Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sunday Dinner, February 8, 2009 & Yet More Rambling

Wonder of wonders, I decided earlier in the week what I was cooking for Sunday Dinner so I didn't have to spend most of the day trying to make up my mind what to cook.

I got some beef sirloin steak the other day when I got groceries. It was marked down for quick sale so I could afford it or I wouldn't have gotten it. It's usually too pricey for me.

I'm going to make one of my favorite childhood (and adult) dishes that my Mama used to make, homemade beef and gravy. I'll dredge the steak in flour and brown it, then pour off any remaining fat and cover with water to cook. I'll put a lid on it and simmer it until tender, then remove the steak to a plate and make the gravy.

I usually add some beef bouillon granules and salt and pepper to taste, then thicken the cooking liquid with a little cornstarch or flour dissolved in a little cold water. Since I'll be cooking the beef tonight I'll wait to make the gravy when I get home from church Sunday afternoon.

I'm also going to make some white rice and some green beans cooked with some bacon and quartered potatoes to round out the meal. I think that's going to be it for my Sunday Dinner.

What's on the menu at your place for Sunday Dinner? Just share your plans/menu in the comments if you'd like. I and my other readers always enjoy reading about your plans for Sunday Dinner.Before it completely slips my mind, MARY@MARY'S WRITING NOOK tagged me for a photo meme a couple of weeks ago, then the ice storm hit and my power was off and so on and so forth, so now I'm finally getting around to the meme.

The object of the meme is to go to your photo folder and open the 5th folder and upload the 5th photo, then explain the photo's significance if necessary.

Well MARY, I just recently burned all my photos to CD's to free up some memory space on my computer, so I only have 3 folders right now. I'll have to use the 3rd folder and 5th photo, so I hope that's okay.

And here it is:This is my 16 year old kitty, Candy. She's an old lady now and doesn't get around as well as she used to and doesn't have many teeth left, but she's my baby and I'm her world. She tolerates Lamar and my other family, but she's a one person cat, and I'm her person.

Whenever I'm gone overnight or even for a long day, Candy drives Lamar crazy, prowling through the apartment, yowling for me. If I'm sitting in my recliner she's usually lying half on my lap and half on the chair arm.

There you are, Mary!

I won't tag anyone for this but if you'd like to do this meme feel free.It's 65F as I type this and my windows are all open to air out the apartment and let in some fresh air. Of course the wind is gusting over 30 mph so my living room curtains are standing straight out most of the time but hey, it's warm enough that the wind feels pretty good, though a bit brisk at times.

I don't know if it was the bright sunshine, the brisk breeze or a combination of the two, but something flung a cleaning frenzy on me and I've been cleaning, decluttering and tossing in my spare bedroom today. Not that it needed cleaning or anything like that. (!)

So far Lamar has carried out 3 empty boxes and 3 big garbage bags of stuff and I'm nowhere near finished cleaning and sorting in there. I'm not even kidding. A lot of it was just papers that I've put off sorting through and some of it was just stuff I had to leave setting around gathering dust and cat hair for a year or so before I could admit that I could live without it.

I stripped the twin bed in there and have the bedclothes washed and dried and I'll remake the bed after supper. Sometime lately Candy had hacked up a hairball on the bed so that was lovely to find behind a pillow. Candy considers the twin bed in the spare room her personal boudoir and if she's not on my lap or on my bed she's usually on the bed in the spare room.

Anyway, the bed clothes are washed and clean now so I have that much done.

However, my Christmas tree and decorations along with my wrapping paper and various other holiday accoutrements are still piled in front of my dresser, along with a selection of other stuff of the "toss in there and worry about later" variety.

Of course that pile of stuff makes it terribly inconvenient to access my dresser which houses my socks and underwear and other non-hanging type clothing, so I guess I reached my limit today, which led to the impromptu cleaning session. Hopefully over the next day or so I can make a big dent in what needs to be done or maybe even finish the job.

In between loads of laundry I have to cook supper tonight so I'm going to get this posted and get to it. I'm a little afraid that if I pause too long I'll lose my head of steam and won't get the task done.Note to Tam, no blog: I'm pondering about that post you mentioned about frugality in these hard times. I hope to post about that next week.

Also, high fives to all my new readers! It's always nice to make new blogging friends, and I love it when readers delurk and leave me a comment. I always try to visit your blog and comment back, assuming you have a blog. I know several of my readers, like Tam and Vi in Northern Idaho don't have blogs so leaving a note here on my blog is the only way I can communicate with you unless you email me.

Feel free to email me at lenadianejennings at yahoo dot com.

Y'all have a blessed Sunday. May God meet all your needs and may you have enough to share.


Lisa said...

Hi Diane,

I am one of those "lurkers". I found your blog through Barb at A Chelsea Morning. I am a 39 year old wife and mom of a 4 year old daughter and a 2 year old daughter. We live in Orlando but are moving at the end of the month to Atlanta.
I enjoy your blog- just thought I would de-lurk and say Hi! I don't have a blog (yet).

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
Your Sunday dinner sounds good :)
I always feel I've scored when I can find a nice cute of meat that's been marked down!
Tomorrow Sunday dinner is here and I'm serving roast turkey. I got it on sale at Thanksgiving for $4.99!
We'll have mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh green beans, salad, stuffing and rolls.
(plenty of leftovers to send home with the kids, too :)
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Anonymous said...

wtg my friend
youve been busy :)

have a nice week :)


Pug1 said...

Hi Dianne, Your meal sounds yummy, I have three cornish hens I'll be cooking tomorrow.
I sure love finding markdown bargains as well! CHEERS! Michele

Mountain Mama said...

Hello Diane and a happy Saturday evening to you.
Your dinner sounds yummy!
I have been thinking of swiss steak with mashed potatoes for dinner tomorrow. Probably some baked Sweet Meat squash with brown sugar and butter and green beans.

When I have a large mid day meal like this I usually have soup for supper.
Works for me.
Hope you have a blessed Sunday dear.

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, your steak and gravy sound good.....I am going to cook a whole chicken in the crockpot, I have it out on the counter thawing right now.

I just love opening the windows and letting the fresh air come through. I wish I could get the cleaning bug...I need to put the Christmas decorations up in the attic and out of my upstairs spare room....If Diane can do it, I can do it....Keep repeating it Lucy....If Diane can do it, Lucy can do it....There, I'll do it next week....

Aunt Jenny said...

YOur dinner sounds like it will be wonderful.
I plan to make tater tot casserole and corn and some homemade bisquits for tomorrow night. Probably will open a jar of the applesauce I made too. I made vanilla pudding tonight for tomorrow too.

RennyBA said...

Nothing is like home made and slow food as oppose to fast food. Homemade beef and gravy sounds delicious!

Its 23F as I write and we've had a lot of snow lately: Norway the Winter Wonder Land you know :-)

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Sunday and a great week ahead!

Love and hugs.

Linds said...

Your dinner sounds delicious, Diane. I have no idea what I am cooking and it is 11.39 already. AM. On Sunday. As you can see, I am all about planning and organisation!

I have this visoion fo you whizzing about your place tossing and sorting, and I just wish I could draw! I hope you had a great sleep after all that excess movement yesterday! Sigh. It is all worth it, isn't it, when you look at the sorted room!

Have a super Sunday!

MightyMom said...

I'm on a stretch of timeoff. Don't have to return to that place till Thursday night. :-) which is nice cuase I have more time awake when I can chase the hooligans!!

So, my Sunday dinner will be simple.

whatever Subvet cooks!!


Hootin' Anni said...

First off Diane...I'm drooling. Beef Gravy!!!! Oh how I never turn down gravy. You got me there, for sure.

As for the cleaning? Yes, Bud and I did that a couple of weeks ago, and now that the outdoor temps are warming up a bit down here, we've been working to tear down the patio covering that is full of mildew and rotted wood. It's looking better and better as the days progress.

Oh and our dinner will be the apple dumplings I made last night [yummy photo on my blog this morning of them coming out of the oven...everything, even the crust is from scratch!] for dessert and I'm going to make Mexican Turkey burgers [with lettuce tomato grated cheddar cheese guacamole sour cream and hot sauce all in a huge wheat bun] and chips and salsa and some pineapple ambrosia salad.

Happy Sunday to you.

Hootin' Anni said...

PS....I forgot to mention the photo of your sweet kitty!!!!
She's so pretty. And to have had her with you for so long...that's awesome.

Burb Bunny said...

I feel so lazy.

LOVE your kitty! :o)

Dawn said...

I commented on the energizing feeling I get when it's warmer after a cold winter. Yesterday I ended up rearranging my little room, where I have the computer, my t.v, my desk, and all the kiddo stuff. The closet is now full of stuff for them to play with - and I will keep the door open when they're here. But guess what they'd rather do? Yep - tear up everything else! I'll have to do an update post on that project. There's nothing that feels better than de-cluttering!

This week we grilled some delicious boneless pork chops that were marked down to $3-something. I was thrilled. Today we're having a pork tenderloin that was only $4.59. So I scored in the pork department at some point - they were in my freezer (thankfully, we didn't have to throw out our freezer stuff!). I also have a turkey in the freezer that I need to do one of these days - and invite somebody over - or lots of somebodies!

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Hi Dianne, Sounds like comfort food is on your menu. Windows open? I could only wish. They are saying 45 degrees today, but, I think they are lying once again. I made shrimp stir fry last night. I cheated and bought the fried rice and wontons from the Chinese restaurant. But it was good.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Jenn said...

I haven't had a chance to go grocery shopping again since we finally got our power back, so we are having a simple dinner tonight. However, as soon as I get some fresh groceries I plan on making chicken farfalle with a garlic cream sauce. I am so fed up with canned food and cannot wait to really cook again!

Brenda said...

I'm officially jealous of your fickle weather minus the ice storms! It is snowing today, just when our 36" finally melted. Only 5 or so inches this time. Grace has already had her snow ice cream. She says that's the best thing about winter (besides Christmas). Looking out my window watching huge clumps of snow falling from the trees. It is beautiful, I'll have to admit, but I'm so itching for spring. Won't be long now!
Have a blessed week with lots of electricity.

Boo-Bah said...

Hi Diane,
I wish I could be at your dinner table today. Growing up my mom used to fix round steak just like you are doing. I think she added cream of mushroom soup to her gravy. She called it Swiss Steak.
There is just nothing better than green beans cooked with bacon and onion.
You kitty is precious. I hope she will live for many more years. I had a wonderful cat who lived to be 21 years and 3 months. His name was Mr. Sunshine. I still can get weepy when thinking about him. He was born in 1980 and lived till 2001.
I bet it felt nice to have the windows open. We had a lot of rain here yesterday. We are in need of it though, so I am hoping for more.
Have a wonderful week.
Hugs from SO.CA.

Dick said...

Dinner at your house sounds good! I don't know what we will be having but Pat says we are eating at home, not going out. She will surprise me with something good.

Your weather sure has some wild swings. Lots of ice & cold a short time ago and now 65 degrees! I wish we could get some 65 degree temps. It occasionally gets that warm in later Feb but so far we have been swinging between 31 - 37 for lows and 41 - 50 for highs. We did have three days of sunshine and I got some scooter riding time in, going for my mochas.

the voice of melody said...

Your kitty Candy is so cute!

Enjoy the wonderful weather and having the windows open this time of year! :)

Rachel said...

I'll bet your dinner was yummy Diane! I had breakfast for dinner, gravy, biscuits, and sausage. It was good!

I intend to do some of that cleaning and sorting and decluttering this week. I just wonder where it all comes from!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane,
Although I don't always leave a comment, I faithfully read you every week and look forward to your Saturday night post. I am always amazed at how late you stay up and busy fixing Sunday dinner. I have thought of you so often since the ice storm. My husband has an "old" Navy buddy that he still corresponds with in Arkansas, Eldorado, and we have wondered how they did during the ice storm. We haven't talked to them in several weeks, but my husband thinks they missed all the ice. I so enjoy your blog and I just know you are a lovely, gracious lady. blessings to you, V from N. Idaho
I will try and send you an email this week to tell you a little bit about myself.

Jo said...

Ohhh but did your menu bring back some good memories, That was one of my favorite meals that my mother made when I was growing up. She always made some home made moodles to go along with it....mmmmmm Good stufff.

So tell me Diane are you reay for spring? I sure am.

Have a blessed week.

Jo said...

Ohhh but did your menu bring back some good memories, That was one of my favorite meals that my mother made when I was growing up. She always made some home made moodles to go along with it....mmmmmm Good stufff.

So tell me Diane are you reay for spring? I sure am.

Have a blessed week.



Blogging Mom said...

I have always wanted to make our Sunday dinners more special. Somehow, I couldn't really find the time to do it. Thanks for inspiring me to look back on my childhood and re-make my mom's well loved recipes. I will try to work on Sunday dinners so my daughter will have very good memories to look back on.

Angela (Gran) said...

Thanks for stopping by Diane. I have missed you so much and your sunday dinners. This weeks dinner is one of my favorites and you're cooking it the perfect way. :)

Have a great week filled with many blessings, lots of family, friends and laughter.

PEA said...

Your Sunday dinner sounded delicious and brought back memories of my mom making beef and gravy that way:-) We had breakfast for dinner last night...bacon, eggs, homefries and toast! lol

Awwww your kitty is just precious and you're so blessed to have had her that long already and vice versa:-)

You've got the nerve to tell me you have 65F over there! lol Actually it's warmed up quite a bit here and it's supposed to be in the 40F's this week! Woohoo, a heat wave!!! I'm serious, after having -40F this feels quite HOT! lol

It's a lot of work cleaning and decluttering but such a great feeling once it's all done. I'm still doing a bit every day and hoping that one day I'll have gotten rid of everything but what I really want to keep. It's an ongoing battle! lol

Hope your week is a wonderful one, dear Diane. xoxo

kkryno said...

I'll bet dinner was great!

We went out for breakfast (at noon)
and we were both so full that we just grazed on various left-overs in the evening.

After breakfast we took a road trip that I'll post some pictures of later.

I will be so glad to open our windows. It's getting a bit stuffy around here.

Candy looks like such a sweetie. Cats can live a long time. Must be because they're so superior.

(At least that what my cat says!)

Have a great week.

Nancy said...

I LOVE your kitty!!! You knew I would, though, didn't you? ha-ha She's a pretty little thing! I have one that lays half on me and half on the arm of the chair, too. Aren't they nice and warm? Sometimes, I have 6 in my chair with me!

Your Sunday dinner sounds sooo good! Good thing you don't live closer! LOL My dinner yesterday was pizza...just me. My daughter was working on a deadline and couldn't make it. Have you ever tried that recipe on my cooking blog with the stew beef and 2 cans of soups? It makes really luscious gravy and is so make more gravy. I usually make mashed potatoes and add a veggie and some biscuits and call it a meal. It really is quite tasty!

Glad your weather is nice there now. We were up to 71 here today. To be nice all week. Our Spring will be here soon, so I am hoping our winter is over with!

((( HUGS )))

Mary said...


You did a great job on the meme. I'm surprised you were able to remember with all that's been going on in your area. Love your kitty.

There's been a lot going on here too and though most of the Christmas decorations are down, they are not all put away yet. The boxes are sitting here in my computer room. I just have to find time to get them into the closet.

Take care and have a wonderful week. It's warmer here and most of our snow is gone. However, it is to turn cold again next week. Spring is coming though.


Hootin' Anni said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes you left for me in my comments!!!

moreofhim said...

I had to smile when you referred to your bedding as bedclothes. I haven't heard that term for years - not since my precious Grandma died in 1973. *sigh* It made me smile thinking of her saying that and I thank you for that smile! She was originally from Missouri, so perhaps that's why she used that term and we all used the term sheets or bedding. She was a precious, wonderful woman and you made my day in making me think about her.

Sounds like you're busy! I did all that before Christmas and it was nice to get rid of stuff.

Take care, dear friend!!

Love ya - Julie

Anonymous said...

Dear Diane, I too am sort of a lurker de lurking today, I did have a blog but gave up. I always enjoy reading your bog and have been following it for along time. I love your recipes and snips from your family get togethers, I found your sisters blog cecil and zz top and Jessicas, I love to read theirs too. Today when I clicked on and seen your 16 year old Kitty named Cany my heart melted. I too am a cat lover I have 4 and I have dogs too all of them get together like one big happy family. They are all spoiled rotton but that is the way it is supose to be. We have no children so these are our fur babies as they say. God Bless have a gret day! sherry

Reva said...

I like your Sunday dinner menu and it sounds alot like something I would do. Yumm for good old American meals.

I also have a guest room that is piled high with things to go through. If anyone came to stay they wouldn't be able to use the dresser because I have all of my medical supplies filling it up. The grandkids like to lay around on the bed and when they come over so at least some of it gets used.

Betty said...

So, Diane, you didn't get out of cooking Sunday dinner last Sunday. Sounds like you had a pretty simple menu to prepare, so hopefully it wasn't all that much work for you.

I need to stay home some time and do what you have been doing and that's cleaning out things and doing some Spring cleaning.

Have a good rest of the week, Diane.

Pearl said...

I turn my piles into neat little stacks...Where does all that stuff come from any
I so need to get some trash bags going here also.
Your dinner sounds wonderful.

Sending you hugs,

Minx's Den said...

awwww...your kitty looks so cute! she reminds me of my old kitty living back with my folks, her name is scarlett, and she will be 13 this summer! she is a very old lady cat too, she has arthritis, hard of hearing, and can't chew on solid food anymore, my mom now gives her soft food just so she can have something to eat! Your beef gravy sounds so good, yummmmm! Sunday dinner was prepared from my mummy...she made me fried breaded catfish! mmmmm! Thanks for your condolences on my baby finches sweet friend...

Love, Lauren


kansasrose said...

Hi hon, late as always...been busy busy. YOur Candy reminds me of my Scarlett. I think she is seinile, toothless almost and DH's voice scare's the p waddlin out of her. But she's my chartreau head bumper and chirps more than she meows. I love her so much. She's a big baby. Yep we had breaded catfish for supper. YUmm. Your beef and gravy sounds mighty good. I'm in a purging mood too. Got the spring cleaning bug. Take care sweetie and have a great weekend. Love, Jen

Greeneyes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Greeneyes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Greeneyes said...

Hello Sweet Diane ,
love the pic of candy , little old lady LOL !
Things have been all a bustle here and the weekend was a bust but I know you understand ,I hope ! I will be searchin for you soon to fire up that hole I can peek in and see you and you me through space , webcam I think they call it LOL . anyway just wanted to say hey and send my love hope your all ok , no,,, better than ok and having a break from the weather :-)
Hugs and Love sprinles for little emmy Please and a football field of BSH just for you , love you Diane .

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane,
I just wanted to add another comment to say that like moreofhim said, I found the term "bedclothes" amusing. Here in Idaho, we "change the sheets". Still snowing.....v.

Alex said...

I must get there for sunday dinner one day!
My sunday dinner was hotdogs and french fries.

Sammy said...

Hi Diane,
I'm so late getting here. Things have been a bit busy around my place and I've gotten so behind on blogs. But I actually think of you all the time because every night I cover Khai up with your afghan. He likes it and it keeps his feet warm all night. It's funny to me to think that years from now when I look at that afghan I'll think of my dear friend in Arkansas, who I never even met.

I hope you're feeling well and that life is treating you good these days!