Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sunday Dinner, May 17, 2009, Mother's Day pics & Other Ramblings

See the little serving pot with the chicken on it, in the graphic to the left? Just imagine that the pot is filled with chicken and brown rice, 'cause that's our main dish for Sunday Dinner at Diane's Place this week if you're dining with us.

I'm going to cook some frozen green lima beans tonight and cook some corn on the cob when I get home from church tomorrow afternoon. If there are several more than usual here for lunch I'll open a few cans of green beans to round out the meal.

That's the menu for Sunday dinner: Chicken and brown rice, green lima beans, corn on the cob, and if I have a crowd I'll open some green beans to add to the meal.

What's on tap for your Sunday Dinner? Share your plans/menu in the comments if you've got the notion.This past week was a whirlwind of activity, some good, some not so good.

Mother's Day was good. JESSICA and Emmy were at church with me Sunday morning. For Mother's Day, Jessica gave me a lovely card that she and Emmy both wrote in, 4 really pretty roses with baby's breath and Jessica gave me a pedicure Saturday night, all much appreciated. Pictures taken at church Sunday morning are at the bottom of this post.

For my Sunday Dinner (lunch to most of you) I went with Jessica, Emmy, Cecil, Ducky and several friends from our church to a local restaurant. We enjoyed everything, including chicken strips, steaks, barbecue ribs and burgers and more. I had the steak, and it was really good.Monday was spent with Cecil and Sue. We went to eat at O'Charley's for lunch and then I sat in the car at Kohl's while Sue and Cecil shopped. We went to the mall for a while and I sat and sipped coffee and read a book while the sisters shopped in there.

We ended up back here at my place and just sat around watching TV and gabbing until time for them to go home.Tuesday Cecil had a hair appointment at 11:45 am. I stayed home and cooked lunch for us. Remember that ham I said we might have for Mother's Day dinner, if I cooked? Well, that's what we had for Tuesday dinner. I sliced off some of the ham and fried it for sandwiches. I still have some left on the bone to slice off, and the bone will go into the bean soup pot sometime soon.

The week goes downhill from there.Wednesday morning Lamar woke up with a bloodshot eye, his left one. It looked a little irritated, but nothing more. As the day wore though, his eye began swelling and he was having pains behind it. By late Wednesday night we knew it was something out of the ordinary, so Lamar called our opthalmologist and they saw him early Thursday morning.

Our eye doctor knew immediately that there was something seriously wrong with Lamar's eye and sent him down the street to an eye specialist. We've lost count of the tests they've done on Lamar's eye, and some of them were done multiple times on Thursday and Friday. We even sat in the ER of our local hospital on Thursday evening so they could do an emergency CT scan of Lamar's head to rule out a stroke or clot that might have been putting pressure on his eye, but praise the Lord, it was negative.

Incidentally, the CT was done in the same hospital where Jessica works and she was able to be with us during the test and while we waited on the results. We went home for the night with 3 different kinds of eye drops, some of which have to be given every 2 hours during his waking times. At least he doesn't have to wake up every 2 hours during the night for them.

At 10 am Friday morning we headed back to the eye specialist for another long day of tests and to see a retina specialist from Memphis, who was very concerned and sent us to the other local hospital for an emergency MRI. There was some confusion about reading the MRI as it was Friday night and most of the staff and doctors are gone for the weekend.

The retina specialist from Memphis gave us his personal cell phone number and told us to call if we had any concerns whatsoever, so we called him to make sure it was okay for us to go home. He had told us Lamar might have to be admitted to the hospital on the spot so he could receive clot busting drugs for a thrombosis in the back of his eye, but the radiologist who read the report didn't think it was severe enough at the time to need the clot busting drugs.

We were reassured after talking to the retina specialist and finally headed to Wal*mart for another prescription and a refill on one of the drops, and to finally be able to eat. Other than some snack cakes and coffee put out at lunch time, we didn't eat all day long Friday, until 8 pm that night. Lamar couldn't eat because of the tests and the possibility of being admitted to the hospital, and his Mom and I wouldn't leave him to go out for a meal.

Mc*Donald's chicken nuggets and lukewarm fries never tasted so good.

So now we go back Monday morning to have Lamar's eye checked again, then back Friday morning to see the retina specialist from Memphis again, barring any complications in the meantime.

There's still some uncertainty as to exactly what's wrong with Lamar's eye, but they think it's something called "acute angle closure glaucoma". The doctors say it's a "most unusual case" and it's the worst case they've ever seen, especially in someone so young (46). Apparently this type of glaucoma is uncommon, and the particular type they think Lamar has is even more rare.

Figures. I told Lamar, trust him to have something odd and unusual, lol.

Those are not reassuring words when they're speaking about your health. They're not entirely certain this is what they're dealing with and they told us we'll have to deal with it day by day. I foresee many more tests and procedures for Lamar, and many more days spent in the doctor's office.

The doctor's haven't offered us any predictions whether Lamar's sight in that eye will improve or worsen or if, heaven forbid, he'll go blind in that eye. At this point, nobody really knows what will happen from here, including his doctors.

Up until now Lamar's had perfect vision other than needing reading glasses in the last few years, so this was a bolt out of the blue for him. Since he's handicapped with his cerebral palsy he really values his sight and hearing. He told me the other night that given a choice, he'd choose losing his hearing over his sight.

But this is not in our hands, it's all in God's hands. If you're a praying person we'd appreciate your prayers for Lamar, that the doctors will correctly diagnose and treat his eye, and that he wouldn't lose quality of vision in his eye.

We appreciate the skill of the doctors and surgeons, but ultimately, we realize that the Great Physician is in control.

Thank you in advance for your prayers. :-)I don't want to end my post on such a somber note, so I'm going to leave y'all with some pictures from Mother's Day at church. I won't caption them because I think you know who's who by now, but if you have questions about them just leave them in the comments or email me.

Y'all have a wonderful Sunday. May God meet all your needs, and may you have enough to share, dear family and friends.


violetlady said...

I always enjoy reading what you are planning for Sunday dinner. This one sounds especially delicious. I hope Lamar's eye improves with each day. At first it sounded like detached retina which is serious, too. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Lamar.

Jess said...

Dont think we will be there for lunch but will be seeing you at church. Love you and you know I'm praying for dad.


Susie said...

Hi Diane,
Your Sunday dinner sounds yummy as usual. It's so hot here that I think we'll be having a salad meal probably with chicken. That's as far as I'm thinking right now :)
I know how worried you must be about Lamar's eye. Dad first developed glaucoma when he was around 40 and has taken meds for many years. One's eyesight is such a precious gift and I'll certainly be keeping Lamar in my prayers.

Mountain Mama said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Lamar is having trouble with his eye. That is so scary. I will be holding him up in prayer.

Your Sunday dinner does sound nummy Diane.I have never used frozen lima beans before but I have been cooking a lot of those dried butter beans. My gosh those are good! A little bacon or ham, a little onion a bit of garlic and a big hunk of homemade bread. Oh yes!

I don't have plans for tomorows dinner but I made up a batch of my favorite blue cheese salad dressing and a big green salad so I think that will be part of my dinner. I do have some chunks of beef, I think I might BBQ in the oven. It sounds good tonight anyhow.

Your Mother's Day pictures are sweet. And wasn't that nice of Jess to give you a pedicure? She is such a sweet daughter. You are so blessed.
As usua little miss Emmy is just precious. I love that new thing she does with her mouth. I have seen it in a few pictures now. So cute!
Have a great Sunday Diane.
God bless you and yours.

Gigi said...

My goodness...what a time you've had. Of course I will keep Lamar eye issue in my prayers. How wonderful it is that we can take our concerns and petitions to our Father.

Beautiful pictures...three generations of lovely women!

Have a blessed week my friend!

Aunt Jenny said...

I will sure keep Lamar in my prayers...eye things are scary!!
I loved seeing your pictures! Are you very small or is Jessica tall? (or both?) I am 6 inches taller than my Mom. (she is 5'2" and I am
your Sunday dinner sounds yummy as usual.
I am making beef kabobs, rice and probably corn or a green salad and then corn bread for tomorrow. I have been craving corn bread.
Have a nice relaxing rest of the weekend!

Lynne said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and Lamar - hope they can find out exactly what's going on with his eye and heal it.

Staci said...

Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with both you and Lamar.

Loved those pictures, as usual!

boomama said...

So sorry about Lamar's eye - hug him for us and keep us posted!

Lucy Stern said...

I have no idea what I am going to cook for dinner, but I better make a decision and take something out to Your chicken and brown rice sounds so good.

Still praying or Lamar.... I hope they are able to relieve the pressure on his eye soon. I know that Glucoma can be very serious....

Glad you had a good mothers day... Have a great week...You and Lamar will be on my mind. See ya on FB.

Dawn said...

Wow - this week took a mad turn, didn't it? I am praying for Lamar, and for you. Any week that ends up with that many appointments and that many hours in waiting rooms is not a good thing!

I love the future accompanist at your church - so cute. I, too, have noticed her new little "grimace" smile - hilarious!

We will be alone for dinner for a change, and went to the zoo yesterday for Feisty's b-day celebration, so I haven't a clue what we'll have today. I am quite sure we won't be eating out, since we've done that so often in the last two weeks when we've had the kiddoes 24/7 and I've been so dog tired by supper time.

Have a great day! Has it stopped raining?

Lib said...

Hi Diane,
Praying Lamar will soon be well! So sorry to hear about his eye!
Love the pics. :o)
We're having a salad,gr,beans, chicken ,Tx. garlic toast.
Hope you have a better wk.

Mother Mayhem said...

We went to Sonic after church this morning. I'm thinking left over soup beans later on this evening. :o)

Praying for Lamar. HUGS.

kkryno said...

My most heart-felt and earnest prayers for Lamar; and for you as well, Diane. Please remember to take care of yourself during this worrisome time, too!

The Mother's Day pics are wonderful. You all look so happy!

Many hugs!

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Egads Diane, I hope they can fix Lamar's eye. Sounds painful and serious. Great pictures as always. I'm enjoying a week's vacation this week. Lots of projects and day trips planned. Sounds like you have had your hands full. Keep us informed.

Best always, Linda

kansasrose said...

Lamar is in my prayers hon. I pray it's not serious and his eye can be restored to full health. You must be so worried hon! God is with you all dear friends. The photos of you and your 'girls' are lovely Diane. Pretty in pink! :) Have a blessed week, hope the news is good for Lamar. I'm sure gonna pray! Love ya, Jen

Wander said...

We are praying for Lamar's recovered eye health. I've even asked both sets of my in-laws to add him to their prayer lists at church.

You would have gotten a giggle out of me explaining how I knew y'all without divulging the fact that I have a blog and that is how I was acquainted with you.

Many hugs my friend.

Rachel said...

Hi Diane,
Sorry to hear about Lamar's eye. I hope it all turns out better than it sounds! I'll keep him in my prayers.

Love your Mother's Day pictures!!


MightyMom said...

well Good grief girl, cain't you just have a plain old boring month for a change???


will remember Lamar.

oh, and I'm not sure on your pics there.....who's that BIG GIRL playing that pianer!??

Anonymous said...

been thinking and praying for Lamar a lot

LOVE the photos
Emmy is growing up fast


RennyBA said...

HHHHmmmm; chicken and brown rice - but why do you collar them? :lol:

What great Moms pictures - Emmy is lucky!

Wishing you a great week.

Love and Hugs,

-Renny - and Diane says hello too :-)

Jeanette said...

Gday Dianne.So sorry to read about Lamar. Deep in my thoughs and wish him a very speedy recovery..
Lovely Happy Pics in the church.

The Old Gray Mare said...

Praying for Lamar's eye. That the drs. will figure out the problem and that it will completely heal.

Sammy said...


I am so sorry to hear about Lamar's eye and all you have had to go through in getting a diagnosis. I will most definitely be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted. I really will be thinking of him, as well as you and Jess.

I'm glad Jess and Emmy loved on you on Mother's Day. Sounds like they took good care of you! :-)

Lots of love.

Barb said...

Very scary, Diane. I hope they get to the bottom of this soon - it's got to be very upsetting for all of you and especially Lamar. Of course I'll keep him in my prayers.

You girls look so pretty in pink. I love the way you're manhandling Emmy in that one picture. Boy, I carry Avery around like that a lot too! :-)

I hope you get some answers this week. xoxo

the voice of melody said...

I hope Lamar's eye is back to normal soon. I'm sure the scariest part is not knowing what the problem is just yet and how to fix it. As you said, God is the Greatest Physician and it's all in His hands. I'll be keeping your family in my prayers.


Betty said...

Hi Diane,

I just wanted to stop by to say 'hi' as I haven't visited in a while. I sure hope there's nothing seriously wrong with Lamar's eye. I will keep him in my prayers and you, too.

Love ya,

Pearl said...

I am so sorry for Lamar's problem. Please let hime know we are praying for his recovery. I know he will get the best of care with you watching over him.
Take good care.

Dawn said...

Can you hop over and i.d. another flower for me??

Pecking one handed today.

Michael Manning said...

Lovely photos and I feel like I'm catching up with you, Diane!