Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Update

Good news! Mikki is home as of late Wednesday night. Her doctor sent her home for complete bedrest and orders to come back to the hospital at the first sign of her blood pressure getting too high again or any other problems.

She was 35 weeks on Wednesday. She is scheduled to have an ultrasound on Friday, then an amniocentesis next Wednesday. Amniocentesis is a procedure in which a long needle is carefully inserted through the belly into the fluid-filled sac around the baby, drawing out some of the amniotic fluid, which is then tested for an enzyme to see if the baby's lungs are developed enough for the baby to be safely delivered. If baby Seth's lungs are sufficiently developed Mikki's doctor plans to induce her labor next Friday, March 2nd.

This is all dependent on Mikki not having any more crises or going into labor on her own in the meantime. So next Friday I may be a great-aunt again, and Danny and Mikki will be first-time parents!More good news! Jessica was feeling much better on Wednesday afternoon when I talked to her. She actually felt like showering, putting on makeup and fixing her hair, which is a great improvement over the last several days. If she is still doing well on Thursday she should go back to work.

Thank you all so much for your pr
ayers! Keep praying! God is answering and doing a mighty work in Mikki's and Jessica's lives.Many of you may have seen Amy Wilhoite's button on my blog or many others all over the blogosphere. Amy has been bravely battling leukemia for almost a year now. Her last hope was a bone marrow transplant, which she received a few months ago.

Amy has received devastating news which you can read about HERE or click on the button there to the left. Her cancer is back. It couldn't be much worse. Please lift up this young Christian wife and mother. Without God's intervention a very untimely death is the only outcome for her.

I'm still working on baby Seth's afghan as my arthritis allows me. Not much else to report here. Mind you, I'm not complaining about any lack of excitement. I can't tolerate too much of that stuff these days anyway, and I'll take mundane over the wrong kind of excitement any ol' day.

Wishing you all a great rest of the week, and God's blessings on you.


zzop357 said...

Great news about Jessica and Mikki,I look forward to being a aunt again.
Sad news about Amy,I hate hearing about things like this.It just isn't right.
I'll pray for her and her family.I hope you keep us up-dated about everything.
Love you Sister

Susie said...

I know that the good news about Jessica and Mikki must go a long ways toward easing your mind.
I had read of Amy's latest health crisis on Barb's. Such a sad story, and of course she's in my prayers too.
All our California sunshine gave way to quite the rain storm. No complaints, we can truly use it!!

Anonymous said...

hiya aunt diane im glad to hear about mikki and glad that both of the babies are doing ok,i hope that girl amy gets better soon too,its said things happens to the best people in this world espcially kids ive got my fingers crossed for everyone i hope that everyone is feeling awhole lot better love you all love tami

Morning Glory said...

It's wonderful to read the good news report. I'm hoping now that things just progress on schedule and safely.

Barb said...

Every time bloglines shows me a new post from you, my heart leaps into my throat. Thank goodness this is good news about both your girls today.

When I learned about Amy's devastating news yesterday, it broke my heart. It's just the saddest thing I've heard in a long, long time. I can't tell you how hard I'm praying for her.

Yes ma'am. I'll take boring and mundane over exciting any day of the week. I could use one huge dose of mundane right now. xoxoxo

Linda said...

I'm gone one day and all this stuff happens!! I'm so glad Jessica is feeling better. And it's wonderful news about Mikki. I will pray that she can make it comfortably until March 2.
The baby afghan looks adorable. That's the first thing I do when there's a new baby coming into our family - get out old knitting needles!!
I'm so sad about Amy - and sort of discouraged. I've prayed so long for her.

Mountain Mama said...

We didn't know that we would be on such a roller coaster of emotions when we were grandma's and great grandmas. What ever happened to the easy and healthy pregnancies?
Good news about Mikki and Jessica.
I visited Amy's blog and left a comment too. God bless that girl and her family.
Thanks for pointing me in her direction Diane.

Kristen said...

That is great news about both your girls! I'm glad to hear that prayers have been answered.

I am going over to read about Amy. I actually hadn't heard about her story, so thanks for pointing it out!

RennyBA said...

You are a very caring person Diane and thanks for sharing both your happiness and sadness. Our thoughts goes to both of them.
Btw: Thanks for your greetings to our Norwegian King:-)

Jen said...

Yaye Im sure Mikki will be happy about that.
I’ll be praying for Mikki on the 2nd
Yaye Jessica is feeling better too :)

Kentucky Gal said...

glad to hear about the gals!!
I hate that about Amy though...I hate Cancer!!!

Meow said...

Great news about Jessica and Mikki. Hope all goes well for the remainder of the pregnancies.
Have a wonderful weekend, dear Diane.
Take care, Meow

Dawn said...

Good news is so good! The bad news about Amy is so sad! I have followed her ups and downs for months now. It is heartbreaking.

Remember in our pregnancy days - none of us would have been caught dead having our bellies caught for posterity!

Where does Jessica work?

Thanks for your comments on Kev's and my story.

Rachel said...

So glad for the good news about Mikki and Jessica.

I went to Amy's blog and read. How sad. I will certainly be praying for her and her family. Thanks for the link.

Brenda said...

I'm glad Mikki is back home and will be praying that she'll make it 2 more weeks.

I hope Jessica continues to improve and that the rest of her pregnancy goes smoothly.

Amy's news breaks my heart. My prayers for her and her family continue.

I'm with you, Diane. These days, mundane is all I can handle.

Naturegirl said...

Sending big hugs to you and Amy Jessica and Mikki ..special prayers for Amy!Sending and angel of courage too.

Lyndy said...

Great news Diane. I am so happy Mikki got to go home and that Jessica is feeling better.

My heart is just breaking for Amy and her family. I have followed her story from the beginning. What a true testimony she is to faith and courage.

Have a blessed weekend.

Alex said...

well, I'm not much on God and praying (sorry) but I will make an exception in this case. Anyone you care about this much has to be worth it.

PEA said...

My prayers are continuing for Mikki,Danny and baby Seth...I do hope the baby will be ready to be delivered and that everything will go fine!! Yeahhhhh for Jessica feeling better:-) It will take her a few days to completely get over that flu but at least the worst is behind her!! I had read Amy's latest post about her cancer broke my heart to read this young mothers' words. It's news like that where you think "life really isn't fair at times". Stay well my friend xoxo

Granny said...

I don't think I'd heard about Amy. I dropped over and left a short note for her.

My prayer list is growing apace.

Andrea said...

Good news about the mommas-to-be! I'll keep praying for both. Pregnancy is hard without complications.

When I read about Amy, I was heartbroken. I've been praying for so long. It stinks when God's answer isn't our own, ya know?

Have a good weekend! :)