Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sunday Dinner, September 27, 2009 & Gone Camping

***Special note to reader Kellie Bell: You didn't leave a link or email addy to respond to your question, so this is the only way I know to contact you. I use Sure Jell powdered pectin to make my muscadine jelly and follow the directions for making Concord grape jelly, substituting muscadines for the Concord grapes. It's always turned out great for me. Hope this helps you, but if you still have questions, comment again or use the link in my sidebar to email me.***

Any of you that also interact with me on Facebook more than likely already know that I won't be at home for Sunday Dinner this week. My sister DONNA and I will be gone camping by the time this post publishes if I manage to get the autopost feature on here to work right.

We're set to leave sometime Saturday morning and should be home Sunday afternoon if all goes according to plan. I have no idea what we'll be having for Sunday Dinner, but anything cooked and/or eaten outdoors is better than anything cooked and/or eaten indoors, in my decidedly prejudiced opinion.

One thing's for sure, if it's cooked it will be done over a wood or charcoal fire and I can hardly wait!

We had showers and rain again Thursday and overnight into Friday, but as I type this Friday afternoon it's dry and the sun is attempting to burn through the clouds. I've seen a few peeks of sunshine, so I have high hopes that we'll have a pretty weekend for camping. There's still a 20% chance of rain for Saturday evening but I'm praying it won't materialize.

A tent in the rain is a miserable place to be. Just sayin'.

Temperature wise it's looking great. Highs of around 80F and low Saturday night of about 65F. Just warm enough by day to swim and cool enough by night to make you appreciate the campfire and sleep comfortably.

I can hardly wait!

Of course I still have my packing and gathering of camping paraphernalia to do but that shouldn't take long since we're only going to be gone overnight.

I also have about 2 gallons of muscadine grapes to cook down into juice tonight. These are more of the cultivated golden muscadines given to us by a good friend and neighbor. I'm going to freeze the juice to make jelly at a later time.

Part of the reason for the camping trip was prompted by the fact that the wild red muscadines are ready for picking in the Ozarks where we're going camping. I hope to get a 5 gallon bucket full at least for jelly making, and maybe more if we really find the muscadine mother lode.

I told my sister Donna, if we do get a lot of muscadines, her car is going to smell like a winery on the ride home, lol. ;o)

I've posted lots of pictures from our past camping trips, and I'll likely take lots more on this trip. Hopefully I'll be back on Monday or Tuesday with pictures and a post about our trip.

In loving memory of my beloved Daddy.

September 26, 1923 - December 19, 2004.

I love you and miss you every day, Daddy.

I still have LOTS to do this afternoon/evening, so I'll set this to publish on Saturday afternoon, hopefully, and get busy.

Y'all have a blessed weekend doing something you enjoy with people you love. May God meet your every need, and may you have enough to share.


Betty said...

Your camping trip sounds wonderful,only to short.I agree that food cooked outdorrs always taste better then indoor food.
To day is my birthday to I an now a young 72.I can't beleave that.
Have a super time and I hope you find the muscadine mother load.
How is Lamar doing?
~~Hugs and good thoughts ~~

Gigi said...

I wish you and your sister much luck in finding the muscadine mother lode! Have a wonderful time!!

MightyMom said...

grapes are okay but how's the FISHING???

Granny Annie said...

My dad died in September, 1999. We never stop missing them do we?

Good luck with the muscadine search. Be sure and take pictures of your bountiful harvest when you return home.

the voice of melody said...

I admire people like you who are brave enough to camp! I always pass up the opportunity because I think I would be miserable but I'm sure it's something I should do at least once. Have fun and I'm looking forward to seeing your pics when you get back. {hugs}

Sammy said...

Have a wonderful trip, Diane! I can't wait to hear about it and see pictures!! XOXO

RennyBA's Terella said...

Wishing you a wonderful camping trip - enjoy and have fun - and don't forget to take a lot of pics!

Btw: You always ask what we have for dinner on Sunday: we are in Sweden so we had meat balls :-)

Dawn said...

Here's hoping you are having a dry, warm, wonderful time of getting away with your sister.

We had roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, baby carrots and corn for lunch.

kkryno said...

Oh how I wish I was going with you! I haven't been camping in two years. This year was such a busy summer with relatives still here and I don't know if I'm coming or going! To top it off; we had snow yesterday morning.

I don't camp in the snow, lol!!!

I hope you fine all the muscadines you can carry; and then some!

Have a great time.

Love, Vikki.

Miss G said...

BSH BSH BSH BSH BSH BSH +++++++++++ sugar by the plantation , for Princess Emmy xoxoxoxoxox miss you xoxoxox

Brenda said...

Well, by now you will have had a wonderful time on your overnighter. Hope you were able to pick tons of your grapes!

Mountain Mama said...

I hope your camping trip was all you hoped for and you didn't get rained on!!

I've been on a few camping trips when it rained and it was just miserable. I longed for my nice dry, warm house!

I was at my daughter's on Sunday for a party. We had snack foods, sandwiches and cake,
I brought bacon wrapped frank chunks baked in brown sugar and pineapple juice, and a sausage and cheese tray.
My daughter Patty made ham and pickled asparagus rolls. There was some cream cheese in them and oh boy were they ever yummy!
I posted a picture of the cake on my blog.