Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunday Dinner, June 14, 2009

This week's Sunday Dinner is kind of in limbo right now.

Our church's Vacation Bible School starts Sunday evening and Cecil, Ducky and I are working in it. We don't know if we're all going to meet early to decorate or exactly how it's all going to unfold, but I'm prepared either way.

If we have time after church is over at noon to come back here and eat, I'm going to cook some fresh garden green beans given to us by a kind neighbor, brown some frozen hamburger patties and make some brown gravy to go over them, a la fake Salisbury steak, and make some homemade mashed potatoes.

That's all assuming we have time to come home, cook and eat before we have to be back at the church for VBS. If we don't have time for me to cook, your guess is as good as mine where we'll be eating. We may end up grabbing a fast burger before heading back to the church to get ready for VBS.

What's on the menu for your Sunday Dinner? Feel free to share your menu/plans in the comments.The same kindly neighbor that gave us the fresh garden green beans also gave us some yellow summer squash. Mr. S. has generously shared his garden bounty with us for nearly 24 years, the entire time Lamar and I have been married. He rarely accepts anything in return, but occasionally he's accepted some peach preserves or Kosher pickles I made from the fresh peaches and cucumbers he's given us.

Mr. S. is over 80 years old and is slowing down a little for some reason (!), but he just can't give up his gardening, and we are blessed to be just one of the beneficiaries of his labor of love.Our Saturday supper tonight was delicious if I do say so myself. I grilled some of that fresh yellow squash along with some pork chops and boneless, skinless chicken breasts, and stir fried some fresh garden green beans and tossed them in soy sauce about 3 minutes before I took them off the heat.

Boy was it good, and those first fresh veggies of the season always taste so good after a long Winter with little fresh produce.Lamar's eye is a little better according to the retina specialist from Memphis. Dr. Meyer says that although Lamar's eye is still very inflamed, the redness, swelling and internal structures of his eye are better than when he last examined him about 2 weeks ago.

Unfortunately Lamar's vision is no better and there's still no way to predict whether or not it will ever improve.

Also unfortunate is the fact that our local dr's. office lab bungled the tests on Lamar's urine sample, so Lamar had to make a flying trip to Memphis Friday morning so they could take more blood samples and a urine sample.

Jessica and Lamar had to leave before 6 am Friday morning in order to arrive at the specialist's office by 7:30 am, then we had an appointment to see Dr. Meyer in Jonesboro at noon.

The lab work they did last week is still inconclusive so we're hoping to find out something from the new set of tests. The doctors still don't have any answers for us, which is very frustrating to us.

Lamar's next appointment with Dr. Meyer is in a month, but if they find anything conclusive from the lab work we should hear from them before then, and that appointment may be moved up if necessary. Talk about a long, tiring day! Diane was one TARD gal Friday night. We sat in the dr's. office Friday from noon until after 6 pm! And for the last 2 hours we were under tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings. The office manager came around and told us how to get to the safe room and to be ready to go there on a moment's notice.

Thankfully we didn't have to go to the safe room, and although there was a report of a tornado on the ground in our little town, when we arrived home we didn't find any damage.

This has been one of the stormiest Springs that I can recall, and at nearly 46 I've lived through a lot of stormy Arkansas weather.It's been hot and muggy here this week, and this next week promises to be even more miserably hot and humid. We have VBS all next week and the highs are forecast to be in the upper 90's, naturally.

It is the middle of June though, so it's time for hot, muggy weather. Of course if you check back here around Thanksgiving I may be giving the same weather report.

Just one of the joys of living in Arkansas: predictably unpredictable weather. :-/I need to get this posted before anybody else emails me or messages me on MY FACEBOOK PAGE to see if my Sunday Dinner blog post is up. (Hi, LUCY!)

Y'all have a great Sunday, and may God bless you with all you need and enough to share.


zzop357 said...

WHOO WOOO!!! I'm first!!!!
I'm glad you didn't get blew away. We are fine. A few trees are down but thats all. I hope Mar gets better soon.
Love you Sister, Donna

Lucy Stern said...

Hi Diane, Glad you are up and posted... I hope you get to come home and get some dinner before going back up to the church to set up for VBS.... You already know what I'm cooking for

It is wonderful that you have such a nice neighbor who give you fresh veggies from his garden. My dad loved to garden too... As far back as I can remember, we had a garden... Dad had a green thumb and anything he planted, grew.... The last year he was alive, he had to quit his gardening and it nearly killed him... He loved it so much, but his body could no longer handle it. I loved his fresh tomatoes and bell peppers...My mouth waters, just thinking about it.

I am glad that Lamar is doing better... I know you will be glad when they come up with a "reason" for all of this...Waiting is the hard part....

Give Miss Emily a hug for me.... Enjoy you week of VBS....Love ya.

Aunt Jenny said...

I am so glad to hear that Lamar is better!! Hopefully he will keep right on improving all the time. I sure keep praying!
Our Sunday dinner tomorrow will be a ham with orange marmalade glaze, with mashed potatoes and gravy and fresh broccoli and green salad and watermelon.
Have a wonderful restful Sunday!!

Boo-Bah said...

Well I am glad that the Dr. thinks the eye is better. It must be so hard to wait to see if vision will improve. I hope you get some definite answers as to what the problem is.

Wow! Sitting in the Doctors office for 6 hours, that would about do me in.

Glad there was no damage from the tornado in your town.

Your menu sounds so good. I love fresh green beans and meat patties with mushroom gravy.

Were going out tomorrow night, but Monday I will probably cook and the only thing I have planned so far is dessert of course. It will be Mandarin Orange Cake.


Dawn said...

Our VBS is at night, too - wish it was in the day, because it gives the girls something to do every day without having to plan. They're going to their second one in the daytime starting tomorrow. It's great that they're up for going to "strange" churches.

Last night's supper sounds yummy! Today sounds a bit uncertain for you. We're having bbq ribs in the oven, not the grill.

Our weather has been weird - cool and wet. Today is the second day in a row to have sunshine in the morning. I'm not ready for heat, but the sun is nice.

Missing you around my place! I hope things calm down for you with all the dr. visits - that is NOT fun!

RennyBA said...

Nothing is like fresh garden green vegies - so fresh, healthy and good looking. I'm glad it's summer so we can get a whole of it in Norway too!

Still crossing my fingers and toes for Lamar!

May God bless you with all you need and enough to share too Diane :-)

Barb said...

Hey! I just this moment finished planting six little hills of blue morning glories that look just like your cute button. I'm tired of fighting my neighbor's stupid weeds that creep under my fence so I'm going to smother them in morning glories. Hmmmpf.

Mr. S sounds like my 82 year old gardening daddy. He lives in a retirement community now and is upset because he couldn't talk the management into letting him hang topsy turvy tomatoes from the roof. LOL He's living in a little one bedroom apartment now and still, he must grow food!

(Management told him they had nightmare visions of tomatoes falling off his plants and hitting the residents as they walked on the walkways. :-)

Your poor family is just spending too much time running back and forth to Memphis and sitting for hours and hours in doctors' offices. I'll be glad when they get to the bottom of this, Diane, for all of your sakes.

Keeping Lamar's eye in my prayers and you too. I'm sure this is wearing you out.


Jess said...

Missed coming to church... car probs...and yes I love Mr. S too! I need to cook that squash soon.

Have a good week and see you tomorrow probably.

Love, Jess

Linda said...

What a blessing to have such a sweet neighbor. There really is nothing like fresh veggies.
I'm so sorry you've had all those problems with the lab. We are finding similar things with my Dad. So few people seem to do their jobs really well these days.
I'll be in prayer for both of you.

Linda said...

What a blessing to have such a sweet neighbor. There really is nothing like fresh veggies.
I'm so sorry you've had all those problems with the lab. We are finding similar things with my Dad. So few people seem to do their jobs really well these days.
I'll be in prayer for both of you.

MightyMom said...

umm that stir fry does sound good!

Dick said...

I am sorry to hear that you are still hanging out waiting for a good diagnosis for Lamar's eye problem. I hope it will come soon. As to being TARD after a full day of doctoring, I remember well many days like that with Annie. It wasn't uncommon for us to see three and occasionally four doctors in a week and that didn't count labs.

Our dinner today was some kind of a Mexican like casserole that Pat concocted. It was very good. Yesterday we went to Olive Garden.

Our weather is odd but in a very nice way. Today was the 25th consecutive day without measurable precipitation. If it exceeds 29 days (Thursday) it would set a new record for the May/June time frame. It is looking like it may well break that record. Our daily highs have been in the 70s for the most part with a few days in the low 80s a week or so ago. I'll take it.

Mother Mayhem said...

Hot, muggy, and stormy here in Kentucky too. Ugh.

Saturday dinner sounds yummy. LOVE me some fresh veggies! :o)

Sunday dinner came from Sonic. It was all rather blah.

Have a wonderful week! HUGS

Judith said...

Hello again, Diane, I am still praying for for all of you, especially your hubby.

Betty said...

I am glad that Lamar is improving I will keep sending good thoughts and prayers. Your dinners always sound sooo good.

kkryno said...

The weather has been so sparadic here, but mostly rainy the last 4-5days. Today has restored my faith in Mother Nature, because it is sunny and beautiful! We spent most of it helping a frienbd deliver then retrieve her car from a detail shop so she could get it ready for Craig's List.

I'm must get to the yard-work post haste: before the weather lady hears I would like to enjoy the sunshine!

In the words of some obscure tee-vee ad-vert; "No rain, no rainbows!"

I tried to post a comment last night, but blogger was out for maintnence. I really just want you and Lamar to know how much I think about you two; and that I'm sending good thoughts and prayers for things to smooth out in your neck of the woods.

I may not have a formal church home, but I do know the power of our Lord and what He can do for those who ask for His blessings. He does listen to and answer our prayers and needs and worries. I know that for people like you and your loved ones, there is a wonderful plan that will be revealed soon. Hang in there!

Love, Vikki.

Staci said...

Hi Diane! I just sent you a friend request on Facebook... and I'm wondering if you want to be my neighbor on Farm Town :)



Nancy said...

I am going to be reading blogs for awhile today...I hope! Yours makes me tired just reading what all you've been doing!

I certainly hope and pray they get to the bottom ofm Lamar's problem soon. I know how agonizing the wait can be from my own experience. Hang in there...there's got to be an answer!!! With your strong faith, I just know the good Lord is there with you both all the way.

Your gardening neighbor sounds like my step-grandpa (Wardie (as we called him) if you recall a post I did on him and my Grandma Jenny. He had a garded til he was 93 and had to carry the water to water it! No outdoor spigot at the house where he grew his garden. Bless his heart. And it was probably at least 1200 sq. ft. plot! I can remember it so well....

You and your cooking! You always make me hungry!!! LOL Sounds so good!!! I've said it before, and I'm going to say it again, I wish I lived closer to you!!! LOL


Gigi said...

Ahh...nothing better than fresh fruits and veggies!!

I'm glad to read that Lamar's eye is showing signs of improvement. I will continue to pray for healing - let's just believe that his vision will follow! Amen and amen!

Rachel said...

Hi Diane! Your food sounds so good! I'd still like to someday sit at your table and eat some of that delicious food!!

We have had the same weather here. Storms and storm warnings. Yesterday was one storm after another. More probably today. Tomorrow they are not giving any rain so it'll be my only chance to get the lawn mowed.

I'm glad Lamar's eye is healing. I do so hope his vision improves too.

Hugs to you dear lady!

nancy said...

Hi, Sweetie! Not knowing about Lamar's condition is certainly frustrating. It's so much easier when you know what you're dealing with. Then you can take some kind of action.
I always check your weather and pray for you guys when it's bad. We've had much of the same thing, but the storms keep skirting the edges of our area - both north and south - and we have not had any real weather in the Columbus area.

They keep putting us under severe weather watches and then taking us off the list as it passes us by. ?!?

there's a teeny meme on my blog today and I'd love to hear your answers if you feel like doing it.

moreofhim said...

Will continue to pray for Lamar! Also, for you, as I know how hard it is when our loved one is sick!

I hope you didn't get too tired with the VBS this week. I've volunteered for that, too, and it's exhausting! LOL

Take care and God bless you - Julie

Lakeland Jo said...

your cooking makes me feel very peckish ( hungry)- can I pop over for a plateful sometime. I love hearing about your extreme weather- I can't imagine tournadoes and very hot humid weather. We still have to put our heating on sometimes here at the moment- it can still be really chilly in the mornings

Sammy said...

Hi Diane,
I'm so late getting to this post. Things have been a bit busy around here.

I hope you all survived the week of VBS in that terrible heat. I really could not survive your summers. It gets hot here in August for a few weeks and that's about all I can take.

I really hope Lamar continues to improve and that you all get to the bottom of the situation soon. Sounds like it's been stressful and tiring for you both.

Your neighbor sounds amazing. What a blessing he sounds like to share vegetables with you all.

Have a good weekend, Diane.

the voice of melody said...

Isn't it wonderful to have neighbors like that? He sounds like such a sweet man and I'm sure he's thrilled to have you as neighbors too.