Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sunday Dinner, December 17. 2006

I would just almost swear it was just Sunday the day before yesterday, but this week has been so busy that I know I didn't cram all this week's activities in only 3 days.

I got that huge pan of dressing made for Cecil and Ducky's Christmas party for their work. I made a little extra for our supper, plus we had the chicken I boiled for the dressing and some stewed potatoes. That was my Saturday night supper. No charge for that.

I also got some more of my baking done yesterday, but I'll tell you more about that shortly.

Sunday Dinner for tomorrow? It's looking like homemade hamburger soup and cornbread. I got a new 7 quart crockpot for Christmas from Lamar's parents, and I think I'll make use of it for the soup. I'll go ahead and put it in the crockpot tonight and let it cook, then turn if off when I leave for church in the morning. I'll either wait for it to warm up in the crockpot or heat it up on the stove. I'm leery about leaving anything plugged in and cooking while I'm gone since my Mom and Dad's house
burnt in 1987. I know other people do it all the time, cook in their slowcookers all day while they're at work and such, but I simply can't bring myself to do it.

Now, how about you? What are you doing for your Sunday Dinner? Are you cooking? What's on the menu? Going out for lunch? Where and what are you craving? Going to your inlaws or grandparent's? Just share in the comments what
you're doing for dinner tomorrow.
I did get a some cocoons, sometimes called Mexican Wedding cookies or pecan sandies, made yesterday, and some glazed pecans. There's a few pics of the cookies and glazed pecans.

I still have another kind of glazed pecans to make, chocolate fudge, white chocolate fudge and turtles. I may got some of those made tonight.

I also forgot to mention that I'm making homemade salami, (scroll way down) or summer sausage. It takes 3 days to cure in the fridge, then it bakes on very low heat for 8 hours. Tonight's the night to bake it, so it will be done when I get up in the morning and ready to be wrapped for the fridge and the freezer. It's been several years since I made it, and I'm looking forward to having some with our other Christmas goodies. It's great with cheese and crackers. For those of you who have access to deer, moose or elk meat, they make great summer sausage with this recipe, although you will probably have to add a little fat to keep it from being too dry.

I'll wait and make my cheesec
ake probably next Friday, and my Italian Cream Cake on Saturday.

There's a good chance of rain for Thursday, so I hope our Christm
as carolling with my ladies' group from church doesn't get rained out. I do love me some carolling, and I hope it cools off by then. It just ain't right for it to be 70 degrees for Christmas, at least not here in Northeast Arkansas. It ain't lookin' good for a white Christmas at this rate, folks.

Lamar is going to a friend's house to watch the Cowboy's game on his big screen TV, so I hope to get some more candy making done tonight.

Wishing everyone a great Sunday, with good food and good friends and family to share it with.

Love and blessings,


Susie said...

Your baked goodies look yummy. We used to call the round ones Russian tea cakes. Delish!
Tomorrow: dinner out and I believe the choice is Mexican. It's our son in law's birthday celebration. Banana cream pie for dessert.
(Repeat after me: Christmas calories don't count!)

Mountain Mama said...

Isn't it amazing how a little cookie like that can have so many names?
Mom called them Russian Teacakes, but I've also heard them called Butternut Balls, Mexican Wedding Cakes, and a few other names, However, in my family we call them 'David's Remains.' Sounds awful, but here's why. When he was around four I was babysitting my grandson David one day while making the famous little round cookies. I gave him one and told him to eat it on the back porch so the remains (crumbs) wouldn't get all over the house. He ate the cookie, then came in and asked, "Can I have more remains." So there you have it, another name for our cookie.
I don't have dinner planned for tomorrow but I made a BIG kettle of potato soup today so that will probably be it.
I hate to cook so I'm afraid my dinners aren't very interesting,
Oh yes, I made some of those 'David's Remains' today too. Yummo!

Linda said...

You are so industrious Diane. If we lived near one another, I would come and do the cleanup if you would do the cooking:)
I usually make Russian teacakes every year for Christmas. I've never heard them called by those other names. Cute!!
I know what you mean about the weather. It's been near 80 degrees nearly all week here. It is supposed to cool off a bit later in the week.
I love carolling too. When we lived up north, we used to go visit the nursing homes with our church group. Then we'd all go back to my friend's house for hot chocolate and Christmas cookies. Wonderful memories.
Have a blessed day!!

Tammy said...

Mz Diane,
I've got some chicken breast a bilin' for some chicken spaghetti this evening...I gotta feed them men good afor I send em off to the factory...hard strenuous work and I worry about them and pray they don't get hurt before the strike is called off!!
I'll be making some fudge this week~chocolate and peanut butter...I'm feeling oh so domestic in my new to me home that sometimes it is hard to set down to blog...

Barb said...

You're my guinea pig, Diane. I did some fiddlin with things and am hoping my name in this comment actually links back to my blog. :-)

Everything you make always looks so good. I'm telling you, I'm drooling over those glazed pecans.

For dinner today, leftovers. I knew this week was going to get busy so I cooked stuff ahead that can be thrown in the oven and heated. I'm up to my eyeballs today too so no time for cooking.

Rob's going to have the computer all tied up the rest of the day trying to figure out how on earth to get our audio back so I rushed in here to stop by for your Sunday post.

Hope you have a wonderful day, Diane. xoxoxo

Big Mama said...

I've had a very busy weekend and P is gone until late tonight so it'll be something I can get at a drive through window for me and the little one tonight.

I sure wish I had some of those cookies.

PEA said...

Dear Mz. Diane, please come carolling at my door, I really miss that, no one ever comes carolling around here any more...pout!! For Sunday dinner we are ordering in Chinese food...Corey's request! lol I just finished making some chocolate/peanut butter fudge and now it's break time so I'm visiting a few blogs:-) Your goodies look so delish...imagine the cookie swap you and I could participate in? lol I call those mom makes them every year! I'm leaving on Tuesday until Thursday then off I go again on Saturday until the day after Christmas!! Merry Christmas my friend, to you and yours! xoxox

Jen said...

I love nuts
hope it didnt rain and you were able to go Christmas carolling I did it for the 1st time recently and loved it going to do it again

Sister said...

Hey Diane,
I LUV cocoons-wedding cookies-pecan sandies, and grew up calling them by all of those names. Glazed pecans? I could eat my weight in them. Summer sausage? With cheese and crackers? Sign me up.
And as far as our Sunday dinner, well, you know me. We ate out...but it sure was good!

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

SLLLLLLLLLURP,,,LICK LICK , nope ,thats it I am coming through ,hold on my butt is gonna give me trouble hahahaha
If you hear a big crash through the night it is me I made it through cyberspace ,
Girl your treats look good enough to try going through the screen , SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH , Lucky you , enjoy , and hope you have fun Carolling !!!!!!!!!!!Good for the soul !
By the way you take really good pic , I think I said so before but it is true , you have a good eye .!

Big sugar coated chocolate dipped pecan filled HUGS
Lots and lots of love
Miss G.

Nasty Nashe said...

I love pecans! And those pics just make me wanna fly there. honestly.
Its Monday here... My sunday lunch AND dinner was spent at two weddings. *burp*

haha. FedEx those fudges here okay!!!
what? You can't?
ok then, the cheesecakes will do just fine =)

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Dinner at Applebees at 9:30 pm probably doesnt count as Sunday Dinner. Your Sandies - they are Sarah's favorite Christmas cookie and I try to make them every year. Maybe you could just send yours to her? xoxoxo

Dawn said...

Well, I'm done baking, done shopping, not done wrapping. I haven't felt good since Thursday night, and had to go back to work today, so that was hard. I really got punished today for taking a week off!

Sunday dinner was just spaghetti, salad, French bread, ice cream, and brownies. Only half the kids were here. Don't know what happened with the others - they didn't call or come. Oh, well, left over spaghetti is just fine!

Have a great week. Wish we could sit a spell, have a little hot chocolate and share some of each others' goodies, and just TALK.

RennyBA said...

Sorry I'm late for dinner this time, but still love it and also the lovely cakes!

Wishing you a Marry Christmas too:-)

Nancy said...

All of your goodies look delicous. Thanks for sharing.

Rachel said...

I love those little wedding cookies! I can eat bunches of them!! Sorry I'm late getting here.

Hope you are having a great week!

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Where U B ? sweet friend ?????
Miss you ???
hope all is well
Big Squishy Hugs


Lisa said...

I'd love to go Christmas Caroling. I hope you have fun!!!