Monday, January 30, 2006

My First Blog..............Mon. January 30, 2006

Well, today is the start of this journey. I just got online November 11, 2005, and discovered this site today, January 30, 2005. I have no idea as of this minute what the address is for this site. I will have to close this window and look for it. Brian is waiting for me to send him the address. Hope I can deliver, lol. We went to Craighead Forest today, yes in January, lol. It was like 55 degrees, and not too bad temp wise, but the wind got up and about blew the hot dogs off the grill, and we like to have froze and blew away. Granted, it would take quite a breeze to move this 300 lbs. but it was chilly and windy. Me, Lamar, Sue, Brian and Lisa went, had a good time, stopped by Pine Hill to say Hi to Mom and Dad and the rest of the family out there, smile. Came back here and played our question and answer game; a good time was had by all. Not bad for a first posting. More to come...........Diane

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TorAa said...

Dear Diane,
I thought I would surprise you by giving the first comment to your first blog-post a year (+ some days) later. I've told my self every now and then go back and look upon some "old" postings (they are really not old, but for bloggers a day or two seems a long time). So, when I realized you have been an active blogger for more than a year, I had to do something special - and here it is: Love your blog.