Saturday, February 11, 2006

Snow In Mid-February

Well, as predicted, we got our slushy 3-4 inches of snow. I suppose it's going to be like I mentioned in an earlier blog-----we had the mildest winter to date that I can recall, and the warmest January on record, and now it's going to turn winter on us when it's time to start thinking like spring. I have daffodills and other spring bulbs that are up and have buds on them. My flowering quince bush has bright crimson buds and flowers all over it. I know about the old saying: "If you don't like the weather in Arkansas, just wait a few minutes", but this is ridiculous. In the last 30 minutes it has gone from bright sunshine and blue skies to cloudy and snow flurries. The snow is melting pretty fast at 37 degrees. A chance of flurries all evening and tonight. Sigh..........why couldn't it have done this back in December around Christmas? It just ain't right for it to be 60 degrees on Christmas, but that's what it was here in Northeast Arkansas. Phooey.....Oh, well, I guess that's why so many people are fascinated by the weather, the constant change, the unpredictability, the fickleness.......I can testify personally, folks, if changeable weather is what you want, move to Northeast Arkansas, we can deliver, lol.

We have our Valentine's Banquet tonight at church. That's a fancy name for potluck and some funny games and some singing by whoever volunteers or is drafted, ha ha. This year's theme is "Amazing Love", and our menu is soup, chili and desserts. I am making my big stock pot full of taco soup and making a couple of iron skillets of cornbread. The last time I took taco soup, I didn't even get a bite: it was gone, and they even scraped the pot, lol. I put the recipe in our church Women's Missionary Union Cookbook, and it is super easy. Brown hamburger meat, and open cans and packages, but I guess it's like most other things---if somebody else will do it, let them so you don't have to. They could make it if they really wanted to. I don't know why, but it seems like we fall into having specialties, food-wise, that is. Pat is famous for her punch, and Martha for her homemade pimento cheese, Bro.Bobby for his deep-fried turkeys, and me for my yeast rolls and fudge and other candies. It's like you have a copyright on a recipe and nobody else will make that because you make it. Wonder why people are that way? Hmmmmm...........

Boomama managed to find time to post on her blog today. She mentioned the coffee and the food. I left her a comment to the effect that when she got the time, I wanted DETAILS on the food, lol. Sometimes you have to enjoy things vicariously if that's the only way you can. She mentioned the other day that her Dad will not give up dial-up internet.......After using DSL, I'll bet using dial-up is like going from a Porsche to a John Deere, lol.

I am going to see if some of my sisters or my uncle are on yahoo or msn messenger, then I have to go make taco soup and cornbread for tonight. Don't know if I will manage to post tomorrow or not. Sundays are really busy days for me, with church twice a day and family usually here for dinner, if we don't go out together somewhere to eat. Later.............


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