Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sunday Dinner, January 18, 2009

See the chef's hat? That's my not so subtle way of hinting that I'm not cooking Sunday Dinner this week. I'm going to let someone else wear the chef's hat and do the cooking.

We've been waiting on a refund check and it finally arrived today. It's less than a hundred bucks so not an extravagant amount of money, but after buying some groceries and some tacos for supper tonight, there should be enough left to pay for Sunday Dinner out for me and Lamar.

What's for Sunday Dinner at your place this week? Share your plans/menu in the comments if you'd like to participate this week.I just spent 3 days trying to change the template on MY RECIPE BLOG. I finally got it done, but not without a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth.

For some reason demon Blogger wouldn't allow me to upload a header graphic to my template. I used the same basic template that I'm using for this blog and I change the header on it all the time. I copied and pasted the code and everything else worked fine, it just wouldn't let me add a picture for the header.

I wound up going to Blogger Help and posted a message detailing my problem and begging for help.

Believe it or not, wonder of wonders, in less than an hour one of the Blogger wizards responded to my plea for help and pointed me to a tutorial to change some code in my template. It didn't fix the original problem but the tutorial gave me a work around that worked for me.

Mission accomplished! If you'd like to check out the new look on MY RECIPE BLOG, just click on any of the bold links. I think it's much easier on the eyes and has a better setup than the other template I've been using.One of my dearest blog buddies, and one I got acquainted with almost from the very beginning of my blogging adventures, has tagged me for a meme.

JEN@MY 3 BOYS & I tagged me for this rather informal meme in which the tagger assigns you a letter of the alphabet and you then list 1o things you love that begin with that letter.

I won't tag anyone, but if you'd like to do the meme, just leave a comment or email me at lenadianejennings at yahoo dot com and I'll assign you a letter for the meme.

JEN chose the letter C for me, so here goes.

1. COLD WEATHER - I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I love cold weather. If it's also snowing, so much the better. I realize that some of my friends from further North and into Canada and Alaska would like to trade places with me sometimes, and I would be more than willing to make the exchange if my family would go with me.

2. COKE ZERO - It's tied for first place as my favorite beverage, though Diet Coke is still second, followed closely by Dr. Pepper.

3. COFFEE - My other favorite beverage, along with Coke Zero. I like my coffee black, no sugar or cream. Occasionally I'll indulge in a WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA, but not often. If you're wondering why I don't indulge more often, for one thing I'm a diabetic, and for another, just Google it and check out how many fat grams and grams of sugar those things are loaded with. (And yes, I'm well aware that my participle is dangling, but it's getting late and I don't want to take time to reword that paragraph.)

4. CAROLING - I love to go Christmas caroling with my church. We always have such a good time, and it's wonderful to see the look of joy on those we visit. We didn't get to go caroling this past Christmas because of bad weather and I was so disappointed.

5. CHICKEN - Just about any way it can be prepared, but especially hickory smoked and Southern fried.

6. CHICKENS - Note the "S". I love to keep chickens and wish I was situated where I could raise chickens. I love the birds themselves and I also like the fresh eggs and the fresh meat.

7. CROCHETING - I love to crochet. I take it by spells where I crochet like mad, and then I may not pick up my crochet hook and yarn for months. When the mood strikes me I'll start crocheting again.

8. CHEESECAKE - I love MY MAMA'S RECIPE for homemade cheesecake. I have yet to find anybody else's cheesecake that's any better. Some get pretty close, but not better.

9. CHURCH - God's church in general, and my home church in particular. My Mama and Daddy attended church there until their health prevented them from going and their deaths in 2004 and 2005. My sisters CECIL, Sue and Ducky attend church there, and so does Cecil's hubby Brian when he's home. JESSICA, Jason and Emmy go there too, and I'm blessed that all my church friends are also like family to me.

10. COOKING - If you've known me for very long at all you know how much I love to cook. Not so much the cleaning up, but I love to cook. And I would be remiss if I didn't admit that I also love to eat. Cooking and eating. They just kind of go together, don't they?There. I'm done now. If you'd like to do the meme, just leave a comment or email me at the address listed above and I'll assign you a letter.

And with that I'm going to get this post all linked and tidied up and get it posted. I still have to study my Sunday School lesson and I need to feed my TWITTER and FACEBOOK addictions so I'll be monitoring those as I study and get ready for church tomorrow.

Y'all have a blessed Sunday. May God bless you with all you need and enough to share.


MightyMom said...

oh sure....gimme a letter. I've just been tagged by Subvet so it'll be a dualey if I get my energies up ;-)

Jess said...

Was waiting for your post to see what was on the menu... We may get out tomorrow just to get out of the house...

Maybe we will see you

Have a good night and thanks for the offer to keep Em...if my neck doesn't get better soon, you may get to watch her for a while sometime...

Love you,

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, I am going to put a chicken in the crock pot for dinner. BTW: I love fried chicken! I don't cook it at home any more but I will buy it at KFC occasionally.

I have seen the meme a couple of times now and I suppose I will give it a try....Send me a letter!

I like the look of your recipe blog...While I was there I scrolled down to look at some of your recipes and I will have to go through and try some of them. You know that I love your fried cabbage.

Well, have a great week and don't I love in Texas because I can only take the cold for so long....burrrr.

Tammy said...

Trade ya!
Oh yeah I would!

I've not been out of the house in 7 days now...argggg!!!!

It is now snowing to beat the band and that is on top of what we already have!

I wanted to get out to Church today and to get a few grocery's but Terry just got in from work and he says I'm not going anywhere...sigh!!

I guess I'll try to stir up some left-overs!

I deleted my twitter...I just did not really understand it and I'm just too wordy...140 characters just ain't enough!

Soooo...I set up a "kind-of" blog...come see me when you can!

Love & Hugs♥ Tammy

Barb said...

Jessica cracks me up, Diane, checking your blog to see what's on your menu. LOL

One of my resolutions for the new year is to try new recipes. I tend to get in a rut, making the same old same old over and over again, so today I'm trying a new recipe for Beef Burgundy. I'll let you know....

I did the Twitter thing and deleted the whole thing about two days into it because I realized, I can barely keep up with my blog, much less anything new. Besides, my entries would put you to sleep - they'd just say, "Making sock monkeys. Still making sock monkeys. Oh yeah - I'm making a sock monkey." Sigh.

Happy new week. Hope you're staying warm!

SaoirseDaily2 said...

We are going out to dinner with friends tonight. So, no cooking for me also. I am enjoying my 3 day weekend so far.

What's my letter?

Enjoy your dinner out.

Linds said...

Yes I know all about the twitter/facebook thing! I am having fun though. Dinner today was toast and coffee. I had just got back from dropping David back at uni and the energy is history. I just needed something quick and easy so I can go and curl up on the couch for a while. This place is so quiet though. Sigh. But he was really keen for me to depart so he could go and ctach up with his friends, so that is all good.
I hope your luch out is good! Enjoy your Sunday, Diane!

Donna said...

I think we'll have a cheeseburger; I have some thawed hamburger left over from making Tater Tot casserole yesterday.

Jo said...

Hope you have a wonderful dinner out. Even great cooks need a day away from the kitchen from time to time. I have a pork roast in the slow cooker today while I am doing some laundry. Quiet day planned here.

Jo said...

Hope you have a wonderful dinner out. Even great cooks need a day away from the kitchen from time to time. I have a pork roast in the slow cooker today while I am doing some laundry. Quiet day planned here.

Michael Manning said...

Diane: It's healthy to take a break. I don't have a church home. But maybe if Farrah Fawcett shows up and decides to invite to go, I will. But I pray a lot at home. Have a nice day, dear friend and enjoy some Tacos! :D)

Dawn said...

We're having meat loaf, baked potatoes, corn, crescent rolls - simple, yummy. It's DC, me, and the two big girls. If you've been over to visit, you'll know that Katie's been in the hospital, Emma's been with her aunt, and the big girls with me - to keep the germs from exposing the babies any worse. Tough week for all of us.

the voice of melody said...

Enjoy your dinner out Diane! :)

Lisa Sherrill Roach said...

I hope you enjoyed your lunch out today. Thank you for all the comments you leave on my blog. I just adore you. Thanks also for praying for my friend Kelly. She is such a special person. Have a wonderful week. I pray for you and your family daily! Love & blessings to you, Lisa

Tammy said...

I'm back *smiles*

I just wanted you to know I scrounged around and found the makings for Terry's favorite....your "Texas Hash" recipe!

Noodles are boiling as I type.

Have a good evening!♥

It's All Good! said...

I'd happily take the chore of 'cleaning up' if I could have a meal at your table, and please don't forget the cheesecake.

What the heck is a hanging participle anyway?!

I did the letter "P" awhile back, but I'll give it a go again. Please, no X!

Linda said...

I'm glad you're going to get to have dinner out. It's so nice to just sit and not have to be the one to get it all ready.
I love your new header. You are so much more adventurous than I am. Actually, with my custom-made blog design I'm at a loss as to how to do anything different. So I'll have to be content with what I have.
I enjoyed the meme Diane. We share many of the same favorite things.
Have a blessed, restful sunday.

Mountain Mama said...

Hello Diane. I guess you already had your dinner by now since it is 2:20 pm here in the Pacific Northwest.
I made some veggie-beef-barley soup yesterday and that's what I will be eating today. It is really yummy and since we have freezing temp's again with frost everywhere it will be the perfect dinner for me.

I love chickens too. Not for the eggs which I don't care for or the meat either because I name them all and they become my little friends. Can't eat a friend after all!
I just love having them running loose in the yard. I used to have banty's. Lucy Mae and Goldie Pearl had lots of babies thanks to the old General. He wasn't too old. :)
I don't have chickens now because we have too many coons. coyotes and a few cougars that would have them for supper. Thanks to overpopulation and no protection.
I used to have a big dog that I let run and he kept pests away but after the neighborhood became more populated I had to keep him in a fence. Now I can't even have pretty flower gardens anymore because the deer and bunnies eat everything.
I do try to plant a few special things in the back yard which is fenced in. So far, so good!

I hope you have a wonderful week Diane.
God Bless you and yours

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane, It has been quite some time since I have commented, but I still faithfully read you. You would have been ever so happy to be living in the Idaho Panhandle these past few weeks....tons of snow! We have had more snow in other years; however, we have set new records for the amount of snowfall at one time. Several buildings have collapsed in Coeur d'Alene (Id) and Spokane (Wa) cities close to us. But, I must admit, there have been some beautiful days! Blessings to you...v from Idaho
P.S. I used to read a blog from a lady in Montana and I think it might be Mountain Mama.Is this the lady that played the part of a nun in a play?. I'm wondering if this is the same lady. I went to read her one day and her site was just gone.

Sammy said...

A dangling participle!! I am horrified!!

(I just LOVE that you pointed it out! )

Cold weather? Not for me. And speaking of your crocheting? Khai is sleeping under the blanket you made him right now.

Have a wonderful week, Diane!


Minx's Den said...

Hey Diane!

our dinner menu tonight??? creole style gumbo with the spiciest sausage to make anyone's mouth water! I love these kind of foods in the winter time! of course I had a craving for asparagus, so I couldn't pass that up in a heart beat! Hope you had a good weekend! Love to you my friend!



Dawn said...

I hope you had a good time out for lunch.

I was wondering why my post was timed 9:22 p.m. - when you commented, I realized that I had started last night, but didn't make any progress. So I finished it this afternoon. So as a matter of fact, this is the latest update - and the girls went home this afternoon, though they were still coughing. They, especially Feisty, were so homesick. She had a horrible night wanting her mommy. I hope to get some good sleep tonight!

Anonymous said...

well done my friend

I only like fanta when it comes to fizzy

yum coffee milk with 1 sugar please


Im getting a lot out of church at the mo


Aunt Jenny said...

I hope you had fun going out!!!
I started a pot of chicken soup with veggies and tortellini in the crock pot and made garlic bread to go with it..yum. I had leftover cake that I baked yesterday (french vanilla) so that was dessert for everyone but me...the only cake I like much is cheesecake!!
Have a wonderful week!!

Bev said...

We went to my daughter's in-laws' house to watch the football game, everybody brought something and I swear there was more food than I serve on Christmas Day.

I quit feeling miserable about bedtime....

PEA said...

Your recipe blog looks wonderful, dear Diane, glad you were able to get someone to help you figure out the header problems! It can certainly be very frustrating when things on Blogger don't want to do what you want it to do! lol

I enjoyed your list of 10 things starting with the letter did a great job with it:-) To be honest, I love cold weather...just not the FRIGID temps we had last week! lol

Hope you're having a great week, my friend. xoxo

thislittlepiggy said...

This Little Piggy had roast beef. From Arby's. It was good, but gave me some serious heartburn. BLECH.

I like my coffee with cream and sugar (substitute of course) and piping hot. If my taste buds don't scream, it's not hot enough. ;o)

Mary said...


I love the new look on your recipe blog, but am sorry it gave you so much trouble. It's gorgeous. You did a great job.

Glad you were able to go out with Lamar for dinner. It's always nice to get out and have a break from cooking.

Okay, my friend. I will take a letter. Try to make it an easy one. LOL

It's not so bad up here. All weekend we had snow, but it was light and fine and there was only about 4 inches accumulation. I'd rather snow than ice, which is what you get sometimes. We usually get one good ice storm a year here. Yesterday it turned frigid again. Hope that breaks soon.


kansasrose said...

Hey girlfriend,

Late on commenting this week. Now I can't remember what I ate for Sunday. Oh must not have been that

As always your memes are a hoot to read. ( heck fire...everything you write I adore reading hon) Same with your beautiful daughter...she has her mama's great way of the verbage and humor, optimism and grit.

Got lots on my plate this week...not much time for the puter these days. I've never heard of twitter. Is that like facebook? Where's your sis Donna these days? She's been kinda quiet...hope all is well with her. I miss her wit and wisdom. Let her know I'm thinkin' and prayin' on her too. Thanks hon. Have a great week Diane... btw Dh is in Little Rock today. Wish I could have tagged along. I love Arkansas, so many trees and hills! Arkansas isn't flat as a pancake like Kansas is. Loveya, Jen xxxooo

Reva said...

Goodness you are a busy lady Diane. I liked most of your "C" words except coffee since I don't drink it, coke since I'm a pepsi gal and coke zero since I've gotta have the 'real' thing baby. It's fun anyway.
Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog. I hope to keep my blog updated no less than once and sometimes twice a week.

Dick said...

I'm still waiting at 14:20 hours for the UPS guy to bring my new operating system. I've been like you with XP on the desktop & Vista on the laptop. Maybe it will be easier with Vista on both. Maybe.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Leave me a letter, sounds like fun! Off to check out your recipe blog.

Pearl said...

Hello my friend,
I have missed visiting you. Lots to catch up on. Your recipe blog sounds like a wonderful idea.

I can't believe it is the end of January....Spring will be here soon!

Sending you hugs,

Hootin' Anni said...

I'm so embarrassed to say I've not been by to visit you here of late. But I made a point of it to stop by today 1st thing.

What a great "C" challenge you've done. When I was a kid, my grandmother had chickens...I too love the fact that I was the one to collect the eggs in the hen house and watch the Roosters atop the fences...Don't tell anyone, but I can gag my dear man each time I tell him that in the summer I used to go out to the henhouse, barefooted, and let the chicken poop ooze between my toes. ROFL!!! What a childhood memory huh?

Have a great weekend.

SaoirseDaily2 said...

Diane, do you have a Facebook account? I saw that you had their banner on your blog, but, could not find you on facebook. Can you add me as a friend if you are on facebook?

Have a fun Friday!

Jo said...

When you get a chance come by and pick up an award that I posted for my friends.

Love ya!

Betty said...

Hi Diane,

Good for you not cooking last Sunday. I hope you and Lamar enjoyed dinner out.

I enjoyed reading your meme. I would like to play along and want you to assign a letter for me. You have my email.

Have a good weekend, Diane.

Nashe^ said...

Actually, D, I love to cook too, but I can only do western dishes which can be very limiting. Gaahhh... Plus, I have this thing against cooking when there's people around. I have to do it alone. Makes sense, much?


mombo said...

We're like Twinkies! Though I've never raised chickens, I really want to when we move to the country. So much in common, I wish we lived closer. Go ahead and give me a letter - I'm blogging again.

Michael Manning said...

Wishing you a beautiful weekend full of Laughter, Love and Joy with Jess and little Emmy, Diane! How FUN!!! :D) I love her hair do!!

Mary said...


Please drop over to my Writing Nook. I've tagged you for a photo meme.