Saturday, June 24, 2006



I've got the new hard drive going, but it will take me a while to get everything downloaded and transferred over to this computer, so I may not be posting much for a few days. Please be patient with me, friends and family. :-)


Barb said...

Hooray! How fun to have a new hard drive. One of the worst feelings in the world is working with a computer you expect to completely crash and blow up any minute. Have fun!

Diane said...

Keep your fingers crossed, but so far so good. Still working on it, and it is SO different from my other computer, and Windows XP is VERY different from Windows98SE, too. It'll take me a while to get familiar with this one, but I'm looking forward to it. :-)

Dick said...

Remember to re-link your photos. They are not showing up right now. You can set XP to operate in Classic view which I like better since I am more used to it. That way it will look a lot more like W98.

Diane said...

Hmmmmm..........okay, I'll have to work on that. Thanks for the advice, because they look fine to me. I didn't know they weren't visible to everyone else. :-)

Sue said...

Glad you're up and running again!
My bloglines has been doing the weirdest things lately. Almost every feed has a red exclamation point and says feed error. (and I have emptied my cache, so don't know what else to try)

PEA said...

Glad everything seems to be working out well with your changing the hard drive!! My computer is over 4 years old now and it's starting to do some strange things so I'm afraid one of these days it will go kaplooee!!

Brenda said...

Glad you're up and running. My new computer is XP also, and it takes some getting used to, but it's all good.

I see I'm not the only one with Bloglines issues. I've missed a lot of new posts, but not just because of that. I spent yesterday tweaking my template and surfing blogs that aren't on any of my lists.

I'm not seeing your photos either, but I couldn't begin to tell you how to remedy that.

Hope your day is wonderful!

Barb said...

Diane, I have about eight of those red exclamation points in my blogines. So ignore them -- obviously a bloglines issue. XP is great when you get used to it.

Dick said...

I went back farther in your blog and the only photos that seem to be missing are those from yesterday. Maybe they were never there but the older ones are showing up.

Aren't computers fun?????

Diane said...

Hey, everybody, still working on the computer. Barb, so far, so good, and I have a bunch of those red exclamation points on my bloglines, too....Something about a Java Feed???? Hmmmm....Okay..Whatever, LOL. :-)

I use Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, and the pictures are fine in Firefox, it's only in IE that they're missing. And Yes, computers are certainly fun, especially for the hopelessly un-Geeky among us...Namely, ME!!

As I mentioned above, I have no idea about the red exclamation points, but I have a big crop of them too. :-)

Thanks, and so far so good. Hope your computer keeps plugging along as long as you need it to. :-)

Yeah, I've missed some new ones on bloglines, too. I've just been going down the line checking my blogs for new posts. I don't just take bloglines' word for it.

And thank you, I had a great day, and I hope your day is good, too.

I'm getting used to XP, but I still have to add my printer, camera software, other software programs, and see if my copier/scanner is going to be compatible with this puter. I may just leave my old hard drive set up and use it offline for scanning, then burn files to CD's and then transfer to this computer if I have to. We'll see...... ;-)

Thanks again everyone for your comments, advice and concern.

Love y'all,

owlhaven said...

Hope it goes smoothly!


"The Glenifer" said...

I dred the day we have to do what you're doing. Good Luck! -Jenn

BooMama said...

It really does make my stomach hurt to think about transferring files from one computer to another. Oh, the misery. :-) Hope all continues to go well....

Diane said...

BooMama, and Everyone:

So far most things are going well, but I have some compatibility issues. A lot of my software programs are Windows 98 and this Win. XP won't run them. :-( Then there's my scanner (98) and my digital camera software (95) which it won't support.....Soooo...I am keeping the old computer to use offline, then I'll have to scan and download pictures to the old computer, then download to a floppy or burn to a CD to transfer to the new one. Yippee skip, yay fun, right? LOL :-)

But, hey, I'm not complaining, at least I have the stuff to be able to do that, and I am loving my *new* computer. It's went a lot smoother than I really thought it would, honestly.

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

I enjoyed reading the BLOPPERS of Diane LMAO , I would have helped you , fast, but laughing all the way heeheeehhehehehehehehehehe
Your friend

Mike Goodwin said...

Diane, you must be doing something right if you are able to post. :-) The hardest part is what you are doing; transfering files. Are you using CD's or a transfer cable? My last transfer was from one computer harddrive to a new computer harddrive. I used a USB cable, and it literally took a day and a half. I hope you have more success.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Hip Hip Hoorah - so glad to hear its up and running and not so bad to switch over. xoxoxo