Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sunday Dinner, January 11, 2009 & Some Ramblings

Anybody that follows me on FACEBOOK or TWITTER knows that I've been waffling back and forth and trying to make up my feeble mind regarding not only Sunday Dinner but also supper tonight.

I'm sure everyone has been waiting with bated breath for my decisions, so you can safely un-bate now. Or whatever.

For supper tonight it's going to be fried hog jowl bacon and fried eggs. Yes, I know. Fat and cholesterol, but it's gooood fat and cholesterol. Also, there's no sugar grams to go against my diabetes, so that should count for something.

And we don't eat bacon and eggs all that often, so an occasional indulgence isn't all that bad.

For Sunday Dinner this week I'm making some okra and tomatoes, pinto beans cooked with more leftover ham from the freezer and plenty of my HOMEMADE SOUTHERN CORNBREAD. I'm also making some jasmine rice for those who didn't get enough carbs from the beans and cornbread and who like their okra and tomatoes over rice.

The okra and tomatoes are from last Summer's garden bounty that I've had squirreled away in the freezer for these Winter days with little or no fresh veggies. Add a little onion and garlic and some other seasonings and the okra and tomatoes will be a welcome reminder that Summer is not too far off and those fresh garden veggies will soon grace our tables once again.

Now, enough of my Sunday Dinner. What's on the menu at your place, or are you going to Grandma's or out to eat? If you'd like to participate this week, share your menu/plans in the comments.On to the ramblings I mentioned in the title to this post.

There's been almost nothing fit to watch on TV this afternoon. I finally settled on AMERICAN MOVIE CLASSICS and caught the last 30 minutes of "THE FIGHTING SEABEES" starring John Wayne, among many others. I think I've mentioned before that John Wayne is probably my favorite male actor, but another reason I've always loved his movies is that I love Westerns and war movies.

This movie in particular has always been a favorite because my Daddy was a Navy Seabee during WW2 and served on Oahu and Okinawa during the war.

Daddy helped rebuild Pearl Harbor for the first part of the war then was shipped to Okinawa to build QUONSET HUTS, barracks and air strips.

Sometimes while watching those old war movies Daddy would offer a glimpse into his life during the war and I always listened, wanting to learn more about those dark days in his life and our nation's history.

If questioned, Daddy seldom gave up any extra information beyond the basics and never any of the darker details of his time in the Navy, but occasionally he would confirm or contradict some of the scenes and details shown in those war movies.

Daddy also loved Western movies and television series such as "BONANZA", "GUNSMOKE", "WAGON TRAIN" and many others, so any time I watch any of those war movies and Westerns it brings back memories of my Daddy and brings him close to me for just a little while.

All righty, that was free. I won't charge you for that information.

Not that I ever charge you for any information, so forget that, 'kay? Nevermind.I watched my granddaughter, Emmy (anybody not familiar with her? you haven't been around here very long, have you?) on Friday so her Mama, Daddy and Lamar could help a friend move all their worldly belongings to another nearby town.

I love this stage that Emmy's in right now! She's so much fun as she learns new words every day and explores the world around her.

She can say "Grandma" and "Papaw" now and does. All the time. And you know what? I'm not tired of hearing it yet. Don't know that I ever will be either.

When my Mama died (stay with me here, I will get to the point, eventually) as she lay on her deathbed she asked me to take her two zebra finches and care for them. And so I did. The female of the pair died in January of 2007, just before Emmy was born in May, but the male, Ed, is still plugging along. He's 6 years old now and that's ancient for a zebra finch.

Ed's cage is in my living room and Emmy has just in the last few months really noticed him and paid any attention to him. She's fascinated by Ed's chirping and will stand and watch him for several minutes at a time, which is a long time when you're talking about a toddler's attention span.

The only thing is, any time Ed flutters, flies or hops around in his cage, Emmy goes ballistic! As long as he's just sitting on his perch or in his nest, she's cool with that. But if he ever moves she almost soils her bloomers getting away from his cage!

She's hilarious to watch and I love her so much I can hardly stand it. :o)

I was so busy having fun with Emmy that it never crossed my mind to even pick up my camera to take some pictures. If you've been following me very long you know how uncharacteristic that is for me.

The pic above was taken by Jessica sometime in December during Emmy's bath time.After daily high temperatures in the 60'sF for the last several days, we've plummeted to the upper 30'sF for a high today and it should be well below freezing overnight. For the next week at least we're forecast to have much lower temps than average, both day and night. Several days in the latter part of next week we're not even supposed to get above freezing for the highs, then down in the lower teens for our overnight lows.

However, it IS January and the balmy temps of the last several days are an anomaly while the colder temps are more the norm for us. January into February is when we usually get our coldest weather and snow and ice for the season.

I know I'm in the minority for the most part, but I love cold weather and snow, though we don't get nearly as much of either as we used to get when I was growing up.

Global warming? Who can say for sure? But I do miss our consistently cold, snowy Winters.Okay, I think I'm done rambling now, and I challenge you to prove that I didn't indeed ramble throughout this post.

If you haven't read this post below this one I have book giveaway going on. Check it out and enter if you'd like.

Y'all have a great Sunday. May God meet all your needs and may you have enough to share.


BigDadGib said...

I miss those old movies.
My dad did the same thing with me.

"Now look son... that's just the way it was over there..."

Same me a pan of that corn bread too. :)

Lyndy said...

Hi Diane,

Sometimes we just have to have some fat and cholesterol to make a good meal. (lol)

I just love old movies and what a sweet memory about your daddy.

Awe Emmy is so cute and what a wonderful age.

Y’all’s weather sounds as crazy as ours here in GA. We are close to 70 one day and then below freezing the next. Just crazy.

Love your rambling post my friend, as it gives us a glimpse into your life.

Have a blessed SONday.

Hugs, Lyndy

Minx's Den said...

Hey there my friend!

fat makes any food taste so yummy! I love cheese, meat, deep fat fried anything smothered in chocolate...however, got my cholesterol reading back, 226 it was, and my doc told me to lower it between 170 and unfortunately, lots of salad greens for me, so my DH will be making me some vinaigrette tuscan salad with tomatoes, pinto beans, lettuce, feta cheese (sparingly), onions, and balsamic vinaigrette tomorrow night for our sunday does sound good, I am willing to try it for my health's sake...hope your weekend is good, and the weather is on your side, another cold bitter arctic blast is heading it's way to Kansas! ARRRRRRRR!



SaoirseDaily2 said...

Hi Diane, As you probably know beans are good for us diabetics. I have beans and cornbread at least once and sometime twice a week.

I loved John Wayne movies too. I was sad to hear his museum at Universal Studios in CA burned. He made so many good movies it is hard to pick a favorite.

We are having tacos tonight and tomorro is shrimp stir fry.

Enjoy your weekend. I enjoy reading your memories and stories.

Alex said...

Ilove old movies and John Wayne as well.
Hope all is well with you.
Take care.

Dawn said...

I still like to watch Gunsmoke and Bonanza - and Big Valley, if I can ever find it.

It never snowed back in the 50s when I lived in Arkansas - one time it snowed a tiny bit and the whole town shut down, because it was so hilly and nobody could drive on it. I used to wish for snow, because we were from Minnesota.

Tomorrow is chicken and rice, fresh green beans, rolls, fresh pineapple, and brownie sundaes.

Aunt Jenny said...

I love that old John Wayne movie. (and sounds like my dad and your dad liked the same tv shows for sure!!) I remember going to the SeaBee museum in Calif (I won't even try to spell the place...I will write it out how it sounds and you may know of it...port Wy-nee-mee)
You dinner sounds great.
We will be having lemon chicken with basmati rice (my favorite rice) and broccoli tomorrow night..and bisquits if I feel ambitous. I made some this morning and we had bisquits and gravy. I swear I could make a hundred bisquits though and there would be none left for the next meal..haha.
Have a relaxing Sunday.

Lib said...

Hi Diane,
You know we have to have our Southern food .Your dinner sounds yummy! Gives me hope spring will be here soon!;o)I don't like winter!
We're having soup and salad.Its in the fridge .So just have to heat the soup when we get home from church.
I Love Princess Emmy stories. :o)
Loved this one
I like the older movies. We use to watch them and bang the t.v. or stomp the floor.lolRemember those days?
I do hope you have a great Sun. my Friend!

Barb said...

I love it when you get all rambly like this Diane. :-)

You and Rob would sure hit it off - John Wayne is by far his favorite ever actor and we have more of his movies than I can count.

I can just see Emmy jumping away when the bird moves. She's at an adorable age - I had so much fun watching how fast Cameron changed, at this age. One minute they're still a baby and the next, they're carrying on a conversation with you.

Yes ma'am. I sure understand how much you love her.

I'm making confetti beans tomorrow. That's a real fancy name for "beans" but they're a "gift in a jar" Bev sent me this Christmas. Those beans are so pretty, I'm posting a picture of them tomorrow, before I cook them. LOL

Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy that cool weather this coming week. I know how much you love cold weather. Or maybe it's more that I know how much you hate hot weather. :-)

Big hug!

Dick said...

The last time my Navy son was on shore duty he was stationed at the Seabee base in Gulfport, MS and he got sent to Iraq/Kuwait for the time frame of the actual second Gulf War. Now he started a year ago last Nov on another shore duty, this time at Sub Base Bangor, WA and he now is in Afghanistan with the Army Rangers and Navy Seals. I am getting to the point where I'd really rather have him stay on sea duty all the time. It is a lot safer.

thislittlepiggy said...

We had thunder storms this morning. Ack.

I'm partial to The Quiet Man and Rooster Cogburn myself. ;o)

Sunday dinner? I'm making Jay's favorite. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes. MMM.

Mountain Mama said...

Your Sunday Dinner sounds like it's straight out of the south! LOL
I like the flavor of okra but have only had it in soup. I really don't like the slimyness of it though. Corn Bread? Oh yes any time of the day. I love the stuff.
I am going to pull George out of the cupboard, George Foreman grill that is, and grill me a nice sirloin steak, mushrooms and a potato for dinner. And maybe I'll even make some cornbread too.
I love the pic of Emmy in the bubble bath. That is a keeper!

I don't know what Zebra Finches are. I had parakeets once though but my son was alergic to them.

I haven't seen much on TV worth watching lately either. I have lots of videos that I taped throughout the years though with all the old classics. I knew that someday we wouldn't have anything good to watch. Sort of like canning your own food for winter. LOL
Take care Diane and enjoy that wonderful cornbread tomorrow!

muwaaaaaaahhhhhhh said...

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Mary said...


Your Sunday dinner sounds delicious, as always. One of these Sundays there's going to be a knock at the door and there I'll stand looking for Sunday dinner. LOL

I know how it is with your Dad not talking about the war. My Uncle Bill landed at Dieppe and that was a blood bath. He never would talk about it when questioned, but like your Dad, he would confirm or deny what was shown in movies.

I enjoy the old Westerns too. I watched many of them with my Dad. Gunsmoke was a favorite of his, as were Bonanza, Rawhide and a few others. You've brought back some good memories, my friend. Watching those movies with Dad was fun. I would love to be able to watch one more Western with Dad.

It was a cold, blustery day here today. The wind bit right to the bone and it's been snowing since mid afternoon.

Take care, my friend. Loved the photo of Emmy's bath. Griffyn is just learning to talk and he actually talked to me on the phone today. Mostly animal noises he knows. Aren't grandkids wonderful. The boys are so much fun for me as are Griffyn and Tarryn.


Anonymous said...

interesting info about your dad

LOVE Emmys smile
she LOVES bubbles doesnt she :)

LOL your story about Emmy and Ed is funny :)

have a nice week Diane :)

Linds said...

Ah, Diane, you do make me grin! Lunch? Well I just baked croissants. Does that count? It is 2pm and I was later back from church! I may cook some pasta with fresh veg...broccoli and green beans, and some tomato and mascopone sauce. Later.

Your little Emmy is just the best. I can't wait to report all the doings with my granddaughter soon. And yes, totally out of character for you not to be snapping away!
Have a lovely Sunday!

Just Terrific said...

I watched the same movie Saturday afternoon!! I was taking the ornaments off of our Christmas tree (yes, I KNOW it's Jan. 10th!!), and watched the movie while I was busy. I've seen it before, but it's been awhile. I enjoy reading your post. I love how you express your joy and love for your family. God bless!

Jo said...

Hey Girl!

We are on the last leg of our trip and I found a few precious moments to check my e-mail and thought I would snak in and see what's happening with you. I am so very ready to be at home and getting back to my routine. Visiting is nice, but it wears thin after a little while. We leave Texas tomorrow morning and point that car north east for home.

Your Sunday dinner sounds great!!
You make my mouth water with these delicious menus.

Blessings and love to you and the family.

kansasrose said...

Just keep right on ramblin' hon! I'll be here to read and love on ya. :)

My dad was in the Navy in WWII also hon. He'll be 85 year young in Aug. God Bless him! I love hearin' his war stories of being on a heavy cruiser in the battle of Okinawa. Like your dear daddy did, Papa doesn't go into the extremes of what he experienced in that war, but he will correct history if he see something on a movie or tv that don't jive. Hon, these WWII vets were and are still America's finest...they are leavin' the earth several hundred a day now. God bless your pappy in heaven. He served his nation well.

Oh hon!!! Your supper sounds delicious! Pork is so good this time of year! Okra and tomatoes done your way...diiiivine! Winter time and it's fat/pork/more cholestral, bring it on! I gots some thick cut local raised pork chops in the crock pot, simmerin' with layers of sauerkraut, a touch of liquid smoke and caraway seeds, plenty of brown sugar for carmelization! Then slicin' some potatoes for thicker cut fries, roasted nice and golden in oven with seasonings/olive oil. Whippin' up some homemade cheese bread and cinnamon braid. There ya got it. It's cold and blustery. That moon was sure pretty last night! Took some pics of it at moonrise. Got a new blog cookin', come check it out on p.f. Love ya, Jen

It's All Good! said...

Mega nachos for our dinner today, with homemade baked tortilla chips, black beans, onion, olive, guacomole and homemade salsa. Oh, can't forget the cheese.
I could just imagine seeing Emmy freaking out at the bird! funny.
Have a wonderful week, Diane.

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, Your Sunday dinner sounds great!!! I am going to cook a standing Rib roast...I came across it at the store the other day and couldn't believe how cheap I got it. I have never cooked one before, but the ladies in the meat department gave me a good recipe to try.....soooo here's hoping.

My dad was in the Navy during WWII also....He was the guy that supplied the big guns, on the ship, with whatever power it is that makes the guns work. I know that he got knocked out once by standing in the wrong place. He loved to watch the "Victory At Sea" shows that came on TV and we all watched them with him. He loved his experience in the Navy and he never hesitated to tell us all about what he did and saw....

I like watching old westerns too... John Wayne was one of my favorites, hands down. He always seemed to be an honorable man. I enjoyed watching him and Katheryn Kepburn in Brewster Coogburn, they made such a cute pair.

I'll bet you were "tard" after taking care of Miss Emily. She looks like she is a bundle of energy.....Does she still take a nap?

Hope you have a great week....

Linda said...

It's always great to visit with you Diane.
I love the part about your Dad. I keep thinking we should tape some of the stories my Dad tells about WWII. He will often sit and tell us the same stories we've heard so many times before, and yet when I get home I can't remember all the details. WE really must get a tape recorder next time.
I'm with Emmy. For some reason I love birds from a distance. I just don't like the idea of one landing on my shoulder or something. Yick!
Have a great week Diane.

Jess said...

I came home and Emmy and Jason napped, and I had a bologna sandwich as planned! Hope lunch was good...Love you,

kkryno said...

Hi, Diane! I'm home.

I can't decide whether to have calorie-friendly home madesoup and sandwiches or yummy calorie-abundant thick cut pork rib chops
and rice and gravy with asparagus.

I guess I'll just flip a coin. First, I'll go see how to make your rice.

Love and hugs to you.


kkryno said...

BTW; I love your new header!

Muhd Imran said...

Emmy is a beautiful child. Those eyes... heaven sent.

It is indeed a gift to watch a little one grow and learn new things everyday. I had that chance once with Sonny and will not trade for anything else. It was tough at times but wonderful overall. Got to love your child.

Have a good weekend.

Jeanette said...

Gday Dianne. your sunday lunch sounds good to me . love the pic of Emmy in the bubble bath, sheis so ptreety and her eyes alight with a smile..

Betty said...

Hi Diane,

I love okra and tomatoes together, but I never thought of eating over rice.
Sounds like it would be good that way. I made vegetable beef soup for tonight.

I'm like you in that I like cold weather and snow. Wish we would get a big snow.

Have a good week,Diane.

PEA said...

I'm taking a break from cleaning out my pantry and kitchen cupboards...the only problem is now that I'm sitting at the computer I may not want to get back up! lol For dinner yesterday I made homemade fries and hot dogs. We didn't feel up to anything more fancy! lol

My dad didn't watch tv much but he did love Three's Company and Hollywood Squares, especially if Paul Lind was on it. So those are two of the old shows that make me think of him every time:-) I love western movies and if it has John Wayne in it, then even better!

Love that picture of Emmy in the bubble bath! lol She looks to be quite the little character and I can well imagine how much fun she is:-)

Since you like the cold weather, you should come stay with me for a while!! hehe We're lucky to even see 10F during January. Tomorrow they're saying we're going to get hit by an absolutely frigid air mass...-20F!!!

Stay well and know that I think of you often:-) xoxo

Nashe^ said...

I was waiting for that cornbread. It hasn't arrived yet! XD

Aww...Emmy can say PAPAW? A milestone, for sure!

Cecil said...

I remember all that stuff about Daddy.. I always thought it was so cool that he was in the Navy and what all he did...

Thanks for working on my blog.. I really appreciate it so much. Love, Cecil

MightyMom said...

GIRL, are you ILL???

she's watching and running and watching and running and you don't have a VIDEO???

I'm calling 911, you obviously need to go to the hospital right now!

where you been lately anyway?

the voice of melody said...

Diane, I hope you enjoyed your Sunday dinner. Sounds like some yummy comfort food. :)

The pic of Emmy in the bathtub is priceless! She looks like she's having so much fun.

Hope you enjoy your week and many sweet blessings!

Gigi said...

I loved this post, Diane! just doesn't get any better than that!