Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sunday Dinner, February 25, 2007

Yup, it's Saturday night again, already. Time for my Sunday Dinner post.

In the interests of full disclosure I should probably tell you on the frontside of this post that this week's Sunday Dinner ain't gonna be nuthin' special, just on the offchance that you might want to go read another blog and skip this one. You know, something more interesting?

I'll wait for those rats that want to desert the sinking ship...

Oh, are some of you still with me? Gluttons for punishment, or good friends, I suppose. Or family who might be trying to decide if it will be worth the
effort to come here for dinner tomorrow.

Fried baloney sandwiches.

That's it. Unless somebody else wants to contribute something or spring for dinner out. It's been storming here off and on all day and I'm
fresh out of inspiration and inclination when it comes to cooking.

Now it's your turn. Share your plans for your Sunday Dinner in the comments.
Don't believe me about the storms? Here's a screenshot of our radar at one time this afternoon. See Jonesboro in the upper right corner? I live about 5 miles south of Jonesboro. Other than some gusty winds, lightning and heavy rain we were fortunate compared to many others. There were several reports of confirmed tornados and damage. Dumas in southeast Arkansas has quite a bit of damage, including their hospital.

As of about 8 pm local time the worst is over for us. There are a few scattered showers and thunderstorms in the area but most of the severe stuff has moved into Mississippi. They're in for a stormy night, I'm afraid.
Just a short update on Mikki and baby Seth. Mikki is doing pretty well right now. She's had a couple of high blood pressures since she went home but for the most part she's doing okay. At her Friday visit with her doctor they did find that her counts for her toxemia were up again, so she has to do another test for that on Monday morning, then she visits her doctor again Monday afternoon. If the counts are too high from that test, her doctor may admit her then and induce her labor Monday.

They are in watch and wait mode, as you can see. Right now, Mikki and Danny are just tired of waiting and worrying and want the baby here as soon as safely possible for Mikki and baby Seth.

How well I remember those last weeks before Jessica was born! Bless her heart, Mikki's on bedrest and she's bored and miserable, in addition to all the worry and uncertainty with the baby and delivery.

Jessica seems to be fully recovered from her bout with the flu and the urinary tract infection, thank the Lord. One thing she is NOT over are the hormones, bless her. Can we just say she's a teensy bit irritable? And then there's the mood swings. Lord love her, and God save those in her immediate vicinity, LOL! ;-)

Her moods are more changeable than the weather, and that's saying a lot, especially considering we live in Arkansas.

It might be the 20 years that have passed since I was pregnant with Jessica, but I sure don't remember being that hormonal. I'll just apologize now for anyone I might have offended 20 years ago this summer, 'kay?

I've still got my Sunday School lessons to study and a few other things to get done before bedtime, so I'll publish this and wish everyone a wonderful and blessed Sunday.

May God meet all your needs and bless you with enough to share.


Dick said...

I don't know what our dinner tomorrow will be. Pat is under the weather from a cold so isn't feeling very well. I may just go out and buy something to bring home for dinner. Or she may feel better and we can go out.

We will have a day or two of nice weather and I'll think spring is here, then it will turn around and let me know that is it still winter. Yesterday morning we actually had snow, with about an inch showing up before it turned to rain and all went away. It was enough to cause some traffic problems on the freeway. At least it is staying light later and daylight savings time starts early this year.

Linda said...

It would take a lot more than a simple sunday dinner plan to make this little rat abandon you!!! :-)
My parents are going to stop by, so I'll make the old family stand-by - spaghetti and meatballs. We're nothing if not 100% Italian!!
I know poor Mikki will be so relieved to have this all over with and a nice healthy little one to hold in her arms. I'll keep praying.
I'm glad Jessica is feeling better. No further comment...
Stay safe and warm Diane. I think you're the best. I just love visiting here.

zzop357 said...

Is Jessica gonna be there tomorrow? I think I'll stay home and do some much needed housework...Besides,I well remember the hormones bouncing off the walls.I think I'll just keep my head thank you.We are thinking of Jessica and Mikki though.
Hope you have a good Sunday,maybe I'll see you next Sunday.
Love you Sister

Cecil said...

Hey Sister....I'll see you tomorrow.. I am not afraid of the hormonal pregnant person.. she is usually not ugly or mean to me.. of course I would just cry and make her feel bad...he he he.. see ya CeCiL

Greeneyes said...

Hey Sweet Diane
Rotten weather your way , hope it clears and fast , must be scarey at times , I think I would rather our blizzards ,,,MMMM maybe!

Poor jessica , guess she is ready to have the baby ASAP , it is funny when people say they dont remember how they were/are ,it is the people around them who can usually give a clear view LOL

Jessica is so fortunate to have such a great network of loving family around her she is truly blessed .
I wouldnt mind one of your B sandwhiches , esp while chatting with you , I think I may make French dinner , you know Pot roast and all veggies in one pot with fried potatoe thrown in on end with gravy , you may know it as something else , I know it as EASY and ONE pot ! LOL,,I was looking at your recipes last night and I think I may try your biscuts , the ones you said are like the resturant ones ,well see how much get up and go I have by tomorrow , sometimes my go is gone !!! tee hee
Love you Diane ,Hope to catch up , miss our emails
Biggest Squishiest Hugs ;0)

Miss G

Granny said...

I don't remember having hormonal problems either but we were much simpler back then. I may have had them and not known it.

I made barbecued pork with cole slaw on buns tonight with potato salad on the side. It will be for tomorrow as well.

Do you remember a barbecue place in J'boro (Nettleton) called Couch's? They had the best barbecue. Nothing I've found here comes close to it.

Enjoy your Sunday. I hope all goes well with Mikki and Jessica.

Brenda said...

No plans for dinner yet, but your baloney sammiches sound good.

Still praying for Mikki and Jess and healthy babies!

Lyndy said...

Sweet Diane as someone said above, it will take more than this for this little red head to abandon you. Glad you missed the worst of the bad weather. Tornadoes just scare me to death.

Glad Mikki is still doing well enough to be at home and thankful that Jessica is over her flu and UTI.

Tomorrow I am making a pot roast with potatoes, carrots and rolls for our Sunday dinner.

Have a blessed day tomorrow.

Mountain Mama said...

Sunday already? I can't keep up. Time is just a flyin' by!
It has been cold here again. We had a little snow yesterday morning.
I think I will have some bean soup tomorrow and toasted English muffins. Also some chicken salad with honey mustard dressing.
The muffins are store bought, but I am planning to buy a new griddle soon, the long rectangular, electric kind so I can make my own English muffins, and pita bread etc. I can freeze them and take out ewhat I want. It tasted So much better than store bought and I don't put all the chemicals in mine.:)
I'm glad Jessica is well again and sorry about the hormonal issues. I think it just goes along with pregnancy. I have two granddaughters experiencing that right now too. I don't remember having that problem when I was PG, but I'm sure my ex would have a something more to say on the subject. LOL
Blessings Diane

Nashe* said...

i cant imagine you being irritable but.... hehe. That would be just so cute.

hope the weather is looking up.


PEA said...

Fried baloney sandwiches sounds pretty good to me! hehe Not too sure yet what I'll be cooking...I have a feeling my mom & Ross might drop in this afternoon so I'll then go into panic mode of what to cook! lol

I'm still praying for Mikki...I can imagine how bored she is and there's nothing worse than not being able to stay busy to keep your mind from worrying. All the best to them!

Glad to hear that Jessica is over her flu and infection...I guess she's allowed to have her mood swings! lol

Gosh, we've been hearing on our news about the terrible weather your way...please stay safe!!!

Much love xoxo

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
Glad to hear Jessica is on the mend. I agree that young women today tend to be more hormonal than we were, but perhaps we just didn't recognize it in ourselves??
Both she and Mikki remain in my prayers.
Dinner today is baked ham, hot potato salad, fresh green beans and tossed salad.
My daughter is in charge of dessert, so that's a surprise.
We'll be together, and for us, that's the best part!
love and ((hugs))

zzop357 said...

I bought a fresh picnic shoulder,I cut it in half.I'm bbqing half.The other is potroast potatoes ,and carrots,gravy.I'll cook it separate it and make 2 meals out of it.I'm also showing Tammy how to make yeast rolls..We will also have Boston baked beans and slaw of course.We are trying to dust and vacuum around 2 kids and a hubby...I have been known to dust him if I think he's been sitting too long(just kidding).
I seem to have caught a bad case of lazy-butt-itous...but I will get busy soon;)
Love you Sister.

Barb said...

It's dinner out for us for a change - Applebee's!

My word, you've got the weather inside AND outside going on out there. LOL I'm glad Jessica's recovered, though. That was a little scary, that UTI.

And Mikki's in my prayers. That high blood pressure is just too scary to mess with and I'm glad her doctors are staying on top of it. She's far enough along now that I'm sure she can be safely delivered if it comes to that. I know you'll all just be glad when this is over.

Have a great Sunday, my friend. I'm off to buy a new microwave! And a new pot for the killer asparagus fern! :-)

Tammy said...

I fixing lasagna, with salada and breadsticks...I've already baked a red velvet cake...Hubby's done been into it!!

Rachel said...

I went to the Mexican restaurant and had a Taco Salad. It was really good too.

Fried baloney sandwiches sound fine too! I'd probably add a fried egg and cheese to mine!

I was watching your storms last night on the weather channel and thought about you! We got some t-storms but nothing bad. Today is windy, windy, windy.

Jen said...

MY thoughts and prayers are with Mikki

Andrea said...

Mmmm...fried baloney sandwiches. I haven't had that in forever! Sounds delicious.

We had pizza bagels. A bagel, some pizza sauce and shredded mozzerella in the toaster oven. Easy and good.

Good news about Mikki and Jessica! I hear ya about those hormones. We ladies are very lucky to have all those hormones, ya know! LOL!

Wow, ya'll are getting some crazy weather. Be safe! :)

Dawn said...

I fixed my son-in-law's favorite Sunday dinner - pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes and gravy. We had yummy asparagus, some yummy bread, and chocolate pudding for dessert.

I think for one thing that young mommies-to-be have FAR too much information about what's going on in their bodies. Sometimes ignorance is bliss!