Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Dinner, February 18, 2007

Okay, are you ready for my Sunday Dinner for this week? Are you sure?

Cheeseburger Macaroni burger helper. And some combination of canned veggies. Probably green beans and maybe some corn.

I've cooked several big meals this week and I made all those yeast rolls yesterday so I'm not too inspired at the moment. Plus I went to Danny and Mikki's baby shower this afternoon, then went riding around with Jessica, Jason and Lamar after that. We didn't get home until 11 pm so that doesn't leave much time for meal preparation unless I want to stay up half the night, which I don't.

What are your plans for Sunday Dinner? What are you cooking? Eating out? Where and what do you plan to order? Just share your plans in the comments.As I said, I went to Danny and Mikki's baby
shower this afternoon. Mikki
is still in the hospital
and there haven't been any significant changes
for the worse or for the better. Danny came to
the shower and opened the gifts for baby
Seth as planned. Here are a few pictures I
want to share with you all.
Here are a few of the gifts, before
Danny started opening them.
Danny and one of the adorable little boy outfits.Checking out another gift. Opening one of the cards.

They got a lot of cute and much-needed
gifts for Baby Seth.

As I said, we went riding around for a while with
Jessica and Jason and had a good time.
It was dark the entire time so I didn't
take any pictures. Maybe next time.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.

Love and blessings to all.


Blessed Beyond Measure said...

This is even more embarrassing since I'm first, which means everyone in blogland will see that I have NO plans for dinner. No menus, no ideas. There are several things in the fridge one day from getting furry, but maybe I need to pick up a pot roast and make Paula Deene's, complete with potatoes and carrots, throw in something green, and ice cream sundaes.... Walmart here I come because I did not have my act together and make plans.

Rachel said...

I really have no plans for dinner either. Probably just be lazy and open a can of soup or something.

So glad Baby Seth and his parents got some nice items they can use!!

Hope your Sunday is wonderful Diane!!

PEA said...

Good morning dear Diane:-) I'm in the middle of making homemade mixed bean soup for lunch and for dinner I'll be making Braize Beef with rice.

I just love it that Danny attended the shower and opened the presents...that is just too cool:-) Glad to hear they got some much needed items for baby Seth. My prayers continue for all of them!

Hugs xoxo

Kentucky Gal said...

oven baked pork chops here...with mashed taters and green beans...

Lyndy said...


So glad that Seth got lots of wonderful things. Continuing to pray for Mikki, Danny and baby Seth.

Today I am making chicken pot pie for dinner. It is still very cold here in Georgia, so it should just hit the spot.

Have a great afternoon Diane.

Hugs, Lyndy

Linda said...

I'm baking pork chops for dinner - not sure what sides yet. I always make a salad because my husband loves them.
I'll continue praying for Mikki. I'm sure she'll enjoy seeing all those sweet baby things.
Have a good sunday Diane!

Jen said...

still praying for Danny and his family
so nice that Danny went to the baby shower

Dawn said...

We had the kiddoes this week-end as K&M went to the hills to celebrate their 5th anniversary. It was fun, but exhausting. Getting little kids to church by 8:15 is a challenge! Much harder than when I was the mommy and SS started at 9:30. Add 30 years to my age, and it's that much harder. So -- I took them to Applebee's for lunch. Worth every penny!

mary-Lou (A Heart at Peace) said...

Hi Diane,
Enjoyed your writing today. I will pray that all goes well for your daughter. My 1st grandbabe was born 7 months ago & is the key to my heart. It is wonderful. I saw your webpage via Christian women online CWO.

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
We've had a busy day, so I'm pulling out a tortilla casserole from the freezer, and making a big tossed salad.
Glad baby Seth was properly showered.
My prayers are with this young family..

Sister said...

I made coffee this morning.

Then I had more coffee and a scone after church.

Then we went out for an early supper. :) :)

Anonymous said...

hi aunt diane,
i hope that your all doing well....i hope that mikki and seth and danny are all doing well,would you ask jj what she needs for baby emmi? well we all love you all see ya soon if the lords willing and the creek dont rise love tami

Dick said...

We had one of my grand daughters and two of Pat's grandkids this afternoon for swimming at our pool so we just bought Papa Murphy's take & bake pizza for dinner. They are very good but I suppose that they are not really too good for someone like me who is trying to loose weight. Well, maybe once in a while!

Lisa said...

Riding around sounds like a lot of fun...especially knowing you aren't driving in snow and ice. Sigh. :)

You did more for Sunday dinner than I did! The kids had TV dinners and we had some frozen junk food, like fish sticks, popcorn shrimp and fries. Bleh.

Barb said...

Hi Diane,

My Sunday was a lot better than my Saturday night. :-)

There's just something not right about my sister not having a Sunday dinner planned when we had the amazing Honey Baked ham she sent us.

I love it that he went to the shower and filled in for Mikki. That's just the sweetest thing but poor Mikki. It must have broken her heart to have to miss her own baby shower.

Still praying for her. And here's to a nice, relaxing (please!) week. By the way, we love cheeseburger macaroni hamburger helper. It's the only one I'll eat but I love, love it. I fall back on it when I truly want dinner over with quick. xoxoxo