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Sunday Dinner, February 11, 2007

My Valentinr - dianejennings

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I just saw this Valentine thingy at Pea's Corner. I confess. I stole it from her. She always finds the bestest stuff. I don't know how she does it, but she does it. If you'd like to send me a Valentine, just click on the button and follow the directions. Nobody else will be able to read them, and I won't even be able to read them until Valentine's Day when it releases them. If I get any Valentines, that is. Since I stole it from Pea, I guess it's only fair if you want to steal it from me. Go ahead - you know you want to. ;-)

Well, I'm back for Sunday Dinner.

Thanks to all of you who
left encouraging comments on my last post. Knowing you're thinking of me and praying for me means more than you'll ever know.

I've been resting better and overall, I feel better. My arthritis is still giving me fits but I'll make it, I guess. I may have to use my cane tomorrow, which will be the first time in months that I've had to have it. We'll see...

On to Sunday Dinner. Tomorrow's menu consists of homemade meatballs and gravy, jasmine rice, brown beans like the ones in my Sunday Dinner button, homemade panbread and green beans or green peas. How's that for carb stacking? It's not intentional, though, it's just the way it worked out.

By the way, what my family calls panbread is buttermilk biscuit dough with an egg
stirred into it, cooked in a greased iron skillet, just like you cook cornbread. Good stuff!!

Back in December when I was baking for Christmas I froze a small Italian Cream cake for later. Later has now officially arrived. When I got the butterpeas out of the freezer for supper I heard the cake calling to me. I intend to wound it here in a little bit and I figure the family will put it out of its misery at dinner tomorrow.

Okay, we all know the drill by now. What's on the menu at your place? Going to Mom's or Grandma's? What are they serving? Going out to eat? Where, and what do you plan to
order? Share your plans in the comments if you want to participate.

I'm cooking supper right now. Well, my butterpeas are cooking right now and I'll let them cook about 30 minutes then go start the rest of my supper. I have some chicken breast strips I'm going to flour and fry, some corn on the cob and turnip greens. By the time the rest of my supper is done the butterpeas will be ready.

Gotta go and fix supper. Back when I'm through stuffing my face.

Okay, I'm back, and it was good stuff.


Since Valentine's Day is next Wednesday I thought I'd share some old Valentines that were my Grandma's.These are all pretty old. One of them is addressed on the back to my Mama's little sister, Nilene, and she died of some mysterious ailment at only 10 or so. She died around 1940 so that particular Valentine is at least 67 years old or older.

The Superman Valentine is the one that belonged to my Mama's baby sister. It's from around 1940.

The country girl in the flour sack dress is the one that's not dated but I figure it's at least as old as the first one.

The last two are dated 1953 and were from Joe Greenwood to Grandma and Jess, family. Of course that doesn't mean a thing to the rest of you. Joe was my Grandma's nephew.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the Valentines.
I scanned some pictures while I was scanning the Valentines. I
think my new printer/copier/scanner is working fine now, praise the Lord. I'm planning to share some of the pictures in my next several posts.

I still have to study my Sunday School and Discipleship Training lessons and do ahead some of my Sunday Dinner for tomorrow, so I'm going to publish this and get to it.

My love to all, friends and family, and may God meet all your needs above and beyond your expectations.


Cecil said...

Hey Diane... Cool Valentines cards.. i forget that you have some of that old stuff.. Dinner sounds good... Glad you're feeling better.. maybe you won't need the cane... See you tomorrow.. Love Cecil

zzop357 said...

Huh,little sis beat me to it!!Well I would of let her go first,its a habit you know;)I may drop by on my way from Jonesboro tomorrow,I'll let you know:). Love you sister.

Barb said...

I'll have a heck of a lot better idea what we're having after I go grocery shopping. Honestly, I'm out of everything and have simply not had a spare minute to get it done.

Spent this entire day at David's Bridal. There's a gorgeous wedding gown hanging in my closet now but boy, I am wiped out. We were there for SIX hours.

Glad that printer/scanner is working for you now. I'd be fit to be tied if I couldn't get my photos uploaded.

Have a great Sunday. I'm hoping to finally have a reasonably calm and quiet day tomorrow, for the first time in, seriously, weeks. :-)

Lyndy said...

Sweet Diane thank you for your email checking on me. I am fine and out of hiding and shock of all shocks actually updated my blog. (lol)

So sorry to hear that your arthritis is still acting up but girlfriend if you need that cane tomorrow, you use it and be proud. Don’t want you taking a tumble and getting hurt even worse. It was really hard on my Mother when she had to go to a cane full time but now it is just a way of life for her, though I know it still bothers her sometimes.

Glad your printer and all is working now and great Valentine’s…thanks for sharing them.

Tomorrow dinner here will be left over pizza from a quaint little pizza joint that we went too tonight for dinner. I had plans to make a pot roast but friend’s came in from out of state and wanted to go out to dinner, so cooking plans were scrapped.

Have a wonderful Sunday and your meal sounds fabulous as usual. Diane you are just the type of person that I would love to sit down and share a meal with. I bet it would be like we had known each other forever.

Big Hugs, Lyndy

Judith said...

Thanks for sharing the valentines. So fun to revisit things of the past.

Sure hope you're feeling better. I think so much weather change has at least some effect on our aching parts.

Don't ever beat yourself up because of needing help from a cane. In bad weather it's a good idea anyway, something to balance with, and lately up here to measure how deep the snow.

Sister said...

Have a great Sunday, Diane!

Jean said...

So glad to hear you're resting better. That in itself should make a difference in how you feel. Love the old valentines! How great that you still have them!

PEA said...

Dearest Diane,

Your dinners always sound so yummy...what is "jasmine rice" though? It's something I've never heard of:-)

Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better...sometimes rest is all we need. The winter blahs are trying to get me and I'm trying to fight them off...hope I win! lol

Isn't that Valentinr a fun thing? hehe You know you're welcome to anything I post, it's all there for everyone to share:-) I'm sure you'll get tons of valentines!!

Those vintage valentines are absolutely gorgeous...oh what a treasure they all are! The oldest valentines I have are the ones my boys got, back in the 1980's...I don't think my mom has any of hers or my gran's.

Take good care of yourself!! Hugs xoxox

Granny said...

Love the Valentines. I just dropped in on your sisters and picked up an idea for Sunday dinner.

Boxed scalloped potatoes (which I already have) and maybe some ribs.

Hope you start feeling better soon.

Kentucky Gal said...

well, now I don't feel quite so bad as I just "stole" the Valentinr box from Miz Pea too...LMBO!!
I'm having chicken fried steak with gravy, mashed taters and greenbeans!

Linda said...

Glad you're doing a bit better Diane. We need to keep praying about that arthritis.
Dinner sounds delicious. We're having spaghetti and meat sauce and salad (My Italian roots are showing).
I love those old Valentines. The last two remind me of the valentines we exchanged in elementary school (that was right about the time I was going - yes I'm getting so old!!).
Have a good sunday.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

This is yet another episode of Bev's pitiful cooking....we ate so much popcorn at the movies, and have a church meeting to go to with dessert afterwards, so we're sliding grilled cheese and tomato soup inbetween. That's it for me - thank the Lord he's happy to eat just about anything. xoxo

Jen said...

wow thanks for sharing those cards
i love antiques
have a blessed week Diane

Susie said...

I enjoyed every one of these vintage Valentines..
Sorry to hear you're not feeling your best. Wish I could send you some of the beautiful California sunshine we had today. Bet that would make you feel perkier!!
Dinner tonight will be taco soup, and taquitos with leftover lemon bars for dessert.

Dawn said...

I wish I had some old valentines, like everybody else seems to. I've decided I need to write a post about why I don't have anything old like that!

I hope you continue to improve this week. My Sunday dinner is posted since we got home from our week-end trip.

Talk to you later!

Mountain Mama said...

The Pan Bread sounds lovely. I'll have to try it soon, and the valentines are precious. I remember having some like them, in fact they are still around here someplace.
Happy Valentine's Day Diane.

Rachel said...

Your Sunday dinner was wonderful no doubt!!

I love those old cards. So cute!!!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day Diane!!

Meow said...

Dear Diane, I hope you are well. Sorry to hear your arthritis has been giving your grief.
I love the old Valentines you have shared with us, they are wonderful.
Hope you have a romantic Valentines Day.
Take care, hugs, Meow