Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sunday Dinner, March 8, 2009 & Emmy Pics


Today has been a full day, but more details about that in a bit. Also an update on my first fishing trip of the season, but first, the Sunday Dinner particulars.

I've already been informed that JESSICA, Jason and Emmy won't be here tomorrow for Sunday Dinner. That leaves me and Lamar and probably my sisters CECIL and Ducky. As of right now that's all that I know within a reasonable doubt that will be here for Sunday Dinner, but there's always a chance that someone else may show up for vittles.

I have some bacon precooking on the stove before I add some frozen Italian flat green beans to the pot. I'll season them with a little dried minced onion and some salt, then tomorrow when I get home from church I'll peel and quarter some potatoes to cook with them. Of course I'll refrigerate the green beans overnight because I think by now my healthy dislike for reheated or cold potatoes is probably legendary.

I like to think so anyway.

I also have a pot of butter peas that I just seasoned and took off the stove. They'll also go in the fridge and be reheated tomorrow when I get home.

If you don't know what butter peas are or what they look like, that's the best pic I could find on G**gle images. Those are canned butter peas and the ones I'm serving are from the Wal*mart freezer section. Good stuff. If you get a chance, try them at least once. If you like most butter beans, lima beans and peas you'll probably like butter peas.

I also bought some frozen Brussels' sprouts when I did my grocery shopping so I'm going to cook some of those when I get home, and if I have any demand for it I'll make either some HOMEMADE CORNBREAD or some PAN BREAD.

So, butter peas, Italian flat green beans and potatoes with bacon, Brussels' sprouts, and either CORNBREAD or PAN BREAD; that's my menu for this Sunday Dinner.

What are your plans for Sunday Dinner this week? If you'd like to participate this week, share your plans/menu in the comments.Oh, and by the way, did anyone make MY BROCCOLI SALAD recipe? And if you did, did you like it? And don't be afraid to say so if it wasn't your cup of tea. It doesn't offend me a bit if someone doesn't like one of my recipes. I know everybody has different likes and dislikes and I can assure you I'm probably a lot more critical of my cooking than anybody else might be.

Just don't be deliberately cruel and hateful about it, please. I might cry. Or something. ;-)For those who expressed an interest in my fishing trip on Friday, you'll be underwhelmed by the details. It was blowing a small gale all day and we barely even got a bite, much less actually caught any fish.

It was so cloudy and gloomy most of the morning that I didn't even take my camera out of its case. Trust me, the trees are just now beginning to bud out and it's still pretty dismal as far as scenery out on the river, especially with the less than optimal light.

However, in spite of our fish-less-ness, we had a good time. Or I guess I should say, I had a great time. I shouldn't speak for my nephew Danny, I suppose. It was cloudy most of the morning and a little chilly, and did I mention that it was w-i-n-d-y? As in gusting over 30 mph? But I enjoyed just sitting on the ditch bank, listening to the birds and getting some fresh air.

Fish - 1. Danny and Diane - 0. Better luck next time.Also, my hubby Lamar asked me to thank everyone for your birthday greetings. He had a great birthday and we finished up the day with his Mom and her husband at Cici*s Pizza, then visited with Jason and Emmy for a little while before heading home for the evening. Best I could tell a good time was had by all.In other news, I volunteered to watch Emmy occasionally so Jason could have a break. Jason took me up on the offer and today Jessica dropped off Emmy on her way to work, so Lamar and I had the pleasure of Miss Emmy's company all day. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Emmy and I hear that Jason enjoyed his day as well.

Emmy is learning new words all the time and constantly comes up with things that we have no idea where she learned them. I'm sure she picks up words and phrases from us when we don't realize she's even listening, and she learns a lot from her educational television shows.

She jabbers all the time and what she doesn't know for sure she just makes up as she goes along. Emmy is so funny and so much fun. Hard to believe she'll be 2 years old in May.

I took several pictures today but only a few are decent, mostly because Emmy is like a live wire. She's almost never still unless she's asleep. A lot of the pictures I took today are blurred because Emmy wouldn't be still long enough for the camera to focus.

Here are a few of the better ones from today.
I like this one. She seems to be saying, "Huh?"And this is Emmy and her best buddy "Pooh"
in her stroller as Papaw was about to take
them out for a walk. Do you think Emmy
might have been happy to go?She's so funny! :-)That's Grandma's baby girl!Me and Emmy goofin' off.And for my bestest SisterFriend GREENEYES
and anybody else who'd like some Emmy sugars,
here's what it looks like comin' in for a landing, LOL! Don't forget, Daylight Savings Time begins
tonight at 2 am, so spring forward
and set your clocks ahead one hour.Y'all have a blessed Sunday. May God meet all your needs
and may you have enough to share is my prayer for you all.


Dawn said...

I can imagine why Jason could use a break - glad you had such a good time. I can hardly wait till I can have conversations with the twinnies. Can you just imagine?? I love it when the girls come up with stuff that I can't imagine how they know these things. They're all so smart.

I don't know what we'll do for dinner tomorrow, due to the headache. I haven't been to the store and have nothing in the fridge or cupboard. DC has to prepare for the wonderful colonoscopy scenario, so can only have liquids tomorrow. No fun!! I'm thinking I'll just fix chicken quesadillas, since he doesn't really like those and Kristen does. But I'll have to make an "ox in the ditch" trip to the store after church. Or get early and go before. We'll see.

The talent show wasn't a contest - just for fun. After watching all the other kids, she's got all sorts of ideas for next year. This was her first experience in such a thing. She used to have such bad stage fright that I was proud she conquered it enough to do what she did.

Have a great Sunday!

Greeneyes said...

Hello Diane ,

I am here again soaking up all the sugar one could possibly fit in their heart ! I love ,love, love the pics , added to my collection TY
and the pucker er upper is so cute . tee hee made me literaly LOL !;-)
I esp love the one with you and her , too cute , she is ADORABLE , but you already know that !!!bet you dont have to be around her for long before you know what a little sweet charmer she is !!!!!!!I could just chew her cheeks LOL!!!!
thank you for the shout out and it made my night , you are a great sister friend ,love you xoxoxox
And happy belated Birthday to Mr Lamar , I hope he had a great day and is in good health and enjoying the walking Emmy around town , is he doing it like he did with jessica ????the same distance ???or is he building up to it slowly ???he is after all over uh ,,,,,,, uhhh over 3o LOL !

Thanks again , as you know I always love your pics esp with you and Princess Emmy .(I have my own file , hope you dont mind that ?????) XOXOXOXOXOXXO BSH rolled in sugar ,dipped in honey and powder sugar too for you and Emmy !!!

Miss G

Aunt Jenny said...

Awww..cute cute Emmy pictures!!
I bet she loves her time with you and Lamar too!
We are having homemade chili beans tomorrow for dinner. My beans are soaking now and I will cook up the sausage and onions and seasonings to add to them tomorrow. I will get them going in the crock pot in the morning so they will be ready to eat tomorrow night..with some grated cheddar cheese and sliced green onions on top and on the side...corn bread and more broccoli salad. I am LOVING that I made a big double batch again yesterday. I don't put the grapes in mine, and this time I added some chopped sweet peppers both yellow and red also.
Your dinner sounds wonderful. I have never even seen butter peas but I will look for them. I know I would love them...I like all the beans and peas and like that. Alot.
Have a fun rest of your weekend!!

Linds said...

Miss Emmy is too gorgeous, and so like her mother it is amazing! I can just see what fun you have together. I love that age - so quick to learn and so into everything.
Pity about the fish. I imagined you hauling in giants. Hmmm. Next time. And lunch??? Probably peppered mackerel, coleslaw and green beans. Well, that is what I have in the fridge at the moment. I do have some frying steak in there but it needs cooking in a stew I think, and I can't be bothered at the moment. The sun is shining and the chainsaw next door is buzzing away. More trees biting the dust.
You have a lovely Sunday, Diane!

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Diane,
It will just bw me and the girls at home for Sunday Dinner here and we will be having left over Roasts with veggies and Cornbread for our Sunday Dinner that was left over from Friday night. I don't guess I've eve heard of Butte Peas before ut I have eten Butte B eans and Lima Beans growing up. Been a while since I've had them tho. About th4e only Beans my bunch eats around here are White Beans. I havent tried th roccoli Salad yet but I may one evening this week to see if th4 girls like it. I will let you know if I do fix it an how it was. Sorry your fishing trip didn't turn out to be a great ctch,but it has been windy the lasst few days for sure and tody is going to be the same. Our girlss annd evenus like eaing at Cicci's Pizza. I'm glad Lamar hsad a great Birthday. The pictures of Miss Emmy are just adorable. She is sure growing up and it don't seem like she willbe 2 inMay. They do grow up way too fast if you ask me. LOL. I remembe th4 days of 2 year olds. LOL> The last pictue where she is coming in for sugars is just priceless. Glad yall had a good day with her yesterdy. Take care my friend and have a Blessed Sunday. May GOD Bless you and yours.
Karen H.

Lucy Stern said...

Morning Diane, man it's early.... I love those pictures of Emily, especially the one of you two together...I have a "grandma's baby girl" too, she is 3 and also loves to When she gets excited, you can hardly tell what she is saying but she jabbers away and then waits for a reply. I'm glad that you were able to give Jason a break, I'm sure he was ready for one....

Today, for dinner, we are having homemade sub sandwiches. I have some meat and cheese left over from a friends birthday party and I am going to make good use of it. I will cut up some tomatoes, onions and lettuce and they will help make some really good sandwiches.

Sorry your fishing trip was a bust, but at least you got to enjoy nature some...It has been windy down here too and we have yellow pollen all over the place. The trees are budding out and when they do they drop that pollen everywhere...I am glad that my car is a light color.

Have a great week!

Hootin' Anni said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Diane!!!! I so adore the photo of you and Emmy just 'goofing off' together...what a prize! Great photo.

I just left Dawn's blog and told her about what I'm planning on cooking for dinner tonight...and that's gonna be Chinese Chicken Fried Rice. Then, for side dishes I'm going to stir up a batch of mandarin oranges with pineapple and a mixture of oil and chinese herbs for dressing along with sweet/sour cold cabbage for sides.

Have a terrific day today.

the voice of melody said...

Oh Diane, those are such cute pictures of Emmy, especially the one in the stroller with her friend Pooh where she smiling like she's the happiest kid on the block! I think it's wonderful that you're helping to take care of her. Those are memories you'll always treasure and she will as well.

Enjoy your Sunday and the upcoming week! {hugs}

Sammy said...

That is one beautiful kid! Seriously. She's gonna be a looker! :-) How nice you got to spend the day with her and give Jason a day off. I bet he enjoyed it and I can tell that you did too!

Sounds like your fishing trip was still very pleasant, despite no fish. To just hang out by the water sounds so peaceful. You know I've never been fishing, right? It all sounds really nice except for the actual catching of the fish part. I'd be too squeamish to get too close. Such a city girl! :-)

Have a wonderful week, Diane.


Just Terrific said...

I love checking on your blog! Your little Emmy is such a cutie!! I can almost hear the 2 of you giggling in that picture! Too funny!

No, I haven't made your broccoli salad, yet, but I plan to for an event I'm going to in a couple of weeks. It sounds really good and I love broccoli salad!

Glad you got to go fishing! I don't care for it but my husband and sons LOVE to fish! I'm sure they'll be going out soon.

Have a great week!

Linda said...

Hi Diane,
It's always good to visit with you. Sorry y'all didn't catch any fish, but I always just like the peacefulness of sitting there with my line in the water, waiting.
It's been terribly windy here too. Sometimes its difficult to stand still in one place!
I'm sure Jason was very grateful to get a little break. That was so sweet of you. We all need a bit time just to ourselves now and then.
Enjoy your dinner with whoever shows up. I'm sure it will be delicious!
Have a good week Diane.

Brenda said...

She's too cute! I'm sure everyone enjoys having her around.
So it IS daylights savings time for you all!
My husband was up earlier studying and noticed our digital clock was a hour later (AZ doesn't observe DST but our digital clock does! What's up with that?!).
It's been windy and chilly here too.
Have a great week, Diane.

Boo-Bah said...

Here it is noontime already. I guess I haven't adjusted to time change because I still feel like I haven't got anything done.

The pictures of Emmy are so precious. Such a cute age. My Great Grandbaby Caillou, turned 2 in December and he keeps me in stitches. This week his mommy was scolding him and he looked over at me and said "Help me!" needless to say I had a hard time keeping a straight face.

I never heard of butter peas. I will have to look for them. I hate lima beans so maybe I wouldn't like them. Wont know until I try them.
The way you are fixing green beans are my absolute favorite way to have them.
Is pan bread different than cornbread?
Give your hubby belated birthday wishes from me. On Tuesday my Mr. Picky will turn 70. We probably won't celebrate until following day.
We are eating dinner out today and it is my turn to choose where. Probably Hometown Buffet. On Sunday's they have spinach marie a eggy cheesy thing I love.
Have a wonderful week

Hugs from SO. CA.
Iris aka Boo-Bah

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
Glad you two had a fun filled day with Emmy. So many sweet smile-filled pictures :)
I know you probably had fun just getting out with your nephew even if the fishing wasn't great.
Our Sunday dinner is chicken with potatoes and carrots. I'll also make a salad.
Enjoy the coming week..

kansasrose said...

Happy Sunday hon!

Your goofin' off with Emmy pics are adorable as always. That little girl could light up a room with her smile and eyes. Happy belated birthday to Lamar! Sounds like he had a wonderful birthday with his loved ones. Tell him hi from Jen in Kansas for me. :)
Save a good fishin' spot for me someday when I visit Arkansas, sweetie! I love it that you love to fish hon...sorry there were no bites. Sounds like you just enjoy being "in the moment". It is peaceful and nice to get away like that, and good for the soul. Have a blessed week dear friend. Hope the thunderstorms stay tame, and ya get a peek at the full moon Tuesday. Loveya, Jen

Mary said...


I enjoyed this post. Your Sunday dinner sounds delicious. The boys were over and we haven't had a burger for a long time, so hubby went to W*ndy's. I was shocked at the price though. It's really gone up.

Love the photos of Emmy. She is adorable. Yes, kinds come up with things you don't realize they even know. Brandon did that just recently and I asked him where he learns all this stuff. He said tv.

Take care, my friend. I hope you had a great weekend and wish you a wonderful week.


Gigi said...

Such a sweet, sweet baby!! But I'm thinking you already knew that, right??!!

Sunday dinner sounded wonderful...I love veggie meals! I don't think I've ever heard of butter peas before, but since I like butter beans, limas and peas (my personal fave!), I'm anxious to try them. I'll have to look for them at the market - thanks Diane...always nice to have another veggie to love!

Glad Lamar enjoyed his b-day...may he be blessed with many, many more!

I wish you a wonderful week!

Lib said...

Your dinner sounds yummy!
We had BLT's. I have a pot of white beans cooking , will cook turnips and cornbread.
Sorry the fish didn't bite!
Love the Pics. Of Priness Emmy.:o)
Have a great wk.

Anonymous said...

Came back for some more of that sugar and float about on your page , she sure is cute and you and her in the latest pic , HHHHHmmm I had time to think ,HHHHmmmm what are ya laughing at you both look mischievous LOL

miss G

Anonymous said...

Came back for some more of that sugar and float about on your page , she sure is cute and you and her in the latest pic , HHHHHmmm I had time to think ,HHHHmmmm what are ya laughing at you both look mischievous LOL

miss G

Barb said...

I love the photos, Diane, especially the one of the two of you giggling. I hear you about getting good pictures - the best ones I get of Avery are when she's confined to one spot or sleeping. Otherwise, she moves so fast, the camera can't focus fast enough. LOL

I'm glad Jason got a little break - he's been working pretty hard, holding the fort down. Your dinner sounds good, as always. I made a beef stew in the crockpot for our Sunday dinner, since we were gone all afternoon (Avery's bd party).

Happy new week, my friend. xoxo

Jeanette said...

Gday Dianne,,AWWWWWW Emmy is so cute, Ohh How she has grown so quicly were have those 2 years gone,, love the photo's specially Nan and Emmy goofing about..

Your Sunday Dinner sounded delish.. tonight im Making Chicken avocado pasta. served with garlic bread. then for sweets Waffles with fresh berries and icecream...

Mother Mayhem said...

Oh how I love me some grandbaby sugar! I'll have as many helpings as possible! :o)

Dick said...

We sprang with Daylight Savings Time. On Sunday we went to Red Robin for lunch then later had dinner at home. Since then we have had snow, ice and cold and it is expected to last until Thursday. It is setting records for both low temp and the lowest high temp for today and probably tomorrow. Your AccuWeather shows your temp as being 75 right now. Ours is about 35.

Nancy said...

Well, you will never guess what I did? I lost TWO hours on Sunday! I went and set my clocks BACK an hour! Then I turned the Weather Channel on SUnday morning, and it had 10:30 down in the corner, and all my clocks said 8:30! I called my ex and told him the TV had the new time wrong and told him they had it at 10:30. He said it was 10:30. I thought it was 8:30! I was so embarrassed!!! Of all people, I had to call him and make a jerk out of myself! LOL Anyhow, I was thinking Fall BACK...guess the snow storm had me thinking Fall and Winter! I get my head all messed sometimes!

((( HUGS )))

MightyMom said...

too cute.

how's her poop-issue doing these days?