Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sunday Dinner, September 6, 2009

This post will be short and sweet, literally. My church is having an old fashioned fellowship Sunday afternoon out in the country at some fellow church members' home. We'll be having potluck dinner "on the grounds" outside, weather permitting. If it rains, and there's a good chance of it, the fellowship will be moved inside to the church fellowship hall.

We'll also have singing, preaching and testimony service before and after dinner, with services dismissed for Sunday evening.

I've mentioned this several times before, but it bears repeating - "dinner" here in rural Arkansas refers to the noon meal. "Supper" is the evening meal.

Now, back to that "sweet" thing I referred to back at the beginning of this post, if you're still with me. I'm making my Mama's ITALIAN CREAM CAKE to take to the fellowship, along with a couple dozen deviled eggs and some of my homemade jalapeno pepper jelly and cream cheese to eat on crackers.

What's on the menu at your place this Sunday? Share your plans in the comments if you'd like.

Lamar is gone to an Arkansas State University Red Wolves game with my nephew Danny, so I saved my cooking until he was gone so he wouldn't be underfoot. He's usually pretty good about leaving me alone when I'm cooking though, so I can't complain too much about that.

Lamar's eye is still about the same, not much improvement at all. He says occasionally he can see better, but a little while later it's just as bad as it ever was. It's just too early to tell if the surgery helped or not.

Well, those deviled eggs and that cake aren't going to cook themselves, so I'd better get this posted and get busy in the kitchen.

Y'all have a wonderful and safe Labor Day weekend. May God meet all your needs and may you have enough to share is my prayer for each of you.


Lucy Stern said...

Oh Diane, enjoy your weekend and the time you will have with your church friends..... Praying for Lamar.... That cake looks yummy.....

Mary said...


The potluck dinner is going to be a fun time for all. Wish we lived close enough to attend. I would make a run for that cake, first thing. LOL It looks sooo delicious.

Still praying for Lamar's eye. Hopefully as time goes by the improvement in sight will be more prevelent.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend, my friend.


violetlady said...

I have been looking for a good cake recipe and thanks to you, I have found it. This looks wonderful. Thank you!!!
Have a great pot luck dinner.

Anonymous said...

My mom makes that cake once a year- for my dad's birthday! I'm sure everyone will enjoy! Happy Labor Day

Brenda said...

That cake looks delicious. What a fun day you all will have. I love get togethers like that.
I'm at my MIL's this weekend and she is treating us to dinner after church at a small-town diner call Phat Willy's. Good 'ol typical diner food. (Do have to blot the french fries with a napkin first tho'!)
Have a great week.

kkryno said...

Sounds like you Sunday dinner plans are going to be fun!

I'm not sure if we are grilling or frying it, but chicken it will be. To that I will add home made potato salad, cole slaw and green beans with a little dill, pepper and afew bits of bacon ends. I might even make some sour dough biscuits. Cantelope and vanilla ice cream for desert should round it out well enough.

I'll be thinking about Lamar's eye.

I hope that you enjoy your holiday week-end!

Love, Vikki.

Aunt Jenny said...

YOu have fun tomorrow!
I am not totally sure what we are having for Sunday dinner yet...sometime with chicken for sure. I have a bunch of leftover roast chicken cut in strips. I will have to think of something tomorrow. I am cooking again but not up to planning ahead too far yet. My appetite is a little better..but still not much. I ate regular food for supper tonight...but less than half what I would normally eat. I guess that is a good thing maybe. Just that nothing sounds really good and that is just weird.
I continue to pray for Lamar's eye!!
Have a nice rest of the weekend.

Betty said...

I just ck your recipt for your Hot Pepper Jelly I wonder if you could make it with Splenda.That cake looks hevenly. A neighbor just gave us a bunch of veggies so I think I will make a pot of veggie soup with lentils and chicken
Enjoy your pot luck. ~~Hugs ~~

Linda said...

Happy Labor Day weekend Diane. Your potluck dinner sounds great. I know what amazing dishes show up at those.
I am scrolling right past that delicious looking cake. I absolutely must lose a few pounds or buy all new pants - and I don't want to do that. But it does look fabulous.
I'm glad Lamar had something fun and special to do. I'll continue to pray for his vision to get better.
Have a great time dear friend!

Gigi said...

Oh Diane, that cake looks divine!! Cake is, by far, my most favorite food on earth...YUM!

I hope you all have a very blessed week.

Nashe^ said...

jalapeno pepper jelly? I don't even know what that is! Ergo, you gotta make some for me, don't you think?


Dawn said...

I hope it didn't rain. We had all 4 girlies again (and got to church early!), but I didn't feel like cooking so we went to Wendy's. It wasn't a great success, because little Emma is feeling a bit under the weather. And they go down for naps the minute we get home from church normally. The big girls like to go sit in their own little corner of the place and pretend they're all grown up. Fun times.

Granny Annie said...

I am following very close behind you with my plate and fork. All my favorites, starting with the Italian Cream Cake! We love deviled eggs and we are among relatively few people who know what jalepeno jelly is. I love it when people refuse to even try it becaue that just leaves more for me. LOL

RennyBA's Terella said...

Your Mama's ITALIAN CREAM CAKE! What sweet tradition to hold on too - pass it on to children and of course your grandchild too!

Wishing you a wonderful week!

PEA said...

Happy Labour Day to you and yours, dear Diane!!

Will you deliver a piece of that cake to me??? hehe I do hope you had a wonderful time at that potluck dinner and that the weather cooperated. It's been just gorgeous here lately, we're finally having our Summer that we never had in June, July and August!!

I brought mom & Ross to Killarney, about a one and a half hour drive from here, for some fresh Fish & Chips yesterday, soooo delish!!

I'm like you, I'd rather have no one underfoot when I'm trying to cook! lol I always say "too many cooks in the kitchen doesn't work"! lol

My prayers continue for Lamar, hopefully one day his eyesight will remain much better. Love ya! xoxo