Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sunday Dinner, July 12, 2009, And That's About All

I know it'll probably come as a disappointment to some that look forward to reading my menu for Sunday Dinner, but as we say around here, I'm give slap dab out and I ain't cookin' tonight for tomorrow's Sunday Dinner.

I've had Emmy all week and we're trying to get her potty trained, so every 15 minutes I have to get up and get her on the potty chair. About the time I get settled and comfortable in my recliner, it's time to do it all over again, and that's besides my other tasks and things I have to do.

In addition to that, the humidity is outrageous right now, and paired with the heat, it just wrings me out, so that's another strike against cooking tonight.

So, for Sunday Dinner this week, it'll be root hog or die for those in my little circle. How's that for an old Southern saying that I'll bet most of you have never encountered? ;-)

Lamar is on his way home from his brother's place in Fort Worth as I type this. He's riding Amtrak home, as he usually does, and if the train is on time he should be home about 4 am. Jessica is going to pick him up at the train station and bring him home, so that'll spoil her night's rest, but maybe she can get caught up sometime Sunday with a nap.

I have Emmy at least 3 days a week now, sometimes 4, from around 10:30 am to 7-ish, so I'll probably be kinda missing in action on the blogging scene. I'll try to comment and keep in touch, but this is one of those times when real life comes first and blogging may have to take a back seat for a while.

I don't even turn on the computer when Emmy's here because there's no point. She takes every bit of my attention, and she deserves my full attention anyway. She'll only be little for these few years, after all, and I don't want to miss a moment of this special time with her.

I'll try to sneak in a post sometime during the week, but don't bet the farm on it. You may end up looking for a place to house your pigs and chickens. ;o)

Hope y'all have a blessed Sunday, and a wonderful new week. May God meet all your needs, and may you have enough to share.


Sammy said...

Hi Diane,

That heat and humidity sounds just dreadful! I don't know how you all do it every year.

You're really spending long days with Emmy. I bet she loves her time with Grandma, but I know it must be exhausting for you. And with the potty training! I can't imagine, but I know my time for all that will come.

Yes, sometimes real life does take precedence over blogging! Hang in there! Stay cool! :-)

Lots of love,

Mountain Mama said...

It's been hot and sultry here too. Probably not as hot as where you are but for us it's a bit much. I am not cooking either. Lots of veggies and fruit in the refrigerator and I baked a fresh loaf of whole grain bread today. Thank God for the bread machine!!! Just toss all the ingredients in, push one button and get on with my day.

I certainly remember how hard it is to keep up with a two year old! There isn't time for anything but that kid but they are so dang cute it's all worth while. Aren't they precious when they are sleeping? ((smile))
Take care Diane and try to keep cool.
God bless

Linds said...

Humidity knocks me out too, Diane. I hate it. Heat I can stand. Humidity absolutely not.

I am actually cooking as I speak! A true miracle! Roast chicken with yellow beans and courgettes from my garden, with roast veg - potatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers and onion. Be impressed.

I am really looking forwad to David's laptop being fixed. I get no time on my OWN computer. I need to be more assertive. But then the sun is shining and the garden calls......
And I really do know how precious this time with Emmy is. My daughter-in-law goes back to teaching this week, and our little Emma will be with her other Granny. My heart breaks for Ann, having to leave her baby, but I know why she is doing it. I was so blessed to have that time home with my kids. Thanks heavens for Grannies, wherever they are!

Mother Mayhem said...

Enjoy a day of rest! :o)

It'll probably be root, hog, or die around here today too. Yes, I am southern. ;o)

Linda said...

Blessings to you too Diane!
Enjoy that sweet little girl. The time goes by far too quickly.
The heat is just horrible here too. It just seems to such all the energy out of everyone. We're just praying for rain - and temperatures under 100 degrees would be welcome too.

Dawn said...

I have had all 4 a lot of the time this week, and I'm tard! It was really hot yesterday, with humidity high for us (if it's over 50%), and I felt wrung out. I can't imagine it down there. I hope the potty training is going well - it is such an ordeal - my least favorite developmental stage! And then there's weaning from those treasured bottles. Oh, my.

We were going to grill pork chops and have corn on the cob (that's about it) when Care Bear asked to go to Culver's for lunch (on the way home for church). Sounded good to me! So the pork chops will wait till tomorrow. We have all 4 girls last night and today because Kristen went to Denver for a blind date her best friend from high school arrranged. The girls were really excited for her.

Bless you, friend! I know this time with Emmy is hard, but is also a blessing to both of you - and to Jess and Jason!

RennyBA said...

So for once I catch you the same day you post and always good to know your okay.

We had spaghetti bolognese today - Diane is a great chef you know while I set the table :-)

Love and hugs from your Viking Friend.

Brenda said...

Hi Diane,
I have missed your fun sense of humor while getting settled here!
I can't wait to get an internet card for our laptop so I can visit more, but at the same time I agree about Life First then blogging.
Oh, I sure don't miss the potty-training days!
Have an awesome week!

MightyMom said...

root hog or die???

is that anything like
"catch as catch can"?? which is our saying for you'll eat whatever you find or fix!!

Hey girl...I need to get this product review written up so's you can win yourself a free membership to this game because you and Ms Em will LOOOOVE it!! And it keeps her in one spot for hours! (at least it works for my three...yes, all three!) It's preschool aged and perfect for her.

Michael Manning said...

Love and (((HUGS))) to you, Diane. Enjoy time with Emmy and see you soon. Take care and stay cool! :D)

Aunt Jenny said...

Hey Diane...I got lucky and didn't have to cook Sunday here too...probably not Arkansas hot..but hot for here. (mid 90's) over 80 is too hot for me!!
We ended up going to a barbque at Steve's sister's house. Burgers and stuff. I just had to bring a big green salad..that was easy!
Have a great week!

kkryno said...

I can relate to no time for blogging! We have relatives here and the population count rose from two to four and now we have eleven! Whew! I don't know whether I'm upside down or inside- out! I would love to throw my grand-daughter into to the mix, but I'm afraid I'd have to break out my roller skates.

I hope everything is going better for you and yours. Have a great week.

Love, Vikki.

Nashe^ said...

You're right, Di. Soon enough ickle Emmy will be all grown up and won't need Gramma's help with a lotta things anymore! :)

Rachel said...

Root hog or die!! Hadn't heard that one in awhile Diane! My Dad said it all the time.

I had spaghetti and meatballs for my Sunday dinner.

It's humid here. I know what you mean. I just walk around the yard and I'm dripping with sweat doing nothing but being outside!

Little Emmy will sure enjoy these days with her Nana and they do grow so fast. Enjoy!!

Love and hugs,