Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunday Dinner, February 1, 2009

As of right now, there ain't gonna be no Sunday Dinner this week here at Diane's Place. Or maybe I should say, if there is, it'll be a sandwich.

After the ice storm and the electricity being off for 3 days here which led to a rather extreme fridge and deep freeze cleaning, I don't even have any leftovers and not much else to offer for a meal.

I went to Wal*mart Friday evening and got one package of pork steaks, cheese, ham lunch meat, some sodas, eggs and bottled water but that was it as far as food. I already had bread and milk and I was afraid to buy too many perishables just in case our electricity goes off again.

As I type this my church still doesn't have electricity so we've made arrangements to use a local community building for preaching services at 11 am and we'll dismiss evening services. If the power comes back on in the meantime we'll revert back to our usual service times I'm sure.

Next week I'll do some more grocery shopping and restock a bit, but not until I'm sure our power is trustworthy again. So far today it's been pretty steady, but yesterday it was off and on all day, sometimes for a couple of hours at a time.

What's for dinner at your place? Just share your plans/menu in the comments.I've been trying to catch up on laundry and some other stuff here, mostly stuff related to not having electricity for 3 days. My kerosene lanterns and candles are still sitting everywhere around the apartment. I'm a little scared to put them away because I just know if I do that the power will go off again.

Jessica and Emmy took us to Wal*mart last night to do that shopping I mentioned earlier and I was so tired when we got home that I just left everything in the bags where ever Lamar and Jessica dropped it when they carried it in. I did get the stuff that needed to go in the fridge and made sure it made it into the fridge but everything else is still staring at me, waiting to be put away.

We're stocked up on toilet paper, kleen*ex, paper towels, cat food and litter, disposable plates, napkins and forks now, just in case the weather gets bad again. I hope we don't need that stuff because of bad weather but at least we're prepared, or as prepared as we can be.

I've done some laundry today and cooked some pork steak, fried cabbage and cream gravy for supper tonight. After I get this posted I still need to do more laundry and finally get my shopping put away, but I'm already TARD so it may just have to wait until tomorrow. Again.Please pray for those who are still without electricity and may be without power for another 3 weeks, possibly longer. Many people have frozen to death and died of carbon monoxide poisoning, trying to heat their homes with unsafe heat sources. Others have lost their homes after candles and other heat and light sources burned down their homes.

I've already emailed some of these pics to some of you but I don't remember which, so if you've already seen them, feel free to skip them. I'm going to leave you with some scenes from the ice storm. These pictures were taken around my apartment on Wednesday morning.

Oh, and by the way - it was nearly 60F here today so all the ice is gone now. Of course we have a chance of snow Sunday night and Tuesday night. Welcome to the wonderful world of Northeast Arkansas weather.

Click on any of the photos to enlarge them for more detail.Y'all have a blessed Sunday. May God meet all your needs, and may you have enough to share.


Mountain Mama said...

Merciful Heavens!!!! I am so sorry you have such a miserable mess there. Did you take those pictures? I would be afraid to even go outside when it's like that.
I hadn't heard about the Ice storm there and all the problems it is causing. I don't watch much news. Maybe I should.

We have had Silver Thaws here with ice covering everything but it was never as bad as what you are having.

I pray it is all over soon and you don't lose your power again.
I bet you are glad for the things you canned last year. Maybe a big pot of soup would be an idea, then you could eat on it for a few days.
God bless & keep you.

Susie said...

Hi Diane,
Your situation still sounds very challenging. Glad to hear you've got food, heat and water. Sounds like so many others are facing worse.
My prayers are with you.
I'm making chicken tortilla soup tomorrow. It's still very mild here, but we both enjoy soup for Sunday dinner when it's just the two of us.

Jess said...

See you tomorrow hopefully... we are all so very lucky..nope, blessed!...

Love you,

Brenda said...

I think just telling you what's for dinner at our house pales in light of what you're having to endure this past week. So I'm not even going to go there, except to say we're going over to Chelsie's to watch the Cardinals play. (Sure seems strange calling it Chelsie's house, since she's moved out, but she is doing so good!)
God bless, Diane, and please do take care.

Boo-Bah said...

The pictures looked strangely beautiful but very scary. I hope your power will continue to stay on. Too bad about the food in the fridge and freezer.

It's so sad that people lost their lives. I heard something about it on tv. I guess I will deal with the earthquakes we have here. They don't happen often

Heres hoping the snow your expecting will go away. I hope you have a better week. Take care.

Hugs from SO. CA.

Mary said...


I don't blame you for not planning a Sunday dinner. Those pictures tell the tale and it is not a pleasant one. Ice can be pretty when there is a little of it, but it can also be deadly. I'm sorry you had to go through this, my friend.

Praying for all those who were affected. I hope that this mess can be cleaned up quickly, but have a feeling that it will take a while. I remember the ice storm that hit here in, I believe, 1971. It took weeks to get back to normal and all the limbs cleared away.

Thank you for your lovely email and kind words of love and support on the passing of Meeko. The house is eerily silent without him nearby. It leaves a void, but I would never want him to suffer. He has crossed Rainbow Bridge and is pain free.

Take care and be safe. Prayers for you and your family, as well as all those affected.


Aunt Jenny said...

I wouldn't be planning a Sunday dinner if I were you either!! Your dinner tonight did sound good though. I am glad you got a warm day today!! I will sure keep you all in my prayers. Scary stuff!!
I am just making a big platter of hot wings to take over to my sis in laws ..and some dipping sauces...a bbq, a ranch and a dill sauce I think....for the family superbowl party (a very tame party) at her house tomorrow afternoon. I will be taking my knitting. I like football games in person..but on tv..not so much.
I hope you have a nice restful WARM Sunday!!!

MightyMom said...

I wanted to take pics of the icecicles hanging off our birdfeeder and roof, but didn't quite feel up to it. It was over 60 today so don't be expecting those pics anytime soon.

Tell Jess to come back by sometime! Thesaurus Thursday is up and running....FINALLY.

kkryno said...

It's so sad to see all the trees bent and broken; but even more sad to think of the families who have lost loved ones.

I'm just glad to know that you all are okay.

Have a good Sunday.


Barb said...

It's an awful feeling, sitting in your home when the power is out. It's so quiet, it's eerie. Even if it's sporadic, I'm glad yours is back on and I'm sorry you all went through this.

I hope you were able to save some of your food. I remember all our food sitting on the kitchen floor, in as many big coolers as I could round up, for days and days, last time this happened in eastern Colorado. No fun.

I see by the weather map in your sidebar, it's 48 degrees and sunny there. That's a good start!

I sure hope this is a better week for you than the last one was. I worried about all of you and was so relieved to hear that you're OK.

Staci said...

Hope things have returned to "somewhat normal", at least! Being without electricity is just no fun. Bless your heart!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Just talked to my mom in J'boro...still without power. They're fine but it sounds like ya'll have been hit SO hard.

Glad you're well...I'm mailing your Sbux card tomorrow AM!

Dawn said...

The only news articles I've seen have been about Kentucky, not mentioning Arkansas. Seems odd. What a mess! I did notice the sun in your pictures and hoped that meant that at least cars could get around without skating around. I really feel for you guys!

Today we had lasagna for Anthony's birthday - he hasn't been around much since he went to live with his mother, but today we celebrated his 11th birthday.

Hope this week is much better - for both of us!

Nancy said...

Iam glad you are getting somewhat back to normal. What a mess...your pictures are worth a thousand words! That was really a bad storm. I hope it's the last one for you this winter. I am just gald that you are safe and didn't have any damages of any kind.

I don't know if you read Renie's blog or not, but she is still without power. Her daughter ( I think) is posting updates on Renie's blog. She got out to the Chinese Buffet so I'm sure that was the highlight of her week. She won't go to a shelter because of her fur-kids. She's a trooper!

Not much Sunday cooking going on here today. When it's just yourself, you don't feel much like cooking for just one. I am making homemade bread and rolls, though! I may just make a small batch of spaghetti later tonight. Actually, today is a busy work day for me! I am behind....didn't meet my deadline this month!

Catch you later!

((( HUGS )))

Linda said...

We were in Dallas with the Grands when the ice storm hit, but we got off very lightly compared to you! Awful to be without electricity for such a long.
I'm glad you're back in business and things have warmed up.
Have a blessed sunday Diane.

Gigi said...

I'm glad your power is back on and I hope you don't lose it again in the next storm...

For dinner tonight I made a panini on a ciabatta roll with roasted chicken, pepperjack cheese, baby spinach and cranberry pomegranate chutney.

I wish you a blessed week my friend!

Jo said...

Glad to hear that you all are alright. What a whopper of a storm that was. Your trip to Wal Mart sounds a lot like ours. We lost a lot of what was in the fridge, but the freezer food was ok. I bought a lot of canned foods like spam, chili, beef stew, etc just in case the electric goes out again. We have been hearing that there is another biggun coming our way the first of the week.

Loe and prayers for you all.

Jo said...

Glad to hear that you all are alright. What a whopper of a storm that was. Your trip to Wal Mart sounds a lot like ours. We lost a lot of what was in the fridge, but the freezer food was ok. I bought a lot of canned foods like spam, chili, beef stew, etc just in case the electric goes out again. We have been hearing that there is another biggun coming our way the first of the week.

Love and prayers for you all.

Just Terrific said...

Oh, Diane, I'm so sorry that you've had such a rough week. We were hit by the same storm last week, but got more snow than ice. We had enough ice for our power to be off for 36 hours on Wed./Thurs. I am not a pioneer! We are so spoiled and so dependent on electricity that it is ridiculous! I'm really ashamed to admit that. My oldest son lives in Louisville, KY and they had more ice than we did, too.

We were able to go ahead with plans we had made to celebrate my parent's 50th anniversary on Sat. evening. My folks didn't want us to make a big deal...just to have everyone go out to eat together. So, that's what we did. My son and his wife (from Louisville) came up yesterday afternoon. They live the farthest away, so I'm so glad they made a safe trip.

I have a new grandson who is 2 months old today! I was able to get some cuddle-time with him last night, as well.

It is a 3 hour drive for my son to go back home and he couldn't stay late enough to watch the Super Bowl game with his dad and brother. But, I made Super Bowl-like food for dinner today. We had bar-b-q ribs, baked potatoes with cheese, bacon bits, and sour cream, and several of their favorite dips and chips.

I teach school (so does my son) and we were out of school last week because of the weather conditions. We are supposed to go on a delay in the morning. I have prayed for my students. I hope they have been warm and fed. Some of them really have a hard time. I know how cool it got in here with our tiny heat source and no power. I'll be glad to see them tomorrow!

Take care. I hope your power stays on!

Love and prayers,
Sinking Spring, OH

Lucy Stern said...

Diane, glad things are getting better.....Aren't you glad that you had candles and your kerosene lamps to light your way....All of us need to be prepared for what ever calamities we have in our own areas....For us, it is rain and hurricanes, for you it's ice storms.

A friend of mine lives in Canton, Ohio and she moved into a house that was all electric and she had no fire place...I asked her what was she going to do it the power went out....That was a year and a half ago and just four months ago she finally bought a Franklin stove and her husband installed it a month ago....It couldn't have come at a better time as their power went out and they really needed it. She has cooked off of it and it warms the house up really quick....She is sooooo glad that she bought it.

Stay warm lady bug....

Betty said...

I'll say your deserved a break from cooking Sunday dinner, Diane. You all have sure been hit with nasty weather lately. We usually get what you all get, but it passed over us.

I hope your week is off to a good start.

PEA said...

Dearest Diane,

I'm finally catching up on your last couple of posts...I had a lot of plans to do a lot of visiting this morning but wouldn't you know it, my internet was down for a few hours! Grrrrrrrr... lol I was so relieved to hear that you got through that ice storm safe and sound!! I so appreciated your email letting me know. I just can't get over the devastation over prayers are with all of you that were affected!! My heart aches for those who died, bless their souls. Also praying that you don't have to go through another such storm any time soon!!! Much love! xoxo

kansasrose said...

Crapola!! I am so sorry hon ya got to deal with that mean ole 'froster. You all got hammmered hard. Looks like our place back in Dec. '07! Ice is so wierd...and can be so destructive. That is so tragic that folks perished in this storm, hon. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their families and all in the path of this mess, and the state of Arkansas. I heard about the mess Arkansas was in our local news and saw some of the devestation. No wonder you were wiped out sweetie...what an ordeal a storm like that is! Just getting out and getting food/necessities restocked is a challenge, isn't it? Stuff like this is really stressful, so try to take it easy hon. Cleaning up the huge tree limbs and tossin' food that went bad ect. is a pain. Been thar, done that!

I pray the worst of this winter is over for everyone. You all have sure had more than your share of nasty weather. You've been in my prayers Diane. God bless and keep ya safe. Loveyou, Jen

Judith said...

Oh Diane,

This is almost Feb. 3., and my first time back since the surgery.
Did not know how it is down there. I Thank our Lord you all survived. Need to get back to bed. Please tell that wonderful daughter I am holding you all up in prayer, and will ask my dear friend, who helped me so much at the hospital, to put your part of the world on our prayer chain list. God bless all of you in whatever way you need. Judith

Pearl said...

How can something that looks so incredibly beautiful cause so much damage...I am so sorry you have been having so many problems. Hopefully the spring thaw is on the way.
Take care.
I will say a prayer for you.

Burb Bunny said...

I never knew you had a kitty!

Minx's Den said...

wow! look at all of those iced pictures! brings back ol' memories! I hope everything is ok, did you get your power back???



nancygrayce said...

Oh, my, that looks like the aftermath of a hurricane here in Florida. Praying you all fare well in this weather!

ancient one said...

I saw that you had commented on someone's post, so I came over to see your icy pictures.. hope you get full electricity soon!!

RennyBA said...

I must say the snow pics are beautiful, but then again, I'm a Norwegian :-)

However, I do understand its a struggle when the consequence is to be out of electricity.

For Sunday dinner: Whole own baked Norwegian salmon - you would have loved it.

Dick said...

I guess I won't complain about our overnight low temps of around 35 we are having now. Looking at your AccuWeather thingy here is says the current temp in Bay is 25. We have been hearing on the TV news about the problems in Arkansas and Kentucky caused by weather. My brother keeps saying is is due to global warming. I ask how can it be global "warming" when it seems cold all over. He says that doesn't mean it will be warm all of the time but that our normal weather patterns have gotten mixed up. That sure is true, whatever the cause!

Michael Manning said...

Please be safe Diane. You are in my prayers for power to be restored. I am so thankful I have a home here in Arizona! lol! :)

Dawn said...

I hope things are settling down for you - haven't heard anything on the news lately.

Bev said...

It's been a lesson for me, since blogging with you, to realize Arkansas has such crazy weather. Beautiful to look at, not so slick to live through!