Sunday, April 9, 2006

A Good Day, It Was............

Be sure you say that title in your best Yoda voice, now. :)

It's been a good day, but tiring. Church was good, and we had one saved this morning, and baptised him and 2 others tonight. Services were good this morning and tonight. We had singing tonight, and no sermon. We had several "specials", and Ducky, Cecil, Sue and I sang "Mansion Over The Hilltop", for those of you who might know it.

For lunch, we went to Danny and Mikki's for grilled burgers and hot dogs. They were great, and it was a beautiful day for it. Not a cloud in the bright blue sky, and about 65 degrees. Just a little breezy, had to watch to keep the napkins and foam plates from blowing away in the breeze, but all in all, a gorgeous day here in Northeast Arkansas. We ate out on D and M's deck on their wrought iron patio table and chairs. Food just tastes better prepared and eaten outdoors. Life is good.........

Still working feverishly on the 3 new blogs. Okay, pretty steady, not exactly feverishly. Sundays are always busy for me, so I get no blogging done until after I get home from church Sunday night, and usually I am too tired to link any 2 thoughts together by then. I will be working pretty consistently on them for the next little while, though. One thing about me, I am a paradox of sorts. I procrastinate with the best of them sometimes, but when I DO start something, I usually stay at it until I get it done, sometimes to the exclusion of everything else, including silly things like rest and sleep. Of course, after so long a time without rest, I start making so many mistakes I'm better off leaving the project alone until I get some sleep. I usually do well with a deadline, it tends to keep me focused on the business at hand.

I will still be making the rounds getting my daily blogger fix from everyone, and posting here. I won't be so busy I forget ya'll, or that I neglect posting on this blog. I can be a multi-tasker, you know..............Maybe not a good multi-tasker, but I am going to give it a good try. Surely if I can prepare a meat and three sides and get everything done at the same time, I can work on this blog and 3 others while reading and commenting on all my blogger favorites simultaneously. Surely.................Maybe.................Perhaps....................Hmmmmmm.............
We shall see, I suppose. :-)

Well, it's almost 11:30 pm, it's been a long day, and Diane is TARD again, so I will bid you a fond adieu until tomorrow..........Fond Adieu...... :-)


Mike Goodwin said...

I can't imagine trying to get and keep other blogs up and running. I can barely do the one, sometimes. Well, lately there have been a lot of 12 hour days at work, so that doesn't make matters any easier. So when all is said and done, you will be running 4 blogs alltogether?

Meow said...

Good luck with setting up and maintaining all those blogs ... it is hard work. I set up 3 extras, apart from my main one, and haven't got back to them for a while to add stuff to them.
Have a nice sleep.
Take care, Meow

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hope you had a wonderful nap and your Picinic/BBQ sounded heavenly , IT IS LIGHTLY SNOWING HERE TOdaY , yipehh for me !*(Apply sarcasism thickly here )LOL

Diane said...

Yes, I will have 4 altogether, but 2 of them will be photo blogs, and 1 will be a recipe blog. After I get them established, I will just maintain them and add to them occasionally. There won't be much text to them, no running dialog, so not many comments to respond to. This will be my main blog, always........Unless I wipe it accidentally, that is, LOL. ;)

Diane said...

Thanks, I am working on them. I don't have a deadline for 2 of them, so I can take my time. One I want to try and have done by the middle of May, so I am working hard on that one.

Always nice to see the "Dancing Kitty" on my blog. :)

Diane said...

Green Eyes,
In our family, we call them pig-nics, LOL. :) For good reason, too.

I like the snow, but in winter time, not in the middle of April. Hopefully, spring will come to your part of the world soon. :)

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Ha ,ha, ha ,h,a hah, pigincs LMAO , I was looking at your other blogs and one is very, very touching , wonderful! !!!!!!!and one has no recipes , me hungry ! ha ha get to it (kidding)
Have a great one Diane,

Diane said...

Green Eyes,
I'm working, I'm working already!! LOL. Patience dear, Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither are blogs. Well, not my blogs, anyway, LOL. ;)

Nasty Nashe said...

nice flower

Diane said...

Why, thank you, kind lady, ;).
Did you ever get any help from any of your Indian friends for your school project? Just curious........... :)