Thursday, May 4, 2006

Me Me Me Me Me............

BooMama has tagged me to do a meme and explained how to pronounce it all at the same time! I have pronounced it every way I could think of, but I wasn't sure if I had it right, or even where the word came from. Meme's are all me me me me....Get it? I finally did. :-)

Anyway, here's mine, BooMama and anybody else who might care.

I AM.....

1. I am.....Frank and Jessie Lue's daughter, Sue's, Ducky's, Donna's and Cecil's sister, Lamar's wife
, Jessica's
Mama, a friend to many and
a child of God.

2. I want.....The best for my family and friends, and especially for Jessica.

3. I wish..... All my family and friends were prepared to meet the Lord.

4. I hate.....For anyone or any animal to be hungry, abused, unwanted or unloved.

5. I miss.....My Mama and Daddy, and my brother in law, Jerry, who have gone on to be with the Lord, and all
the good times we had when all the family was together.

6. I hear.....Music in my head constantly........and it usually makes it's way out of my mouth constantly, too.

7. I wonder.....If anybody reading this thinks I'm as boring and goofy as I feel like I am as I type this. :-)

8. I regret.....Almost nothing. I try not to worry about what is behind me that I can't change.

9. I am not.....A domestic goddess. If you want something cooked, I'm your girl. Want it cleaned----

10. I dance.....Almost every Saturday night at a family country dance, and every chance I get in between.

11. I sing.....Constantly. If I'm not singing out loud, I'm usually singing silently along with the music I hear in my
head. (See #6.)

12. I cry.....Very easily, and very often. I cry at church, when someone else is hurt, and when someone gives me
a card or gift or compliment, sincerely from their heart.

13. I am not always.....As confident as I appear to be. I put up a good front, though. ;-)

14. I make.....A pretty good friend, I think!

15. I write.....Pretty much like I talk. And I write in my head all. the. time.

16. I confuse.....Probably most everyone who comes in contact with me. Heck, I even confuse myself. :-)

17. I need.....Time to myself, or I get very cranky and hard(er) to live with. Just ask Lamar or Jessica.

18. I should.....Spend more time reading my Bible, cleaning my house, and lose weight.

19. I start.....A lot of projects, and finish most of them.

20. I finish.....Almost every book I start, even if it's boring. Just a quirk of mine, I guess.

Okay, BooMama, there they are, big as life and twice as ugly, LOL. :-)

Now, in other news, Jessica received several honors and awards Tuesday night at her school awards presentation. She won the Sr. English, Psychology and Child Development awards, and several others. She was recognized as an Arkansas Scholar, but we won't know exactly what that scholarship entails until next Monday night when we go to that awards presentation. She has the rest of this week and a few half-days next week, then she will be out of school. Graduation is May 19th. She is wound tighter than a 3 day clock. She is so excited to be out of school, but I've told her she'd better remember and soak up all these memories, because after graduation, nothing will ever be the same again for her. She and most of her friends will go their separate ways, with promises to ALWAYS keep in touch, but that rarely happens. Never again will all the people in her class be in the same place at the same time. It's a milestone in her life. She's happy to be moving on to college to begin a new chapter in her life, but I don't think she truly realizes how sad it's going to be at the same time, as they all say their goodbyes. These kids have been together for 13 years, from kindergarten through graduation, and some of them have been together even longer, playing together even before going into kindergarten. I am weepy over it now, and I think it's really going to hit some of them hard when it really sinks in that they won't see each other this fall when school starts back. I'll be so proud of Jessica and all her friends, but I'll be crying buckets, I know I will..........*Sniff......Sniffle.....Sooooooob!*

Moving on........It's been storming every day and night here since last Tuesday, I think it was. It's run all together now, it's stormed so much. Our electricity has went off and back on and flickered several times just today, which as we all know, means the computer has to reboot and on mine, anyway, Scan disk has to run. And all the digital clocks have to be reset, and the clock on the microwave. After I reset everything twice, I just let them blink for the rest of the day and evening. It gets aggravating after the first time or eight, I tell you. I need to go to Jonesboro tomorrow on the Senior Citizens van and get a few things, so I hope it isn't storming then. I'm not scared of storms, but I absolutely despise getting wet. I'd rather fall in water over my head than get sprinkled on.

Family, I heard from Bill on Tuesday, and talked to him again on Wednesday night before the storms knocked him off the computer. Polly's surgery on her leg didn't take, and she is worse than before she had it done. As soon as she completely heals up from the last surgery, they are going to do a bypass using either a vein harvested from her other leg, or a plastic or nylon artificial vein. They haven't set a date, they're just saying when she is healed from the other surgery. She is scared to death this time, Bill said, and he and the rest of the family are worried about this surgery, too. Please be praying for Polly and Bill, and all their family if you would. I'll keep everybody posted as I get the updates from Bill.

That said, I am going to wind up this post and get in the bed. It's after 3 am and I need to get at least a couple hours of sleep before I go to Jonesboro. Hope everyone has a great Thursday!!


Praying for your Prodigal said...

Hey there! Great job! No--you are not make me smile! Love, love, love visting your blog!

thanks for sharing!

And kudoo's to your dear Jessica and her accomplishments. Doesn't it feel great!



BooMama said...

Love it! And you have to explain to me...what is a "family country dance"? Because that sounds like fun to me.

I know you're so proud of Jessica...I'm proud of that senior English award! :-) Sounds like you have another writer in the family....

Sue said...

Loved reading yours. How proud you must be of Jessica. High school graduation is such a milestone.
My "I Am" is posted :)

Brenda said...

Love your list. #7 - goofy, maybe... boring, never!
We have a lot in common: 2,3,4,6,8,9,11,12,13,15,15,18,20

Congrats to Jessica! You have every right to be proud!

Mike Goodwin said...

Hi Diane. Back home now. Like your #9, I'm not a domestic goddess either. A domestic god, maybe. :-)

Your daughter is one very intelligent young lady. You and your husband, I know, are very proud.

Diane said...

Thanks, glad you like the blog. And thanks for your kind words about Jessica, too. :-)

Diane said...

The country dance we go to is strictly family oriented: No drinking, no public displays of affection, no profanity (that one can be kind of hard to enforce here in cotton country!!, and people bring their kids. The older kids dance,too. They play mostly classic country, some new country, a few old rock-n-roll, and they always close with a gospel song or hymn. Sometimes Jessica or I will help sing the gospel song, and we have done a duet a time or two. It's good, clean fun, and I don't do anything there I couldn't do in front of my preacher. :-)

I'm very proud of Jessica. She is a pretty good writer, and did really well on her senior thesis, which was for a college course and she got college credit for it. ;-)

Diane said...

Thanks, and I enjoyed yours, too. I read it just before you commented here, I think. :-)

Diane said...

Thanks, and I figure we have a lot more in common, from what I've read in your blog. :-)
I'll pass on your best wishes to Jessica, and thank you for those, too.

Diane said...

Welcome back!! Hope you enjoyed your visit in OKC, and that you're feeling better. :-)
Thanks, and yes, we are very proud! If she goes on and finishes college, she will be the first of all my family to graduate college. ;-)

Johnny said...

Hi Sister-in-Law,
You and Lemar have no idea how proud of Jessica we are. I have always marveled at her intelligence and at the same time her "dingenes" Like "I hear a turtle" We are all so proud of her and proud of the job you and Lemar have done for her. If I was young again I think I would pattern myself after you and Lamar. Speaking of young, I am having my 44th of 45th (I can't cipher that high with out using zztops fingers and toes) year class reunion tomorrow night (Friday) and some of the memories I have of my senior year is as fresh in my mind now as they were the night I graduated. It will be interesting to see how the people look after all those years. Good Luck Jessica and Mom and Dad don't get the "empty nest" feeling for awhile. Enjoy the peace and Thanks for letting me tipe on your paper.
Donna and Johnny

Diane said...

Thanks, that means a lot coming from you. We have made plenty of mistakes, though, just ask Jessica if you don't believe me, LOL. ;-)
Congrats on making it to your 45th high school reunion, and I hope you have a good time reminiscing with your school chums. :-)
College won't start until August, so Jessica will still be living here at home for most of the summer. As close as she'll be, I figure she'll be home quite a bit, at least for a while. I think she may miss us and be more homesick than she thinks she will. We'll see........I know I'll enjoy the peace and quiet and miss her, all at the same time. ;-)

We love y'all, too.

Meow said...

Love your "I Am" list ... it is great.
You must be so proud of Jessica.
Take care, Meow

Nasty Nashe said...

wow... Honours? thatz definitely something!

Diane said...

Yes, it's a good thing too, because we is poor, LOL. ;-)
We can't afford to pay for college for her, so the scholarships are her ticket to college, literally. She has more scholarships coming, but we won't know which ones or how much for a while, yet. I'm just thankful her grades are good enough to help her, otherwise she either wouldn't get to go to college, or she would have to work and pay her own way. She's working part-time, anyway. She should get more hours this summer, so maybe she can save a little to help with college expenses in August.

I miss you, you're not getting to visit as much as you used to. :-)

Anonymous said...

Aunt Diane, Tell J.J i said CONGRATS!!!!Im so PROUD OF HER!!!! I love you very much and tell uncle Dwight Im so sorry to hear about our Aunt Irma and I hope that Aunt Polly gets better really soon,I know Aunt Diane,I miss you all very much so does Luci we are very happy up here with Ron,but nothing compares to being with Jon,Joshua,Mom and Dad and all of you all I miss you all very much,just like I miss grandma and grandpa VERY VERY MUCH!! I know grandmas dancing in heaven right now and grandpas fighting with Saint Peter probably i miss the old days when we was kids,all the great times we all had,today is Frankies birthday and Williams birthday was the 5,where has all the time went,your gonna have to send me those pics again,i got that one of me and you,MAN I WAS UGLY!!LOL tell uncle Lamar hes SMOKIN!! LOL im coming to jessicas graduation even if i have to walk all the way down there tell her even though we havent ever been that close as cousin i still love her so much,and im so happy for her,she has made me realize that with a strong will you can do anything you put your mind to it,.your ONE of the GREATEST PEOPLE in my life Aunt Diane,always when i needed someone to talk to you,you were always there even when i was doing my STUPID STAGE you and mom and dad and grandma and grandpa,tell everybody down home i miss them like crazy and i didnt mean to write you a book,lol,your my closest aunt ive got,your a very great PERSON and DONT EVER THINK YOUR NOT!!LOOK AT YOUR MORAN NEICE!!!lol remember no matter what happens in life like youve always told me no matter hard it gets have god in your heart and have the love of your family and friends,i consider you one of my best friends and my aunt too,thank you the other night feel like i am a part of this family sometimes over the years i havent always felt that way but always have made me feel like i am and you always made me feel loved you and moma and aunt ducky and aunt cecil and moma and uncle charles and shana and jessica and lamar some of the others just kind of forget but i know i will never let go of grandma and grandpa either man i miss them far i have did almost everything that grandma has asked me to do,but im working on the last thing,i have been talking to a church and some other people and my boss we found out she has lupas

Anonymous said...

and would you please pray for her, i dont know that much about this condition,and i love my boss im very close to her she is a very good woman,i hope im not boring you all,but i love my family i am 29 years old, andi have 3 kids that i love very much my oldests is Jon he is 10 and he is a mess he is so much like my grandpa its not even funny,then there is my 6 son his name is joshua he is just like my dad and then there is my 3year she is JUST LIKE MY MOMA!!now i have three more kids i have a 15 yearold son his name is Ronnie he is his daddys spawn,then is cindy she is 17 going on ninety and then there is holly my 20 year old she is the bigest blonde you will ever see,and i love my new grand daughter she is 4 months old her name is natasha,and my name is tammy im donnas daughter,and my baby my love of my life he is 39 going on 2 his name is ron he is my guardian angel its amazing how two people can be so much alike and be from different places,anyways not to bore you with my life i just wanted you to know aunt diane,your the best,and i love you and thank you for always being there,and i love you all very much and i will see you soon...and tell everybody even if they dont want to hear it i love them too,and i miss them too...and i dont mean you or lamar or jessica or mom and dad, i miss you all,be home soon and god bless you all love dean dean