Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sunday Dinner, March 21, 2010

Did you get that clue? The bowl of soup on the Sunday Dinner graphic? Well, my job is done!

Oh, okay, I'll expound a little more on my Sunday Dinner menu this week. It's going to seem like a rerun from 3 weeks ago, and that's because it IS a rerun.

I'm making hamburger soup and cornbread for Sunday Dinner this week, for several reasons. For one thing it sounds good again, and for another, it's supposed to be rainy and sharply colder on Sunday.

Hot soup and cornbread just hits the spot when it's wet, cold and dreary, and it's easy enough to make and stretch to make more if necessary.

What are your plans for Sunday Dinner this week? Share your menu/plans in the comments if you'd like.The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here for the last few days. It's been in the upper 60'sF and partly cloudy and mild enough at night that I've left my windows open day and night. My daffodils are in full bloom, my flowering quince is bursting with blooms and the other trees and shrubs in the neighborhood are beginning to sprout tiny new leaves.

It's almost 10 pm on Saturday night and it's still 60F. The scent of newly mown grass is drifting in the open window beside my recliner, where I'm typing this blog post.

But......And there always seems to be a "but", now doesn't there? A winter storm system is moving into Arkansas now and will be here Sunday evening, bringing heavy rain and much colder temps ahead of the main system. Northwest Arkansas has heavy snow falling as I type this on Saturday night and is expected to have as much as a foot of snow.

After reaching nearly 70F on Saturday, our temps are supposed to fall all day on Sunday, bottoming out in the 30'sF and with the rain turning into snow for us on Sunday night. It's only supposed to be snow showers and it's not supposed to amount to any accumulation, but we all know what that means: not a thing.

Oh Spring, what a cruel joke you're playing on us! So warm and gorgeous now, and on Sunday you're pulling the rug out from under us with torrential rain, freezing cold and then snow.


However, as a disclaimer, and knowing that most people disagree with me, I much prefer the cold weather to the miserable muggy insanely hot weather that's not too far in our future. Not that we get our druthers, as I well know.

Pffffttt.Some news regarding Jessica, Jason and Emmy; Jason and Jessica may be getting back together. They've been talking and doing some deep soul searching, and that's where their relationship stands right now.

I'm doing what I've done throughout their marriage, divorce and since then: being supportive, only offering advice when specifically asked for it, and just generally minding my own business otherwise.

I'll share more news as it develops and if/when Jessica okays it.I think that'll do it for this installment. Y'all have a blessed Lord's Day. May God meet all your needs, and may you have enough to share, dear family and friends.


Jen said...

Ive just read Jessicas good news and Im praying
I think shes wise to take it slow

LOVE your daffodils - they must be my 2nd favourite flower :)

stay warm :)

and have a good week :)

violetlady said...

I just read Jessica's post and figured what her surprise will be. Actually, I know of two different couples who divorced and remarried, so you never know. Your dinner sounds delicious, as always. I love soup for dinner.

Dawn said...

Good good hopeful news!

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, we got the rain and cold weather Saturday.... Right now it is 38 degrees outside and the winds are just a blowing.... I'm glad we waited a few more days before planting the tomato plants... Nothing like a late season

Hamburger soup sounds really good about now... I may just give it a try...As for cornbread, I love it. Either I'll make your soup or we will have left overs....

I hope things work out for Jessica... Everyone deserves a little happiness in their lives...Keeping my fingers crossed.

Belizegial said...

Happy Sunday Diane. Hoping that the winter storm system doesn't put too much of a damper on things there. Have a blessed week ahead.

Gigi said...

Your daffodils looks so cheery and are truly the "face of Spring" for me - I just love them! Ours are not blooming yet...give them a couple more weeks! Our March came in like a lion and it's going out like a lamb - thankfully!

Jessica and family continue to be in my daily prayers...we know the Lord has a plan for their lives and will see it through to completion!

Have a most blessed Sunday and a lovely week, Diane! Enjoy your soup and stay WARM!

amelia said...

Great news about Jesse!!

It's very cold here today and for the next little while too. I hope the bad weather doesn't ruin your spring flowers. Ours are all still sound asleep!!

Dick said...

See there, you guys back east are getting most of OUR snow this winter! We just came back from Eastern Washington through Stevens Pass and, while there were skiers & snowboarders up there, the snowpack is nowhere as deep as it should be. But, (yes, there is sometimes a "good" but involved) our El Nino winter has been nice for our creature comfort here at home.

Dinner here today is prime rib and we are having a couple of neighbors over to enjoy it with us. After four straight days of eating out all the time while traveling, it is nice to again have a home cooked meal.

Fingers crossed for Jessica & Jason.

kkryno said...

Yay, Spring and daffodils!

Yay, soup and cornbread!

Most of all; YAY, Jason and Jess! Everyone wins with that one. :]

Mountain Mama said...

I'm still praying for your family. I hope it all works out ok.
Dinner here will be baked chicken breast but I don't know what else. Probably some green beans. I'm trying to cut the carbs way back!
We had some really lovely sunshine days but today it's cloudy and drizzly. I am wearing a winter sweater just because looking outside at the raina nd the trees bloeing in the wind makes me feel cold. LOL
I really need to make soup again.
I hope you stay well now Dear. Take care,

Sammy said...

Wow, Diane! What a coincidence! I just made your hamburger soup for our dinner (supper!) tonight. It was even more delicious than usual. I've been having some major food cravings recently, especially for your soup and your potato salad. Cravings! Hint-hint....can you guess why??? :-)

Spring is here and I am so happy. I spent a lot of time in my garden today, clearing out the weeds and leaves. Spring is my favorite time of year!

Seriously, can you guess my news?? :-)

Pearl said...

Soup and cornbread sound wonderful...Actually I could just chow on the cornbread. I really love hot bread.
I have been doing some bulb planting today because I know rain is coming...I can't wait to see some flowers.

I sure hope things go well with Jessica and Jason. I wish them all the best.


MightyMom said...

did you ever get snow??

Rachel said...

The daffadils are so pretty! Mine are blooming too. Even though it's cooler here, it's still not too bad and the sun is shining!

My Sunday dinner was Sonny's BBQ again. That sounds like it's becoming a habit doesn't it??!!

I am praying for Jessica, Jason, and Emmy. Sometimes things like this can make a relationship all the stronger.

Love and hugs,

moreofhim said...

I'm with you on the weather thing. I would much rather have the cooler weather. I hate the hot weather. Of course, I'm fortunate where I live - no mugginess.

Your Sunday dinner sounds delicious, as always.

I'm so happy to hear about Jessica and Jason. I'll be praying that things work out for them. Your Jessica is such a sweet gal and I admire her openness and her soul searching. Hopefully, Jason is doing the same. It will make for a very strong and loving marriage. They are such a cute couple! Praying!!

Thanks for your sweet words on my blog, Diane. I'm feeling a bit better. Praying under my breath when the barbs and stings come my way and trying to show the love of Jesus. It's still hard, I won't lie, but at least I'm more at peace.

Thank you for your prayers as always!!

God bless you, my dear friend!! You're a treasure!

Love, Julie

Brenda said...

So glad to hear about Jason and Jessica.
Yep, spring has disappeared, except for the crocuses popping up. It is snowing as I write this.

Lib said...

Hope you're having a great wk.!
Today was Beautiful here.I mowed the yard. I dread summer's heat but Loving these spring days!:o)
Praying here for Jess and Family!

RennyBA's Terella said...

Diane explained about the hamburger soup (good to be married to an American - for a Norwegian - you know!) Sounds delicious :-)

Btw: Sorry I haven't been around that much lately: Busy at work and with planning for the Oslo Blog Gathering you know.

Lyndy said...

Many prayers have been going up for that girl of yours and I am so thrilled for them. I know you only want what is best for all of them, just like my mamma does me. You are a wise woman indeed.

Enjoy that Sunday dinner. :-)