Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hardy, Arkansas Trip, October 14, 2006

I've tried several times to make a slideshow of these pictures
but the two hosts that I use refuse to upload them.
So, I hope Demon Blogger will cooperate and upload them today.
I didn't have much luck getting any pictures of fall foliage.

The leaves haven't really started changing much here, but I
did get a few pics I thought you might enjoy seeing.
**Double click on the pictures to enlarge.**

We saw a lot of cow pastures along the way.
We stopped to look at this pretty creek.
A footbridge on the creek.
You can see the rock bottom of the creek here.
The view downstream.
A working water wheel. Up until about 10 years ago you could buy
stoneground wheat flour and cornmeal here.
A little fall color.
It was absolutely necessary to stop here.
I apologize that this last picture is so blurry, but it was taken
from a moving vehicle. I wish it was clearer so you could appreciate
the colors more. This was actually taken just a mile or so from
my apartment on the outskirts of Bay. This is a flower
farm where they raise experimental new varieties of
flowers, and some are raised to sell to nurseries.
They have some beautiful cannas, a few gladiolas, and
several other flowers. This year they also had some
tiny little pumpkins that they just harvested.

I want to thank each and every one of you who left
such loving and caring comments on my last post
about Jessica and Jason and the baby they're
expecting. Jessica read your comments and cried
because of your outpouring of love and acceptance.
Jessica wanted me to thank you all, and
we are deeply thankful and so blessed by the love
and friendship you all have shown us.
I'll be posting about the wedding and
about the baby as we hear any news.
I pray God's richest blessings on all of you.
With love....


Naturegirl said...

It's always nice to see different parts of the globe through our blogging posts ..thank you for sharing!Best wishes to your family much happening in the months ahead!Congrats to YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Di.

Now, it's just a matter of giving you a nickname. Nanna's what I'm leaning closest to; although Gamma's and Momma Jennings are close seconds.

My prayers are with you and your family/future family.

Sue said...

What a lovely ride! Glad we stopped for candy and/or ice cream too! That's good training for when you are taking the grandkids along!

Kathleen Marie said...

Great photos! I would have stopped at any place that says "Old Fashioned" candy, chocolate, etc... I was in Ark once and saw a Passion Play in Eureka Springs.

Isn't being a Grandma the GREATEST!

Dick said...

Hey, you found a mocha place! See how easy it is to find them?

Good photos and in some ways they are easier to view this way than they are in a slide show. This way I can control how long I have to look at each one of them.

Shannon's world said...

Dear Diane,
I really enjoy reading your blog each day. I invite you to check out my new blog, because if it wasnt for you having your blog, I would not have started mine.

God bless,


Barb said...

You always take the nicest photos, Diane. Makes a person want to be there.

For Heaven's sake! In all the excitement of the baby, I completely forgot you're all planning a wedding. I can't wait to see those photos!

I'm still just feeling so happy for all of you. I'd give anything to be a fly on the wall the first time you set eyes on Peanut. :-)

By the way, if you want to share "Nana" with me, feel free. I've been called lots of things in my life but none I love so much as that one.

Diane said...


Thanks for your congratulations!


Thanks to you as well. I don't care what the kid calls me, as long as he/she loves me. :-)


Glad you liked the trip. I can't wait to be a Grandma. :-)

Kathleen Marie,

I've been to the Passion Play in Eureka Springs, Arkansas many times. It's AWESOME!!

And I'm overjoyed to be a Grandma!


I like mochas, too, but I'd rather have a plain coffee or the occasional cappaccino.

I like the photos posted one at a time better, too, but for more than 4 or 5 photos it can take up a lot of room on your blog: lots of scrolling. For lots of pics, a slideshow can save a lot of room. When you can get them to work, that is. :-)


Welcome to blogging, and I left you a comment on your blog. :-)


Thanks, I wish you could have gone with us. You'd have loved it!

Already working on getting some family and friends to video and take pics of the wedding. :-)

I did have a great-nephew that called me Nana because he couldn't pronounce Diane, but he outgrew it. :-(

Nana or grandma would be fine, just not granny. I'm not the granny type. For the great-grands, maybe. Actually, I don't really care what the kid calls me, as long as they're happy to see me!

Thanks for your sweet comments, y'all. :-)

kansasrose said...

Dearest Diane, I want you to know what a beautiful example of love you are giving to your daughter and Jason. You will be the most loving and wonderful grandma! What joyful news that your Jessica is bringing a precious new life into the world. What a blessing this is...And prayers are with your dear, your Jason and the little have so much love to wrap up in that this little baby will just be blessed. I wish only the best for you and Jason. You will all be fine. You have love!! The greatest thing! ((((hugs)))) Rose

Nancy said...

I found you through Sue. I am so excited about your being a grandmother. I just can't wait to be one too. My son has been married only 5 months and he is still in seminary so I think I will have to wait a while. I look forward to hearing about your Granny Adventures.

PEA said...

Beautiful pictures and what gorgous scenery...I love walking near creeks, especially if I can walk a trail that follows it! You're hardly getting any colour in your leaves yet...we have no leaves left already!!! Hugs xox

Tammy said...

What a beautiful creek...I just love places like this and you have such an eye for natural beauty...I love all of the pictures you share!!
Please tell me you had a nice luscious piece of chocolate at that shop!!

Beth said...

I have a Jessica too. She is 19. And I think all babies are blessings. God doesn't say that only married people can have blessings, hes just not that way.
Congrats Grandmaw!!!