Saturday, February 4, 2006

Danny and Mikki's Wedding, Etc.

Well, today was the day.......Danny and Mikki were married today by Bro. Bobby Brooks at Providence Baptist Church, Trumann, Arkansas, at 3:00 pm. It was a lovely ceremony, and the bride and groom were both radiant, lol. Especially touching was the part where Jessica was poised to sing "The Broken Road", and the guy operating the cd player cued the wrong was a hard-driving country song, nothing like the one Jessica was supposed to sing. It was hilarious. Of course, I forgot my digital camera, so I got no pics, dang it all.
Talked to Billy Ray for a good while this evening. We didn't go to the dance, Donna had to take Johnny and Jon home and said she would call one way or another, but she didn't. Tammy is supposed to be home tonight, too, so I guess she is visiting with her and Luci. Anyway, Bill is still sick, bless his heart. I have been praying for him, but he said he is no better today. Maybe tomorrow he will be feeling better. He said he might be back on here later, but I kind of doubt's almost 10 pm now, I figure he'll go to bed. He might fool me, we'll see.
Jessica drove Danny's truck back here to the apartment for the weekend. Danny and Mikki went to Memphis or somewhere in that vicinity for their wedding trip. They should be back sometime Monday or Tuesday, he said. Jessica has permission to drive his truck to work, to school tomorrow for Mock Trial, and she has to take his suit back to Jonesboro tomorrow before 7 pm, he had it rented. She went to Jonesboro tonight to the Sports Show at the Convocation Center with Chris Busby and Jason something, supposed to be back by 11:30, her curfue. I hope and pray they are careful and don't get into anything too bad or illegal, lol. I worry about her.......
I think I am going to make some meatballs and mushroom gravy for tomorrow, and some Italian green beens and potatoes. I guess I will make some rice to go with the meatballs, and I don't know what else yet, if anything. I'll have to go survey in a bit. Still need to study my lessons for tomorrow, and pick out something to wear, too. It is cold, 34 degrees right now, and it is supposed to be cold tomorrow, too. Tomorrow night into Monday, there is a 60% chance of rain, sleet, and snow. It will probably change 3 or 4 times between now and then, though. I am supposed to go grocery shopping Monday morning, so it will probably be just messy enough that DeLida won't want to go. I hope not, I need to get some stuff.
Well, I think I will go start on the meatballs and stuff for tomorrow, and study my lessons. Also going to turn up the heat, I am freezing, even covered up. Hopefully I will get a chance to post tomorrow.


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