Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sunday Dinner, February 22, 2009

Hello from the land of really busy. I fully intended to have my Sunday Dinner post up hours ago but I completely forgot about an activity at church this afternoon that I was obligated to do, so there went all afternoon. I just got home from church at 6:30 pm so as soon as I came in the door I started my preparations for Sunday Dinner.

I had good intentions of starting my chicken cooking for the HOMEMADE CHICKEN POT PIE I'm going to make for Sunday Dinner while my deer stew meat was cooking for our Saturday supper of veggie deer soup. I was feeling just a little cocky because I already had my chicken and the deer meat thawed and thought I'd have plenty of time to write my Sunday Dinner blog post while the meats were simmering away on the stove.


Our Women's Missionary Union ladies have had February 22nd at 2 pm marked on our calendars for a month as the day we were going to make cookbooks to sell as a fundraiser. It totally slipped my mind and when my sister Ducky called to see if I was ready to go I had to rush to put on some clothes and get ready, which meant all my plans to get supper and Sunday Dinner cooked early tonight went out the window.

So, now at nearly 7:30 pm the deer meat and the chicken are simmering away as I type my Sunday Dinner post. Which means that all my plans to have everything done and maybe get to bed a little early tonight?

Out the window, along with my good intentions.

After the chicken gets done I'll skin and debone it, then make the filling for the chicken pot pie. I'll refrigerate it overnight, then when I get home from church tomorrow afternoon I'll mix up the crust and bake the pot pie.

It's a meal in itself since it has the chicken, veggies and crust, but according to how many show up to eat, I may cook some Brussels sprouts or some corn on the cob to extend the meal.

What's for Sunday Dinner at your place? Share your menu/plans in the comments if you'd like.

By the way, I tried to link to my chicken pot pie recipe on my recipe blog, but Blogger links apparently aren't working right now. Just click on the button in my sidebar for my recipe blog and then click on Entrees and scroll down to see my recipe for chicken pot pie.I won't be able to make this link work either, but Barb @ A Chelsea Morning has been working her fanny off for the last several weeks, cleaning her house from top to bottom. Since she and her husband Rob have quit smoking she's determined to remove any trace of cigarette smoke from her house, and she's well on her way to accomplishing her goal.

I'm so proud of them I could bust my buttons, assuming I had any on, which I don't, but Barb's house cleaning marathon has had an unexpected effect on me, and judging from the comments on her blog, many more of her readers.

I try to avoid it like the plague, but Barb's done flung a cleaning frenzy on me. All this week I've been doing some major cleaning, sorting, tossing and just general decluttering in my spare room and a few other areas of my apartment.

And yes, it's taken that long just in my spare room. Of course I've been pacing myself and working for a few hours everyday. I know better than to try to get it all done in one day. For one thing, my arthritis won't let me do it all at once, and another, I know that if I did try to do it all at once, I'd get partway through and burn out on it and it would be a year before I ever got around to tackling it again.

Here's where things get complicated.

I need to vacuum the floor in there, but I have about 4 loads of laundry that's stacked up in there, waiting to be washed. I could move the clothes and vacuum, then put them back, and it may come to that, but so far I've resisted. I'm not sure why exactly.

The reason I haven't done the laundry before now is that I can't use my washing machine right now. The reason I can't use my washing machine right now is that every time we run the washing machine, the sewer backs up through the drain for the water heater in my inside utility room.

Yeah. That's fun. And I can't clean it up until my landlord works on it and gets done with it. Because he has to run the washing machine and let it pump out the water to see if it's coming up through the drain in the utility room. And every time he's run the washing machine while he's worked on it, it's backed up again.

He worked on it a bit Friday. And the sewer backed up through the drain again. So he left, saying he'd be back later that afternoon to work on it again.

It's now late Saturday evening and we haven't seen him anymore.

Oh, and I just came from the bathroom because Lamar flushed the commode and it kept running. That's the second time this afternoon that it's done that. The first time I jiggled the handle and it quit.

This time it wouldn't shut off, so I took the top off the tank to see if my suspicions were correct, and they were. The rubber flapper has become dismembered, so the flapper is flailing around by one connection, and besides that, the rubber is rotten and is crumbling all in the tank and the bowl.

Now I know that every time someone flushes the toilet, I'll have to take the lid off the tank and reach inside to manually place the flapper in position, else the commode will run nonstop.


I guess you might say that this week has went down the toilet. Literally.

You can rest assured that I'll be calling my landlord to take care of my plumbing woes, and if he's not here Monday morning I'll be calling him again to gently remind him of his obligations. It's gonna get old having to manually close that flap every time the commode is flushed, and I need to do some laundry now, never mind what's going to accumulate between now and when he gets the plumbing fixed.Our deer soup is almost ready to eat and the chicken for the pot pie is almost done too, so I'm going to close on that cheery note and wish everyone a blessed Sunday. May God meet all your needs and may you have enough to share.PS: I don't feel like a fraud for using this snowman signature button because we had a few snow flurries today, so technically, we did have snow. Very little, but snow nevertheless.


Dawn said...

We had a little snow last night that blew in and out very quickly - maybe it blew clear to Arkansas.

We'll have a simple spaghetti dinner tomorrow. Hopefully the girlies will be well enough to go to church.

Barb said...

For pete's sake, what a mess, that sewer backing up like that and then the black flappy toilet thing. I hope your landlord gets this taken care of fast, although it doesn't sound like he's in a big hurry.

I'm kind of chuckling at the people who are doing early spring cleaning, all because I couldn't think of a better way to stay busy the past two weeks than to cleant he heck (and the smoke residue) out of this house. Boy, you have wonder what everyone's going to do come spring, huh?

Dinner. Let's see. I haven't decided yet but it's going to involve some boneless skinless chicken breasts. :-)

Eleanor said...

No clue what we'll be eating tomorrow - I can't think that far ahead. I have a mean craving for pizza going on, so if it's still here tomorrow, I might have to do something about it. Another possibility is pea soup. I made a big batch yesterday as Richard had some nasty dental work done and needed something soft, but filling and wholesome, to keep him going. We shall see.

I'm surrounded by piles of laundry tonight. You might as well add yours to the heaps - I probably wouldn't even notice. Funny how laundry piles up when the lady of the manor is out of commission. Sigh.

I hope that the landlord gets you sorted out properly on Monday. Not being able to do laundry is one thing, but a faulty toilet is quite another.

Have a splendiferous week! xxxooo

Michael Manning said...

Diane: We'll pick up the check until you can get back to your Sunday Dinner. "First things first!" lol! :D)

Lesa said...

We will be having leftovers from supper tonight. I fixed a beef roast with all the trimmings, cabbage, white beans, and cornbread. I may fix some corn on the cob and fried green tomatoes from the freezer to add to our leftovers.

Hope your plumbing problems are fixed soon! Wish I lived closer and could help you with your laundry!

Have a great Sunday and stay warm! It snowed here most of day but melted very quickly.

moreofhim said...

Hey Diane:

What a mess with the sewer thing! I've never heard of such a thing happening before. Yuck! I will be praying that your landlord gets this thing fixed right away! The toilet thing sounds like fun, too. lol When it rains, it pours, so to speak!

Your dinner sounds yummy. Of course, your dinners always sound yummy.

Hope you have a blessed Sunday!

Love ya - Julie

Bev said...

Oh my, I have no idea what we're having. We're going into Pittsburgh to see Fiddler on the Roof for our late Valentine's Day celebration and the yearly church Congregational Meeting is at 6:30 with dessert afterwards, so we may be having dessert for dinner! Unless Manly comes up with a plan of his own!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

well done
you have been busy:)

MightyMom said...

the week went down the toilet huh??

not for nothing, but it sounds like it came back up to me!!

pot pie sounds good!

kkryno said...

Backed up drains and backed laundry are no fun! I hope all is resolved soon.

We are having baked chicken and asparagus and smashed red potatos with roasted garlic and cream cheese.

I'm making some bread from a new recipe that I'm adapting to see if I can duplicate one that we enjoyed from a local bakery. Hopefully I can achieve something close because their version is pricey.

Have a beautiful Sunday and a great week!

Lucy Stern said...

As usual, your chicken pot pie sounds wonderful.. That deer soup sounds good too...

I already have some spaghetti sauce and meat balls cooking in the crock pot for dinner tonight. We are having dinner with at my sisters house to celebrate my birthday and my sisters birthday, we were both born on Feb. 18th. Pat had surgery two weeks ago, so Barb and I are doing most of the cooking.

I was supposed to go to a church service activity on Saturday too but ended up baby sitting my two grand kids at the last minute.

Sorry to hear about your plumbing woos and hoping that they get fixed soon... Sounds like you need a new flapper in your toilet... Good luck.

Hope Jessica's class is going well and that she passes the test so that she can work at the nursing home...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her...

Have a great week, Diane.

Lynne said...

I think I'll have something with chicken breasts tonight. My sister-in-law makes a dish with the chicken breasts covered with a sun-dried tomato Alfredo sauce and wild rice - probably will make that as I have all the fixin's.

I hope you can get your landlord to fix your plumbing problems - and soon!

Reading about Barb's cleaning frenzy has made me WANT to do more cleaning around here - but that hasn't turned into actually DOING it yet. I'll wait for a little warmer weather, thank you.

Linds said...

Barb has a lot to answer for in our Blogland, hasn't she! I started on the lounge this week too until the Bump arrived and then just whizzed out of the house and have got no further.

I meant to be at A and A's today so i have no plans for lunch here at all. I may just have soup. I will be cooking for them for the next 2 nights. And playign with the little girl too. Sigh. not bad, hey??

I do hope your landlord appears at the crack of dawn. Plumbing failure is not an option. And I have no desire to have to learn the innards of the water cistern either!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Boo-Bah said...

Well Chicken Pot Pie sure sounds good. I haven't the faintest of what we are going to have today. Mr. Picky,(my husband) I lovingly call him that. wants to go out so I imagine it will be Sizzler or Hometown Buffet. Tomorrow I am going to make potato cheese and bacon soup.

Today I am probably going to make brownies.

I need to get in a cleaning frenzy, that's for sure. So far I haven't accomplished much.

Isn't it like a landlord to say he'll be back and then not show up? I sure hope the plumbing problems get fixed real soon.

Well I am off to feed the little zoo.

Hugs from SO. CA.
Boo-Bah (Iris)

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
Those sewer problems sound beyond annoying.
Your chicken pot pie sounds yummy and comforting.
It's pouring rain today :) so something warm and comforting sounds just the thing.
We're going to C's for dinner and I'm not sure what's on the menu, but our grandsons ordered dump cake with vanilla ice cream for dessert, so Grammy better get busy!
Have a great week!

Linda said...

Hi Diane,
It's so good to hear from you, but I sure am sorry about all the plumbing problems. I just hate it when things don't work the way they're supposed to. I hope it will all get taken care of very soon.
I have managed to avoid catching that bug from Barb so far, but I think it's inevitable. It's beginning to look like spring around here, with some things already in bloom. So I think that means I'm supposed to do spring cleaning.
Have a blessed sunday.

Brenda said...

I so enjoy visiting with you Diane! You have a sense of humor that just makes my day.
I love venison...especially the way my dad cooks/frys it with his special gravy...makes my mouth water just thinking about it!
Sorry about your toilet and washer woes. Hopefully your landlord will show up first thing and get it fixed.
Have a great week doing laundry!

Angela (Gran) said...

Hello my dear friend! I'm sorry to hear of your plumbing problem and your bathroom issues on top of that. I pray that your problems are all corrected tomorrow!

Your chicken pot pie sounds wonderful. You've given me an idea for later this week. : )

I had spaghetti and salad for Sunday Dinner.

I'm missing visiting Dawn and Susie since I've been away. Can you help...Diane ?

Thanks for always being the bright spot in everyone's day. You are a Special Lady!

May your days be filled with many blessings,lots of love,laughter,and friendship.

Mountain Mama said...

I hope your landlord will hop to it and get things fixed. Yes it would be a bother to have to deal with the toilet not working right but to have back up in your laundry, that should just not be happening!

Chicken Pot Pie sounds yummy! Today I had chicken veggie soup and a slice of warm homemade bread. I like it too!

We had a warm day for February. somewhere around 50 degrees. I spent the day inside anyway. I worked outside yesterday and woke up with a runny nose today so I'm being careful not to get chilled.
I'm just getting over a two week virus and don't want to relapse.

I hope you have a good week and get that plumbing all fixed up.
Love you

Jess said...

Hi Mom. Coming on to say a quick I love you before I hit the hay. I'm happy that I don't have to be there til 8...that 5 39 crap was awful! I have passed all my tests so far and have some more to take tomorrow....

Hope you had a great Sunday, we did. Spent the day with B & L.. ate, rode around, spent money... the

Have a good week, and maybe will see you one day this week.

Love you,

Mary said...


Well, I can understand your plumbing woes because our sewer backed up in January. We had a plumber that we didn't know come to fix it because our regular plumber was away. He said he couldn't find anything wrong, charged us $65 and didn't give us a receipt. He said he'd mail it. We haven't seen it and I've been phoning him daily to gently remind him that we are still waiting. My gentle reminders did no good, so after the sewer backed up again this week, we called our regular plumber and he came and fixed it. Another $65 plus tax. It's still acting up, so will call him back tomorrow. He is reputable and will make sure the job gets done.

For Sunday dinner we had ground beef, potatoes and vegetables. Nothing fancy, but good.

The deer soup sounds delicious, as does the chicken pot pie. That is comfort food.

Thanks for the kind comments on Brandon's trip. Yes, he is coming along quite well. He's maturing and is getting a grip on life. He's going to do fine. He loved his trip and it gave him a sense of pride and independence. I told him he did good and he beamed.

Love and blessings for a great week.

Aunt Jenny said...

We are supposed to get snow or freezing rain in the early morning hours tomorrow.
This is my first time at the computer since Friday obviously I just read this.
We were gone up north all day yesterday and since I got to go to costco and get yummy ciabatta rolls and goodies for good sandwiches we had soup and sandwiches for supper tonight. Easy peasy.
Have a great week!!

Dawn said...

Believe it or not, she is SO busy with school work and the kids' sicky stuff that I decided to try to do it myself with Cutest Blog on the Block. I was pretty proud of myself! I had to get rid of the snowman and feed my spring fever a bit. Thanks!

The Old Gray Mare said...

I was so in the mood for some comfort food yesterday. I was wanting either chicken pot pie or chicken and dumplings.

It was tomato soup and crackers instead.

There's nothing worse than plumbing problems. I hope everything gets fixed up soon!

I still have a snowman up too. We had about 2 inches yesterday, so it isn't spring quite yet.

PEA said...

Hello dear Diane:-)

You sure are having problems with your plumbing...well not YOUR plumbing...ah heck, you know what I mean!!! lol Sounds like the pipe has a clog in it so hopefully the landlord can get that unblocked sooner than later. As for the toilet, we had that problem not long ago and had to change the flapper thingie. Landlords sure love their rent money but they can take their sweet time to get things fixed!!

When you mentioned deer soup it brought back so many memories because my mom would make that when we were growing up. Sometimes it was deer, other times it was moose...Dad was an avid hunter:-)

I'm so proud of Barb & Rob as well and because of quitting smoking, they'll have the cleanest house in the world!! hehe Good for you for decluttering as's an ongoing process for me! lol xoxo

kansasrose said...

Hi hon and happy Monday,

I hope your landlord has fixed your plumbing woes by now. I do know how ya feel on that hon...we have a septic system and every once and while it gets "backed up". Wheeeewwww...what a mess. Sometimes the dh has to take a metal think called a snake and plunge the line. I can tell ya he does not look forward to that dirty job.

I have not tasted deer soup. Sounds quite tasty! Your facebook said you were making jerkey with the deer. How do you prepare it for jerky?

I guess Barb's cleanin' mojo blew east and caught me in Kansas too. LOL I have been a cleaning, purgin' fool the past few days. My dang back is giving me fits now. Spring fever seems to be rampant now. Thanks for your lovely comments lately, I really appreciate YOU and the time you spend reading and commenting dear friend.


Anonymous said...

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Judith said...

Diane, I am ready to follow one of your bloggers, LESA, for her dinner of roast beef, and cabbage, and fried green tomatoes (Be still, my heart).

Wish I could help you with fixing the toilet. It sounds like it just needs all new parts in the tank. But I sure understand how frustrating it is when they don't work right.

Just a day or two after I got home from the hosp, my toilet threatenned to misbehave, but I was in no mood for plumbing headaches, so I just drew up several buckets of water, and used them to persuade it to work right. Sometimes they just need to know whoe's in charge.

Aren't you just mesmerized at what Barb and Rob are doing. When I quit I wasn't sure if I could do it, either, but Barb blows me away, a list of many difficult things she's dealt with surprise most of us. One thing she's not short on is courage.

Now I going to check on how jess is doing. Good luck with all work needing to be done.

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Made lasagna, salad and garlic bread for last Sunday's dinner. That was a labor intensive dinner but well worth the trouble.

I have an award for you at my place. Come by when you get a chance.

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh you've gone and done it!!!! yep, yep, yep. You mentioned pot pies!!! I've so been thinking of making some for Bud and me. Now I just hafta put that on the menu sometime real soon. I love 'em.

Hope your week has treated you well. It's been a long time since I stopped by. This past weekend I didn't get online much since our son came down and stayed with us through Sunday evening.

Take care...

Michael Manning said...

Oh, Diane! I can't see you working on a toilet. ;( But you have such a positive attitude even then! I had a flood last year and so I relate. lol! :D)

ocean said...

Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Keep up the good work.. Do visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care mate.. Cheers!!!

Pearl said...

Hope your landlord get in there and fixes your problem. That doesn't sound fun at all.
You are so right on the to do a little at a time.

Take good care.

Gigi said...

Just getting around to - not much worse in the house than plumbing woes. They have a way of bringing everything else to a screeching halt, don't they?? I hope by the time you're reading this comment, all has been tended to and repaired by your landlord!

Have a blessed weekend!

Minx's Den said...

hello darlin!

yes, i know it's been a little while...I'm still here! I just blogged your daughter, love her scrap bookin talent, you must be so proud of her! well, last sunday for dinner, I honestly can't even remember what I ate, but since I started my new medication just last monday, it's giving me a huge havoc on my tummy! I just can't eat much! the worst nausea I have ever had! it's like havin the flu without the fever but for this coming sunday dinner, I thought I should go "vegetarian"...I saw this cool recipe for grilled prtabella mushrooms with home made tomato sauce with yummy herbs, and cheese, and then bake them in the oven for 15 minutes! wish me luck on that! I'm not the cook like my hubby is! God bless ya my dear friend! Tell Lamar Hi!


RennyBA said...

You busy bee - hope you missionary marked went on well!

I think your snow man is cute and fit well - and since we still have a lot in Norway, I could use one too :-)

Have a great weekend,

Love and hugs.
-Renny :-)

Betty said...

Hi Diane,

I'm sorry you are having so much trouble with your plumbing. That landlord needs to get over there ASAP to correct the problem. I hope it is fixed by the time you read this.

Heading out tomorrow for our trip. I'll talk to you when I get back middle of March.

Nancy said...

Oh, chicken pie sounds so good on a rainy day! I'll have to print your recipe off and try it sometime...sometime when I cook. LOL

They are predicting snow for us here, too, tomorrow evening....but said it may go south of us. We'll see....

((( HUGS )))