Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Confidential" To Boomama, Sister and Friends.....

I believe I know the comments that you referenced, boomama, and if any comments I made on your blog hurt or offended anyone, it was truly unintentional and done in ignorance. If it was a comment made by me, I apologize and I never intended to judge or cause hurt to any person. I wondered last night if it might have been a comment I made that caused you to remove your comments temporarily, and I prayed about it. If so, I will take pains not to comment on that subject again. It hurts me to think I might have caused anyone pain, even unintentionally. Please accept my deepest apologies if I offended anyone, and pass those sentiments on to the offended parties, or direct them to this blog.




BooMama said...

Thanks, Diane. I appreciate that! Take care -

Sister said...

Thanks, Diane.