Monday, July 3, 2006


I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy July 4th. I also want to thank each and every military veteran, active, retired and those at rest, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. What is free to us was bought at great price by those brave men and women.


Diane is a TARD girl again tonight. I have worked all this live-long day on and in my apartment. Hubby is gone to Dallas, Texas for a week to visit his brother and Dad, and Jessica officially moved out Saturday, so I have been on a major cleaning binge. I've washed and hung out 4 loads of quilts and comforters, and washed, dried, folded and hung up 2 loads of wearing clothes. That's besides vacuuming the whole house, cooking my supper, (the only meal I ate today!) and sorting through my closets and going through clothes to pitch, give away and rearrange. And probably some more things that escape me right now because I'm so tired I can't think straight. Oh, and I have much more to do tomorrow. Are you ready for this?......

My bathroom sink is rusted out and needs to be replaced. My landlord wants to replace my thermostat, and my waterheater is rusted out and leaking. My landlord told me today he'd like to do all this on Wednesday. So I'll have to clean everything out of my bathroom vanity so he can change out the sink. And the thermostat is behind my HUGE honkin' takes-up-a-whole-wall-type entertainment center. He wants to move it down so he can get to the thermostat easier, so everything will probably have to be unloaded from that. And....Guess where my water heater is? In the back of my utility room....behind my BIG chest type freezer.....behind all my groceries on pantry shelves. Which means that......all my groceries and the shelves have to come out of there, then the freezer will have to be unloaded, then the freezer will have to be moved out of the utility room.....ARRRRRRRRRRRGGHH!!! My brain just will not process any more tonight! I am so tired I can barely wiggle, and I still have to take a shower because I can't hardly stand myself and I will not crawl into my clean bed like this.

So, I am going to post this whiney submission for your reading pleasure and go get un-stinky and go to bed so I get up and get started on some of this stuff tomorrow morning. Now you can feel superior to me because you don't have all this on YOUR plate. Enjoy your 4th of July, everybody. ;-)


Sue said...

There are so many good things about blogging friends, but the bad thing is that many times when one of us needs help, we're too far away to do anything.
Wish I was closer, because I'd be there in a heartbeat!
Hope you have someone near willing to lend you a hand..
Take care :-)

Dick said...

With you being TARD you had better stay away from feathers!

Thanks for the Happy 4th greeting! I will be loading my RV to leave Wed on my summer trip, but may run down to son M's house in the evening for a get-together there. Both sons & their families will be there so it will be a chance to see all ten of them & I'll be away for about a month after that.

Nasty Nashe said...

hey hey Diane....
Happy 4th of July!!!

cleaning binges aint my thing, but i wish i could FedEx a maid over to help you or something!!
-im in school..bleah.

BooMama said...

If I was there I would help you. Seriously. That's a ton of work.

And when you see the post that I've written for tomorrow, you will know that I was SO on the money re: something I guessed about you.... :-)

Get some rest.

momteacherfriend said...

Jessica has offically moved out? How are you doing on that subject? So much to do and your right hand is flown the coupe. If I were there I would help for sure...

Lord, sustain Dianes body to complete the work before her. Lord I pray that you give her the strength to get it done. Bring people around her Lord that will lend a hand and make her load lighter. In Jesus Name, Amen

Sister said...

If I was there I would help you, too. I guarantee you that Boomama and I would get in there, "hit it", and "git 'er done" with you. I can promise that you will LOVE your "new" digs once everything is finished. I have some similar plans of my own, my husband woke me this morning cleaning out the medicine cabinet, so it must be contagious!
Have a Happy 4th!

Diane said...

Sue, Nashe, BooMama, MomTeacherFriend, and Sister:

Thank you all so much for your sweet offers of help. Even though you're all miles away from me in distance, in my heart and prayers you're right here, and I can barely see to type this for my tears. Seriously. Because I know you're all sincere in your offers and would follow up on them if you were close enough. I would help ALL of you if I could with any need you have, friends. :-)

MomTeacherFriend, thank you for your prayer for me. I am very grateful for praying friends. :-) And I will be posting on Jessica's moving out as soon as I can get to it. ;-)

BooMama, should I be afraid? LOL ;-)

Sister, that's what keeps me going, seeing the finished product in my head. I have always been the type to "let it go till I can't stand it anymore" then binge clean until I get it done. It's hard on this old body to do it that way, especially my arthritis. Ibuprofen is my friend, LOL. ;-) What I don't like about this time is that it's being forced on me. Oh well, back to the grindstone.



Diane said...

Dick, I'm TARD quite a lot these days, hee hee. :-)

You and Huggy be careful as you drive. Have a good time and don't forget to blog so we can enjoy your trip, too. :-)

PEA said...

I'd love nothing better than to be able to go help you!! You sure have been busy and what a bummer that all that stuff will have to be moved just so that the landlord can get at what needs to be fixed. Isn't that always the way, though...nothing ever seems to come easy! Happy 4th of July to you from your Canadian friend:-)

Barb said...

Good grief! All I did was READ this and I'm exhausted. You poor thing.

Anonymous said...

aunt diane,
hello happy 4 of sounds like you got your hands full i really miss you very much we all love you,and i hope to see you dean dean

Diane said...

Hi, Dean Dean, and YES, I am busy!! I stop every once in a while and sit here at the puter for a few minutes to rest. I'm gittin' 'er done, but I'm taking my time. ;-)

And I might be coming with your Mom to bring Luci-bob back to you, so I might see you in a few days. :-)

I love you, too. Hope to see you soon.

Aunt Diane :-)

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hey Diane
You are so busy you dont have time to miss anyone ,,,,,not possible, I am sure . God works in mysterious ways , all that work at a time when you would be alone and to much to think about !!!LOL
I wish I could help, and I would wipe your tears and make them into happy happy tears .Just think how refreshing it will be when all done and maybe you can change something around at the same time while it is all unloaded etc.a change is as good as a rest. You need to watch yourself with your knees , be careful, and play some really good music , and a Harley bandanna like me HA HA :}while I dig out ! Take er easy , and try to enjoy at least a minute or two by yourself !dance around naked in the bandanna, unless that is something you regularly do ??????hahahahaha,,,, Take care friend I will be thinking of you :}

Diane said...

Hi, Green Eyes,

So good to see you back in these parts. Yes, I am certainly busy! LOL :-)

And you are probably right about the timing of all this work and Jessica moving out Saturday. Actually, I am doing pretty good as far as Jessica being gone. She wasn't here that much for the last month or so anyway. I still get weepy at the weirdest moments, and she has no patience with me. She thinks I'm just the biggest bawl-bag ever and should just get over it already. I know she wants to be independent, but independent people have troubles, too. She's so young and clueless, but she'll learn, I hope. Hopefully not the hardest ways, though.

Thank you very much for your kind offer of help. I did want to do some rearranging, tossing and giving away with my utility room stuff, I just didn't want to do it NOW, on a forced schedule. At least after they get done I can put it back on my own timetable. Right now the only music I have going are the washer and dryer, LOL. I am still doing laundry along with all this other stuff I have going on. I have my regular laundry, and I am washing all my bed clothes that have been stored for several years. Necessary, but aggravating.

Good luck with your own work as you unpack and clean up. I would help if I could get there. :-)

And I have danced, and I have been naked, but I don't recall ever dancing naked. Oh, the mental anguish I'm causing with that mental picture!! Sorry, family, take a deep breath and think happy thoughts, the nausea will pass soon, LOL. ;-)

Have a good day, Green Eyes. I'll be thinking of you while you're thinking of me, okay? :-)

Alex said...

happy 4th Diane.

Diane said...

Thanks again, Alex. :-)

"The Glenifer" said...

Happy Independence Day! Sorry to hear that you're suffering the tyranny of unexpected and unwanted chores. Bummer.

Diane said...

Thanks, Jen. I am almost done, and then I HAVE to take a shower before I can go to bed. It's a 11 pm as I'm typing this, so it will be at least 12:30 am or later before I can go to bed. :-( Then I don't know how early my landlord will be knocking on the door in the morning....*Sigh*...Then I'll have to clean up after him and put everything BACK. Yippee.....

Connie and Rob said...

Oh my I have a headache just thinking about all that stuff to do. You poor thing. Seems the landlord could have given you just a little more time to get ready. Take care of yourself and hopefully someone nearby might be willing to help.


Andre said...

Hey Lady Di,

Jess is gone, eh? I'm just sittin' here counting the minutes until you succumb to the infamous "Empty Nest" syndrome. I can feel you slipping now. An urge to do major cleaning here; nostalgic viewings of photo albums there. This is only a prelude to the inevitable...

By the way, happy belated Fourth to you. Sigh! You know how we black folks are always late for stuff... :)

Diane said...


I have everything moved now, I'm just waiting on my landlord to get here and do his thing. Diane is going to be one perturbed gal if he doesn't get a move on, too.

Hope you're having a good week. :-)


I'm still feeling a twinge now and again, but honestly I think I went through most of my "crisis" about Jessica leaving back in April and May as her graduation approached. The cleaning has been a long time coming, and I still have my outside utility room to do, and she is supposed to help me with that. After that, my major cleaning should be done.....Except, I just remembered, I need to clean out my kitchen cabinets and pitch, sort and rearrange.....LOL ;-) So you might be right about the empty nest thing. :-)

Happy 4th of July to you, too, Andre. And I never knew about black people always being late for stuff.....Hmmmmmmm....... ;-)

Brenda said...

Au contraire, mon amie. I am humbled by the amount of work you have to do and all that you have accomplished. Lord, have mercy! I'm praying that He'll give you the strength to get through it all. I'm also down on my knees thanking Him that I'm not in your shoes right now. Though if I were close enough, I would come help.

Diane said...


Your sincere offer of help means so much to me. I am done with the cleaning, now I have to put everything back...Eventually....Thanks for your prayers, too. :-)

Lisa said...

Ugh...I'm glad he got it all fixed now. Out of the many apartments/houses we rented before we bought our present house, I think we had maybe 2 good landlords. Everyone else just wanted the $$ and to not have to do anything. Heck, one landlord even wanted us to sign a lease that stated that WE paid for the first $1000 of any repair! What's up with that? $650/month rent + utilties and he still wanted to not have to do a single thing. Me and my feisty self printed him off the state housing regulations for tenant/landlords showing him that was illegal.

As you can tell, landlords are a touchy subject for me. Maybe I should do a post on the horrors we went through. LOL

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi Diane
Wow I love your sense of humor, you always make me laugh,mental picture dancing image , LMAo everyone feels like that , why do you think they invented blinds!
looks like you got alot of work to do ,but it will keep,I hope you have a great trip ,you have been on the move alot you lucky girl you!cant wait till you tell all about it .we will miss our lady Di.

Glad the empty nest syndrome isnt to bad now,it will be ok as soon as you see she can take care of herself, and if not she always has Momma to help:}
love the bookcase you and you Daddy built together, priceless memories,thanks for sharing.
It is funny I always pictured you in a house in the country,weird how our perceptions come about people even when we try not to have them. Well I hope you dont think I am here siting on an igloo waiting for the outhouse hhehehehehehehehe big squishy hugs for you my friend
ps.back off Andre`s mine !!!!!!!!!!!hahahahahahahahahahahaLMAO