Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sunday Dinner, May 31, 2009 & Update On Lamar

Howdy, all. I'm sure you've guessed what the entree for this week's Sunday Dinner is, if you've paid any attention to the graphic to the left.

Homemade meatballs and gravy, rice, and flat Italian green beans and purple hull peas from the freezer.

I'll make the meatballs and cook the peas and green beans tonight. When I get home from church Sunday afternoon I'll make the gravy and cook the rice while everything else is reheating.

That's it for our Sunday Dinner menu. What are your plans/menu for Sunday Dinner this week? Share your plans in the comments if you'd like to participate this week.Not much else to report around here. I'm going to hit some highlights in a listing format because most of these things don't bear expounding upon.

**I'm typing this in a hurry because I need to get this posted so I can cook our Saturday Supper. My niece and nephew gave us some catfish from their freezer several weeks ago. This afternoon I got it out and put it in some water in the sink to thaw for our supper.

Imagine my surprise when it began thawing and I realized that our fish had become squirrel! Change of plans and menu for tonight. Instead of fish we're having fried squirrel and cream gravy and some macaroni and tomatoes.

Still good, but I had to readjust my taste buds because I had them all geared up for catfish.

**Now for the update on Lamar's eye, although it isn't much of an update.

There's not really much to report. Lamar's eye is no worse and not much better. At times he says he can see a bit better, but then his vision becomes just as bad as it ever was.

We're still waiting to get an appointment with a virologist/infectious disease specialist. The doctor we're waiting to see is on vacation until Monday so it will be sometime after that.

Lamar feels fine otherwise, just can't see well with his left eye and still on 3 different eye drops and prednisone by mouth every day.

**It's getting hot and was already humid, just typical weather for May in Arkansas.

**I got a paper cut opening an a piece of mail earlier. It's on my right thumb, which is also my mouse hand and space bar operator on the keyboard. I hate paper cuts, they seem to hurt worse than almost any other kind of cut.

And to add insult to injury, it turns out that the mail isn't even ours. It had our address on it, but the wrong name. Of course I didn't realize that until I'd already opened it and cut my thumb on the envelope flap. Naturally.

**After further review at my checkup on Thursday, my doctor decided to put me on a statin for my cholesterol. Although my total cholesterol was good for most people, since I'm also a diabetic she wants to lower my total cholesterol to less than 100 points, and also wants my triglycerides lower too.

**She also added another blood pressure med to the one I'm already taking. I'd been on the same BP med for 25 years, literally, but my dyazide was beginning to lose it's effectiveness for me and my BP was ever so gradually creeping up.

So she put me on Hyzaar and added Norvasc, which I've taken in the past. Hopefully they'll bring me down below 120 over 80. She'd like it to be around 110 over 70, which is my normal reading when it's properly controlled.

** Vacation Bible School starts in 2 weeks! If it's like past years, it will be hot, loud, and tiring, but oh so rewarding and worth it. I'll be keeping records again this year.I think that's it for now. I need to go start my supper and also make my preparations for Sunday dinner tomorrow.

I wish you all a wonderful and blessed Sunday. May God bless you with all you need and enough to share.


Mary said...


You Sunday dinner sounds delicious, as always. I saw on FB where you were having squirrel for supper. Do you flour it and fry it?

I'm sorry that Lamar's eye is no better. Hopefully the specialist will know something that can be done.

Enjoyed catching up with you. Enjoy the evening.

Nancy said...

Squirrel? We talked about this earlier....never had it but would be willing to give it a try! Now, meatballs? They are a favorite of mine!!! But with spaghetti sauce! YUM!

I sure hope Lamar gets an appointment soon with the virologist, so they can get to the bottom of his problem. I know what a concern and worry it has been for you both. Our eyes are just so important, but they do get fuzzy (like mine have) with age. But Lamar is so young yet! You know, we all will be waiting to hear any new updates on him!

Sounds like you are taking care of yourself! You must have a good doctor, one who cares.

Oh, those paper cuts are terrible! I hate them!! Hope yours heals quickly as you need that thumb for the computer! I would hate to be out of commission while a cut like that healed! LOL

Have a blessed Sunday!

((( HUGS )))

Dick said...

I'll agree with the other two comments and add that I think we will be going out to dinner tomorrow but am not yet sure which restaurant. I'm leaning toward either Olive Garden or Asian 1. But Pat may have some other suggestion. Tonight it is tacos at home.

Dawn said...

I have the kiddoes again this week-end. Now Kristen has pleursy - it just never ends with her health lately. Please pray. So I'm fixing a pork roast tomorrow, which nobody will eat except the adults (if Kristen is here, it'll be just 3 of us). But that's what I have in mind. Simple simple simple. I promised Feisty some brownies, so need to throw those in the oven.

Sorry about the paper cut - they are the worst! And for no good reason - somebody else's mail. Funny!

VBS already! Ours isn't till August, I think. But Care Bear will be heading to mini camp in the mountains soon - a bit first. Kristen went when she just finished first grade, too, so we're keeping up the tradition.

Have a great Sunday. I think I'll pass on the squirrel!

Staci said...

I've never tried squirrel, but I've never heard anyone say it wasn't good, if they've tried it. Macaroni and tomatoes is one of my all-time favorites though. Wish I were there!

Chloe and I are having watermelon and strawberries tonight, and who knows about tomorrow. It's too hot to eat!

Lucy Stern said...

Oh Lord, I don't think I could eat fried squirrel. I don't know what I will be doing for dinner tomorrow, I'm so tired right now that I can't even think straight.

I hope they figure out what is wrong with Lamar's eye and get it under control They sure have him on a lot of medication....Good luck.

How is Jessica, Jason and Miss Emily doing? Summer is upon us and I know that Emily will want to be swimming soon..

Have a good week, Diane...My fingers are crossed for Lamar.

MightyMom said...

if she comes a friend is sposed to be bringing Lasagna tomorrow night. we'll see. I asked for a visit and got offered food instead. sigh. hubby cooks so well food isn't as great a gift as an hour of conversation. but maybe I just need an attitude adjustment.

glad all is well..hope you enjoyed that squirrel! wonder if they're gonna miss it?

meatballs sound yummy!

get you back to emailing girl! I don't care if you have to spend all day talking to the man in the moon!! you are MISSED!

Judith said...

Still praying for your hubby.

Trying Hard To Cook Mom said...

I always look forward on your posts regarding your Sunday Meals. I had burnt meatballs yesterday. Your meatballs are perfectly golden. LOL

Linda said...

It is always good to catch up with your news Diane.
I'm so sorry Lamar's eye isn't any better. We'll continue to pray that the specialist will be able to help him and that his vision will clear.
In the meantime, enjoy your delicious sunday dinner and have a blessed sunday.

Betty said...

Your Sunday dinners always sound so tasty,but I don't think I could eat squrrel I eat very little meat mainly fish and chicken.
I too have diabetes. It is hard to keep all of the numbers where they belong,but it is better then all the things that could happen if you don't.
Love and Prayers ~~Betty~~

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
I'm trying to do a bit of catch up on blogging. Love your Sunday dinner menu (the squirrel maybe not so much!) I do have a number of cute but pesky squirrels in the garden but can't quite visualize them on my dinner table. Too much a city girl I guess!!
Bill wants to go out for dinner tonight, so no cooking for me!
Still praying for Lamar's eyes..

Sammy said...

Hi Diane,

I'm really sorry to hear Lamar's eye is no better.

Paper cuts are the worst! They are just so aggravating until they heal!

Squirrel? I'm not so sure about that. But I LOVE that you said you had to adjust your tastebuds. I know exactly what you mean! :-)

I'm keeping Lamar in my prayers!

Gigi said...

Still praying, Diane...I hope the visit to the specialist will shed some light on a better treatment plan for Lamar.

Have a blessed week, my friend!

nancy said...

I've never had squirrel, but I suppose it "tastes just like chicken". Probably tastes more like rabbit.
Once, back in the 'good old days', we were so poor that I cooked rabbit for 13 days straight because it was all we had. Ever had rabbit spaghetti? Don't go real far out of your way to try it.
I have not eaten rabbit since then. That was 35 years ago, and I still don't miss it.
It sounds to me like Lamar is going to be all right. It's not any worse, and he can see some of the time. Hope you can get it all taken care of very soon. He doesn't need this! God surely has better for him.

Pearl said...

My father always told stories of having squirrel for dinner. He said it was quite good. I am sure it depends on how it is prepared.
Well I am glad to hear that Lamar is having some good days. Hopefully those will start to out- number the bad.
Good luck with your new meds.

Take good care.

PEA said...

Dearest Diane,

Hello my friend:-) Finally here to catch up on all your latest news. I have never eaten fried squirrel and not sure if I ever want to try it! lol Meatballs and gravy, though, are one of my favourites:-)

It must be so frustrating waiting to find out what exactly is going on with Lamar's eye. Please know that my prayers continue for him. Oh dear, a paper're so right, those darn things hurt more than anything!! lol

Best of luck with the new meds, hopefully they will help you regulate your blood pressure.

Would you believe we had snow yesterday? Today it's still cold and now raining. Good thing I haven't planted my annuals yet, otherwise they'd all be frozen!! xoxo

kkryno said...

Wow! Everytime that you post about meatballs, I get real hungry for them. I think that's what we'll be having for our meal tonite. Yum!

I hope Lamr feels better soo. You are all in my thoughts and hopes right now; just know that.

Love, Vikki.

Mountain Mama said...

I've never had squirrel. Can you describe what it tastes like?

Sorry Lamar's eye isn't better yet. I pray it will be soon.

I'm sure the new meds will bring your Cholesterol and BP down. If it worked before it will work again.

I hope you are having a wonderful week Diane.
God bless

Aunt Jenny said...

Hi there...I had no internet service all I am just now reading this..your dinner sounded like it would be good as usual!
We had ham, scalloped potatoes and broccoli and some wonderful onion cheese rolls that a friend brought over in trade for fresh milk. (she is an awesome person to barter with..let me tell you!!)
I was on Hyzaar for a time last summer when I first started taking bp meds..and I couldn't take it. It was the water pill part of it that I can't take...diuretics make me feel faint! I passed out in a quilt shop..nice huh? I had been on Cozaar right before the Hyzaar..and tolerated that fine..just wasn't working well. I am still getting my bp meds changed now and then ..sigh. I hope this works great for you!
Have a great week!!

Aunt Jenny said...

I forgot to mention...I have eaten SO many different meats...all kinds of game and all..grew up in a hunting family..but have never tried squirrel. They are very small and no one eats them where I grew up (or here either) so I never have. My oldest son had fried squirrel when he lived in Kentucky and said "tastes like chicken" haha.

Lisa Sherrill Roach said...

Hope you are having a good week with the exception of the power outage yesterday. I tagged you with an award over on my blog!

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my gosh, Diane, I didn't realize that Lamar was having all the vision troubles. I do hope that something can be done to help....and soon.

Meatballs, gravy and rice. Yum

Sorry, I haven't been around to visit more frequently, just been very busy with house painting and other projects these days.

Hope you're having a blessed week.

Mim said...

Checking in with you to see how Lamar's eyes are. And your health too?
Hope you are both doing better!
You've been through an exhausting time.

Barb said...

It cracked me up that your catfish turned into squirrel. You know, growing up, we ate a lot of both of those. I haven't had decent catfish since I left southeast Texas and I haven't had squirrel since I stopped living with my dad and my brothers. LOL

I'm glad your doctor is taking such good care of you. Diabetes complicates everything, doesn't it?

I'm still praying for Lamar. I'll be glad when they get to the bottom of this.