Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Dinner, August 15, 2010

Sunday again, hard to believe a week has passed since my last post, but it's true.

I'm gradually getting better, but still tire quickly when I try to do much. I've cooked a couple of simple meals this past week, and on Friday night I made homemade cabbage rolls for supper, which were really good. I even broke my own no leftovers rule and we finished them off for our Saturday Supper.

I decided that I'm not cooking Sunday Dinner this week. I'm going to church Sunday morning for the first time since I got sick, and I'm not going to feel like coming home and getting dinner on the table after church, I'm sure.

So we'll either go out to eat somewhere, or we'll come back here to my place for a sandwich or something along that line. According to how I feel later in the day, I may or may not be going back to church for the evening services, just have to wait and see.

What's for Sunday Dinner at your place this week? Share your plans/menu in the comments if you'd like.

Still no word on my test results, believe it or not. If I don't hear anything by Monday morning I'm going to call my doctor's office and the hospital both on Monday afternoon. This is getting ridiculous now. It's been 10 days since my tests, they have to have the results by now, surely.

In other news. my granddaughter Emmy starts preschool this coming Thursday, which is hard to believe. She's 3 years old now, not a toddler anymore but a little girl. For the next 14 years she'll be in school, and then possibly more years of college. Hard to believe these school days have already arrived. It seems like only yesterday that she was born.

There are a few more bits of news that I'm not at liberty to share just yet, but over the coming weeks I'll share as I can.

For now, I'm TARD and need to get this posted, so I'll wish everyone a blessed Lord's Day. May God meet all your needs, and may you have enough to share, dear family and friends.


Staci said...

Diane, I hope you are feeling better! Prayers for you.

amelia said...

So glad you're doing OK. I hope you get those test results soon, that must make you crazy not knowing!!
I hope the news you are going to share is good news, I think we all need some about now...:)

Mother Mayhem said...

Holding you in my prayers, dear friend. *Hugs-a-bunch*

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Diane. I don't blame you one bit for not cooking today. My cooking has been slacked for over a week due to the extreme heat we have been having. My Mom gave me some fresh Peaches and I was going to make a Peach Cobbler yesterday, but it was just too hot to be standing in the Kitchen for very long. Hubby is going to grill out sometime today and I will make some Potato Salad to go with it. I still can't believe that you haven't heard anything from your tests. Surely you would have heard something way before now. Still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and thinking of you everyday. Just keep taking care of yourself and listen to your body. When it tells you to rest, you REST. That is what I have to do. Hope you have a Blessed Sunday as well. Those Cabbage rolls sounds really good.

Love and hugs my friend.
Karen Horton

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, I'm glad that you are taking it easy and not cooking dinner today...Until you know what is going on, you need to rest and just take care of yourself... I'm still trying to decide what I'm going to cook for dinner... Maybe breakfast...I need to go to your cooking blog and get a good biscuit recipe....

I didn't realize they would take a three year old in pre-school... I thought they had to be at least four... I know that Miss Emily will do fine, she is so sociable...Can she count yet? My grand daughter, Jocelyne, will be going to kindergarden this year and she is sooooo excited... She wants to ride the bus with her brother.....She will be a good little girl and hopefully not talk too

I would definately call the doctor on Monday morning... 10 days is just too long to wait for news this important.... Have a great week....

Gigi said...

Glad to read that strength and endurance are steps! Energy conservation is key, especially at this time of year when the heat and humidity suck the very life out of a body! Hope you get your results in the a.m., sweet friend, so that you can keep on keepin' on! <3 to you and the family!

tam said...

Miss Diane, If you dont call and get those results I might have to interviene and call the dadgummed Dr. myself! I dont know how you feel about it, but this waiting is frustrating the fool out of me.:) Just thinking about it is making my blood pressure shoot up, so tell him getting the results is for the health of many of your friends. lol But I do agree with everyone else....kick back, rest, if you think of something you need to do, just keep a list going and when you are back to yourself, you can start crossing them off. Hope you have a great week. Tam

kkryno said...

I'm with Lucy--just call them first thing in the A.M. Sometimes they are so busy that even they can get a bit behind. At least they can give a time frame on how much longer you have to wait.

Keep taking good care of yourself, everything will wait until you're ready.

Emmy's in pre-school already? Where do the days go?

I love cabbage rolls! I've never made them, though. I guess there's always a first time. We're having baked mac-n-cheese tonite.

Have a good week and keep us posted!

Love, Vikki.

moreofhim said...

Hi Diane:

I'm glad to feel that you're feeling better but upset that you still don't have your test results! That's ridiculous. Definitely call tomorrow, Diane, if nothing else, it will give you peace of mind to finally know what's going on!

I hope you had a wonderful morning at church and that you weren't too tired. I sure miss seeing you and talking with you on FB. You're just the sweetest lady!!

Take care and remember, you're in my prayers and thoughts!

Love ya - Julie

Nashe^ said...

I learnt to make some asian noodle dish recently, but that's all i can say for my activities in the kitchen for now. Haha.

Good to see you well :]

BSH said...


Mountain Mama said...

You are in my prayers too Diane. I hope the doctor will get back to you soon. Waiting is torture.
God bless!
Hugs too

Jen said...

praying for you Diane

hope Emmy enjoys preschool

Nancy said...

Three years old? Already??? They grow up all too fast, as we know from our own children. Sometimes I sit and wonder where all the years have gone....makes me feel sad, tuough, when I look back like that. But it's life and we have to move on.....

Bless her little heart....preschool already!!! You've certainly been blessed, Diane. You just take care of yourself now! I feel like you are family to me!

Love ya lots!!!

((( HUGS)))