Monday, February 19, 2007


Happy Birthday to my sisters,

Donna and Cecil!
Donna, AKA Zztop, middle school.Donna, now.Me and Cecil, 1986.Cecil, now.

Most of my regular readers know that
Cecil has a blog HERE,
and Donna has a blog HERE.
If you haven't already visited and
commented on their blogs,
I know they'd love for you to visit
them and wish them a Happy Birthday.

Both their birthdays are today,
11 years apart.
I love you both, Sisters.

Joe :-)


Dawn said...

Twins 11 years apart - what a great birthday gift!

PEA said...

That is so very cool, for the sisters to have the same birthdate:-) I read Donna's post today and now I'll go over to Cecil's to with her a Happy Birthday too!! xoxo

Jen said...

My nephews are like that they share a birthday and are 11 years apart.
They are the oldest and youngest of my sisters children of which their are 7 altogether. Tim thought it was awesome when his littlest brother was born on his birthday. Off to say happy birthday to your sisters.

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to the birthday girls!!! You have such a sweet relationship with your sister Diane. I just love it.

zzop357 said...

Thanks Diane,it means a lot to be remembered on your b-day.I hope Jessica is feeling better.
I think she has the intestinal flu.If she gets worse let us know.
I had a pretty good b-day.I had a easy day at work,a simple supper and not many dirty dishes.So I'm happy.
Plus a lot of b-day wishes,thanks to you and Pea;).
Love you Sister

Rachel said...

Well, isn't that neat that their birthdays are on the same day!! How cool!!

zzop357 said...

Our 2 older sisters share a b-day too.November 3.And Jessica was born on their b-day...LOL. aren't we a strange family?

Granny said...

Happy Birthday to both now that I'm almost too late.

Let me rush right over and tell them.

Mountain Mama said...

I visited your sisters with Birthday Wishes.
Hope you had a good weekend Diane.

Lyndy said...

Hey Diane, I read on Cecil's blog about Jessica and just wanted to let you know I was praying for her. I know that has to be painful. Praying for Mikki too.

Have a blessed week dear one.


Barb said...

Well, this is what happens when I get sidetracked for a couple of days! How sweet that they share a birthday. I'm late but I'll run over and wish them happy days.

Kentucky Gal said...

Oh Diane...isn't it funny we both posted birthday's for our sisters??
I've already said a Happy Birthday to both...I know you are mighty proud of them...I wish my sissy's blogged!!

RennyBA said...

Sorry I'm late - Happy Birthday all the way from Norway:-)