Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sunday Dinner, June 28, 2009

See the question mark on that chef's serving tray? If you've been reading my blog for very long at all, you know what that means.

Diane ain't cookin' Sunday Dinner this week.

This is due to several different reasons, listed in no particular order:

1.} It's hotter than a French fried werewolf and I refuse to spend much time in a hot kitchen. It's 97F as I type this at 3:30 pm on Saturday afternoon. Supper tonight will be quick and easy, just as soon as I figure out what I'll be fixing.

2.} Lack of inspiration on the cook's part.

3.} Lack of inspiration coupled with the fact that it's the end of the month and the pantry is nearly bare, which greatly limits my options even if I were to suddenly become inspired.

As far as I'm concerned, we can either go out to eat somewhere cheap or stop and get sandwich stuff on the way home from church. I say somewhere cheap because as I said, it's the end of the month and the old bank account is about as empty as the pantry.

So, those are my plans for Sunday Dinner this week, or maybe I should more precisely say, my lack of plans.

What're your plans for Sunday Dinner? Feel free to share your menu/plans in the comments, although I feel obligated to warn you, if you're cooking something especially scrumptious or going out to eat at a yummy establishment I'll be terribly jealous of you. Don't let that stop you from sharing though.Some of you have asked in the comments here and on Facebook about Lamar's eye. Well, there's no news, still yet.

His eye remains the same and he's still on 2 different eye drops, 3 times a day, along with prednisone by mouth every other day. His left eye has normal vision from the center of the pupil to the outside of his eye, but from the center to the inside, toward his nose, his vision is gone, apparently permanently, unless God intervenes.

And remember the bloodwork the lab bungled? And Lamar and Jessica had to make that flying trip to Memphis so Lamar could give more blood samples? And we've waiting to hear from those samples that were sent on to another lab in California?

Well, guess what? They also lost and/or bungled those blood samples too!

So the nurse from the infectious disease specialist called yesterday morning to tell us that bad news, and to also tell us that the doctor was very unhappy about the lab's performance. The doctor then proceeded to call the lab and chewed out some butts, the end result being that the lab SENT A NURSE FROM MEMPHIS TO OUR HOME TO DRAW MORE BLOOD SAMPLES.

Yes, you read that correctly. We live 65 miles from Memphis and it's even farther if you factor in the distance to the doctor's office after you get into the city.

The doctor was livid about all the bungled tests and apparently she has some pull because about 4 pm Friday a nurse was in our living room drawing more blood samples from Lamar.

We're hoping and praying that these will finally yield some answers as to what caused Lamar's eye problems, but it's been so long since the initial problem that we're pretty much resigned to the fact that we may never know.Sunday would have been my Mama's birthday if she was still living. She was born June 28, 1929 and died April 13, 2005. I miss her every day.

Mama fought and lost a brave battle with cancer, dying less than 4 months from when Daddy died in December 2004.

I often think about how much Mama would have loved playing with Miss Emmy. Mama would have eaten her up with a spoon!

Happy birthday, Mama. I love you.

I wish you all a blessed, happy and COOL weekend, unless you live Down Under, in which case I hope you stay warm. ;o)

May God bless you with all you need and enough to share.


Jada said...

Hi Diane,

I'm going out to Olive Garden for lunch tomorrow after church. A group of us singles goes out to lunch nearly every Sunday. We used to all go to the same church, but now only two of us are at the church I attend. So it's a good way to stay in touch with those we don't see.

If I'm hungry at dinner time tomorrow, I have some of Mom's beef potpie that she made on Wednesday, along with some coleslaw.

How's your weekend going otherwise? I hope you're staying cool! It's about 84 here in central PA today, but there's no humidity!

Take good care,

Michael Manning said...

Diane: You'll never stop missing your Mom. I'm certain she was as beautiful a person as you are. My prayers are with you as you remember her and miss her. I'm glad you are taking a Sunday off. lol and (((HUGS))) from me! :)

Jess said...

No clue what tomorrow

See you in the morning.

We have new things going on...will tell you all about it tomorrow or you can read it in my post later tonigt or in the morning...we have been busy all day.

Love You.


Aunt Jenny said...

Mexican stroganoff for us. I havn't decided yet whether to have it over noodles or over rice yet. I vote for rice...but I have a feeling the rest of the tribe will want noodles. I will make a nice green salad to go with it, dinner rolls and I have chocolate cake that I made today for dessert.
It is a dinner entree that I made up and froze. It is thawing now to be heated up. I LOVE that I did that!!
It was beautiful here today..and hopefully will be tomorrow too. I am looking forward to my "day of rest". I dont think it will be totally restful, but I like to think I can be off this knee more than today! The gel shots didn't do a thing to help darn it!

MightyMom said...

well a fella hubby served with in the Navy 30 years ago is driving through our area today and we're gonna take him and him's wife out for lunch with all our clan. We'll decide where to go once they get here...whenever that may be.

I'll let you know how it all fares...should be interesting for sure!!

Hootin' Anni said...

Your mother was very beautiful Diane. And the red dress she was wearing for the photo is very becoming to her. [I too miss my mother!!]

And if you want my opinion. The cold cut sandwiches sounds just about next to's DARN hot!!!

Linda said...

Hi Diane,
I'm with you on the cooking thing. It has been over 100 degrees here for days. We barely feel like eating, let alone cooking.
I'm so sorry to hear about all that nonsense with the lab. It happens all too frequently these days. I will keep praying that the Lord will touch his eyes.
what a sweet picture of your dear Mother. I feel so blessed to still have my Mom with us. I can only imagine how much you must miss her.

Nashe^ said...

I hope everything is A-OK all the way there where you are, Di!
Blood tests are such a drag.

Dick said...

You lost your Mom shortly before I lost my Annie. Loosing those close to us is hard and I am finding that it happens more often as I get older.

As to dinner today, it is the 35th birthday for my younger son and we are all going out to Olive Garden (his choice) for dinner. It was a good choice.

Dawn said...

My baby brother was born on your mom's birthday - he's 51 today - makes me feel old! She was only two months younger than my mom.

I'm anxious to hear what lunch ended up being. I did my microwave lasagne, which is so good, easy, and doesn't heat up the kitchen. I'm sorry it's so hot there - we're having an unusually wet and cooler than usual early summer. Works for me!

What an ordeal with that lab - absolutely ridiculous and scary that they can be so irresponsible with something so very important.

I love your summer header.

Rachel said...

Diane, your Mom was a lovely lady and I know you miss her. I sure miss my Mom too. I know that on their birthdays it's always harder.

For dinner today I had chicken strips and a piece of white cake. I would rather have gone to the Olive Garden as one commenter made above!! I haven't been there in a long time. Our closest one is in Lexington. Just thinking of it makes me hungry now!!

I enjoyed your last post and reading about the goodies you received from Sarah!! That was a neat idea! Just learn to love that pink elephant!!! Haha!!

Mary said...


Yes, our pantry is always bare at the end of the month as well, so I do understand. It's hard to know what to fix. Tonight we had leaf lettuce from the garden in vinegar, the way Grandma used to fix it and rice with a little chicken thrown in that was leftover. This is the time when we often resort to sandwiches as well.

Still praying for Lamar's vision. I do hope these tests aren't bungled.

I'm sure your mother would have loved Miss Emmy. We do miss our parents after they're gone.

Please pray for my mother. The doctor gave her quinine for leg cramps and she had a terrible reaction to it. She is okay, but very weak and staying at my sister's.


Gigi said...

Diane, I had a salad for Sunday dinner, so no need to waste any jealousy on me! But I agree - when it's that hot, it just sucks the very life out of you. I don't blame you for not cooking!

I hope you have a very blessed week!

The Old Gray Mare said...

For some reason, I haven't been able to read your blog the past couple of weeks. Some dumb box keeps popping up saying "Operation Aborted". Huh?

Anyway, I was able to visit you this morning. Yay!

When it's so hot & muggy, cold cuts and salads always get my vote.

Still praying for Lamar's eye. It has to be beyond frustrating waiting to find out something.

I can't believe what a bungled mess that lab has made of things!

Hope you have a blessed week!

PEA said...

Hotter than a French fried werewolf, eh? Yup, that's hot! LOL Leave it to you to make me giggle right off the bat! lol It's cooled down quite a bit here so it's very pleasant once again...anything over 80F makes me miserable!! When it's hot like that, salad and sandwiches are usually what I make.

That's terrible about the blood samples having been bungled up twice now!! Glad the doctor did something about it and had a nurse come over instead of Lamar having to do that trip to Memphis again. I will keep him in my prayers. As you say, though, the longer time goes by the less chance there is to find out the initial cause.

Just looking at your mom's face, one can tell how wonderful she was. Her smile is absolutely beautiful. No doubt she would have simply adored Emmy!!

Take good care of yourself and know that I think of you often:-) xoxo

Mountain Mama said...

I can't believe how much trouble you have had with the sp called medical professionals. What's with that?
It was nice that a nurse came to your house to get new samples. I pray it's smooth sailing from here on.

Your comment about a 'french fried werewolf' tickled me. Where do you come up with all these neat phrases?

I didn't feel like cooking yesterday, in fact I had a very lazy day so ate as my MIL would have called 'piece-meal' A little of this and handfull of that. I did bake some lovely little sugar cookies, the kind that are in the cooler section of the market. I had some of those with tea and they were pretty good too.

I can relate to you missing your mom. She certanly had a beautiful smile. I can see the love in her eyes.
My mother passed on June 26 2001, and I miss her horribly. I think I miss her laugh and hugs most of all, and her chocolate cake.
Have a blessed week Diane. Love you

Barb said...

I think it's fantastic that the doctor was nice enough to send a nurse all the way to your house. It sure doesn't say much for that lab that they messed it up twice and I'd be a little hesitant to put much faith in any results they came up with.

I understand that you miss your mom every day. I can't even imagine. xoxoxo

Greeneyes said...

BSH,Diane !
Your momma is Emmys angel and watching over her ,I know you miss her terribly ,wish I could take that pain away for you,hold in your heart she is in a better place :-)What a wonderful woman she must have been to have raised such Daughters .

Love You Sister
Miss G

RennyBA said...

We have the same good reason for not cooking dinner in Norway too - around 86F for two weeks and that's hot up north in Norway you know!

What a great contribution to your Mom - I feel blessed mine is still alive.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Love and hugs from hot Norway :-)

Granny said...

So sorry to read about Lamar's vision problems (as if he didn't have enough to deal with already).

Hope you enjoy your 4th. We're having a bbq on Sunday. By then we're expecting a temperature drop to the high 90's. It hit 107 earlier this week.


Mother Mayhem said...

Cold cuts has such a nice ring to it doesn't it? :o)

I'm astonished at the care tat Lamar has received. Both the bad and the good. Still praying!

Mama was beautiful. HUGS.