Thursday, September 21, 2006

You Mean There's Supposed To Be A Point Here?

**NOTE: The pics below have nothing to do with this aimlessly
wandering post: I just wanted to post a few pics because
the blog looks so bare without them, and I
wanted to give you something to look at when
you get bored with the actual post.
Carry on.

Just on the offchance that anybody clicked over here hoping to read something exciting and new, here's a disclaimer: THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING EXCITING AND NEW HAPPENING IN DIANE'S WORLD AT THE PRESENT TIME. NOTHING ON THE HORIZON FOR THE NEAR FUTURE EITHER. There. All done now.

Remember here and here where I complained about some housework that was forced on me by my landlord? Well for the last week he's whupped it on me again. He has state and federal inspectors coming to inspect these apartments on October 5th and now he's trying to catch up on repairs and upkeep that he's been putting off for months. He wouldn't be doing it now if it wasn't for the
inspectors coming. We moved from one apartment in this complex of 24 apartments to this one in August of 1999. I told him then that the tub needed to be regrouted and recaulked. Last Thursday he decided it needed to be done. Immediately. It should have been a one day job. He finally finished up on Monday afternoon. That's 5 days on a 1 day job. Typical of this guy. That's just one thing among many. Of course while he was working on the tub I had to take everything out of the tub, take down the shower curtain and take out my bathroom rugs until he got done. A real pain, folks, to say the least. We had to keep running him down to get him to finish the job or he'd probably still be dragging it out. Grrrrrr........

If you checked out that first link you'll see that I had to move my big deep freeze so he could replace my waterheater. My landlord then insisted that my deep freeze should be put out on my back porch (just a concrete slab with a 5 foot overhang) because he thought it gave off too much heat and was making my air conditioner work too hard, which was making my electric bill too high. Do you have any idea how tiresome and not fun it gets to have to go outside in the heat, cold, dark, rain, etc. every time you need a package of pork chops or purple hull peas out of the freezer? My husband has a friend who's moving and had a smaller 42 inch freezer for sale for $25. He checked it out and brought it home, so I bleached it out and it's airing out before I bring it in the house tomorrow and move my frozen stuff from the big freezer to the smaller one. Of course to move it in the house I'll have to move all those pantry shelves again that I talked about in those 2 links above. And the landlord is perfectly okay with me bringing it in the house, although the motor on the smaller freezer is probably the same size as the one on the bigger freezer.....Go figure! If the smaller freezer works okay I'll donate my bigger one to my church. We've needed one for a while to handle our food pantry needs and for Vacation Bible School among other things. Do you realize how many freezer pops 100 kids can go through in a week? Try getting that many pops in a regular refrigerator freezer.

I also have to have the apartment in inspector-ready condition by October 5th. are you beginning to see why I haven't been posting very often lately? The kicker is that the inspectors may go in every apartment, just 1 or 2 apartments, or any number from 1 to 24. So I have to have the place ship-shape even though they may not even come in here. Aaaarrrgggghhhh!!! I despise uncertainty!!

Add to this that Demon Blogger has reared his ugly head again today, and you have a recipe for less blogging by Diane. Blogger didn't want me to post today, and balked at uploading pictures again all afternoon. I just noticed that there is another planned outage scheduled for 4 pm Pacific time Thursday. I don't know how long it's supposed to last, though. Blogger Beta has a lot of bugs to be worked out yet, too. If they ever get a good handle on them I'll probably switch over to Beta, but not as long as I keep hearing horror stories about it. The old Blogger is bad enough. Better the enemy you know, and all that, I suppose.

I'll be around, commenting and reading my friend's blogs here and there, but I may not be posting much for the next several days. I'll try my best to find time, but this enforced housework has to come first for now. Don't think I don't bitterly resent and begrudge my lost blogging time sacrificed to this devil's work housework and cleaning, 'cause I do.

Take care and be blessed, y'all.


Barb said...

That's the best description of the difference between old blogger and new blogger I've heard. I agree, better the enemy you know! Giving me fits too. Won't upload photos so I'm having to host everything on Photobucket and then load photos by using url's. Always something.

It's a shame you may be doing all this extra housework for nothing. I guess the good news is you'll have a shipshape home whether the inspectors come into your place or not but still, that's a lot of work for possibly nothing.

And the whole freezer thing is silly. I wouldn't want my freezer on the back porch anyway. Around here, I could just put my food on the back porch - no freeze necessary in the winter.

Hope this nonsense ends for you soon. xoxoxo

Andre said...

I don't know anybody else on the planet who can take (what you would call) a 'boring and pointless' post, and turn it into a New York Times Bestseller like you seem to.

By the way, what's the problem with the freezer being on the back porch. I thought that most folks from 'the country' didn't mind having appliances and furniture on their porches. Ha!

OK. OK. That one was a little low, even for me! Don't be mad...

Later Momma Jennings!

Dick said...

Gee, in your spare time maybe you can paint the outside of the apartment units? As to the freezer adding heat to the AC load, does the landlord pay your electric bill or do you? If you, why is he concerned? Have fun.

Judith said...

Oh Diane, I do so understand, especially since needed repairs and upkeep haven't been done, and then your nest, your life, is up-ended to accommodate negligent landlord.

You did the right thing, venting to Bloggerville. Anybody who struggles with using the internet, or getting bloggerland to cooperate understands frustration.

I'm sure many of us are dealing with some, too. My bathtub doesn't need caulked, but I need to feel less serious today, so am heading to the mall.
P.S. It was good to see Andre's pic again. I love his sense of humor. and I enjoy your pics.

PEA said...

Why is it that all landlords I hear about seem to be the same way...nothing is done until the very last minute! My mom has the same kind of landlord and it took 3 years for him to fix a leak in her bedroom ceiling...meanwhile the whole ceiling could have come crashing down on her!! Hmmmm we should all go over there and whip your landlord into shape!!! lol Sounds like you have a lot of work to do...housework is no fun in the best of times!! You take care and hope you can soon relax!! Hugs xoxo

Linda said...

I had trouble with the photos the other night too, but I just assumed it was me. Nice to know it wasn't for once :-)
I'm sorry you're having to do all that enforced labor. I think, though, that it would be a good idea if someone said they were coming to inspect my house. It is in desperate need of fall cleaning. So here I am - blogging.
I'll miss you.

RennyBA said...
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RennyBA said...

Even if the pics are just to pretty up your blog, they sure do the trick. They are just lovely!
Looks almost like Norway and the nature where my wife was having a mini vacation and posted about it on my blog this week.

Tammy said...

wanna come by and clean my while you're at it??
I hope you are done soon and can get back in to circulation!!

Dawn said...

Have you guys tried It works well for Kristen and me.

Glad to know where you've been, my friend. Doesn't sound like fun! It's a good thing something got the lazy old landlord moving finally, though.

Granny said...

There isn't space to list everything my slumlord hasn't done over 14 years.

We used to have a huge freezer on the patio (it's still there - nonfunctioning) and now have a smaller one in the house along with my side by side. I still manage to fill both of them.

I'm waiting for Beta too. I have a "team" blog and I'm not eligible unless I fire my team. I'm the only one who posts but the others have access to help me out with technical difficulties (a surprising number - I'm a dork).

Eventually they'll get their act together. For now no thanks.

Connie and Rob said...

Just having a stranger in the house for five days would make me crazy...His last minute antics would get on my nerves too.

I know what you mean about the pictures. I just can't post without

Hang in there,

Mountain Mama said...

SO sorry for all the problems. This too shall pass, and I bet you can't wait until it does.
I pray things smooth out for you really soon.

green eyed girl on planet earth said...


green eyed girl on planet earth said...


Uhhhh I wrote a really cute comment and uhhhhhhh it is swallowed up in cyber space , well I can say it is cute ,but who knows!
it is 3:15 am I must have hit the wrong button :{ hope the cleaning goes well and you get some help ,,,,
LAMAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
watch your knees , dont push it , we wouldnt want you laid up , take care

Sue said...

Sounds like you're busy doing something not too fun!
I agree Blogger has been a total beast lately. I'm not switching until they force us (and they say that they will eventually change everyone to Beta.)
Hopefully by then they'll have it perfected.
Thank you for your prayers for my husband. Your concern and caring mean so much to me.

Kristen said...

Well, doesn't sound to me like there's nothing going on in Diane's world now or in the near future. ;-) Nothing fun maybe....

My landlord has been over a lot at our house lately, too, fixing things that have needed to be fixed for a long time. There's nothing better than having someone running in and out of your house while you're trying to fix dinner, get kids to bed, get baths going, etc....I need to just purchase a house....but then i'd have to pay for all the work by myself. ;-) Maybe not!

Lisa said...

Blogger is always a pain!

Of course I'll give you the link when I switch - I'm not sure how I'm going to do it yet. I'm leaning more towards registered users seeing the more private posts. I even took my Flickr badge down because I was getting so worried! :)

Hannele said...

Nice photos, peace and quite.