Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Wed. Feb. 1, 2006

February 1, and as I type this at 5:05 pm, it is 57 degrees and sprinkling rain. This so-called winter has been a no-show. This has been the mildest winter that I can ever recall. It will probably wait until March and April and then turn off 40 below until the end of May, then go from 40 below to 100 degrees overnight. Phooey. I give up on trying to guess what Arkansas weather is going to do. On another subject, Jessica won 3rd place over all in the state of Arkansas for her Voice of Democracy essay that I helped her write. She got a $1000 scholarship, a $250 savings bond, a nice watch, a pin, and several certificates. Woooo hoooo! Hopefully, many more to come. I completed a survey online for Lean Cuisine, and they sent me two frozen dinners to try and do surveys online about. I tried the first one today, Southwest Chicken and Vegetables, and it is not my cup of tea........The seasonings are nasty, not good at all. I hope the second one is a lot better than this one was. Went to Jonesboro today on the Sr. Citizen's van to the Walmart Supercenter on Highland. Got my first prescription filled from the MAP program, my dyazide. I got a 30-day supply for a $10 co-pay, not bad. The full price is about $24, so not bad at all. I have another refill on it. Will have to call up to the White River specialty clinic and get them to send me the paperwork to fill out for it again, and also for the Arthrotec. Still haven't heard from my other prescriptions, yet. Got a new purse and wallet, the first of either that I have bought in 2 or 3 years. I hope Arkansas is not hair-lipped over it, as Mom would say. Well, I need to get dressed for church, I have to be ready at 5:30 now on Wednesdays, and it's almost that now. More later..........Diane

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