Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Brenda Tagged Me.........

Brenda tagged me for this meme, and I noticed that BooMama and several others have done it, too. Here goes...............

What is your life verse? Hmmmmm.........I had never heard of a life verse until I saw it mentioned in the last few days on another blog. I suppose if I have one, it's not just a verse but a whole chapter. Psalm 51 is a chapter I go back to over and over, especially when I've fallen short of God's expectations of me. Verses 10-12 are particularly meaningful to me.

Give a bit of your testimony. Some kind neighbors took me to church with them when I was 9 years old, and I was saved at a girl's Bible group meeting. My parents didn't attend church at that time, and I gradually fell away from church. When I was 17 years old, we moved a short distance from a tiny Southern Baptist church, and a school friend who attended there invited me to go with him. I moved my membership there and became very active. I was married in that church in 1985, and then moved my membership to another Southern Baptist church in 1990, where I am still very active. Providence Baptist Church has been my home church for over 16 years, and I am content and my talents and gifts are being used there.

Do you have a favorite preacher? One of my favorite preachers is Bro. Bert Hargett. His health prevents him from pastoring now, but I grew and learned a lot under his preaching and teaching in my teens and 20's. Bro. Jerry Miller was another favorite, but God called him home several years ago. I miss him still. Of the prominent TV preachers, Adrian Rogers from Belleview Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee was a mighty man of God. I sat under his preaching several times when we made our annual trip to Belleview to see the Singing Christmas Tree.

What's the best Bible study you've ever done? I've never done any of the Beth Moore or other formal Bible studies, though I'd like to sometime. We studied the book of Jude when I was a young Christian and I really grew through it, and recently we finished a study on Revelations that I enjoyed and learned a lot from our open discussion and comments.

What do you feel is God's calling on your life? I believe that one of my primary spiritual gifts is teaching, and also love and compassion. Right now one of Jessica's friends is here because he's having trouble with his family. It's a crazy mixed up mess, but all this boy needs is to be loved. I can do that. I want to make a difference in his life, as God leads and allows. And when he moves on, I want to love the next one that needs me, and so on. I can love, and I will, with God's help.


Okay, now on to the news according to Diane. It's still hot, humid and icky here. We still need rain desperately, but all we've gotten is a few teasing sprinkles. It's rained and showered all around us, but no measureable rain here in cotton country. Ducky's son Danny and his wife Mikki invited us to their house for a catfish fry on Memorial Day, so we gratefully accepted their kind invitation. Translation: We said, "Heck, yeah!!" before they could change their minds. :-) It was great, and a friend of Mikki's brought the most delicious dessert ever. BONUS: It is ridiculously easy to make! Ready for the recipe? Okay, glad you asked:

2 boxes ice cream sandwiches
1 large Cool Whip, thawed
chopped pecans (optional)
1 jar hot fudge topping
1 jar butterscotch topping or caramel topping

Unwrap and place 1 layer of ice cream sandwiches in 13x9 serving dish. Top with half of Cool Whip. Sprinkle with pecans, then drizzle with half of fudge topping and half of butterscotch topping. Repeat layers. Freeze until firm. Remove from freezer about 15 minutes before serving.

This is YUMMY!! And it really hit the spot Monday after the fish, and because it was soooooo hot. You should try this, you won't be disapointed. :-)
Cecil and Sue came up for the afternoon to play our game. It is so hot (do you see a theme developing here?!?) we just had a sandwich rather than cooking. Jessica made some chicken and rice for supper, and it was good. Not just because I didn't have to cook it, either. ;-) Tuesday and Wednesday are her days off this week, but that means she has to work Saturday and Sunday. But she's a working girl, now, and when college starts, she'll be trying to juggle work, college and a social life. I hope my girl can keep things in perspective. Let us pray. :-)


BooMama always seems to find some good blogs, and this time she found a good Christian site.Tony is
a new blogger, but she's off to a good start. If you like Christian blogs, she's definitely worth reading. This entry will make you think, that's for sure. Be sure to visit her and leave her an encouraging comment if you like what you read.


Well, blogging friends, Diane is tard again, so I am going to wrap this up and get it posted. I hope everyone is having a good week. God bless you all, my friends. :-)


boomama said...

If the last four days are any indication, I'm going to be talking about the heat a LOT this summer. My word it's hot - and so dry here. We haven't had rain in forever. Anyway, I have the distinct privilege of going to the zoo today, so I'm sure that will be refreshingly cool (she says, sarcastically). Have a great day!

Susie said...

It's still cool here! I've also tried that ice cream cake recipe and it is one of my grandson's favorites. Mine also calls for crushed butterfinger candy bars between the layers. Yummy!

Brenda said...

Oh my goodness, that does sound yummy! Ice cream sammiches are my fave.

It's hot here during the day, but the nights are cool. I love Georgia. You can actually sit in the shade to cool off, and when it gets too hot, it rains.

Thanks for being "it". You certainly do seem to have the gift of compassion. And encouragement. But most of all, the gift of gab. I love your posts!

Dick said...

Beautiful photos - are they sunrise or sunsets? They are very nice whichever they are.

That recipe sounds good. If I get brave enough sometime to try cooking I may try making it. I do have a favorite green salad that is made with cool whip, Jello pistachio instant pudding & a can of crushed pineapple or other fruit. My son keeps trying to tell me it really isn't a green salad but it is green, and good. I read that green salads are good for you if you don't put too much salad dressing on & this one has no salad dressing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane. That dessert sounds yummy, but it's probably on my list of things I can't eat. :-( Actually, it's just a mental list, but if it sounds tempting, I probably can't have it.
That won't stop me from making it for Anthony, though, and maybe taking a nibble. :-)

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Same here weather-wise. I just visited your blog, so I know the trip to the zoo was good, but the migraine you got wasn't. Hope you're better soon, and Thursday is a better day for you. :-)

Wish I could trade you some hot for some cool, LOL. The Butterfingers sound like a delicious addition to the ice cream cake. Thanks for the idea. :-)

Thanks for the encouragement, a kind word is nice to hear, and I'm so glad we "met" on here. :-)

They're supposed to be sunsets, I believe. I got them from stock photos, I think.
And the ice cream cake IS good. I love the green salad. I make it, too. My recipe is called Watergate Salad. It's one of my favorites, and I always eat too much of it when I make it. I like your reasoning that a green salad has to be good for you, LOL. I'll remember that the next time I eat too much of my Watergate Salad. ;-)

It is really delicious, and hits the spot when it's hot, too.

I've heard that if anything tastes good, you should spit it out, it has to be bad for you. ;-)

Hope Thursday is a good day for you.

Naturegirl said...

Ah yes the book of Psalms..My favorite
51/6 "fill my mind with your wisdom"
That dessert sounds yummy but the calories!!!!:(
(P.S.I did answer you on my posted comments..Bressingham Blue)

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Nature Girl,
Thanks. :-)

Barb said...

"Heck, yeah!" and "tard." Are we related? I swear, I love that.

And that recipe? Oh my. I'm tryin' that one. How easy does it get?

And the catfish fry? Sarah says we Coloradoans lord it over Texans all the time, but let me tell you, you CANNOT get decent fried catfish in this state. And besides, it just doesn't taste the same unless your daddy caught it and you watched him peel that sucker so mama could fry it up.

Thanks for taking me back to some nice memories.

Andre said...

Hey Lady Di,

Great tag. It gives me that much more insight on the woman behind the blog.

I wish that I could answer some of those questions with the same zeal and passion that you do. But, it just reminds me of how I suck at being a Christian...

Moving on...

The ice cream cake recipe sounds like a winner. Since the weather's starting to get on the incline (though, I live in Michigan, so there's no telling from day to day), I might have to give this a try.

But, if this cake inteferes with my girl-ish figure, you and I are gonna have some words! :)

Peace and blessings be yours!

Anonymous said...

Oh my I think I gained weight just reading that recipe. So sounds like a winner to me!! Can't wait to try it for a special occasion.

The weather is just so hot here already...hope we get some warm weather with a breeze in June.

Take care,

Brenda said...

Andre - thought you'd like to know - most of us pretty much suck at it.

momteacherfriend said...

I am so looking forward to meeting you in the flesh. I love your heart and your blog. We will have a lovely visit for sure. See you soon.

momteacherfriend said...

Diane, I liked your meme so much, I had to do it myself. Thanks

Diane Viere said...

YUMMY! Thanks for the recipe! My kids are gonna think I'm the best....but I have labeled it--"the other Diane's recipe!"