Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sunday Dinner, August 23, 2009

First, I have a confession to make. I did indeed cook okra and tomatoes and a whole chicken in the crockpot for Sunday Dinner last week, but my sister CECIL'S hubby, Brian, treated us to lunch at a local Italian restaurant so my Sunday Dinner was eaten there, not here at home.

Not to worry though, because nothing went to waste. We ate the chicken later in the week and I took the okra and tomatoes to my church ladies' meeting on Monday night.

Now for this week's Sunday Dinner. As you may have guessed from the chef's tray on my Sunday Dinner button, if we eat Sunday Dinner here, sandwiches will be on the menu. Fried ham sandwiches to be precise.

I bought half a ham when I got groceries a couple of weeks ago. I debated whether to bake it and fix some sides and veggies to go with it or slice it and fry it for sandwiches, and sandwiches won the debate. For one thing, it means less time and preparation in the kitchen for me, and another, it just sounds good right now.

What's on the menu for your Sunday Dinner this week? Share your plans in the comments if you'd like.It's not the weather that's keeping me from cooking right now. Usually August is our hottest month, with temps well into the 90'F to over 100F, but not this year.

We're experiencing a rare August cold front at the present and I must say, this rare Summer weather is refreshing. It's partly cloudy, breezy and only 79F as I type this at 4:30 pm, with low humidity. Delightful for Arkansas in late Summer is what it is!

I know we'll more than likely still have some hot and humid weather before Fall arrives, but I so hope the really torrid heat and humidity is behind us for this year.

This has been the strangest Summer here. Unusual to say the least, starting off with a very cool and soggy Spring, then June set records for drought and high temps. We had several days with temps over 100F and weeks with temps in the upper 90'sF.

Then July dawned with record rainfall and flooding and cooler than normal temperatures, which has continued into August. We've had a few hot days that made it back into the 90'sF but for the most part our daily high temps have been in the 80's and we've even had a few days where we didn't make it out of the 70'sF.

I want to go on record here that I'm not complaining! I love the cooler temps.

But this strange Summer has me wondering what's in store for our Fall and Winter. Hmmmm........Changing the subject rather abruptly, I spent most of the night trying to evict a rather nasty virus from my computer.

It was really strange how it started. I was on Facebook and one of those ads about using a "free" antivirus scan just took over my screen! The more I tried to click out of it, the more pages it kept opening, until eventually it shut down my Firefox browser.

Keep in mind that I have 2 anti-virus programs that run continuously, and a program to detect and deflect unwanted pop ups and ads, and yet it still managed to somehow bypass them all.

I thought it might be linked just to Firefox, so I started my anti-virus scans and opened Internet Explorer. It started out fine, but after a few minutes the same thing happened with IE and the virus shut it down too.

I was one mad and frustrated fat girl for a good while, let me tell you! I was about ready to pitch my laptop out the window, and I wasn't really very particular if the window was open or closed!

Long story short, I eventually got rid of the virus and everything seems to be operating normally at the present time.

The bad new is that I have no idea how the virus bypassed all my anti-virus and anti-ad programs, so I can't prevent it from happening again. I keep all my anti-virus programs up to date, so maybe that one virus hadn't been caught yet and now it's in their databases.

I sure hope so. I was up all night and only got a few hours sleep. I didn't want to sleep all day because I need to go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight so I can get up for church on Sunday. Besides that, I still have to fix supper tonight, change my bed and remake it, and wash about 4 loads of laundry tonight after I get this posted.

Supper is going to be fried baloney sandwiches, so that's not any trouble at all, but I dread stripping my bed and remaking it. Which is a quandary, because I love a freshly made bed equally as much as I hate to strip and remake one.Well, time to quit blogging about all this and start actually doing it. My tummy is rumbling and that fried baloney is sounding better all the time, not to mention the laundry behind me that's staring at my back.

Y'all have a wonderful remainder of your weekend. May God richly bless you by meeting all your needs, and may you have enough to share.


violetlady said...

Fried baloney sandwiches, fried ham sandwiches -- they all sound good to me -- actually, most anything fried!
I also hate changing bed linens -- what a chore, but they feel so good when they are fresh and clean.

Sammy said...

I'm so sorry you were up all night dealing with such frustrating computer problems! That's the WORST! I'm glad it's taken care of, I hope it doesn't happen again, and I'm glad you didn't chuck the thing out the window!! :-)

Your Sunday dinner sounds deeee-licious as usual! No clue what we're doing. It's so terribly hot and humid right now. The humidity is just dreadful. It's hard to even think about eating anything hot, much less cooking!

I'm really glad you're having such wonderful cool weather. Enjoy! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Gigi said...

We've had an unusually cool summer this year too...unfortunately, it seems that the decent weather may be behind us. This past week we've been enshrouded with our typical "swamp" and humid. Ugh...

Enjoy your Sunday and have a blessed week!

Mary said...


I've been a little under the weather today with my tummy, so have no idea what's for Sunday dinner. I'm sure that it will be something simple unless I'm feeling a lot better.

We've also had a strange spring and summer here. It's been very rainy and it was cool (which suited me fine) until August when the heat and humidity moved in. Then the tornadoes on Thursday evening and another one near Toronto today. Very unpredictable and I too wonder what winter will bring. I read somewhere that this is an El Nino year. There were 12 hurricanes predicted for the Maritimes this summer and none of them have gained hurricane status, but one is approaching as I type this.

Take care, my friend and have a wonderful Sunday.

Brenda said...

Care to share how you got rid of the virus? It sounds like the one we have on our desktop.
I like fried baloney sandwiches, a little mayo and sliced tomatoes.
Happy Sunday to ya.

kkryno said...

The only thing better than clean linens is having them changed for you! Of course, that never happens 'round here. I do have help with that chore if I ask though, so I can't complain. ;)

I don't know what we're having for Sunday Dinner as we are traveling this week-end.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Love, Vikki.

Lucy Stern said...

Hello Diane, I'm cooking a chicken in the crock pot for dinner tonight...Not sure what I will have with it but it will be good. We are having a weird summer too.... This has got to be one of the hottest we have had in a while. Yesterday it got to 99 degrees...Your cold front stalled right before it got to Houston, we did get some wild weather though. Sorry to hear about your virus, I hope we don't get it. Hope you and Lamar are doing well, have a great week.

PEA said...

I just finished picking yellow string beans, peas, carrots, cucumbers and potatoes out of the garden so guess what we're having for Sunday dinner! LOL Don't even need meat when you can have fresh veggies like that. I love fried baloney but have never had it in a sandwich, must try it sometime!!

It certainly has been a strange summer for you weather wise, I know that usually you have very high heat this time of year. Like you, I much prefer it being cooler:-) viruses...glad you were able to get rid of the one you had. They certainly can make life interesting can't they! lol

Take good care of YOU my friend. Love ya. xoxo

Amy said...

I'm with Brenda - mayo and tomato on that fried baloney! I love the thick sliced garlic baloney... *drool*

I'm a little worried about what winter has in store for us down here in Texas, too. It's been the hottest summer I can remember... so I wonder what winter will be like....

Betty said...

We have had a strange weather year also. I do wonder what winter will be like. That virus poped up when I was on facebook too. The first time I clicked and clicked I finely had to shut down and reboot. when it happened the second time It went away.
I love your blog.I don't know what we are having for dinner,but my son brought us some fresh snap beans I am going to steam.I am sure I can think of something to go with them.

MightyMom said...

hey girl, a page opening up over and over and over isn't a virus. it has something to do with the cache file on your computer. go through and do a disk cleanup. this will usually delete all the temp internet files (ie cookies) and will fix the problem.

happens here periodially...about every couple months.

amelia said...

Lasagna for us last Sunday because my son and family were here and it feeds a lot of people!

Cool here too with a nighttime low of 4C tonight.