Wednesday, January 3, 2007

And Then I Rambled....

Well, here it is January 3rd already. Three days into the New Year, and I am just clueless as to what to blog about.

I guess first thing I should share pictures of these gorgeous Christmas ornaments that my dear friend
Green Eyes sent me from Canada. Her Mom makes dozens of these and other ornaments to sell at craft sales.

I don't know if you can tell by the pictures, but they are supposed to be angels. They are irridescent, which I love, and about 6 inches long from the hanging loop to the tip of the ornaments.

She sent me 4 of these! They are beautiful, and I absolutely love them, Green Eyes! I will cherish them, and I will think of you every year when I unpack them to decorate for Christmas.

Thank you so much for sending them to me, Green Eyes, but even more, thank you for being my friend.

I put a card and a letter in the mail for you today but I have no idea how long it will take to reach you there in Newfoundland. Hopefully it won't take too long to get there.
Fair warning, rambling about to commence.

I know a lot of my blogging friends have been writing some deep introspective posts concerning new beginnings and resolutions for the New Year. I've done some mental straining and deep knee bends, and you know what? I've got nothing for you right now. I'm just not in that place mentally and spiritually right now. I may come back in a week or a month with a post like that, but for the present it's not happening for me.

Not that what a lot of you are writing isn't good stuff and that it doesn't speak to my heart, because it is and it does. There are some really good posts out there about setting goals, making new starts, being more committed to Christ this year, and so on. For some reason that's just not where my head and my heart are right now. I waited several days for the Muse to inspire me to write one of those "New Year, new goals" kind of posts, but I think my Muse is on vacation in Hawaii or some other beautiful tropical paradise. She ain't Musing in my direction right now, that's for sure.

On a completely unrelated note, I think my personal wiring is crosswired or something equally technical. I sat here yesterday in front of the computer with sweat dripping off my face, and my feet were covered up in a flannel throw and they were still frozen. Now I'm kinda dumb sometimes, but I know something's not right when my top half is flaming and the bottom half is almost frostbit. And I know all about hot flashes, or "power surges" as my sister Donna calls them. This is not hot flashes. I get hot all over, except for my feet, which stay frozen. I don't know, maybe I blew a fuse or doohickey malfunctioned. Whatever, all I know is it's very uncomfortable to be flaming up top and freezing from the knees down. I guess I can go au naturale on top and wear my furlined snowboots, but I'm almost sure that would make for some strange looks at the Walmarts. Not that I don't collect quite a few of those anyway.

Now that I've completely sickened and mentally blinded all my former blogging buddies, moving on...

Jessica is gradually becoming less sick and nauseous every day, praise the Lord! She still has her moments, but they're less frequent and not as intense as they were. Her tummy is definitely pooching out there and she can't suck it in anymore. Her loosest pair of before-Peanut jeans are now cutting into her, and it's gonna be stretchy pants and sweats for the duration. She has a few pairs of maternity pants that were given to her, but she says she isn't wearing them until she absolutely has to, for some reason. I don't know why, because everyone knows that maternity panels in clothing are the most attractive feature EVER.

I told her it's about time for another tummy picture to compare to the others. She is scheduled to go January 16th for an ultrasound. Hopefully we'll find out the sex of the baby this time. Lamar and I should get to go in with Jessica and Jason when they do the ultrasound. I know you're all probably sick of hearing about my Grandbaby, but I am so excited about it I'm about to blow a gasket! I can't help myself, sorry.

I'm sitting here in my spare bedroom, formerly Jessica's room, surrounded by "stuff that needs doing". There's dirty laundry, clutter, Christmas gifts that need a place found for them, more dirty laundry....And I could go on.

Jessica and Jason got me 4 new dining chairs for Christmas and I'm in a quandry as to what to do with my old ones. They're still fairly good. They're also stacked in here while I decide what to do with them. The frugal-don't get rid of it because you don't know when you might need it again part of me wants to try to find room in my already stuffed-to-the-gills outside utility room for them. The part of me that worked for a month last summer cleaning, sorting and throwing away mounds of stuff that you might need later is screaming at me, "Throw the junk in the garbage, you idiot! You have new chairs! What're the chances they'll break any time soon? Besides, if you need new chairs again, the Lord will provide - again." Right now it's a toss-up whether my frugal side or my get-rid-of-the-clutter side will win. I'll report back when one side wins.

I promised rambling, and I defy anyone to prove that I did not, indeed, ramble as promised. I think I'm done now.

Wishing you all a great rest of the week. Love and blessings to all of you, my dear friends and family.


Lyndy said...

Oh Diane I have a basement full of stuff that proves I don’t know when to toss things either…must be in our genes…are we related. (lol)

Here in the South my friend’s and I refer to those hot/cold times as “spells.” One of us will say “oh my sweet mercy, she is having a spell” so Diane my sweet friend, I do believe you were having a spell. Come visit me in GA we have them a lot here. (lol)

Don’t you dare think we are getting tired of hearing about that darling grandbaby…no is exciting and thank you for sharing the journey with us. Can’t wait till you find out the sex that will be awesome. You definitely have something wonderful to look forward too in 2007. Glad to hear that Jessica is getting over some of the sickness she has been dealing with.

Blessing to you my friend.

Lee-ann said...

Diane nope!! I am also not tired of hearing about the darling grandbaby you are going to have it is such a special feeling being a grandmother and you just blog away about it as often as you want, I am going to be here to read about this blessing.

I am pleased Jessica is feeling a little better, soon all will settle I am sure and she can then enjoy the rest of the journey! :o)

The decorations are just ever so nice and being a christmas girl as I am I enjoyed the pictures of them that is for sure.

see youa gain soon.

Andre said...
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Andre said...

Let he who is without ramble cast the first stone...

Besides, I wouldn't exactly call this post "rambling". You showed us some pretty cool stuff that Greeny got for you (while at the same time reminding me that you've cornered the market on her. I didn't get anything from her. *Sob*), while also giving us an update on Jess and Peanut.

As long as your posts don't get people angry and incite riots (as mine seem to do), I think you're doing OK!

God's grace be with you all for '07. I love you!

Barb said...

I about fell out of my chair when I got a mental image of you running around the Walmart wearing nothing but fur-lined snow boots, Diane. Honestly, you should put up some kind of warning for us before you say stuff like that.

Never ever apologize about going on about your grandbaby. My goodness, it's the most exciting thing in the world and there's no such thing as talking about it too much. I haven't stopped talking about Cameron since the day he was born, eighteen months ago!

I love your rambling posts. They're the best kind.

Big Mama said...

I love the rambling. I personally have been rambling since the holidays ended. : )

Can't wait to hear more about the grandbaby and see how Jessica's doing.

Tammy said...

First off, I dropped by and told your friend how pretty the ornament was!!
Second off, gal, just go with the flow on the "muse"...noone can be high thinkin' all of the time!! Just share like you did today, I for one enjoyed it as always!!

Paulette said...

Hey Diane, I love your ramblings and all the talk about peanut for sure.
It is perfectly fine to not be able to write about Resolutions, you can only write when the motivation hits. Dont be so hard on your self!!
Keep writing!

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi Diane
Awwwww you are so sweet , you are welcome ,glad you like them ,to bad you didnt get them earlier but thats snail mail for you !

I know what you mean by not knowing what to post, but I love anything you write especially about little peanut , keep it all coming Granny D :} enquiring minds want to know , can hardly wait to find out if peanut has a peanut or a not!!hehe
Hope Jessica is belly out LOL and waddlin and eating everything that doesnt move , I love the pics of you and here feeding the Ducks , beautiful.

Now whats this about you short circuiting all the time and it is not Hot flashes (AKA tropical breezes,LOL) Hhhhhmp , the image of you in walmart in mucklucks and a ponytail ,LMAO , bet it would nt be the first time for them to see someone in the buff !
Do you have a flu ? there are many kinds of virus' that can trigger what you talked about , hope your not getting any of them . hope it soon passes, if not wear your booties to bed girl !and check it out .
Sending Biggest Squishiest Hugz ever to my dear friend

Love you girl , and by the way I tried your place over the holidays , but the number is wrong ?????????Should I get the hint ???????or maybe I transferred it incorrectly ???? if you get the chance please send again via email thanks

Susie said...

I love posts like this! It's just like sitting down for a cozy chat with a dear friend. So glad Jessica is doing better. All of us who are grandparents understand and share in your anticipation as well as joy!
Thank you for all your prayers for my
Grandpa. Your friendship means so much to me.

Dawn said...

I'm in the same place as far as brilliant writing and thinking goes - check out my post for today!

I love those angels - they would go with my collection so well!

The thing with not wearing maternity pants is a young mom thing - I've seen it over and over with my nieces and young women in church - and of course with the stars. I don't get it either!

So sorry you're having such trouble with your thermostat in your body! Must be miserable!

Thanks for your great comment yesterday. It made me chuckle. The broken ear drum is exactly what Kristen was worried about.

Talk to you later!

Dawn said...

I forgot one more thing - I have given away so much stuff, and received things I need from It's a great thing. I got all the baby things I needed from someone who was wanting to get rid of it, but didn't want to bother with ads in the paper or taking to Good Will, etc.

PEA said...

Dearest Diane...I just love it when you ramble:-) hehe Seriously, I love reading your posts, it feels like I'm sitting right there with you and chatting over a cup of coffee!

Those ornaments greeneyes sent you are just gorgeous! What a delight it will be for you to take them out every year:-)

As for the hot/cold feelings, that is weird...maybe your bottom part just hasn't caught up with your upper part where menopause is concerned??? LOL Well, geez, I'm just tryin' to help! hehe

I can just imagine how excited you are about the baby...I can't wait to have a grandbaby of my own, maybe one day:-) Glad to hear that Jessica is getting over the nausea part!!

I've been in a decluttering mood these last couple of days and I've had to harden my heart about some things and just get rid of them, otherwise I'd keep it all! Sigh! Much love xoxo

Linda said...

That was a lot of fun Diane. It just lifted my spirits. I'm so glad Jessica is feeling better. Don't apologize for talking about that grandbaby. I love hearing it. I can remember how excited we were before our first granddaughter was born. Totally obnoxious.
I know what you mean about the muse not musing. I've been that way for ages. Every once in a while I get inspired, but I think when we have so much going on we just a wee bit out of tune (or not tuned in - as the case may be). :)
Have a blessed weekend.

Dick said...

I enjoy hearing about grandkids as I have found they are a lot of fun. Can't help with the hot feelings. It is now winter in the northwest and I have been feeling a lot more cold feelings. A year ago yesterday I started south on my last Snowbird trip but I won't be doing that this year. However as you know I have a real good reason to stay up north.

A good way to pare down belongings is to move into a much smaller place. I have a couple of friends who are full time RVers and J says that whenever she wants to buy something new to bring into the rig, she has to figure what of D's to throw out so there is enough room! And then their 3 cats take up a bit of space, too.

Connie said...

Dear Diane,
I love your ornament.

Don't ever change your style of writing on your blog...I totally enjoy coming over and visiting.

Glad to hear Jessica is feeling a bit better. Hope you feel better cause you are going to have to be in tip top shape for that baby. It is getting more exciting moment to moment I am sure.

Wish I could give you advise on that stuffed-to-the-gills problem but I find myself in the same

Take care,

Val said...

Yep, your ramblings look fine to me too.

And those stretchy panels in the maternity pants? Best damn piece of clothing ever invented! I wore mine forever, even after I had got back to normal weight. Had to wean myself off them.

RennyBA said...

Sorry I'm late! Your ramblings are always a great read. Wishing you a lovely weekend:-)