Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Demon Blogger Strikes Again........

UPDATE: Success!! New post to follow shortly. :)

I have been trying, to no avail, to add a photo to this post for at least 3 hours. Blogger not only refuses to cooperate, he is just plain insulting about it. He just grinds away, promising he's adding my photo, and never delivering on his promise. Anybody else having difficulties with posting pics today? Rats.................Maybe later he will relent and let me post some pics. Maybe..............

Cecil, Sue, Lamar and I went to Trumann today and ate Chinese for lunch, then on to Walmart for a little shopping. After that, back to my place for the rest of the afternoon. We just visited and chit-chatted until about 5:15, and I went back to Trumann with them. We dropped Sue off at her abode, and Cecil treated me to Subway for supper. We had a WMU meeting tonight at church, which is our women's missionary group. Ducky brought me home afterwards. We had a good time, and made plans for a fundraiser and agreed to buy some bookmarks to pass out to all the Moms on Mother's Day.

Poor Green Eyes, she left me a comment on my last post. They are still having snow in her part of the world. I believe she told me once she lives in Toronto, Canada. I told her to hang on, Spring should be there soon, hopefully. It was pretty here again today, sunny, breezy and 69 degrees Fahrenheit for a high. I suppose I should say yesterday, as it's now almost 4 in the morning on Tuesday. :-)

I am getting very sleepy, for some reason. I am going to try one more time to post a pic on here. If it's on here when you read this, you'll know I was successful, and if not, Demon Blogger is still throwing a tantrum. ;-(
More later today, hopefully.

UPDATE: Finally, the photo, as promised. This pic is dated August 1969, and Cecil, on the left, is 4 years old. I was 5 in this pic, turned 6 that October. That's my Daddy sitting on the steps, and a very Ex-brother-in-law in the porch swing. Notice the old Pontiac behind us? Cecil Did. Not. Want. her picture taken. Notice I am gently holding onto her arm so she will stand still for the pic. :-)

This is one of my favorite photos of us as kids, and one very few that remain. Mom and Dad's house burned in 1987, and they lost everything but what they had on their backs at the time. Cecil was still living at home, too, and lost everything. All of our family pictures burned up, except for what the older sisters had, and other family and friends happened to have. I cherish the few photos we have left. I suppose that is why I have so many pictures in prints, on CD's and floppies. And soon, on a photo blog. Working on that, coming soon.


zztop357 said...

I bet you tried to put a pic of me on here and it said!!no not ever!!lol
Just kidding..I hope you get your blogging monster tamed.
Good Luck. Love you

Anonymous said...

i habe a pikture of zztopper. i found her at wurk and talked to her and you can realy tell she laked me. oh boy!!
do you thank i habe a chance with her? i sure hope so cause she shure is purty. i will habe to send you the pikture on the email train. tanks fer leting me tipe on your paper.

Diane said...

No, actually it is a b&w pic of me and Cecil in the front yard of the old house at Hatchiecoon, with Daddy on the steps and Bill W. in the porch swing.....remember it? I'll try again to get it posted in a little while, cooking supper right now.
Love you, too, sis. :)

Please do send me the pikture, I am anxious to see it. As for your chances with her........do you talk just like you write? You may need an interpretor if so. She is redneck, but not quite THAT redneck, LOL. :)

Andre said...

Amazing that you've been able to keep your pictures for so long; not to mention keeping them in such terrific shape.

1969?! Sweet!!

At the considerable risk of making myself out to be a little kiddy, that pic is older than I am...by a decade!

Nice, D!

Diane said...

Losing most of our family pics in the fire I mentioned in this post makes me cherish even more the few photos we have left.

And I am 42, so you ARE young to me. :-)

green eyed girl on planet earth said...

Hi again Diane
I love old pics , something about them ,just a feeling I get trying to see every detail, your Cecil had a little grump on there! he he adorable. More and more please whatever you have left after the fire , that must have been horrible , hope no one was hurt. Oh By the way I live in Atlantic Canada, the farthest you can go east in Can. On an Island called Newfoundland , ever hear of it ???lived in Toronto years ago,Now it is here on the Rock (typical name by those who live here) , guess what type of terrain we have alot of !, ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!


Diane said...

Green Eyes,
No, no one was hurt, but a kitten we had died later of smoke inhalation. He ran back inside 3 times after being tossed outside to safety, and it was too much for him. Mom, Dad, Cecil, Ducky and Sue barely escaped with their lives. The house was burning in the attic, and fell in just as they got everyone outside. I do have a few more pics, I will be posting some here, and more on the photo blog I am working on, too.

And, Yes, I do know where Newfoundland is and a little about it, too. For some reason, on my sitemeter, your location shows up as Toronto. Hmmmmm....strange.

Drop by again soon, I love to hear from you..... ;-)

Mike Goodwin said...

That is a very good scan for such an old pic. I'm glad you got it figured out. The good ol days, huh? I was just looking through my small collection of photos. Between all of us, we must have 5 huge boxes of pictures. Little by little, we all scan what we can, in hopes of avoiding a situation likes yours with the fire and all. That is horrible to lose so many memories like that.

Anyway, is your family photo blog going to be for public view? That would be nice to see.

Diane said...

Yep, to those who are interested. I won't advertise it or push it on anyone, but anyone who is interested is welcome to visit. After all, it is listed under my profile on here, but there is only one test photo on there right now. I am in no hurry to get it or the recipe blog going yet.

I am working on the other one I mentioned right now. I'll tell you more about it on your blog, in comments. It's not a big secret, but it is for someone who does visit here occasionally, and I want it to be a surprise if at all possible. ;-)

Meow said...

Blogger has been infernally nasty this last few hours ... goes through the motions of uploading photos ... but where the heck is the photo ... certainly not on my blog !! I came up with the solution of going through Photo Bucket, but firstly I had to put my photos on there, then get the code, then blah, blah, blah ... and on and on it went. Eventually it worked.
Anyway, I love all your old photos, they have so much character. Thank you so much for sharing.
Have a great day, take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane. Check your email, re: the surprise site. Get back to me on it when you can, okay? Sorry for the off topic post, y'all. (Texas speak) :-)

Mike Goodwin said...

That was me above. Sorry. Mouse slip.

Diane said...

I know exactly what you mean regarding blogger and photos. It was doing the very same thing with me. I have never tried the photo bucket thing. Some people say it's easy, a piece of cake, and others tell me horror stories about it. So I just deal with demon blogger and his eccentricities.

Thanks for your comments about the old photos. I love to look at other people's old pics, but I am pleasantly surprised that so many people have commented on mine.

Always nice to see your dancing kitty here in my comments. :-)

Diane said...

I think we took care of all our business via email, and thanks again.