Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Goodies

As I mentioned in a couple of my latest posts, I have been busy making candy and baking goodies for Christmas. I give some of my goodies as gifts, and we eat a good bit of them.

Thursday Jessica and I spent pretty much all day making my homemade bon bons and my Scottish butter shortbread. (Scroll down for the recipe.)

I made a double batch of basic bon bon filling, then divided it to make vanilla cream, coconut, peanut butter, pecan, and maraschino cherry centers. The centers are frozen and then dipped in melted semisweet chocolate. I just sampled one of each flavor with a cup of black coffee just to make sure they were of the best quality and flavor, and I'm happy to say they passed the test. Man are they ever rich, though! They're one of those things that, as my Mama would say, "A little dab'll do you."

The shortbread I sampled as I was baking. The cookies are really delicate and break easily, so there's always plenty to sample. I wouldn't want to give broken shortbread as a gift, now would I? It's my duty to dispose of the broken bits and reserve the best pieces to give as gifts. However, I can tell you with assurance that the broken pieces taste every bit as good as the prettier pieces, so it wasn't that great a sacrifice to do away with the crumbs.

Next on the goody list: Fantasy Fudge, White Chocolate Fudge, candied pecans, glazed pecans, homemade turtles, and closer to Christmas I'll be making my Mama's homemade cheesecakes and Italian Cream Cakes. If all goes according to plan, Jessica is coming up again Friday to help with the fudges, pecans and turtles.

Tomorrow will be another day of goody and candy making, and I have a lot planned
that I want to get done. Saturday I have to make a huge pan of chicken and dressing for Cecil and Ducky's Christmas party where they work. We're talking enough dressing for 20+ people.

If I don't post anything on Friday, I should be back to post my Sunday Dinner on
Saturday sometime.

Take care, y'all, and Merry Christmas!


Barb said...

If you're talking about the chicken and dressing recipe I got from you, the one for the crockpot, you sure shouldn't have any problem feeding 20 people. My word, it took us a week to eat all of it and it was delicious.

I am sooo impressed you make these bon bons. They look wonderful. And when I saw the shortbread, I thought, OK, how did she get those perfectly evenly spaced little indentations in them like that.

A fork, right? Duh. Boy, you HAVE been busy, Diane. I'll bet your family and friends look forward to these gifts from you every year!


Susie said...

You are certainly Mz Busy Baker! I bet your house just smells heavenly!
My Mom and Aunt used to make huge batches of candy every Christmas. It was all wonderful..

Anonymous said...

Your goodies look divine, Diane!!
I am almost certain all of us bloggers will be busy next week cooking, baking and candy making!!

Pea said...

You sound just like me...when I make my cherry chocolates, I must eat the broken ones because I can't serve them broken now can I??? Unfortunately the other kinds I make don't break as easily! hehe Your bonbons and shortbread look soooo delicious!!! Enjoy this wonderful time of the year my friend!! xoxox

Linda said...

Diane, I tried in vain to leave you a comment yesterday. It wouldn't even let me email you. I just wanted to thank you so much for praying for us. I knew you would. You are a precious friend.
All those goodies look good enough to eat. I can almost smell that sweet aroma all the way over here.

Andre said...

Odd. Before I stopped by your place, I could've SWORN that I was 6 lbs lighter. I didn't think it was possible to gain weight over the Internet...

Dawn said...

I admire people who can make candy - I odn't have the patience. I have done a bit of baking this year for the first time in quite awhile - since I started working full time, I think. I've decided to entertain more this year - to make all the decorating worth it! Everything looks so yummy!

Connie said...

Oh that chocolate looks so yummy. If I were making those, more would end up in my mouth than in gift boxes. I think it is a wonderful tradition you share with Jessica. She will have wonderful memories.

Take care of yourself.

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Lady Di
I have to clean the drool of my screen , wait a sec



ok better , I actually read your post twice it is 330 am Fri night sat morn whatever , and It kinda read at first ,( you were dressing like a chiken and Ducky for a Christmas party , I will dress like a frog if I get your goodies LOL .... I re read and all is fine on the planet , just wanted to see your friendly space , will chat soon I hope , take care dear friend , and have a candy for me ,L I C K ,,,,,SLUUUURP! nope not the same ,,,,,enjoy
Loves ya sweetie

Meow said...

Goodness, Diane, your Christmas goodies are making my mouth water. I did some baking today, but nothing like what you have done and have planned. Hope the remaining goodies turn out as good as the ones you have already done sound (and look).
Have a great weekend.
Take care, Meow

Naturegirl said...

Hi Diane
Each time I come by you have delicous
goodies prepared!I have been dipping into my prepared sweets for a few days now and am on sugar overload!
Wishing you and your family a Merry
Christmas season! hugs NG

Dawn said...

My talented daughter did my template for Christmas. She hopes to someday start making money from her talents.

I've been told that about Care Bear and me a couple of times. I'll take that! She's so special.

God is definitely in the details! I hope you're having a great week-end! Talk to you soon.

Rachel said...

Oh Mercy me, all that candy!! I just ate some candy (too much actually) and reading about more right now is a little bit much!! teehee!! Fantasy Fudge and an Italian cream cake. I'll probably be making those too next week!! Yummy!!

You are right to taste test everything. It must be done!! :)

Jen said...

my mouth is watering :)

Linda said...

Hey Diane,
I tagged you for a meme. I don't know if you'll have the time, but it's a fun one to do some time when you have a chance.
Have a wonderful day.