - weirdest baby afghan I ever made but custom ordered for a nursery done in ladybug theme. I was very glad to give that thing to Krissy and say, good riddance! LOL

You take care of yourself while you're taking care of everyone else, my firend. I've got you all covered in prayer from out here in Colorado. xoxoxo

Susie said...

I hope that working on the afghan is somewhat relaxing for you. I know you must be quite worried. Please know these two mamas to be are in my prayers...
Now! Don't forget to take good care of yourself!!

Anonymous said...

aunt diane,
tell jj i hope that she gets better soon for the sake of her and baby emmy,and tell mikki and danny that we got our fingers crossed about her and baby seth,i know took luci to the doctor yesterday she has another ear infection in her left ear and they did another hearing test on her in school the day before valentines day and she passed all of the but some of her words aunt diane pray for her that the lords willing luci will be ok i am really worried about my baby girl....i was so misaerable without her and i missed my family dearly it was good seeing you all tell jj im so happy that her and jason are having baby emmy she is a gift from god,tell i also said treasure the moments that you spend with them while there little because they grow up on you so fast...and tell danny and mikki and jj and jason that i will pray for them all that everyone will be safe and get better soon love you all love tami

Morning Glory said...

These times of waiting are so hard sometimes. I'm glad you have the afghan project to keep you busy. It's really pretty.

And I'm glad we have the medical advances we have these days so that our loved ones can get such good care. Prayers for all.

Kentucky Gal said...

Here in my neck of the woods we call it "lupper" lunch and supper combined...lol!
Will continue to keep both gals in my prayers...maybe the babies will be sweet as sugarlasses since they'v had such a hard time pregnancy wise...
I love your crochet square...I've memorized the granny square and that is about all I can do...
Love Ya!!

Jen said...

Praying for Jessica. Shes doing the right thing by sleeping whenever she feels like she needs too.

Praying for Mikki too hope her bub comes soon after 37 weeks be a bit boring in hospital otherwise

Hope and pray you get over all your aches and pains quickly
love the baby afghan

Simple Kim said...

Hi. I just stumbled on your blog and saw the picture of the baby blanket. I am working on one for my neice. It is made of pastel squares also. yellow, pink, green and blue all bordered and joined with white. Here is the pattern, but the photo doesn't do it justice. It turns out really beatiful!


Kristen said...

I've always wanted to learn how to crochet!! I tried once but lost patience real quick! I'm sure your afghans for the babies will turn out beautiful!

Still praying for your girls (and their babies!)

Rachel said...

Glad Jessica is feeling better and I hope Mikki can hold on for the extra time she needs!

I like the afghan. I'm sure it'll be lovely. I crochet and plan to start an afghan soon! It's been awhile since I've made one.

SombraKnight said...

Thank you for keeping us updated. Will continue to pray for your loved ones.
Have a good evening...

Greeneyes said...

Hi GrandmaD...

Hugs and love coming your way . I do so love the baby belly shots , so sweeeeeeeeeet!! I hope Jessica is feeling better and eating better , poor girl has been having it so rough , tell her she is in my prayers and little Emmy too :}

Hope Mikki gets better soon and all goes well with her duration at the hospital keep her in my prayers as well
, I cannot help think years from now the two of these girls/woman saying to their children , "When I had you I had such a hard time and I have it all documented on blogs " LOL and having a giggle then .
God Bless you all there and esp the little ones and Moms to be ,Take care friend /

Miss G

Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by Kev's and my story tonight already. Looking forward to your update!

You're so right that it is really a miracle that he is still with us. He had many, many times that he should have died. God definitely had His hand on him through those awful days.