Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Welcome, New Blogger Friends.......

Hello, blogger friends. It always seems to be the wee hours of the morning when I get around to posting lately. Remember how I said in the last post that Jeana's blog had been hijacked by Turkish twits? Well, a friend of hers un-hijacked it and fixed it for her, so I will be changing her link back to her new blog. I'm so glad she got it fixed. It would make me physically ill if mine got permanently wiped or deleted, I know. When I accidentally changed templates and wiped out all my links and doohickeys in my sidebar, I cried a few real tears and was nauseous. I don't even want to think deleting my whole blog...shudder...ugh!

I haven't really said anything about it, but I have added a few new links to blogger friends in the sidebar, there. That's what the Welcome bouquet is for, to honor my new friends. Be sure to visit Connie & Rob, Diane,
Dick & Huggy, Glen & Jenn, Green Eyes,
Nature Girl, Brenda and Sue. Green Eyes is from Newfoundland, Canada, and is on a roadtrip to take one of her children to have a new wheelchair fitted, but she will be back soon. I check every day to see if she's back yet. I miss her and her sweet comments here on my blog. Jenn of Glen & Jenn is KAIT Channel 8's Ryan Vaughan's sister from Nashville, Tennessee. He's our local ABC affiliate's weather man. Glen & Jenn have some nice pics. Dick and his cuddly Russian Blue kitty are from Washington state, but they travel a lot in their RV and blog about their travels. Dick posts some beautiful photos on his blog of his travels and local scenery. Sue is from California and has some great photos, too. Brenda is from Tennessee and is just getting started. Connie & Rob are from St. Louis, Missouri and have some outstanding pics. Nature Girl is from Ontario, Canada and has some nice photos of her garden and backyard pond, among others. Diane is from Medina, Minnesota, and has some great Christian insight. I will be adding others from time to time, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. :-)

I got my shopping done today, but it is still setting in the living room floor as of right now. Cecil and Sue met us here and helped carry everything in, and then we played our game a while and just generally goofed off the rest of the afternoon. I'll try to get everything put up tomorrow morning. Cecil and Sue will probably be back up tomorrow for the afternoon, too. I will have to have supper cooked early tomorrow night because we have to be at an awards ceremony at 6 pm. Jessica has won another scholarship, but we won't know how much until tomorrow night. Praise the Lord for those scholarships! They are answered prayers, every one of them!

Thanks to everyone for your concern for my arthritis. I am still hurting, and it's still threatening storms. They went north of us today and tonight, but storms are still in our forecast through Thursday. If the storms are what has my arthritis so stirred up, I will sure be glad when they move on through and the weather settles down a little.

Part of the reason I am so late posting is that I have been working on a photo blog for Jessica for her graduation, and a recipe blog. I am having some difficulties with both, and it is taking some time to iron the wrinkles out, but I'm getting there slowly. When they are presentable, I'll share the addresses with everyone. I have already found out that I'll have to retype each recipe directly to the blog. I tried scanning some in and copying and pasting them, but that is a disaster. They're blurry and almost unreadable. Phooey. :-(

Heads up, zztop and other family and friends: Polly's surgery didn't take, and she is worse off than before it. She is now going to have to have the bypass on her leg, using a vein from her other leg if they can harvest one that's usable, or a plastic or nylon artificial vein if not. She has to be completely healed from the first surgery before they can do the next one, so they are waiting on that and don't know exactly when she will have this surgery. Be in prayer for Polly, Bill and all their family. Bill said Polly is worried sick about this one, and I could tell he is too. He told me he is afraid to leave her alone too long, and he has the kids and grandkids checking on her if he's gone very long. I'll pass on updates on the situation as I get them.

I am going to post this and lay these old weary bones down for the night. Have a good Tuesday, everyone. :-)


Nasty Nashe said...


of all places....that sure was some rotten luck. It happened to one of the more famous singaporean bloggers too.. sad stuff.

later, D.

Lisa said...

Hope you got a great night of sleep! Arthritis - ugh. It causes so much grief in many of my family members!

Sue said...

Thanks for your kind words! Hope you're feeling better today.
We're enjoying lovely weather here in California. We still have about six more weeks of school and then summer vacation. Our daughter is a teacher so we also get a summer break from childcare :-)

Brenda said...

Hope you rested well. Thanks for the swell intro and the lovely bouquet. I'll definitely check out the other blogs.

Meow said...

Hope you are feeling better today. Arthritis is a nasty disease ... my grandparents suffered greatly from it, and mum and dad are starting to have problems.
I'm with you, in that I am dropping by Greeneyes' blog daily. I hope she is doing ok. Connie and Rob have a wonderful blog, they are such gorgeous people. And Dick and Huggy are amazing, also. I don't actually know the others, so will have to drop by and say g'day.
Thanks for sharing, Diane.
Hope you have a wonderful day.
Take care, Meow

BooMama said...

You're the official blogging Welcome Wagon. :-) You're always mighty gracious to your new visitors...I know they appreciate it!

Connie and Rob said...

You are just the sweetest. Thanks so much for the nice welcome. I really enjoy visiting your blog.

Spring is wonderful but it brings us that uncertain weather and I know we have been getting hit hard. Some dry weather would be most appreciated. Hope that arthritis get better!

Take care,

Diane said...

Yes, it was sad, but it's fixed now. :-)

I slept fairly good last night, just not enough, thanks.
I know, there are not too many people who don't have one form of arthritis or another, especially anyone over 35 or so.
Thanks for coming by. :-)

I am about the same, thanks. :-)
School is out for seniors here May 12, and graduation May 19. Everybody else gets out May 24, I believe. I didn't realize you babysat your grandkids while your daughter worked. I'll bet you ARE looking forward to summer vacation. I know you love your grandkids, but it will be good to have a break from having them every day. :-)

Diane said...

Thanks, and you're welcome. :-)

I feel about the same, thanks for asking.
We share some of the same blogger friends. I often see your dancing kitty in the comments when I visit them. ;-)
Bless you, and come back soon. :-)

I won't ever forget the gracious welcome you and sister gave me when I was just starting this blog. I hope to repay just a little of the hospitality you showed me by welcoming others in the same way. :-)

You are most welcome, and I'm glad you like to visit here. :-)
We are having storms almost every day here, too. :-(
Thanks for the good wishes, and I hope it gets better soon, too. :-)

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Turkey! Amazing! I hate reading about blog-glitches....that one sounds like a doozy!

I never--that is NEVER go to far into my template...I'm pretty sure this computer challenged mid-life momma will shut all of blog-dom down if I do! As a precautionary note--I print out in hard copy each of my blog entries...after reading about people losing their blogs! YIKES!

Sorry about the arthritis! I am just now seeing a Rhuematologist (how DO you spell that!)....as I have had Rhematoid Arthritis for a little more than 13 years. Have been treating it with aspirin for years but now I will need a prescribed medication. I have been experiencing fatigue and some swelling in the joints--hot spots really--but a couple of swollen areas that are troublesome. It's a bit of a trial--but I look forward to feeling better soon. You too!

Talk soon.


Alex said...

I did , indeed , have a good teusday.