Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mindless Dribblings and Jessica Pics

I wish I could tell you all that I have something hysterically funny, or thought-provokingly serious or even some important bit of news to impart, but I don't. Just more of my usual mindless dribblings. I have done absolutely nothing constructive today, with the exception of cooking supper and cleaning the litter pan. I did go to revival at church again tonight. It has been really good, and I am enjoying going every night, but it is tiring and painful for me, too. My arthritis is giving me fits.

Wednesday was the 11th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, and Mike has a beautiful post memorializing it on his blog. It really doesn't seem possible that 11 years have passed. Time passes so quickly, and even more so the older I get.

It doesn't seem possible that my baby should be 18 years old and about to graduate from high school, but she is and she is. *Sigh*.................Where does the time go, can someone please tell me? I am kind of coasting now, I suppose. I am learning to let go more, but I still worry when she's out of sight. I find now that it's not a constant worry, or even an every day worry. It's just at certain times. Something will trigger my Mama Radar. Like, for instance, an ambulance screaming down the highway. Or knowing storms or bad weather is imminent. Hearing from someone about a bad wreck on the road between home and wherever she is. Heck, sometimes it may be a wreck 20 miles the other direction from where she is supposed to be, but the Mama Radar is triggered anyway. I don't know which is worse, having one chick to cluck over and learn to let go of, or having several in your brood and having to let go multiple times.

Jessica actually graduates May 19, but she won't go on to college until August. She will move into (Aaaack! I just realized how bad that looks in print!) the dorm either the end of July or the first of August, and that will be when I have the hardest time, I think. Hopefully, I will do some adjusting in the meantime and be able to deal with it without her having to drag me along, clinging pitifully *but with a death-grip* to her legs as she's trying to get in the car for the official first night in the dorms. She has informed me that she still plans to make use of the Momdromat facilities, and also plans to dine at Chez Mom's quite a bit, too. Maybe desperation will bring her home for a visit when love alone won't. LOL. ;-)

Starting with the first picture, Jessica is 7 months old.

In the second one, she is 15 months old.

In the third pic, she is 2 yrs. and 10 months old.

The fourth one is my favorite of her graduation photos, and she is 17 years old.

When I get my photo blog done, these and many more will be on there for those of you who are gluttons for punishment. I've even got some nekkid baby pictures of her, but I am hesitant to put those up. They are perfectly innocent, but with all the pedophiles and sickos out there, I am really thinking, "NO". What are your thoughts on the issue? I really would like your input on this. Leave me a comment, or a link if you decide to address this in your blog.

The witching hour is almost over, and we're heading into the wee hours now. Diane is getting tired and sleepy, so I will post this and see you all tomorrow in blogland. Have a good Thursday, everyone. :-)


Anonymous said...

Well I can see why you are so in love with this little girl. She is just so bright on the inside and out. What a dolly she was when she was young and now a beautiful young woman. As she gets older you will lose a daughter but gain a best friend. That is something beautiful you have to look forward. My mom and I are so close it is just unbelievable.

Take care,

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Thank you, Connie, I am just a bit partial to her, too, LOL. ;)

We are in the midst of that metamorphosis where she is realizing that I am a woman as well as a Mama, and I am coming to grips with her changing into a young woman as well as my baby. :) Friendship in progress. :)

My Mama and I were very close, too. There are 5 of us girls, but I think each of us was her Favorite. ;)

Anonymous said...

They grow up so fast, don't they? It's almost sad, in a way. That was a nice post.

Thanks for the mention of my memorial. I appreciate it.

As far as asking for opinions of the baby pics, I understand your concerns. I have similar innocent pictures too, and I personally have chosen not to post them. The majority of people out there are good people, but as you said, there are some sickos too, and any pic on any website could easily be copied and pasted elsewhere. It sounds like a silly reason not to post them to people like us, but there is always that slim chance that someone could come along and exploit them somewhere, no matter how innocent the pictures may seem. This is all just my personal opinion, though, as I said.

I know you are concerned about it, otherwise you wouldn't have brought it up. An idea. You could password protect the post, and email the password to those you wish to view it. You have a lot of friends out there, and I know plenty of people will want to see every photo you have.

Sorry everyone for the long comment. I hope this helps a bit, Diane. Have a good day.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Thanks, and yes, they DO grow up too fast. :-)
You're welcome for the mention of the Memorial. ;-)
Thanks for your insight. I am still thinking about it, and I may do the password protected thing, or just not post them. I am still unsettled about it. :-)

Dick said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog. I enjoy photography & have a pretty good camera system, a Nikon D70s digital SLR camera, that I like to use. Have you looked at the Flickr site? I think it's URL is or you can click on one of the photos on my blog & be taken there. It is large, versitle and free until you get really large with your photos. My blog photos are hosted there.

I know what you mean about kids growing up. My youngest will be 32 in late June. It is a real bittersweat time - you both do and do not want them to grow up. But, now I am enjoying my grandkids!

I would be leary of posting certain photos. The Internet has some wierd people and you never know what some might do with them. I am also leary about posting too much info about my kids, friends and all their families. I don't worry too much about myself but do want to protect the privacy of others.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Dick & Huggy,
Yes, I have looked at your flickr site, and the pics are gorgeous!
I have an account at photobucket, but I don't have anything posted there yet.
Thanks for your input about the baby photos. I am leaning toward not posting them at all, or maybe password protecting that post, as Mike suggested. Privacy is a big concern to me, too. I never buy anything online, so I don't worry about phishing too much.

Thanks for visiting, and come back soon. Love on Huggy for me, LOL. :)

Johnny said...

Hi All,
I read your blog today and got to thinking about Jessica. It just don't seem like she should be graduating! It was only yesterday that we were all out at Frank and Lou's for our Christmas dinner and Jessica was showing me her doll that Santa brought I think I have a movie of that somewhere in our house. Anyway this might be just a tad bit early but congratulations Jessica, Mom and Dad you all made For our little tribute to her please go here
You can copy and paste this into your browser if it doesn't highlight it for you. Hope you ejoy it.
Johnny, Donna and Jon

Johnny said...

darn it the blog monster put the addy in wrong. let me try it againg
hope this works this

Greeneyes said...

Hey Diane
Just love the pics all of them and the last couple blogs as well , I really love the pics of your Moms parens and they did look HAPPY huh? hahaha , I just have a quick sec I am leaving in the morning and will be gone for a bit but wanted to let you know that is why I wont be around for a while , will catch up soon , friend, you take care and love the BLOG ,
Your friend

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Thanks......but I can't get it to open for me. It says page or server not found. I tried about 7 different times, but no go. Thanks for the thought, anyway, and I'll be watching to see if you send another address for it. :)

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Green Eyes,
Thank you very much, and please be very careful as you travel. I'll miss you while you're gone, :(

Take care,
Diane :)

Nashe^ said...

Heyz... yeah man, where the **** does time go?

and omg! Y'know,as compared to your daughter, i look like im 13 years old or something.
but oh well!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

You will catch up lot this next year. My daughter will be 19 in Nov. so she is almost 2 years older than you. Plus your culture and clothing are a lot different, too.
I miss your smiling face on your icon.... :) Glad to see you back, too. :)

boomama said...

As I sit here with my little man snuggled up next to me, I can't even imagine how bittersweet it must be for you right now...makes me a little teary-eyed just thinking about it.

Right now I'm comfortable posting pics on my blog, just because I don't have much traffic and pretty much "know" everyone who stops by. But if I ever start seeing weird search engine referrals on my site meter - that's it. I'll put it this way: if I were one of those bloggers who got hundreds / thousands of hits a day, no way would I put photos on there.

Anonymous said...

oh she's so beautiful! you've done well, clearly, if she's talking of coming home for laundry and dinner with you! way to go!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I have so many emotions running amok in me.....pride, love, fear, worry, separation anxiety...and so many more.
It is a VERY bittersweet time. :)

I agree about the photos. I think I won't post any baby nakey pics unless I password protect the post and only email the password to family and trusted friends. Thank you for your insight and help. :)

Thank you, I think she's beautiful, but I "could" be a little prejudiced, LOL. :)
The true test will be if she comes home to see me when she DOESN'T need to do laundry or to eat, LOL. ;)