Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sunday Dinner, January 3, 2010

Boy, it felt odd typing "2010". I haven't had to write it on a check yet. Hope I don't forget and write 2009 a little later when I write out the rent check.

On to Sunday Dinner, though I have to confess that I'm not cooking Sunday Dinner this week. My sisters and I will have a conference after church Sunday afternoon and decide where we're going out to eat.

What's for Sunday Dinner at your place this week? Share your plans or menu in the comments if you'd like to participate this week.Most of the reason I'm not cooking Sunday Dinner this week is that I went to Jonesboro today to do my monthly Walmart shopping and pay the cable bill and I'm wiped out. My knees are throbbing and I just don't feel like standing in the kitchen and cooking tonight.

After we got home from shopping I had to put away all my purchases and do some other chores which really didn't do a thing to make my knees feel any better. I just took a hot shower, put on my warm pajamas and my pink fuzzy socks, and my snuggly fleece robe that my dear SisterFriend GREENEYES sent me for my birthday, all the way from Canada.

Now I'm warm and clean but still TARD.It's been really cold for Northeast Arkansas today. The temp never made it above freezing today and it's supposed to stay cold like this for at least the next week. I know the teens and twenties isn't all that cold for my more northern readers, but for Arkansas it's fairly cold. It does dip below O Fahrenheit here sometimes, but that's the exception rather than the rule.

I'd much rather it be cold than hot so this is fine weather in my opinion. I hope it kills a bunch of insect pests this Winter. It hasn't gotten cold enough for long enough to make any kind of impact on insect populations the last several years so I hope it makes up for it this Winter.

We're even forecast to have some snow flurries tonight and a couple of days next week, which is great! I wish we'd have at least a couple of really good snows but that remains to be seen. I want some snow cream but I'm not holding my breath.Lamar and I rode with my sister Ducky to her son Danny's house for New Year's day. Danny and his wife Mikki cooked a traditional Southern New Year's dinner, which we eat for the midday meal. They fixed dried blackeyed peas cooked with hog jowl bacon for seasoning, cornbread, mixed greens, fried hog jowl and pineapple upside down cake for dessert.

It was great! I really appreciated not having to cook and I spent a lot of my time there playing with their almost 3 year old son, Seth, which was a bonus. A kid to play with makes for cheap entertainment for me. ;o)My daughter JESSICA'S anticipated new job seems to have fallen through for the moment, but she's still looking at some other options. Since she'll only have one income from now on she needs to find a better paying job and also a cheaper place to live while she continues to work at a local hospital as a certified nurse's aide.

She may be moving into an apartment here in my town that is literally just a stone's throw away from me, which would help cut down on her driving so much and her gas bill. Many changes are in store for Jessica, Emmy and the rest of us in 2010.

Jessica and I very much appreciate your kind thoughts, comments and especially your prayers as we deal with all the changes that her pending divorce brings.

I love you all, dear family and friends.May we all enjoy good health, joy, prosperity and all God's blessings in 2010. May God richly bless you with all you need and enough to share.


amelia said...

I am really hoping that there is no divorce..and that things work out but..
I hope you all are warm and safe and full of good food!
I am making a curry for tomorrows dinner. A big favourite for both of us but a lot of fiddly preparation so I don't make it too often!!

Gigi said...

Diane, enjoy your Sunday dinner - wherever and whatever it may be! I have no idea what's on tap for me tomorrow...I'm alone again as all my children are back where they belong after the holidays. So maybe just a bowl of soup - it's been bitter cold here too today and I think the same is predicted for tomorrow.

You all remain in my prayers, especially your precious ones.

Karen H. said...

Hello Diane. I just had to come and read your Sunday Dinner Post. It's been a while, but something just told me to come and read. I did write 2009 on a Check this afternoon and I had to change it. It's gonna take me a good while to get used to writing 2010. No telling how many more Checks I'll put 2009 on. LOL. I fixed a big pot of Black-Eyed Peas with Smoked Hog Jowls for our New Year's Supper. I also made a pan of homemade buttermilk cornbread to go with it. Me and hubby ate it for our supper last night and then we did tonight as well. There is enough left that I will probably put the rest in the freezer. The girls don't seem to be wanting to eat any of them. Will be praying for Jessica and Emmy as they go thru these changes. I'm sorry to hear of the terrible news. I know what she is going thru as I have been thru one myself back in the 80's. I was just thankful tho we had no kids. GOD will see her thru this all and will guide her in the right direction. May you have wonderful night. I'm afraid Winter has set in for us now. I would like to get some Snow as well, but I'm like you, I'm not going to hold my breath. Take care my friend and GOD Bless you and your Family.

Lots of love and hugs.
Karen H.

A Merry Heart said...

I've not had pineapple upside down cake in 30 years. If not more. Never tried to make one myself... Hm...

I'm having an Itty Bitty bit of cheap entertainment this weekend myself. ;o)

MightyMom said...

hubby informed me that sun dinner will be leftovers of roast pork, smashed taters and beans of the long and green variety.


wishing you a warm and snuggly-clean week dear friend.

Jen said...

thanks for the update about jess
im thinking about her a lot at the mo
please let her know Im praying for her daily
I pray that all her future plans turn out well

Wanna swap some of your weather for some of ours here its HOT!!!!

love Jen

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, I don't blame you for not wanting to cook... I had planned a big dinner for Sunday but things have changed and I will probably make hot We usually have a big family New Years Day dinner, but we were invited over to my son's, girl friends parents house for dinner and we went.... I took a big pot of black eyed peas and she made cabbage rolls... We enjoyed our visit and were glad that we went.

This has been a weird winter, colder than usual but I have enjoyed it... Our front yard is pretty mushy from all of the rain so we have to walk around to get into the car.. The news forecaster said that we will have some weather in the mid 20's late next week, that's cold for us.

I've been praying for Jessica and her situation... It looks like both Jason and Jessica have made mistakes in their marriage and I keep praying that they can get back together.... You never know, miracles can happen.

Well, hope your knees feel better after a nights sleep. Hope you and Lamar have a great week.. Enjoy your dinner, whatever it turns out to be.

Granny Annie said...

We are having fried crappie fillets with cornbread and salad. Our Bil keeps us supplied in fresh fish.

You and Jessica and Emily are in my daily prayers.

Renie Burghardt said...

Good morning, Diane,

Well, we're down to 18 this morning and the temps are still falling. We have substantial snow in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday. Ick! Snow makes everything beautiful, but hard, as my hilly, gravel road stays snowy, and I can't go anywhere until it melts. Only the highways are cleared around here. So, I'd rather do without it.

My Sunday dinner is usually in a favorite restaurant with church friends, after church. Today we will eat Mexican.

Enjoy your Sunday. Hope your knee feels better soon.



Mountain Mama said...

I am still praying for all of you. I know what a difficult time you are going through.

I read about the black eyed peas and cornbread in your previous post and it made me hungry for cornbread, so when some of my girls and granddaughters came last Monday night to watch the Thomas Kincaid movie, I made two cast iron skillets of cornbread to go with the chicken and noodles they requested. I am still amazed at how fast we cleaned it up. LOL
After all the rich holiday foods there's nothing like some down home comfort food.

I will be eating on a big kettle of homemade chicken vegetable soup for the next few days. I sort of got the sniffles and soup makes me feel better and besides it's easy. :)

I pray you and yours will have a blessed new year Diane.
God bless and lots of hugs too!

kkryno said...

I am praying that the new year is a great one for you and your family. You all certainly deserve it, so just believe!

Love, Vikki.


RennyBA's Terella said...

Thanks for reminding me about the rent check for 2010! :lol:

Thanks also for the friendship in Blogsphere for four years - for you're wonderful posts - your delicious dinners and recipes and of course your visit and comments!

I know you're family have been through a lot in 2009 and you know I've always been thinking of you (and Jessica and Lamar).

So let's take one step and one day at a time and be thankful for what we have and never forget to count our blessings!

Happy New Year to you and yours with love and plenty of hugs :-)

Linda said...

We're having some wintry weather here this year too Diane, although not quite as cold as you. I'm hoping a lot of insects are eliminated too!
Praying for the family.

Putz said...

so this sunday dinner thing you so , is a specisl prt of you wY INSIDE YOURSELF....I CAN'T FIND THAT SPECIAL THING TO WRITE BOUT, not really, weather, everyone mentions that, my childhood i am bored of

PEA said...

Happy New Year to you and yours, dear Diane!! I'm finally taking time away from cleaning and decluttering to visit my dear bloggy friends:-)

It seems like quite a few of us are experiencing those frigid temperatures lately! Today it was a "balmy" 11F so that was a nice change from the below zero we've been having. Like you, I'd rather have the cold than the heat...with my power surges, I can't take the heat! lol

Please know that my prayers continue for Jessica and I think it's an excellent idea for her to find a place to live near you. I thank God that she has parents like you and Lamar, I know you two will look out for her and help her all you can. Love you my friend. xoxox

Dick said...

I thought you are supposed to be in the South? What is this about a high temp of 14 and a low of -2? That sounds more like Alberta, Canada or the plains of Eastern Montana & the Dakotas! And just think, only a couple of months ago you were tent camping!

Mary said...


I'm glad you and your sisters went out for Sunday dinner. You deserve the break.

Our temperatures are bitter cold here. It's the wind that makes it nasty and below normal even for January. The Arctic air will move on at the beginning of next week.

Praying for your family. Tell Jess I said hello. I will also pray that the right job comes along.

Wishing you all the best with the changes that loom in the future.


moreofhim said...

Oh, Diane, I know all about that throbbing knee thing. I have two words for you - electric carts! Yes, when you go to WalMart, as humiliating as it is, ride around on one of those carts. It will save your knees, big time! My doctor insisted that I do this and it was so embarrassing for me for the first few times, but now, I know that I'm taking care of myself. Do the same, my dear sister. You'll be so glad you did!!

We had those Navy (white) beans with the ham bone for Sunday dinner! Yummy!! After you wrote about that, I couldn't wait to fix mine! I did one bag, but them went so quick, I did another bunch the next day. I shared them with my mother-in-law, who eats them over a buttered piece of white bread (I do, too, sometimes LOL).

I am praying for your sweet Jessica and I know that the Lord has plans for her life and holds her in His caring and loving hands. It's so hard when your family is going through these hard times. Just remember, I'm praying for you all!!

Have a wonderful, blessed and happy new year, my dear friend!!

God bless you and your family!

Love, Julie

P. S. Thank you so much for your help! I didn't think it was something on my sidebar, just the background, but when I added one of the things back, it was something on the sidebar, too. I'm thinking I'll just leave it off and save myself a headache! lol Thank you again so much for your help!

moreofhim said...

Diane, I should have known a smart cookie like you was all ready riding those carts! LOL You're smarter than me - it took my doctor ordering me (along with my hubby :P) to get my rear in that cart. I know what you mean about not having enough room. I'm lucky - I take one of my sons or hubby with me to put the stuff in a big cart while I ride around. If I didn't have them, though, I couldn't do it.

Thanks for coming by! Enjoy those beaners!!

Love ya!!


Pearl said...

I so hope things work out for the best for your family in 2010. Each year comes a new challenge for us all whether it be large or small. Hang in there my friend.
It is always comforting that we have our blogging world to give us support.
Sendin you big hugs,

The Old Gray Mare said...

Sending wishes for a Blessed & Happy New Year!

Barb said...

It's been several days since you posted this, Diane, and I follow you on Facebook, so I know that you probably got your snow cream. I hope so. One of my fondest memories if my dad making snow cream for us when it snowed, maybe once every ten years, in southeast Texas where I grew up.

I also know that Jess is right across the street from you now. Because Krissy only lives 3 doors down from me, believe me I know how nice it is to have the grandbaby that close. What a blessing it is, that no matter what, I'm so close.

Happy New Year to you, sweet friend. And Jess is in my prayers. The road she's getting ready to travel isn't easy, but she has a loving family and that will make all the difference for her.


Rachel said...

I'm ready for the temps to get above freezing and next week it's supposed to!

My husband (before he got sick) loved to put away the groceries! It was great!

I've certainly been thinking about Jessica and little Emmy and hoping all turns out well. You are all in my prayers.

Love and hugs,

Sharon said...

I know how you feel about having your daughter so close.
Our oldest son lives close and that allows us to see our grandsons regularly. I miss the other 2 sons that live farther away.
God bless.